• InstallDatabases scripts does not create mangos user

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      Implemented Version: 22.1
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    I'm testing building mangos from scratch under windows system.

    I ran the "IntallDatabases.bat" script and when I launched realmd.exe, it says "Access denied for user 'mangos'@'localhost' to database 'realmd'.

    I checked in the database,  then the script and figured out that the 'mangos' user is not performed by the script.

    I also checked the IntallDatabases.sh script, same issue.

    I suggest a section for 'mangos' user creation and privileges should be added.

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    User Feedback

    That sounds like a great suggestion. Is this perhaps something you could help put together? :D


    For now I would  adjust your realmd.conf file accordingly to the user/password set up for your database.

    example: (default)
    LoginDatabaseInfo      = ";3306;mangos;mangos;realmd"

    Change to

    LoginDatabaseInfo      = ";3306;root;password;realmd"


    Inaddition, this login information should reflect your mangosd.conf  file

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    I modified IntallDatabases.bat and created a pull request.

    Please let me know if this way to work is fine

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