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  1. Yesterday
  2. Its Done ! for me .
  3. Indeed, I don't think it actually existed prior WOTLK.
  4. Hunter traps are consumed by all totems , when you drop trap near totem , totem immune this trap and trap dissapear. ( problem is , than , shaman stay near totem , Hunter spawn trap , and trap proc on totem and dissapear , shaman havnt got Control) Real function Trap vs Totems , is that TOTEMS ignore traps . Warrior reflect ... when warrior reflect trap , he havnt got control from trap ( this is RIGHT) , but trap is reflected to HUNTER ( hunter get 10 sec control in his own trap)
  5. Found this when googling the issue, therefore I am posting for future "googlers" with this problem: I believe that the blizz icon does not exist in 1.12 client.
  6. Combustion abusing - As you know, when you use combustion you gain 10% crit with fire spells and adds up until you sucessfully landed 3 crits. However, if you take this talent and stack it up (Usually to 50-70% crit) and then you respec! You will still have the combustion buff on you, even tho you don't have a talent point in it. And the abusive part is that it does not dissepear when you crit. So you will have 60% increased fire crit chance untill you die. Meaning, as a geared mage you will have around 85% crit constantly with your fire spells.
  7. Last week
  8. Ok we can speak when you want to help MaNGOS
  9. The mangos localization project is a side project I started to help push the localization of mangos forward. All contributions and help are welcome and i'm happy to discuss the finer points of how to contribute with anything who's willing to listen
  10. points_of_interest missing npc_text missing page_text must be renamed creation table from page_Text to page_text, error importing. So this tables remain to traslate (Spanish): npc_text page_text gossip_menu_option points_of_interest
  11. Changed Version to Unset Changed Type to Database Changed Category to NPC
  12. Hi all. Peharps you know, but in https://github.com/MangosExtras/MangosZero_Localised in language Spanish are sql tables missing, gossipmenu and pagetexts, also where is npc_texts ?? Meanwhile testing Spanish languaje there's quest with name "140210", questgiver : "McBride" Thanks for the hard work
  13. This needs implementing and testing.
  14. Hello, For a long time, the item_instance "data" blob field has been some mystery. In this post, I will describe the update that we need to do on the wiki to solve this misunderstanding: The data-field is a String separated by spaces between each values. Here's the value meaning sorted by index: Item GUID Item High GUID (Stored 0x4000 0000) Object Field Type (Mask value retrieved from the code: TypeMask enum, value is 3 or 7 depending if it's an item or a container) Item Entry (Entry ID of the item_template) Scale (Scale value, did not yet found the storage type, maybe float ?) Padding (No info on this) Owner Guid High Guid Owner (Should be always 0 for player) Item Field Contained (Can be the GUID of another item instance if stored in a bag or the GUID of the character if equipped) Item Field Container High Guid (Should be 0x4000 0000 or 0 depending if it's a bag or if it's a player) Creator GUID Creator HIGH Guid GUID Gift Creator High Guid Gift Creator Stack Count Duration Spell Charges 01 Spell Charges 02 Spell Charges 03 Spell Charges 04 Spell Charges 05 Item Flags (Mask is ITEM_DYN_FLAGS) Perm Enchantment ID Perm Enchantment Duration Perm Enchantment Charges Enchantment ID Temp Enchantment Duration Temp Enchantment Charges Temp Enchantment ID Max Inspect Enchantment Duration Max Inspect Enchantment Charges Max Inspect Enchantment Prop 0 ID Enchantment Prop 0 Duration Enchantment Prop 0 Charges Enchantment Prop 1 ID Enchantment Prop 1 Duration Enchantment Prop 1 Charges Enchantment Prop 2 ID Enchantment Prop 2 Duration Enchantment Prop 2 Charges Enchantment Prop 3 ID Enchantment Prop 3 Duration Enchantment Prop 3 Charges Item Field Property Seed Item Field Random Properties ID Item Field Text ID Item Field Durability Item Field Max Durability CONTAINER NUM SLOT (only available if it's a bag/container) MAX slots = 28, the slots are then always a combination of Item GUID + Item High GUID, so 28*2 = 56 FIELD SLOTS CONTAINER ALIGN PAD (???) CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 1 (Item GUID) CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 2 (Item HIGH GUID 0x4000 000) CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 3 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 4 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 5 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 6 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 7 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 8 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 9 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 10 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 11 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 12 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 13 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 14 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 15 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 16 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 17 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 18 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 19 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 20 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 21 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 22 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 23 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 24 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 25 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 26 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 27 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 28 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 29 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 30 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 31 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 32 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 33 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 34 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 35 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 36 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 37 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 38 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 39 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 40 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 41 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 42 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 43 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 44 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 45 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 46 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 47 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 48 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 49 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 50 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 51 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 52 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 53 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 54 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 55 CONTAINER FIELD SLOT 56
  15. Changed Version to 22.1 Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to 22 Changed Priority to Normal
  16. Earlier
  17. Add option to mangosd.conf to hide warden messages from the console.
  18. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.11
  19. This is verified as fixed. Characters can now enter the world.
  20. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback
  21. Fixed in commit: https://github.com/mangosthree/server/commit/f2c067b8b312d35158f539fa95873713b0ffecca This needs testing.
  22. Here is the origin of the issue: https://github.com/mangosthree/server/commit/43b74a38206ae117e74e041c960b46daa6c7d92d#diff-cbff7f9dcb78a3b83d4b09941070082eL573 @H0zen
  23. To me, several parameters should go to the database. Only the db config and maybe the network settings should be in the conf file.
  24. Changed Status to Awaiting Dev reply
  25. World.cpp 570 causes a lot of config options not to load (including maxlevel, causing it to be 0 and blocking level stat loading) This is because std::string forceLoadGridOnMaps = sConfig.GetStringDefault("LoadAllGridsOnMaps", ""); results in an empty string. https://github.com/mangosthree/server/commit/e62ece1fdbd1cfd757e270ed3af39a6c8d878bf4 https://github.com/mangosthree/server/blob/e62ece1fdbd1cfd757e270ed3af39a6c8d878bf4/src/game/WorldHandlers/World.cpp#L570 https://github.com/mangosthree/server/blob/e62ece1fdbd1cfd757e270ed3af39a6c8d878bf4/src/game/WorldHandlers/World.cpp#L659-L662 I feel that the config options should not be inside the IF statement. Someone probably make a mistake formatting the code.
  26. Currently getting this error during server start: Race 1 Class 1 Level 1 does not have stats data
  27. Today, the systemd configuration for service is done manually. This could be done through getmangos.sh script. This bug report is highlighting this.
  28. Today, the database setup is explained into the "Installing Mangos on.." guides but they could be handled inside getmangos.sh. This Bug Report makes it visible.
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