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    Extracting Game Data

    If I can't find wow.exe, what does that tell me? I followed the below guide and every step seemed OK until I was directed here: Please, any pointer will be appreciated. Many thanks
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  6. The boss Grobbulus in Naxxramas is not creating a Poison Cloud as intended, and Mutating Injection is also not properly creating Poison Cloud.
  7. The quest "Poisoned Water" with entry 6804 in table 'quest_template' can not be taken when race human. The 'RequiredRaces' filed in 'quest_template' table with entry 6804 is 178. If I change it to 0, the quest can be taken. I am not quite sure that it is a problem.
  8. C est avec de la nostalgie que je suis tombe sur votre communaute ancien d ILLIDAN avec cocodingo j ai 65 ans et je vais installer vos pack pour ma plus grande joie grand merci a vous pour ce merveilleux travaille
  9. Sauranok Will Point The Way - Quest Text When going in to complete this quest, Sauranok had very strange text. It only read: "mage." It wasn't capitalized, it didn't have any structure to it, etc. First I needed to find the quest id. I used the SQL 'LIKE' statement to search with wildcards - I could have just done it with an = and no %'s... but I wanted to show you some other methods. I could have gone LIKE "%Sauranok%", and it may have given me more options in the output that I would need to pick from. SELECT `Entry`, `Title` FROM `quest_template` WHERE `Title` LIKE
  10. Echo Island Tiki Targets Are Chasing Me! When attacking these Tiki Targets on Echo Isles, they were moving around towards the player. That's incorrect behaviour - they should remain stationary. I began by using the ingame chat command: ".npc info" to get the creature Entry #38038. Now I could go into my database and begin looking to see what the UnitFlags were (this is where I suspected I would need to apply my fix). SELECT `Entry`, `Name`, `UnitFlags` FROM `creature_template` WHERE `Entry` = 38038; The output was: +-------+-------------+-----------+ | Entry
  11. Auctioneer Drezmit's Gossip Window Fix When clicking on the auctioneers to open the auction house, Auctioneer Drezmit would open up a gossip dialog window. Based on a comparison of him and his three neighbours (using the ingame chat command: .npc info), I determined that the NpcFlag was probably the culprit. I did a nice quick comparison in my mangos_world3 database. SELECT `Entry`, `Name`, NpcFlags` FROM `creature_template` WHERE `Entry` IN (44865, 44866, 44867, 44868); The output was as such: +----------+---------------------+-----------+ | Entry | Name
  12. Hello everyone! Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to tackle some database fixes for the MaNGOS Three core (Cataclysm). I wanted to share with you the process in how each one was accomplished. Hopefully this helps you to learn some new techniques and can try applying them to improve the MaNGOS projects! I'll post the link to the video, and a written description below for each one as well. Each week (hopefully), I'll upload another one, and continue to post them here. I'm usually hanging around the MaNGOS Discord if you ever want to chat, work on something
  13. I got error message " Spell entry 29705, effect 0 has EffectImplicitTargetA/EffectImplicitTargetB = TARGET_SCRIPT, but creature are not defined in `spell_script_target` " when using the spell with trinket "Shifting Naaru Sliver" In "https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/mangos-zero/Server-crash-log-r1084/" here, get the same error, and @Langerz82 said that "- needs fixing but we need to know the target entry for it. https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spell=29715" I found that item and spell ref ( the trinket is impossible exists in Zero server ): https://tbc-twinhead.twi
  14. @lauren_eily You can try setting the flag ACE_USE_EXTERNAL to ON in the CMakeLists.txt file. It solved the issue for me.
  15. I ran into this problem with the Zero (non-BC) client files. `std::bad_alloc` is a general libstdc++ error that indicates the pointer tried to allocate new[] beyond usable system memory. Turns out I was using a VM that had only 2GB allocated to it (!) so I upped it to 4GB and it succeeded. I would check to make sure something else on your system isn't hogging more available memory and try. I don't know what the bare minimum is but apparently 2GB is definitely not enough.
  16. Actually the real issue is because MySQL 8 added a new reserved word called `GROUPS` which conflicts with the name of the table and the alter statements aren't properly qualified. Simply add the backticks (`) around `groups` and the ALTER will succeed. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/keywords.html (R); added in 8.0.2 (reserved)
  17. As of the latest database update, this problem has been resolved. I just ran back through the Deadmines with the latest fixes and all abilities worked as intended!
  18. Most enemies inside the Deadmines dungeon do not appear to be using their abilities. Some scripted events, such as Mr. Smite's phases, Sneed popping out of his shredder, and VanCleef's Allies each occur correctly, and all voicelines play appropriately, but very few abilities outside of these scripted events are actually being used. Many of these abilities are found on the MaNGOS Zero database under "creature_template_skills," and are tied to the appropriate enemies, but some don't even appear there. Most of the ones that do aren't even being used. Through my testing, it is still unclea
  19. Ok ! Well, since player can change equiped stuff they would be able to tweak it by themself. So even if you "force" equiping, the player will always be able to switch. Perhaps you can try to investigate another way to ensure player have same items equiped before fighting for each class, but using vendors is not the recommended way to be honest
  20. Big thanks for your answer. We are looking to setup pvp realm where players will have the same stuff/spells/level to compete as equal. And this will be from scratch / starting the game.
  21. Hello @Karibu You will have to modify the core on how bought items are handled. The modfication would act as follow : Before buying, check if player has enough space for storing the item ; Then if buy is OK, check if item is equipable ; Determine the equipment slot the item belongs to ; Remove current equiped item on destination slot and put it on an empty bag slot ; Add the item in the destination slot (proeprty stored in the items itself to help finding the correct equipment slot) On another hand, the feature as described is not really a good id
  22. Hello guys, I'm looking for equipping automatically the items provided by a NPC (Quest) to do like an instant gear function. I was not able to find much documentation on this. Any idea how to do it or where to find such info? Thank you
  23. Glad to hear that you figured it out!
  24. Okay, I found the way. In fact in the quest_relations, I needed the role 0 and 1. Not only 0. It works now
  25. Hello. I've built a quest with a NPC that will provide 1 item. It works to validate the quest and select the item, but once I have to confirm to take the item, it doesn't work. The button is not doing anything. Any idea where I should check? Thank you
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