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  3. Is there here still development going on?

  4. splinecl

    Quest giver update

    I have made the following local workaround. delete from mangos0.db_scripts where script_guid in (1403,1798); These scripts remove and add the UNIT_NPC_FLAG_GOSSIP and UNIT_NPC_FLAG_QUESTGIVER from "Hegnar Rumbleshot". This makes it possible to complete the quest without having to wait for all the mortar team scripts to complete. I still think the triggers for the mortar team are wrong, but can not figure out how to make it trigger from completing the quest. So this is the only workaround I have been able to come out with for now.
  5. splinecl

    Quest giver update

    Shouldn't the script select * from db_scripts where id=1061003; Be triggered by the end of the quest "Ammo for Rumbleshot"? SELECT * FROM mangos0.quest_template where entry=5541; And not start playing just because players are near?
  6. I got it working Just change the ttypath number in the. Service file. For example the changed file. Looks like that. Changed it to 4 for the second server. While the first runs at 3 [Unit] Description=WoW Vanilla service After=network.target mysql.service [email protected] [Service] Type=simple User=mangos ExecStart=/home/mangos/zero/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/zero/etc/mangosd.conf WorkingDirectory=/home/mangos/zero/bin StandardInput=tty TTYPath=/dev/tty4 TTYReset=yes TTYVHangup=yes Restart=on-abort [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target
  7. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Sub-Category to Core Crash
  8. Necrovoice

    [quest] - 9472 - [Arelion's Mistress]

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Priority to New Changed Sub-Category to Core Crash
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  10. I had the same issue as I run four servers at the end the only server i have auto starting is the login server all other servers I do manually as I was unable to find away to get all of them to run.
  11. splinecl

    Quest giver update

    It looks like the script controlling the group of dwarves around "Hegnar Rumbleshot" is interfering with the CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY message. As soon as the scripted event with the mortar crew ends, then the CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY opcode is received and handled. This also fits with what the log shows. 2018-10-11 22:09:24 DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1061003, command 29 for source Creature (Entry: 10610 Guid: 269) (in world), target Creature (Entry: 10610 Guid: 269) (in world) 2018-10-11 22:09:24 WORLD: Received opcode CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY - for Player Oldtoxo (Guid: 8) to Creature (Entry: 1243 Guid: 265) 2018-10-11 22:09:24 WORLD: Sent SMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS for Creature (Entry: 1243 Guid: 265) 2018-10-11 22:09:35 Respawning... 2018-10-11 22:09:35 Creature (Entry: 721 Guid: 3611) enters grid[20,31] Here you can see the script 1061003 ends with command 29 right before CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY is handled.
  12. Hey! I Just installed an zero and one server at the same time. shareing one realmdb and one realmd process. everything working fine. now i wanted the servers to be startup automatically on system start. but when i use the provided "mangosd.service" way with two servers -> "zero_mangosd.service" and "one_mangosd.service" at the startup one kills another session and it doesnt work. changed all the needed informations. starting one works fine. altough starting both by hand in the terminal works fine. think "TTYVHangup=yes" kills the second process need help to execute both at startup und keep them restarting on crash. thx a lot!
  13. splinecl

    Quest giver update

    Changed Sub-Category to Quest
  14. Gutterboy

    GM Commands Bugged When Grouped

    I have found that when grouped, when that other player is at least level 10, the GM commands that affect the "Selected" unit always return the grouped character, no matter what is selected. I debugged into the code and found that getSelectedPlayer() always returns that 10+ level grouped player even when you have yourself or another player selected. It only happens when grouped. I've dug into the code looking for why, but I have given up.
  15. When trying to turn in the quest "Ammo for Rumbleshot" it took a very long time, over a minute, of me standing around next to the quest turn in NPC "Hegnar Rumbleshot", before the golden quest "?" icon appeared over his head and I could turn in the quest. In the server log I saw this message at the time where I could finally turn in the quest: WORLD: Received opcode CMSG_QUESTGIVER_STATUS_QUERY - for Player Rune (Guid: 6) to Creature (Entry: 1243 Guid: 265) How come this update took so long? If I didn't know that this was actually the correct quest turn in NPC, I would probably just have run past him. Is there any way to tune how often this status query is done? I have attached a screenshot of my standing next to the NPC with the quest and quest item.
  16. The quest "Now This is Ram Racing... Almost." should automatically mount the PC on a ram. The quest doesn't do this and there doesn't appear to be any way to do this. This video shows what should happen (this is from a later expansion but as far as I know, the quest works the same way). It looks like the quest is supposed to auto-cast this spell on you and then this spell on completion; the first auto-mounts the ram, the second dismounts it. (Not shown in the attached video, but I also tried using the item directly from the bag instead of the quest tracker; didn't make a difference) Quest ID 11318, reported 10/10/2018, MaNGOS Two test server Covenant - Solar Flare. 2018-10-10 13-08-53.mp4
  17. The Brewfest quest "Chug and Chuck!" does not register progress after using the item on the NPC. Video attached. This is on the MaNGOS WotLK test server (Covenant, Solar Flare). Horde version was not tested. (The other quest item in the backpack is Amethyst Phial and is unrelated to this quest) Quest ID 12022, reported 10/10/2018 2018-10-10 12-51-34.mp4
  18. I would say zero is probably the most complete. As for dbc file editing, that is not something we support.
  19. Hello! I have 3 questions. 1) I would like a version where i can change the dbc files and have a couple of friends play without many issues and without going into much detail about scripting missing stuff. Which version would require the least scripting from my part to work decently? 2) Any good guides about scripting, do i need to learn (more) c++ or c# or something else? 3) I am already testing your mangos-zero version, it seems like talents dbc and spell dbc is not opening like the rest at mysql. Is this intentional? Any alternatives to editing them? Thanks in advance and congratulations for all your hard work so far!
  20. H0zen

    Ahbot enabling?

    If you build playerbot module, the ahbot will not work. The reason is playerbot module also contains a buggy ahbot submodule, which interferes with the actual ahbot. So the ideea is simple: if you want ahbot, disable playerbots from building.
  21. Hallo Zusammen, ich benutze für meine Seite MaNGOS Web Enhanced version 4.1.4 suche dafür aber das Classic Template. Hat das noch wer rumfliegen ? Weil ich finde nur ab WoTLK bzw. TBC. Wäre super wenn mir da wer helfen könnt.
  22. Xexu Gonzalez

    Ahbot enabling?

    I have the same problem as you and do not seem to have a solution or a type of support for the creators ... I found something but I do not know if it works. https://github.com/ike3/mangosbot/issues/45 I took a look at this old problem: https://bitbucket.org/lordpsyan/trinitycore-patches/issues/313/ike3-playerbots-playerbot-system-is Open my configuration file and code my complete path within /Users/username/server-directory/bin/aiplayerbot.conf And now it seems to work. My world server is processing the robots at this moment ...
  23. So i'm thinking of upgrading my server to mangos 3 but i've heard that its missing some things from it or that its not as stable as the ones before it. If it is missing stuff, can someone tell me what its missing?
  24. Necrovoice

    Things not despawning...

    Going to close this report as it is over 4 years old. If any of these issues appear once again a new detailed report can be made.
  25. Necrovoice

    gameobjects that should be pooled

    Changed Assigned to Necrovoice
  26. Necrovoice

    gameobjects that should be pooled

    Changed Status to In Progress Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Priority to Low Changed Main Category to Database
  27. Necrovoice

    gameobjects that should be pooled

    Here we are. This is the fix your query results. I ran it on all three cores and lucky for me, they share a common guid. Zero - Rel21_14_093 One - Rel21_09_031 Two- Rel21_07_033 Thanks for reporting this and also offering your script for use in this matter. It was a huge help and saved a load of time. NOTE: Leaving this open for a bit as a work in progress. Just in case a few are found that have a variation in their x,y,z locations that the query was unable to account for. Also moving this to cross-core section as it seems this issue is well.... cross-core for the most part
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