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      Version: 22.1
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    Totems have one really big problem. How ?  When I place Trap and in Trap radius I place Totem , Totem disappear Trap and got immune. I think Traps have some specific Area of Effect Immunity. Why ? Because when i use some other Area of Effect for example Volley, Totem dont got immune and isnt destroyed. For correct functionality ,Totems must have specific Area of Effect Immunity vs Traps.

    1. Trap dissapeared with totem.WoWScrnShot_082617_224626.thumb.jpg.191ee3c7e93f5ecaf2498196e7b4e4a8.jpg

    2. Totem ignore Volley(Area of Effect)



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    I have one simple fix for this issue. Traps need to check target before trigger: GameObject.cpp - Trap trigger ,so we need to improve conditions in AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck ==> GridNotifiers.h


    class AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck
                AnyUnfriendlyUnitInObjectRangeCheck(WorldObject const* obj, float range) : i_obj(obj), i_range(range)
                    i_controlledByPlayer = obj->IsControlledByPlayer();
                WorldObject const& GetFocusObject() const { return *i_obj; }
                bool operator()(Unit* u)
                    +// ignore totems
                    +if (u->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_UNIT && ((Creature*)u)->IsTotem())
                    +    return false;

                    if (u->IsAlive() && (i_controlledByPlayer ? !i_obj->IsFriendlyTo(u) : i_obj->IsHostileTo(u))
                        && i_obj->IsWithinDistInMap(u, i_range))
                        { return true; }
                        return false;
                WorldObject const* i_obj;
                bool i_controlledByPlayer;
                float i_range;



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