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  3. Thank you so much for your response! I Agree that the problem of one (1) herb node in all of Elwynn Forest is probably not a DB issue I checked the pool_gameobject table as suggested, and there are plenty listed there. Certainly much much more than 1! I also compared the contents of this table with other vanilla wow dbs, and it's close enough. I've been figuring out how to use the .pool spawns and .lookup pool commands. Those are helping quite a bit. - Bo
  4. Last week
  5. If your using the official mangosZero db from git, then I would say that its not an issue with your DB. There have been people in the past that have worked on gathering nodes in the past, but I dont believe anyone has done an overhaul of the spawning pools and locations. Something that is badly needed across all version. Depending on what version you are working with the nodes are more or less in each zone and not uniform in anyway. It has been on my list of projects. But that in addition to the few I have been working on, it is a massive undertaking to populate.
  6. Hi. So, do you have any idea how my db got in this state, or how I might correct the general problem of (1) herb node in every zone? Is it standard when installing mangos-zero to do what you are suggesting for each and every herb node in each and every zone in which it was supposed to appear, or do you think my database is uniquely broken? If you don't see this problem in your mangos-zero install, would you mind dumping your world DB and posting it somewhere so that I can compare it to mine? Thanks again!
  7. You will need to first add the object to your gameobject table, then you will use that guid and add it to your pool_gameobject table
  8. Hello again, I've been testing my Mangos Zero server like crazy, and I've run into two issues so far, but only one of them has me alarmed. There is one (1) Peacebloom spawn in all of Elwynn Forest. I confirmed this with .lookup pool Peacebloom. The problem of insanely low Herb node instances seems to apply to other zones as well, since I first noticed it in Mulgore. I don't think this is accurate to Vanilla Wow. I tried increasing the Max herb node count for Elwynn Forest in the pool_template table, and then restarting and clearing my client cache, but this made no difference. So, my questions: 1. What went wrong in my installation process that this should happen? I'm Using World DB: Version: 21, Structure: 16, Content: 16. I built and installed from github just a few days ago using the getmangos script. 2. Why did my attempt to fix the problem fail? Are there other steps necessary? Are there other docs I neglected to read? Thanks for any response!
  9. Dest34


    Bonjour, j'ai essayer de débug le spawn de Verog, j'y suis presque arrivé à l'exception que, il disparaît immédiatement. Comment résoudre ça? Cordialement
  10. It has taken much longer than planned, but via MAGNET (MAnGos oNline Editing Tool), the packet formats can now be documented and exported to the forum.
  11. antz


    This is the early attempt to publically document the packets used in MaNGOS MaNGOS has existed for over 10 years and noone has ever attempted this before !! - There is a ton of stuff missing..... and it's up to us to finish documenting it all
  12. This are errors, but not serious ones. Sometimes these errors are introduced when things are updated. - In the fullness of time they will get fixed !! However, if you feel about having a go at fixing them, please be our guest :D
  13. Just finished a linux install using the 95% accurate and helpful instructions at this page: Everything is running and looks ok, but in my world server log, I see things like... ERROR:Gameobject (Entry: 126339 GoType: 8) have data2=4 but trap GO (Entry 4) not exist in `gameobject_template`. ... ERROR:Gameobject (Entry: 181333 GoType: 10) have data12=181290 but trap GO (Entry 181290) not exist in `gameobject_template`. ... ERROR:Spell 20287 (prev: 21084, first: 21084, rank: 2, req: 0) listed in `spell_chain` has different first spell in chain compared to previous rank spell (prev: 20154, first: 20154, rank: 2, req: 0). ... ERROR:Spell (ID: 17272) has effect EffectImplicitTargetA/EffectImplicitTargetB = 38 (TARGET_SCRIPT), but does not have record in `spell_script_target` ... ERROR:Creature (Entry: 7158) has spell 13585 defined in `auras` field in `creature_template_addon, but spell is no self-only spell`. .... ERROR:Creature (GUID: 31623) has spell 18968 defined in `auras` field in `creature_addon, but spell is no self-only spell`. ... RROR:Creature (GUID: 29977) does not exist but has a record in `creature_addon` The above are just random samplings. There are more, but I think the above covers ever general type of error during boot. So.. are these known about already? Are they correctable problems, or just stuff I shouldn't worry about? Thanks - Bo
  14. I found the same issue with M2, I'm in the early troll cave as a Dwarven Priest and regardless of who I attack, only that troll aggros, the rest just stand there like I'm friendly, even if they run right trough someone, it doesn't aggro them. (Not sure if I should repost in M2, or not) However, I must note that aggroing seemed to work properly when an early level undead priest with the scarlet crusaders that are in the starting area, so it might just be "Yellow" mobs (the ones that don't aggro purely based on location).
  15. On a new install, we noticed this too. Group Loot is acting like free-for-all. We'll be testing other settings too and I'll report back if other are broken.
  16. No, sorry. Only mangos zero has playerbots right now
  17. Hi! Its Possilöbe MangosTwo Compile with Playerbots? Regards, Attila
  18. Earlier
  19. Versuche mal auf MariaDB zu wechseln, dann sollte dieser Fehler nicht mehr auftauchen...
  20. Ich versuche seit einiger Zeit den Server auf einen Raspberry Pi zu kompilieren jedoch scheitert mein Vorhaben jedes mal an ACE bzw. bleibt der Vorgang immer an dieser Stelle hängen. Vor knapp einem Jahr habe ich das schon einmal versucht und war da auch erfolgreich jedoch weiß ich nicht mehr was genau ich da anders gemacht habe. Vielleicht kennt jemand hier dieses Problem und kann mir etwas weiterhelfen. Als OS verwende ich Ubuntu 18.04 Mate mit ARM64 Architektur.
  21. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    ok thanks. although for some reason i never ended up with a realmd.exe or mangosd.exe. Im more confused now then i was before. kinda sucks to because i built a mangos server aout 10 years ago with no issues. not sure what to do from here but none of my folders look like the one you showed in the picture. thanks again
  22. lonos

    Extracting Game Data

    They have to be in the same folder like the realmd.exe and mangosd.exe. see on the picture (sorry for the Quality made with phone)
  23. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    i am sorry that still doesnt help, when i downloaded the source code it gave me two folders dbtwo servertwo after i compiled i then had two more folders servertwo_build servertwo_install do i put the maps folders in one of those somewhere?
  24. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    Move the data to where the server is installed. If its on unix though, put it in the bin folder instead of the conf. Or put it to where ever you set it in the .conf file
  25. ilinplaya8420

    Extracting Game Data

    ive extracted all maps for my 3.3.5 build and now i just want to be clear on what folder to move those to exactly? would it be servertwo or servertwo_build?? please help
  26. Can u check ur World db? Is it exists? I think you just didn't create world DB. You have to clear your MySQL, then you should run your "InstallDatabases.bat" or sh version of it and check out installing process for errors
  27. Ну ты конеечно загнул, надо на нее Linux ставить и компилить под пингвинчика. Не уверен, что ресурсов хватит
  28. Do you need any help with localization now? I can help u with English to Russian translation
  29. MaNGOS Zero можешь собирать, бк и лк тоже на уровне. Видел, что один из членов команды MaNGOS говорил о том, что они сейчас направлены на развитие MaNGOS Zero UPD: Сорянчик, не заметил дату поста(
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