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  2. The ".npc move" command does not work. This has been the case for a few years already. What happens: the NPC just respawns at its original location. What should happen: the NPC should respawn exactly where the player is. How to reproduce: target any NPC and type .npc move as a GM character.
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  5. --------------------------- -- SIMPLE BUFF COMMAND --- --------------------------- -- copy to your lua scripts folder and reload eluna/server local auras = {48074,35912,38734,65075,65077,43223,15366,36880,36880,16609,48073,48469,26035,70233,70234,70235,70244,70242,70243}; -- you can add or remove spells ^ -- you will be buffed if no target selected function buff(event, player, message, Type, lang) if (message:lower() == "buff") then gmRank =player:GetGMRank() if (gmRank >= 3) then -- change number (0-3) 0 - to all 1,2,3 GM with rank selectTarget = player:GetSelection() if (not selectTarget) then selectTarget = player end for _, i in ipairs(auras) do selectTarget:AddAura(i, selectTarget) end selectTarget:SetHealth( selectTarget:GetMaxHealth() ) player:SendBroadcastMessage("|cff5af304Buffed !|r") end end end RegisterPlayerEvent(42, buff) -- checked on TrinityCore rev. 27fffd302563+ 2020-05-31 23:31:01 + Eluna + NPCbots -- original idea Marko, released dopiks
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  7. With Mangos one now at least, step 7 helped generate cmake ans vs project files, but did not build anything. I thought I remembered it also building like for Mangos Zero, but this time I had to open the "MaNGOS.sln" file and run the build from inside MSVS2017C. I could probably also build outside just using the MSBuild program if I knew the syntax better, but just mentioning that detail with the easy build program.
  8. Attacked by a couple NPCs in Hellfire Peninsula with an alliance death knight. The attacking NPC have a faction ID of 1078 (which doesn't seem to be registered as anything: https://www.wowhead.com/faction=1078/fighting-vanity-pet). Setting the faction ID to stormwind (72) had no effect. Changing the NPC's faction (.npc factionid 1667) to one of the NPCs that's not attacking stopped the aggro.
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  10. I cant reproduce this and have tested a few times over with the aid of others. Please use the Peer to Peer Technical Support section if the issue continues.
  11. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce
  12. Sounds like your account does not allow that command. If I understand, this is your server? Is it local (game and server are run on the same machine) or is it connected remotly (game and server are on two different machines.)? What OS are you using? I have checked this over a few times now and am unable to reproduce this. I know you have said that you are using the current version of Mangos, but if you could please try this once again.. with a fresh clone of the server : mangostwo server
  13. does something is needed to run thoses commands ? because my character just said what I type. I have tried adding / or replacing . by / unsuccessfully. Note that murloc are not the only monsters affected, goretusk, defias... all monsters on the southwest. Additionnaly on the output of mangosd I have: creature 90292 stopped attacking player 149 player 149 stopped attacking creature 90292 creature 90292 stopped attacking player 149 creature 90292 stopped attacking player 149 creature 90292 stopped attacking player 149
  14. I just tested this again, and I am unable to reproduce this issue with murlocs. If your account level allows, try and use .npc info Please provide an entry for one of the NPCs causing an issue. To make sure gm is not on, log into your character and type .gm off No GM should not turn on/off over different zones.
  15. No GM is not enabled, I dont have touch anything GM related. But when seeking this issue, I found lot of people saying that, so I have tried to verify that GM didnt be enabled by a bug/anyting else. And it seems not enabled (according to mangos> gm ingame) So: - do you have a prodecure to verify I am not GM - does GM could be enabled only for a specfific "zone" (if not my problem is not begin GM)
  16. That's true. Good point there!
  17. Good point. It's also why I needed the link above. Still having issues with the server but I've not actually had time to spend debugging it yet. (My Mangos two is running perfectly.)
  18. @[email protected] Something to bear in mind is that the mini-client is completely useless to mangos as a majority of the data needed for the extractors is missing. And now that Blizz have shut down the cata download servers, there is no way to complete the client.
  19. Client preference to me is less important in this case. It's more about one that works with the extractors to get correct maps, vmaps and mmaps so the server will run!
  20. Interesting release! I'm glad to see it's still working to this day. There are so many broken provided clients around on the internet. Just for reference, there are actually many different ways to proceed with getting a client - in order words to a WoW Cataclysm Download. There are both possibilities for Mini Clients of Cataclysm as well as Full clients. I myself prefer a mini client so I can get right into the game, while leveling anyways. I guess that's a preference on what type of what WoW Cataclysm 4.3.4 Client that is prefered.
  21. Do you have GM on? This will cause that
  22. Perhaps these will help: managing-user-accounts-using-3rd-party-apps
  23. @My Channel I think you did not really understand my answer of perhaps I have misunderstand your post I'm not native english speaker so please excuse me. I am just saying If you code such a tool it would ne nice to share. If such a tool does not exists it is perhaps nobody asked for it but I have never said anything against your work. All contributors here share fixes on their free time with no remuneration at all. I really don't get your point. If you think it can add value to the emulator and improve its usability, then do so ! O_o
  24. Okay, you made up my mind for me then. I will make it for myself. You, yes, just you, made this a very simple decision. I don't need to waste anymore of your or my valuable time with pesimistic, unappreciative verbal jousting. It's not valued or appreciated? Okay, lock this thread and close it. I will do it for myself and TrinityCore. Very disappointing attitude and responses.
  25. @My Channel It's not implemented decause nobody have really asked for I think
  26. SURE! Now I need guidance to the login formats. I do Stack work mostly. I own my own full stack dev company, so once I get the info, off I go. I don't just talk about stuff, I do. So, I will let you, a developer, know when I have implemented this cool plugin. 😜 I'm just surprised no one has bothered to do it yet. That's not a good sign for longevity of the emulator.
  27. Changed Status to Completed Changed Assigned to Elmsroth Solved in this PR : https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/98 @cabfever you will be able to inspect players now as GM.
  28. @My Channel That sounds good Let us know when you will have implemented all this cool stuff 😛
  29. Hello On westfall I cannot aggro some mobs. Starting to fight, my first hit is decreased from their hit point. But then the mob reset the aggro. And just after retry to aggro me, and immediatly reset. Note that their "familiar" can be fight normally. Example the murloc hunter cannot be fight but its crab familiar can be killed. Moving my character back to any other zone, permit it to fight normally. on the mangosd log, I see "creature started to attack player xxx" then "creature stopped to attack player xxx" This bug happen since february, and I have update to the latest github sources and still happen
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