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  4. We are aware there is an issue with the Linux extraction, we're working on it
  5. Yep very sorry missed the key point: "I try it on Rasbian with box86."
  6. In Windows the extraction works fine, on Linux we have some trouble to run the scripts, with the same options.
  7. Hello, Ignore the fact that i have already extracted the stuff but do your folders look like this? Should have highlighted the wow.exe too If not move the contents of tools to the same folder as wow.exe and then run ./ExtractResources.sh Kind regards Oscinu
  8. Hi. Have the same issue. Doesn´t know how to fix it. I try it on Rasbian with box86.
  9. @DaveJ61 A number of reason can cause this problem on Linux Systems. Here's a list that could be the cause but not limited too: Application doesn't have permission to run Application can't run properly do to missing libraries Mismatch between 32-bit and 64-bit libraries (should run, but could cause problems) Missing libraries after upgrading system image Can you look at your journal when trying to run the extractor tools and see what error are being throwing with better details on what is going on. Command to do that is journalctl -x. Linux dumps good
  10. DaveJ61

    Extracting Game Data

    I will will be running this on linux, if I get it going... Apologies for the duplication.
  11. I will will be running this on linux, if I get it going... The reason for this is that I have a Ubuntu server running and it seemed the obvious choice. Not only that but I know quite a bit about linux. As you know, ExtractResources.sh is a shell script and not able to be run on windows. The files map-extractor, mmap-extractor and vmap-extractor do not individually run on my machine (windows), even though I converted them to executeable, because they throw the same errors as above - cannot execute binary file: Exec format error. The only reason why ExtrractResources.sh runs on my machine i
  12. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    As I mentioned in your other report.... Are you running Windows or Linux
  13. I tried extracting the data but get lots of these errors below and no mmaps, vmaps etc. Also it appears that ExtractResources.sh was not in the tools directory but in the bin directory above, so I moved it into tools. Then I copied the entire contents of the tools directory to my wow directory, where wow.exe is. I then used a git bash session to run ExtractResources.sh and got a load of the following as I cannot proceed any further:- Can anyone please help with this? Build Summary: =============== 2 CPUs selected: =============== CPU 1: Maps:
  14. Yeah it seems like this has been a real headache for a while. the way to fix it is going to laborious. Well unless you are good with coordinates and SQL
  15. DaveJ61

    Extracting Game Data

    ExtractResources.sh script is not in the tools directory. It is one up in the bin directory. I would have thought it should be located in the tools directory. These instructions are not clear enough. I put the contents of the tools directory into the root of my wow folder on my windows machine. Running ExtractResources.sh produced the following and I cannot proceed further:- __ __ _ _ ___ ___ ___ | \/ |__ _| \| |/ __|/ _ \/ __| | |\/| / _` | .` | (_ | (_) \__ \ |_| |_\__,_|_|\_|\___|\___/|___/ For help and support please visit: Website/Forum/Wiki: htt
  16. Thank you for your answer. Well, OK. Also, almost the same question was raised here in this topic: "Where did all my ore go?"
  17. Hello, I'm having troubles extracting map data from the vanilla client 1.12.1 I moved all the extractors, and the Resource extractor script to the client folder, run the script and after answering the question it just zips by and finishes.. nothing extracted... So I decided to run the extractors individually, and here is the output of map-extractor and vmap-extractor. I have tried redownloading the client two other times from different sources and they come up with the same results.. map-extractor: ./map-extractor ________________________________________________
  18. The first screen shot is not normal. I would expect to find 1 maybe 2 nodes in a place like that. https://discord.com/channels/286167585270005763/339765176100323338/800015984542744607
  19. Hello again, thanks for your answer. I'm not sure, that I understand you correct. Did you mean that very small qty of mineral veins is normal for WoW on MaNGOS? I asking, because about ten years ago I tried to use a Mangos server for WoW 2.4.2-2.4.3. That wasn't pure Mangos, that was a kind of fork, named AmberCore or something like this. It was for Windows (it ran on WinServer 2k3 in my case), and it used MaNGOS 0.11 (maybe not pure, but also a fork, here is the screenshot of realmd (I found server files in my archive)). And with that server, game spawned a lot of mineral veins and herbs
  20. Hi does anyone know the files for the map graphics that are used to generate the minimaps? I am working on a project to put together a map view so having these would be super helpful but not sure where to find them within the files. I know someone out there smarter than me will have worked this out already. Specifically i'm looking for the instance minimaps renders.
  21. ... post was to wrong area - mod plz delete
  22. In previous years we had a roadmap of changes we wanted to implement. However, we are a small team and it seemed silly to specify a set of things to do on a time scale. If you think you can help us do any of these, please contact @antz or @madmax and we can discuss things in more detail. Build System B1) Modify the build system on Mangos Three & Four to match that of Mangos Zero-Two. B2) Apply updates from Mangos Zero-Two into Three/Four. B3) The additional files for the extraction tools are placed into the wrong folder (they are also in tools). Extraction Tools
  23. Hello, Update: So yeah appears this has always been an issue, looking through old posts using search "mining" there are some fixes by adding nodes manually and then using pool tables to randomise, happy to try and work on this with you after I get feedback on disc (don't want to reinvent the wheel). Further to the above, I would agree there is a problem with nodes, there seems to be a problem in the way they spawn. If you go to Thousand Needles for instance all the possible node locations seem to have spawned in at once when only 10 should be active on the map. This is does not
  24. Hi, pretty new here too but welcome. Half of the fun of things like this for me is breaking them (constructively) and then learning why they break to understand them a lot better . Just make sure you note your changes and how to revert them and you will be just find. Heads up, I couldn't run the client on a VM. Oscinu
  25. Hopefully you have already worked this out but for others looking for the same answer: There are settings in the Mangos.conf file under SERVER SETTINGS that you should look at, information about the possible settings is in the ### boxed area and the actual parameter settings below below RealmZone DBC.Locale DeclinedNames StrictPlayerNames StrictCharterNames StrictPetNames Kind regards Oscinu
  26. Hi, Update: this comment is obsolete regarding this issue please see last comment. Very strange, are there any nodes anywhere if if you run around looking for them, if you go to the Yeti cave for instance are there any nodes in there? To check if the the database has the correct entries please use the following (I use Heidi SQL to run Quires): Database: Mangos## (the number you set it too default for WOTLK is 2) Checks that the Template is in the database: SELECT * FROM gameobject_template WHERE gameobject_template.NAME LIKE '%Tin Vein%' Checks that their Tin Ve
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