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  2. What is your MySQL password ? [], ./InstallDatabases.sh: 323: ./InstallDatabases.sh: mysql_config_editor: not found Is there any way around this except for making an MySQL base create the database then dump and import it into mariadb?
  3. Try to compile mangostwo so compilation is broken if PCH is disabled. Ubuntu 18.04, Clang
  4. Earlier
  5. since mangosd.conf \ DBC.Locale = 8 doesn't work. (unfortunately all this is due to the fact that just this does not work) i used a different solution: 1. When using A_replace_BaseEnglish_with_XXX.sql, I get the message: > 1048 - Column 'content_default' cannot be null that is, when replacing localization, some of the strings are missing, and the replacement stops Need to add or find a way to skip null strings. 2. I could add missing strings from Translations_TODO \ - these files are created for Mangos Online Translation Editor which is not accessible
  6. Hey all. I use Mangos One cloned from github, i run on MariaDB "Server version: 10.5.6-MariaDB mariadb.org binary distribution" and i did compile it with Cmake (see photo for settings) i used VS studio 2019. set to release (x64) i run the english version with all the patched applied i have the ADbot on, "AuctionHouseBot.CharacterName = "AH-BOT" AuctionHouseBot.Seller.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.DEBUG.Seller = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.DEBUG.Buyer = 0" in the DB realmDB table it looks like t
  7. This item has a very very low drop chance, but it seems to be working.
  8. This is also an issue on Mangos ONE, but seems to work just fine on Zero
  9. All cities in game that would normallyoffer rest XP and allow instant logout do not. Ironforge Stormwind Silvermoon City Undercity Orgrimmar Thunder Bluff The Exodar Darnassus Shattrath City Dalaran
  10. Using attached eluna script will only trigger for items recieved by materloot. In \src\game\WorldHandlers\LootHandler.cpp: sEluna->OnLootItem is called in HandleLootMasterGiveOpcode but not in HandleAutostoreLootItemOpcode The fix that seems to work is to include: #ifdef ENABLE_ELUNA sEluna->OnLootItem(player, newitem, item->count, lguid); #endif /* ENABLE_ELUNA */ right below player->SendNewItem(newitem, uint32(item->count), false, false, true); in HandleAutostoreLootItemOpcode. AutoEquipItem.lua
  11. Well, all script AI are missing for the 4 mobs in the list ! I think I can get them to work properly.
  12. Well, it does not seem to be a qualified "bug" since we have to clearly identifyt wich NPC needs specific respawn time. After digging into the data we cat notice a great part of the mobs are set to 300sec (~5min) : SPANTIMESEC COUNT 300 26311 7200 6944 275 6097 180 3089 333 2115 250 1740 120 1468 360 1392
  13. Hello @splinecl The bug is now resolved. It was a quest method bug. This quest needed to be automatically completed in order to get acces to the next phase. Pull request : https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/105
  14. Not really a priority but is a nice feature to have!
  15. @madmax Is it still needed ? I think I can achieve it pretty easily but is it ok to set a default shutdown message in the config file and add possibility to override it with a string message".
  16. SQL support to correct item targeting. Target type for Empty cursed jar, Empty tainted jar and Empty pure sample jar. ZERO: REL21_22_016 ONE: REL21_15_039 TWO: REL21_12_041
  17. Yes, It seems that both spells that create the items do not remove the creature's corpse after use. Other bug : we can use the empty flask on living mob instead of corpse and WORSE : we can use it on any attackable mob.....
  18. Changed Priority to Unset Changed Sub-Category to Quest
  19. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  20. Changed Status to Cannot Reproduce Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  21. I have tried to cast several times spells 6605 and 7399 on myself. these debuff do not seem to last after disappear.
  22. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Priority to Unset Changed Main Category to Database Changed Sub-Category to NPC
  23. Zero: REL21_22_008 One: REL21_15_018 Two: Rel21_12_012 Three: REL21_13_007
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