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  • Bad file name with docker-compose

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      Version: 21.14 (Master Branch)
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    Hi !
    I found a problem when I try to up a server via Docker. I got this error : `ERROR: Cannot locate specified Dockerfile: dockercontainer/Dockerfile-realmd`. Indeed, the file is named `DockerFile-realmd`, with an upper "F" 

    EDIT : simpler, I create a pull request to correct this ūüėÉ

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    I find some other mistakes, so I try to fix it. I'll Pull request all of this when I success to launch my serv' ūüėÉ

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    Did the readme help to launch the server ?
    The database need to be initialize first

    I was able to make it work with this config


    DataDir                      = "/mangos/data"

    LoginDatabaseInfo            = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;realmd"
    WorldDatabaseInfo            = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;mangos2"
    CharacterDatabaseInfo        = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;character2"

    WorldServerPort              = 8085
    BindIP                       = ""


    LoginDatabaseInfo      = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;realmd"
    MaxPingTime            = 30
    RealmServerPort        = 3724
    BindIP                 = ""

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    I've already succeded, I'm extracting maps from game client (with brand new container =p ). I can connect to realmd, just needs (v)maps to launch mangosd

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    I needed to add a 

    RUN mkdir /mangos/etc && cp /etc/mangosd.conf.dist /mangos/etc/

    (and equivalent for realmd) line in dockerfiles, since build copy .conf on "/mangos/../etc"

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