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  2. Hello, We ran a 10 man Karazhan tonight and found the following: Trash: A lot of the trash did not move properly but from what the group was saying this was also pretty buggy in retail. Attument the Huntsman & Midnight: Worked Perfectly Moroes: Worked Perfectly Maiden of Virtue: Worked Perfectly Opera Event (Wizard of Oz): Worked Perfectly The Curator: Worked Perfectly Terestian Illhoof: Spawned a duplicate of the Main imp to begin with but rest was fine Shade of Aran: His minor spells worked correctly but Blizzard and Arcane explosion did not Netherspite: Unab
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  4. On updating character2 table to version 22.1.1, faced a trouble with adding Rel21_04_001_update_deprecated_ROW_FORMAT.sql into db. It reports that MySQL can't complete a request "ALTER TABLE groups ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC ENGINE=INNODB;" After a search in a Google, I found that there is a kind of troubles with dynamic row format in InnoDB in MySQL 8 (v 8.0.22), and solved a problem by simple removing this string from update file (i.e., row format for this table leaved unchanged, i.e., MyISAM). All other fields changed correctly. Now all works fine, but just reporting to you about this tro
  5. Solved. When I pulled 22.01.12 via Git, all built correctly.
  6. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 22.xx (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Priority to Unset Changed Sub-Category to Quest
  7. @Sisores, Thanks a bunch. Zero: Rel22_001_007 One: Rel22_01_011 Two: Rel22_01_005
  8. On completition os the quest "Crossroads Conscription" (https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=842/crossroads-conscription) NPC Sergra Darkthorn (https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=3338/sergra-darkthorn) supposed to have different reaction according to the character's gender (https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=842/crossroads-conscription#comments:id=3216286) (https://imgur.com/Vh4Wop0 - as a proof of that comment). Now she returns both texts on completition.
  9. Head Crack cast by Rockjaw Skullthumper in Dun Morogh seems to overwrite and be overwritten by Seal of Righteousness buff - they share the same spell logo. To reproduce: As a low level paladin fighting a Rockjaw Skullthumper in Dun Morogh: When Head Crack is cast on the paladin it will dispel Seal of Righteousness, and if the paladin then casts Seal of Righteousness it will dispel the Head Crack debuff.
  10. Sorry if this is the wrong thing to do, but this bug is still unfixed in Jan 2021 - all the mobs in Dun Murogh with backstab will just cast it off cooldown, making levelling against these mobs VERY challenging, as the cooldown seems to be 1 second or so!
  11. Hello! I'm trying to update my Mangos Two server from some 21.11.xx (~mid November 2020) to release v.22.01.9, and I can't built the new version, because of error on build. Here is a report about it from build log:
  12. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 22.xx (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Priority to Unset
  13. The fix for all the core DBs can be found below. ZERO: Rel22_01_005 ONE: Rel22_01_007 TWO: Rel22_01_003
  14. https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=1462/earth-sapta https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=1463/earth-sapta
  15. Fix for the three core DBs ZERO: Rel22_01_004 ONE: Rel22_01_006 TWO: Rel22_01_002
  16. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 22.xx (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Priority to New
  17. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 22.xx (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Sub-Category to Unset
  18. This update should resolve the copper ore issue in Tirisfal Galdes. Rel22_01_003 Thanks @Tuker.
  19. Understood. I could say that right now other locations don't have pools for ore spawn
  20. Pooling on 13 different sub zones let you have a distribuited randomness. Even because if you look the map the distribution is not equal on every zones. I.e. using only one pool you risk to have all nodes in the right half of the map
  21. Why that many? The idea of a pool is limiting the number of simultaneously spawned objects. If you join all the 100 nodes to a single pool with spawn limit say 30 (see pool_template), then there will be no more than 30 spawns at the given time. "No more" stands here due to the timed respawn control. Reducing pool sizes, you reduce randomness and that is barely the goal. A large pool means that when you gather a node then another one (not being on respawn CD) may appear randomly at any of a lot of spawn places. In general, you will need to travel a longer distance to find it. The issu
  22. I'm sure the Blizz had the task of traffic minimizing in mind. At their position, it looked easily: search the traffic log (sniffes, to us) for repeating packet (opcode) patterns and modify the protocol implementation to reduce them. On the contrary, the core implementation doesn't look very good. Player::StoreNewItem and Player::EquipNewItem both do ItemAddedQuestCheck(...) sending the SMSG_QUESTUPDATE_ADD_ITEM packet. We can either provide the two methods a flag to avoid ItemAddedQuestCheck (the signature change), or inline the corrected code from the methods right into Player::BuyItemF
  23. I want to create such gatherer db, but after nodes spawn will be tuned.
  24. Far as i know pools bring some randomness in spawn and prevent gameobject to spawn at the same time. not sure about how spawn points should be done, there isn’t a rule. I think is ok to use available Public data (such ad wowhead), put it in the database and test it. We can always tune it later If we find something odd if you have a full gather db and want to share with the community consider to make a post in the forum
  25. And what is the purpose of pools? Not to allow whole the nodes spawn simultaneously? And how is the spawn should be done in classic? I'm lack of info. Btw, it's good idea to bring other locations to the "wowhead" state one by one slo-o-owly. No need to be rush and I even wanna help with TomCat too. (Cause I'm fond of Gatherer addon and wanted to create Mangos Zero full Gatherer_db --> but it could be easier to make it from mangos db info, who knows) If modern wowhead could be a reliable source of info.
  26. As suggested by @Necrovoice is it good to have pools for spawning Copper Ore vein. So we are actually producing a script to have 13 different pools.
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