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  2. @antz Quite reasonable, I'll have to dig through the travisci logs and see if I can figure out why it's working there.
  3. @Daecho Thanks for the reports. I'm aware of the following: MangosOne Playerbots broken MangosTwo Playerbots Broken For MangosThree and MangosFour the problems run deeper. - There isn't much interest in MangosThree or MangosFour at all, so they are a little neglected - But I do try and work on them when I can. All the Above are on my list to fix, but I don't have spare time and there are higher priority fixes needed elsewhere. - If you are willing to investigate the issues, i'll happily offer my help where I can
  4. I've been tripping over the same thing, trying to build three and four. zero->two work fine. Been trying in: * Clean 18.04 VM * Clean 20.04 VM * ubuntu:bionic docker image * ubuntu:focal docker image All with dedicated 6 cores and 16GB of RAM. For testing/comparison: # All as root # Install Deps apt-get -y update apt-get -y install git make cmake libssl-dev libbz2-dev build-essential default-libmysqlclient-dev libace-6.4.5 libace-dev python # Pull sources for zero->four for MANGOS in 'zero' 'one' 'two' 'three' 'four'; do mkdir /${MANGOS} git clone --single-branch --recursive --depth 1 https://github.com/mangos${MANGOS}/server.git /${MANGOS}/server git clone --single-branch --recursive --depth 1 https://github.com/mangos${MANGOS}/database.git /${MANGOS}/db cd /${MANGOS}/server/dep && git pull origin master && git checkout master mkdir /${MANGOS}/build done # Try building zero->four for MANGOS in 'zero' 'one' 'two' 'three' 'four'; do cd /${MANGOS}/build cmake ../server/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/mangos${MANGOS} -DCONF_INSTALL_DIR=/mangos${MANGOS}/etc -DPLAYERBOTS=0 -DSOAP=1 make -j 1 done zero - builds in all environments, can also be built with playerbots enabled in all environments one - builds in all environments, playerbots is broken two - builds in all environments, playerbots is broken three - fails in all environments four - fails in all environments I've also tried SOAP on/off, clearly not related. I actually have no idea how three passing travis right now. Three and four give this(I've rerun a couple times since, so it's quicker to the ACE error) [email protected]:/three/build# cmake ../server/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/mangos -DCONF_INSTALL_DIR=/mangos/etc -DPLAYERBOTS=0 -DSOAP=0 This script builds the MaNGOS server. Options that can be used in order to configure the process: General: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Path where the server should be installed to CONF_DIR Path to the configs, can be absolute or relative. DEBUG Debug mode (strict compile, all warnings) ACE_USE_EXTERNAL Use external ACE BUILD_MANGOSD Build the main server BUILD_REALMD Build the login server BUILD_TOOLS Build the map/vmap/mmap extractors SOAP Enable remote access via SOAP Scripting engines: SCRIPT_LIB_ELUNA Compile with support for Eluna scripts SCRIPT_LIB_SD3 Compile with support for ScriptDev3 scripts # Modules: # PLAYERBOTS Enable Player Bots To set an option simply type -D<OPTION>=<VALUE> after 'cmake <srcs>'. Also, you can specify the generator with -G. see 'cmake --help' for more details For example: cmake .. -DDEBUG=1 -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/mangos Note: On UNIX systems, CONF_DIR is relative to the bin folder. -- Detected 64-bit platform -- OpenSSL library: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libssl.so;/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcrypto.so -- OpenSSL headers: /usr/include -- OpenSSL version: 1.1.1 -- Install server to : /mangosthree -- Install configs to : /mangosthree/etc/ -- Search configs from : etc/ -- Support for SOAP : No (default) -- Script engine Eluna : No (default) -- Script engine SD3 : Yes (default) -- Build main server : Yes (default) -- Build login server : Yes (default) -- Build tools : Yes (default) -- Build in debug-mode : No (default) -- Configuring done -- Generating done -- Build files have been written to: /three/build [email protected]:/three/build# make -j1 [ 0%] Built target pch.cpp_dephelp [ 0%] Built target generate_pch.cpp [ 0%] Building CXX object dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/ace/Log_Msg.cpp.o /three/server/dep/acelite/ace/Log_Msg.cpp:438:30: error: 'ACE_DEFAULT_LOG_FLAGS' was not declared in this scope u_long ACE_Log_Msg::flags_ = ACE_DEFAULT_LOG_FLAGS; ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /three/server/dep/acelite/ace/Log_Msg.cpp:438:30: note: suggested alternative: 'ACE_DEFAULT_LOCALNAME' u_long ACE_Log_Msg::flags_ = ACE_DEFAULT_LOG_FLAGS; ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACE_DEFAULT_LOCALNAME dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/build.make:2438: recipe for target 'dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/ace/Log_Msg.cpp.o' failed make[2]: *** [dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/ace/Log_Msg.cpp.o] Error 1 CMakeFiles/Makefile2:225: recipe for target 'dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/all' failed make[1]: *** [dep/acelite/CMakeFiles/ace.dir/all] Error 2 Makefile:129: recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2
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  7. When he said latest patch like 1.12.1 for Zero then it seems not without personal effort.
  8. Its an old one but you try to get some ideas how to setup: https://github.com/ike3/mangosbot-docs.: + try: https://github.com/Lidocian/Ikebotui/tree/1.12
  9. Is there a way to use the 1.1 patch then?
  10. Mangos only supports the last patch of each expansion. You can try this sandbox for older versions https://github.com/barncastle/AIO-Sandbox Also patch 1.0 was never live, according to Blizzard it was a broken build, and there was a day one patch on release. First playable live version was 1.1.
  11. Hello, I am looking for a way to make a Mangos 1.0 WoW Client server for personal use and experimenting. I already have a 1.12.1 server, but I do not know how to change the patch to 1.0. Please help!
  12. Thanks for the prompt response. I'll give that a run and edit this when I get a result and let you know. I thought my error was with git somehow - I'm not as familiar with that as I could be. I understand then if I use git pull while in the /home/mangos/sources/dep directory it will pull just that directory from the repository? or is that the git checkout master? Edit 7/31/2020: Okay, so I started completely over - New VM with the same schematics. For the first attempt at the build, I did nothing to the /sources/dep folder and had the expected ACE dependency errors as mentioned in the note. Thereafter I went to the /sources/dep directory and tried "git pull". Git responded with "You aren't currently on a branch", so I used "git checkout master" and then "git pull" all while in the /sources/dep directory. git responded with Already up to date. Following these, the build got further than the last time, and got to the same point as I had with the first post here - the ACE_DEFAULT_LOG_FLAGS error as described above. Again, many thanks for your assistance in this matter, and I look forward to any further suggestions
  13. Hello @PQuicksilver If you follow the guide : There is a note about /dep folder but there is no need to fully clone the repo ! Can you start from the begininng and just clone the main repo and for the dep folder just make a git pull / git checkout master as it is stated in the guide ?
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  15. Hello everyone, and thank you for looking this over for me. I am trying to compile the MaNGOS three distribution on an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual machine, and when doing so I'm running into some errors (shown below) I'm aware that the notes mention pulling the /dep directory from git on its own when having errors with the ACE dependencies, and I was able to do so, but I still arrived at the same errors. Note that when I pulled the /dep directory the command I used was "git clone https://github.com/mangos/mangosDeps.git . --recursive --depth=3" The build then proceeds to suggest an alternative of ACE_DEFAULT_LOCALNAME. Obviously ACE is not MaNGOS, so I guess what I need to know is where I can get the correct /dep directory in order to compile correctly for Ubuntu 18.04, or where I might be mucking things up.
  16. Thanks. Let me know if there's something I can test to help figure it out.
  17. I'll need to check, I do seem to remember there being an issue raised in the tracker for it. When I'm back in front of a pc, I'll look
  18. Excellent, at least I can stop trying to debug on my end for that. Any ideas on the flying bug?
  19. There us an outstanding fix from m2 which needs to be ported to m3 to fix the commands crashing. It's the latest commit on mangosTwo
  20. I'm having a bizarre bug where flight isn't working (druid flight form, flying mount, or gm fly mode) even with spells learned. However, if I logout after trying to fly (flight form/mounted) and back in, flying works. If I then land and try to fly again, I need to repeat the process. It's very odd. Any ideas? I tried updating to today's build without any improvement. Note: Another bug I figure is unrelated but worth mentioning in case, is that typing the .commands request (for the list) in game causes the server to crash. Very odd. Edit: After some experimenting, it appears that flight is being achieved via .gm fly as you can't "land" unless you manually turn off .gm fly off. If I recall correctly this is related to a bug from several years ago. Was it fixed and it's just me or is it still systemic of the old issue?
  21. Hello @spaceman_ru It will be fixed in teh next PR integration : https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/106
  22. Work in progress It will be fixed soon.
  23. Great, tool is way better than creating systemd services. Adding it to Tools is a good decision.
  24. Hi @Specu I agree with your proposition Let's change the script you are totally right. But I will avoid the semicolons in the name of the file. I will format date another way but I agree putting the timestamp is not so readable. I think we should also add it to the source repo in the Tools sections. I'll do it later. Elmsroth
  25. Hello @Elmsroth nice tool. What is really confusing is $NOW variable. In your script it looks like: NOW=$(date +"%s-%d-%m-%Y") echo $NOW 1595580505-24-07-2020 so if mangos restarts *.log shows 1595568627-24-07-2020 mangosd stopped, restarting! More human readable would be: NOW=$(date +"%T-%d-%m-%Y") echo $NOW 10:53:48-24-07-2020
  26. Nope only options that I put while cmake was -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX. I thought that if I define options in CMakeLists.txt file they will be compiled. EDIT: mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local/bin/mangos -DPLAYERBOTS=1 && make -j12 && make install _______________________________________________________ MaNGOS Server: World Initialization Complete _______________________________________________________ Server Version : 2118001 Database Version : Rel21.22.1 Supporting Clients : 1.12.x Builds : 5875 6005 6141 Module Status - Eluna : Enabled Warden : Enabled PlayerBots : Disabled ScriptDev3 (SD3) : Enabled Remote Access (RA) : Disabled _______________________________________________________ build a while ago -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 1343320 Jul 24 11:52 realmd -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 15472792 Jul 24 12:10 mangosd Of course I deleted build folder when I build server again.
  27. @Specu looking at the banner, mangosd was built without playerbots enabled. did you specify -d PLAYERBOTS=1
  28. Hi, I just compiled recent MaNGOS Zero server with Playerbots enabled. But when I run the server: _______________________________________________________ MaNGOS Server: World Initialization Complete _______________________________________________________ Server Version : 2118001 Database Version : Rel21.22.1 Supporting Clients : 1.12.x Builds : 5875 6005 6141 Module Status - Eluna : Enabled Warden : Enabled PlayerBots : Disabled ScriptDev3 (SD3) : Enabled Remote Access (RA) : Disabled _______________________________________________________ CMakeLists.txt #================================================================================== # Define available cmake options below option(BUILD_MANGOSD "Build the main server" ON) option(BUILD_REALMD "Build the login server" ON) option(BUILD_TOOLS "Build the map/vmap/mmap extractors" ON) option(USE_STORMLIB "Use StormLib for reading MPQs" OFF) option(SCRIPT_LIB_ELUNA "Compile with support for Eluna scripts" ON) option(SCRIPT_LIB_SD3 "Compile with support for ScriptDev3 scripts" ON) option(PLAYERBOTS "Enable Player Bots" ON) option(SOAP "Enable remote access via SOAP" OFF) option(PCH "Enable precompiled headers" ON) option(DEBUG "Enable debug build (only on non IDEs)" OFF) #================================================================================== cat mangos/etc/aiplayerbot.conf ########################################## # MANGOS Ai Playerbot Configuration file # ########################################## [AiPlayerbotConf] ConfVersion=2010102201 # Enable or disable AI Playerbot AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1
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