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    mangos two Death Knight quest - The Light of Dawn (12801)

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      Version: 21.11
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    A number of the regenerating NPCs generate without equipment and don't attack.

    The Scourge forces attack some of the Force of the Light troops until Light is defeated.  The Scourge troops fail to disengage, looping their attack animation against no apparent target.  Maybe targetting Highlord Darion Mograine, who remains a green target to the death knight throughout.  The number of troops for the forces of the light and the scourge did not change past 275 and 10000 respectively.

    Eventually, the Highlord is killed and the lich king cut scene is triggered.




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    Defender of the Light <The Argent Dawn>

    • NPC Entry: 29174 (Guid: 153613)
    • Faction 2088
    • npcFlags: 0
    • Entry: 29174
    • DisplayID: 26059 (Native: 26059)
    • Level: 57
    • health: 83520
    • Unit Flags: 33536
    • Dynamic Flags: 0
    • Faction Template: 2088

    I'm also unable to attack the character.

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    Some of the defenders of light attacked on the initial wave, but the regenerated defenders are still idle.  The scourge continues to attack, but I'm not able to find what they're attacking, nor could my summoned ghouls.

    I wonder if the timer is what's moving to the next stage.  https://github.com/mangos/ScriptDev3/blob/master/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/scarlet_enclave/ebon_hold.cpp#L2716-L2744

    Forces of light remaining stays constant at 275

    Force of the scourge remaining stays constant at 10000

    Edited by leprasmurf

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