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  2. mangos two Problem with VMAPS

    Forgive me for raising this issue again, but does no one know the answer? Can I at least say there is such a problem or not?
  3. Many game objects in Naxxramas have incorrect rotations or position.
  4. Yesterday
  5. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    Will do, tyz
  6. Thanks! Just a few minor notes: 1) do not forward port 3443 unless you exactly know what you're doing. This would be a server security break if the RA console were not disabled by default; 2) no need to change BindIP in the config file while it stays at the default value, which means, as usually, binding to every system IP found. If, perchance, you found it set to anything different (in particular,, then check the same setting in the realmd.conf file also; 3) no need to change default value in the localAddress column of realmlist table, such change may prevent local client access to the server for some firewall settings.
  7. Necrovoice is going to start hating my constant bug reports.
  8. Hey there, I just tidied up your post for you Also passed this along to @Necrovoice
  9. Twilight of the dawn runner - can loot the crate. issues the alliance NPC's kill the escort target (they didnt in vanilla) when shes alive, she does not have the escort option available. Stinky's Escape everythings fine up to the bridge, then the NPC just vanishes, no quest complete. The grimtotem weapon Targets that are dying near the totem (which is working) does not provide progress towards quest completion. - the debuff from the totem also dies and reapplies at a high rate, it should just stay on the target. Corrosion prevention The item works as intended, in the limited areas it should. but doesnt actually do anything to the slimes.
  10. very awesome, thank you, what i had was close by not quite right. (linking to the npc portion of the script) I was looking more for a quest dialog option, when you talked to a friendly NPC, is that possible in Eluna?
  11. Is this what you are asking about? local function OnCombat(event, creature, target) if target:ToPlayer() then target:SendAreaTriggerMessage("You are being attacked!") end end RegisterCreatureEvent(30000, 1, OnCombat) http://www.elunaengine.com/Global/RegisterCreatureEvent.html
  12. I have a custom NPC I put in the DB, spawned it in the world and all.( creature ID 30000 ) How do I tie an eluna script to that specific mob? please, eluna/lua script only(or DB entries), i dont want to recompile the core. I want the creature to open a dialog, asking a question, No ends the dialog and yes will level the player to 70. I simply dont know how to tie scripts to specific creature/npc's
  13. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    The fix for the Original report of Hand of Iruxos can be found here Rel21_08_016_Hand_of_Iruxos_fix.sql For future reports on bugs, please post them in the Bug Tracker. Thank you
  14. mangos one Apology for repeated post

    Not your fault im sure, dont be sorry, but thank you! I would have did it myself but couldnt figure out how to remove my own posts.
  15. https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?quest=1957 quest 1957 npc 6550 This quest is impossible to do. what works: everything works fine except the spawn rate. what happens the blue portal appears outside the hut normally, then all 12 mana surges spawn together ( 2 at a time) untill 12 are up. what should happen. 2 should spawn, when one dies, another should spawn. this should continue until 12 have spawned. -> there should not ever be more then 2 up at a time. edit: no idea if this is important information but this is a mage only quest.
  16. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    No problem! There is another bugged quest in the zone too Gizelton Caravan - escort. Accepting the quest does nothing. https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?quest=5943 My and my wife are playing through the game as a warlock/mage combo, we'll post whatever we find.
  17. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    Awsome thank you
  18. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    Yes, the crystal should be destroyed, and replaced with the NPC. Once the NPC is dead, the crystal should return (after 5 minutes or so).
  19. mangos two Problem with VMAPS

    add screenshots fireball from behind a tree in mangosd.conf vmap.enableLOS = 1 vmap.enableHeight = 1 vmap.ignoreSpellIds = "7720" vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 1
  20. mangos one Hand of Iruxos - bugged

    I have a fix ready, but I have one question before I release it. Should the Crystal despawn after use?
  21. mangos one Apology for repeated post

    Taken care of. Sorry you had an issue with the site.
  22. Last week
  23. Quest: Hand of Iruxos (Desolace) Using the pick (given by quest); to destroy the crystal results in nothing. You can re-do the animation over and over again, to no result. what should happen: Crystal should be destroyed, an NPC (creatureID 11876 ) should spawn by the name "Demon spirit". who drops "demon box" to complete the quest. The npc exists in server, the npc, if spawned by GM commands and killed, drops the quest item box.
  24. DISCLAIMER: You are making your server more available to the world by following these steps. Be aware that you might put your server at risk for cyber attack or compromise if you publish details about connecting to your server online. Before continuing, please consider taking steps to secure your server such as disabling remote root access to your shell and database, disable remote access for your mangos database user, change your router password to something strong, install any firmware updates for your router and any security updates available for your server. Unless you are comfortable with the risk and know how to protect yourself, be careful of who you share your server information with. OK! Now that's out of the way... These instructions are for setting up a dedicated hardware server on a home network. I didn't find clear concise instructions for setting it up for external connections so I'll share what worked for me. These instructions assume that your server is up and running with localhost or in the BindIP conf fields and the address column of your server's realmlist entry in your realmd (by default) schema. Before we start... If your server is running, stop both server and realm executables by whatever your preferred method is. Server Conf Use the ip a command to determine your server's LAN IP address. Probably something like 192.168.1.xxx. In both your mangosd.conf and realmd.conf change the BindIP value to a string containing your server's LAN IP, like: BindIP = "" # or whatever the IP address might be... Save and close both of those files. Determine Your Server's Public IP You will need your public IP address which you can find by googling "what is my public ip address". IMPORTANT: Make sure that you do this from the server itself. Jot that down. DB Now open MySQL Workbench or the MySQL shell or whatever your favorite means of SQL delivery. In the realmd schema (by default) in the realmlist table find the entry for your server. Update the address column to be your public IP address that you jotted down before and in the localAddress column, put your LAN IP address, like 192.168.1.xxx. Port Forwarding If you have a netgear router you will go to routerlogin.net. You need to login with your admin username and password. The username is probably admin unless you changed it. The password is either in your router's documentation (on a card or something), on a sticker on the router or it's something you changed it to. That's on you. If these next instructions don't work for you, you may need to poke around your router's proprietary UI to find the right options... Good luck! At the top choose the ADVANCED tab. On the left, choose Advanced Setup On the Advanced Setup submenu, choose Port Forwarding / Port Triggering You will need to create 3 forwarding rules. For each PortNumber of the ports 3443, 3724 and 8085: Click the +Add Custom Service button Fill in the service name with something, maybe "mangosX" In the External Starting Port field, put the PortNumber In the External Ending Port field, put the PortNumber In the Internal IP address field, put your server's LAN IP address, 192.168.1... (probably) Click the Apply button to save the rule Now you can start your server back up by your preferred method. There's just one more step and that's setting up our client's realmlist.wtf file. This is also the part you'll tell your friends when they want to connect. Over wherever your actual WoW client lives, find the realmlist.wtf file and change the IP to the external IP address that you just jotted down previously. In your realmlist.wtf file you should now have: set realmlist <whateverYourExternalIPAddressIs> set patchlist <whateverYourExternalIPAddressIs> You (or your friend) is now ready to start their client with Wow.exe and join your awesome cool publicly available server! Enjoy!
  25. mangos two Problem with VMAPS

    There is a problem with vmaps. In the settings file this option is on, the maps themselves are created and lie in the proper place, but in the game you can cast a spell behind a tree, behind a hill ... What's wrong?
  26. mangos one Bugged mount locations

    169 = Emerald Dream
  27. The website kept saying submit error, please try again, so i did it turns out all the posts worked. sorry about that, dont know whats wrong. feel free to remove all except the first one. thank you.
  28. mangos one Kodo roundup bugged

    Upon delivery of the kodo for "kodo roundup" in Desolace, you are asked to inspect he kodo, which is fine. but when you do the kodo has a quest available "the quest youre on" but it should have a dialog option saying "inspect the beast" or something along those lines. giving credit for a delivery (you need 5 deliveries). The quest itself shouldnt be on the kodos. i should also note that you clicking the quest on the kodo also does nothing at all. screenshot attched.
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