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  2. So if i get it correctly: The DBC's contain localized strings (and other stuff). The mangos server reads all translations from the database. If there is an untranslated string, it checks if localized dbc's are installed and if they contain the missing string? How do I correctly install different language dbc's? I only found this guide for trinity core: http://www.ac-web.org/forums/showthread.php?197513-guide-Using-Multiple-Language-Locales Does it apply to mangos too? Since mangos switches from englich to german automatically based on the client used to connect to the serve
  3. In realmd.conf i don't see any localization specific options. The only 2 localization specific settings in mangosd.conf I found are: RealmZone DBC.Locale Which i both set to german, but this has the effect that the realm doesn't show up in the realmlist anymore because it only show english realms. Am I missing a Setting?
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  5. @Matombo Have you also set the values in realm.conf for mangos.conf to set the locale ?
  6. The locale setting in the mangos.conf tells mangos to read the translated values in the mangos database, these are used in addition to the localised DBC's
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  8. So I added the german translation to the database of my offline mangos zero server, now when i connect with the en client quest texts and stuff is in english and when i connect with the de client everything is german. But in the mangosd.conf there is the setting DBC.locale, so i extracted the dbc from the german client also and some of them are indeet different to the english counterparts. So my questions is how to set them up correctly? What does the DBC.locale setting actually do? What happens when i run the game and database in german when i don't have the german dbc fil
  9. For some reason, the deb file (mysql-apt-config_0.8.14-1_all.deb) is 0 bytes.
  10. Not really a priority but is a nice feature to have!
  11. @madmax Is it still needed ? I think I can achieve it pretty easily but is it ok to set a default shutdown message in the config file and add possibility to override it with a string message".
  12. SQL support to correct item targeting. Target type for Empty cursed jar, Empty tainted jar and Empty pure sample jar. ZERO: REL21_22_016 ONE: REL21_15_039 TWO: REL21_12_041
  13. Yes, It seems that both spells that create the items do not remove the creature's corpse after use. Other bug : we can use the empty flask on living mob instead of corpse and WORSE : we can use it on any attackable mob.....
  14. Changed Priority to Unset Changed Sub-Category to Quest
  15. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  16. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  17. I have tried to cast several times spells 6605 and 7399 on myself. these debuff do not seem to last after disappear.
  18. To add to this—I was experiencing the same issue with even with the server hosted on the same machine
  19. I’m wired and on the same network as the server for testing. Pretty confident it isn’t a network issue.
  20. I don't know whether that client is a standard client or a modified client. The error is sometimes triggered by a bad network connection. I often get it when i'm playing over wifi on my laptop, however my main pc (wired) never gets it
  21. Please see the attached screenshot. If you login it happens about ~10-15 seconds after logging in--every time. Any idea? Also--I'm using the Elysium 1.12.1 client if that helps!
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  23. @ivovaleriev Hi, The branch doesn't exist anymore as it's now part of the base core and can be enable during the build. using the parameter with cmake will include playerbots: -DPLAYERBOTS:BOOL=1
  24. Hello Everyone, I can see that the branch is no longer available. Nor is the old topic. Is this project still supported? I would like to give it a try. Regards
  25. Hello @Ederson Frazão, Can you check your "account" table in the auth DB ? You must put the correct extension value in this field for your account. For Wotlk it should be 2. Please consider reading DB description here to find more about this specific field : Cheers
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