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  1. Last week
  2. quest Lazy Peon Doesn't do anything

    Thanks for looking into that
  3. quest Lazy Peon Doesn't do anything

    Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Assigned to Tuker Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to Normal Changed Type to Scripts (Eluna / SD3)
  4. quest Lazy Peon Doesn't do anything

    Hi Nalal, i've checked all Peons and sometimes happen that there is a Delay from Spawn of Peons and start of the Working/Sleeping routine, that's why you see them doing nothing, but if you wait a couple of minutes they should start working. It should be an easy fix and i'm just working on it. Btw, Peons react correctly to the Foreman's blackjack ONLY if sleeping of course.
  5. Changed Status to Not a bug
  6. After further review and some play with settings I have concluded that both the config option and the quest item drops are working as intended. If there are further bug concerns please post them accordingly. If you require help adjusting settings please use the Help and support boards. All other feature related requests regarding MangosTwo, can be posted here for further review. Thank you once again for using Mangos.
  7. Shamen Poison Cleansing Totem - Does nothing

    http://www.wowhead.com/npc=22487/greater-poison-cleansing-totem Added in patch so it should be related to mangos one not mangos zero.
  8. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to Unset
  9. really not sure where the problem is with your loot. I just tested and I got my loot with in a few minutes.... If you like to add me, message me with the the server details and User/pass that you have set up... Will be happy to have a look If you are on Discord, look me up there as well
  10. Edit1: I am not sure if this is normal, but when i tested the server out with higher rates for uncommon (5+, 1000+ etc) I've noticed that i am getting a LOT of recipes, but im not getting random enchant (of the tiger|bear|board|etc) items. I have tested it out with multiple mobs, and nothing. Cavern Lurker Vilebranch Scalper This is just two, but i have yet to see a random enchant item drop. Here is what the loot looks like for Vuilebranch: Thank you. Only the quest drop is affected, normal loot - regardless of rarity/type/etc - is fine. Rate.Drop.Item.[rarity] works as intended, and difference in rates is obvious, thankfully. Essentially ANY of the quests that require any kind of quest item loot drop. The earliest of bug i could find was "Felendren the Banished" [8335] But I have had nothing but trouble with any of the "get item" quests, really, but here are a few examples: A recipe for Death [447] - None of the loot drops normally. The symptoms are the same for all the other ones - 30-50 mobs per item The Dead Fields [437] - Nightlash is always spawned, Same droprate. 30-50 per essence Rot Hide Ichor [443] - Rinse and repeat the above.. Raising Spirits [672] - I could not make ANY of the quest items drop in Arathi Highlands The Princess Trapped [26039] - No drops at all from Kobolds The workaround I've made was actually funny, and it was a quality of life change for me personally - I have changed the database to the following: Changed "Class" from 12 to 15, making quest items not quest items but Misc drops (still displays and behaves like a quest item) Changed "ChanceOrQuestChance" for all quest items from negative to positive Quest items now drop according to their respective drop chance 100% is 100%, 80% is about 80%, etc. I do not even have to be on that specific quest anmore, and yet i can get the quest item for it. This workaround is essentially a nice quality of life change for me (it also makes it more immersive for me, but this is just my preference) - This change makes the items drop normally, as they should, with the exception of Arathi Highlands' quests. I could not get any quest drop whatsoever. Though i haven't tried all quests there. I hope that helped! I didnt know that. So it is an obsolete/deprecated option in the config file? Also, Mining.Amount does not increase or decrease loot from deposits - value can be any number from 0 to infinity, it will always yield 2-3 ---- Necro, would you like me to give you access to my server? Maybe it would help if you saw it yourself what i meant and what this looks like?
  11. Hello there, I will take a look into the issue of the loot % not changing to reflect the DB and see what I can come up with. I have done some poking around with quests for verious areas (level 15-20 zones) and I have not seen any real issues with drop rates. If you could give me 1 or 2 quests that you had issues with as a starting ground, this would be helpful. Patch 3.0.8 Mining veins and deposits no longer require multiple hits to receive all the ore. Players will receive around the same amount of ore, stone, and gems they would have received from multiple hits.
  12. Earlier
  13. The problem is quite bizarre - each and every quest that requires a quest item refuses to drop for a long time. Even quest item drops that are 100% or even 80% I have to kill 30++ mobs to have just a single drop of the item. Drops seem to be okay in starting areas, based on what i've seen all areas but starters are affected. Kill/slain quests seems to be fine, only quest items are affected. To replicate this issue i have to go to any area outside starter ones - sepulcher is just as good as any - and start doing quests normally. quest item drops will refuse to drop for a long time. Drop rate seems to be between 30 to 52 mobs per item This is a weird and annoying one. I have the latest currently available database from the git. I have tried to/I have checked: Clean install database update database change rates in mangosd.conf - default, low, high rate settings has no effect on it gm_level attribute has no effect on it Match my settings with my other, mangos One server- mangosone seems to work normally with same settings Server otherwise works just fine with no other apparent issues. Edit1: "use to loot" items are fine (like use books or pumpkins to receive loot) "mining.amont" and "Mining.Next" seem to have no effect at all either, it is always (or extremely likely) that vein will be a single use one.
  14. In the MangosZero Database, there is a plethora of Rich Thorium, but in the MangosOne Database, there is NIL rich Thorium (or any mining nodes at all) in Burning Steppes. There are however, 3 or 4 plants all bunched up in several locations. There seems to be Black Lotus in instead of Rich Thorium? The most noticable in this instance is the Rich Thorium node near the altar of storms, in the current MangosOne DB (and MangosTwo DB), it has been replaced by a black lotus. Are there any updates to the gameobject database for this?
  15. Warlocks can't get soulshards while grouped

    2017 still broken, for real?
  16. The mission requires me to capture a bear. When I do it, nothing happens, the mission is not fulfilled.
  17. Can't open Dead Tooth Jacks Chest

    As far as i can tell, there is nothing wrong with the db portion of this issue. Perhaps its an issue from a previous update? Seems a few game objects are suffering from them.
  18. Can't open Dead Tooth Jacks Chest

    Changed Status to Confirmed
  19. Unable to open Dead Tooth's Chest in Elwyn Forest. Got the three times and failed all three times
  20. While charging in Elwyn Forest at coordinates 25.9,81.1, fell through the world and had to be resurrected.
  21. Princess and her entourage do not patrol and are standing still. When princes is attacked, her entourage does not intervene. They ignore the attacker. In retail they all patrol together and fight together
  22. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    Sorry dude, so much work at home, and its not my credit, its yours to fix the problem
  23. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Type to Core
  24. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=5624

    After a while, had to do it myself. https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/53
  25. Shamen Poison Cleansing Totem - Does nothing Not much more to say, it simply doesn't cleanse poisons. So far all other totems seem to work as expected.
  26. Shadowfang Keep - Stuck in combat

    Thanks Olion, I'll have a look at the other tables and take a stab at removing it from there, until its implimented. Also thanks for detail the correct steps to identify the cause - I was wondering why so many rows in the DB had 'EventAI' in there
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