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  2. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce
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  4. Changed Status to In Progress Changed Priority to High I can test it again only two days later. In between, didn't you miss this core commit? Your issue suggests you've overlooked this change.
  5. Hi , I try your update and dont work correctly. I found problem with applying Sunder Armor . When I use Devastate on NPC and I have under 30 rage dont apply Sunder Armor ,and said "Not enough rage" ,but if I use Devastate over 30 rage apply Sunder Armor. Devastate cost 15 rage and Sunder Armor 15 rage (15+15=30) I try all ranks of Devastate.
  6. Need feedback on if this is still an issue.
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  8. Changed Assigned to Necrovoice
  9. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback
  10. I need more information... but I'm still trying to dig back to older sources.. Is it a specific Mountaineers and Night Watch mobs? Currently both [Night Watch Guards] and [Dun Garok Mountaineer] have loot.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/WRMlA9Z.gifv works fine for me
  12. When flying in mangos three the core crashes. Ref:
  13. Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assigned to Olion Changed Priority to Low
  14. Indeed. This is because blizz relied on the gameobject casting in this encounter. The 5 spells involved do not complicate it further, so the simplest fix is evident. Just have to invent the Zeppelin Power Core's (shining blue crystals) behaviour based on the quest text.
  15. Changed Status to Duplicate
  16. The <GM> tag displays as <DND> in chat. Ref:
  17. So I went to Loch Modan as a Horde character and the Mountainers there didn't loot anything, but they should loot silk cloth, a lot of it.Tried in Duskwood on The Night Watch mobs, and no loot as well. Ref:
  18. If the Path for the creature is too long to get to the player it will instantly reset, It should run to the player no matter how long the path is if you are within a dungeon instance. Ref:
  19. When creatures of the same faction run near each other while in combat with a player that pulled them, they do not aggro the other creatures that they run past when they should. Ref:
  20. Nope, don't have a video, sorry. I understand it will probably be a pretty involved fix, so feel free to make this low priority.
  21. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  22. Could you provide a video to this quest? It involves also Zeppelin Power Core GO (186396), so the question is how many are there such GOs and what they do (spawn/despawn) besides adding the Energized! aura to the nearby players.
  23. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  24. One can barely do anything helpful without the stack trace. Also, nobody is able to fix a code without reading it. The fragment cited above does not belong to contemporary Mangos (Zero, One, Two), it is rather a part of the TrinityCore.
  25. we are still getting Crash, i did Attached the file with Debugged, Some Examples this issue, of here if someone help me ili really be happy! QueryResult.h 45 Field* Fetch() const { return _currentRow; } 46 const Field & operator [] (uint32 index) const { src/server/database/database/QueryResult.h:45 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - this 0x0000000000000000 <NULL> ResultSet * _rowCount <Unable to read memory> _currentRow <Unable to read memory> _fieldCount <Unable to read memory> _result <Unable to read memory> _fields <Unable to read memory>
  26. Changed Status to Completed
  27. Changed Status to Completed
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