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  1. Yesterday
  2. Changed Status to Completed
  3. As there have not been anymore reports of warden kicking players since this was fixed, i will be closing this issue now. Should warden start kicking players in a future update, please make a new report. Thanks to all those that gave information and comments during our testing
  4. Crash - Eye of Kilrogg

    Eye of Kilrogg Crash caused when the Eye of Kilrogg goes out of range of the player. This does not affect Mangos One or Two, but that may be due to a lack of distance limit being set on One/Two, that needs investigating separately.
  5. Last week
  6. Startup Error - Gossip Menu Option

    Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Main Category to Database Changed Sub-Category to NPC
  7. Startup Error - Item Templates

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Milestone to 21 (Current)
  8. Startup Error - Item Templates

    This is now fixed. Rel21_09_010
  9. Startup Error - Loot Tables

    All but item 5858 has been corrected. Rel21_09_009
  10. Dungeon / Raid finder

    This is on @H0zen todo list which is about 6 months long at the current time.
  11. Dungeon / Raid finder

    Any development on the issue?
  12. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  13. This should now be fixed in this commit - https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/9dc9059fd454721271b393b350453100aff4422e
  14. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  15. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    This looks like it was isolated to M1, if anyone experiences further issues please make a new report. I shall be closing this one now.
  16. This has been fixed at some point.
  17. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Implemented Version to 21.1 Changed Sub-Category to Core Crash
  18. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Spoken with antz and made this commit for M1 - https://github.com/mangosone/server/commit/dc142047ab0160e6722b454a1ef70ef33a785c87 Antz will take care of any others that need looking at later
  19. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    https://github.com/mangosone/server/blob/13d333f2686efebd65130b611b53d52b69674e00/src/game/WorldHandlers/GridMap.cpp#L38 https://github.com/mangos/Extractor_projects/blob/c835b82e9a930d747a15b5db19af180119656d45/shared/ExtractorCommon.cpp#L304 Seems like a mismatch here with the versions of extractor and core magic number. Probably same issue for all the maps (mmap, vmap, map) since all the versions were bumped in this commit: https://github.com/mangos/Extractor_projects/commit/51086dafc9477557ebe21f59ad7076802d04d6dc Looks like the change does not require changes in core code, so bumping the versions in core should, in my opinion, be enough to fix the issue. (see some of the latest commits at https://github.com/mangos/Extractor_projects/commits/master)
  20. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Raised to Project Critical status. Project Lead @antz has been notified.
  21. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Confirmed. Currently maps extracted with the current extractors do NOT work on the M1 core.
  22. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Hi I am using latest release of mangos one but when i extract maps from 2.4.3 with your extractors i get error: (I use your extractors built from the repo) maps/0004331.map' is non-compatible version
  23. Optimizing the movemap-generator

    This was implemented in commit - https://github.com/mangos/Extractor_projects/commit/cef30f04a3a13077c38309bd3c5354d38176f432#diff-ef242d2771efb833ad8f397f337f18c8 We now need to alter the .bat scripts to use --threads command. Change needs implemented in Three extractors.
  24. I'm not sure if this is even a bug. When my rogue is in stealth, I can not get skills from the rogue trainer in Brill. Out of stealth works fine. Thank you.
  25. Changed Assigned to antz, H0zen
  26. Warden kicking users (Exceeded Response delay)

    This appears to only happen to certain people at random times, what will happen is a player will connect and authenticate but get's disconnected immediately and sometimes it will take the user to the character screen and display a disconnected from server message even though he is still at the character screen (should be kicked back to login screen)... Clicking the change realm button then selecting a realm will kick the user back to the login screen with disconnected from server. I also found that when a player is attempting to connect (that unfortunately gets this issue) the server will print: mangos>WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: client 5875, unk2 0, account <snipped>, clientseed 3885476293 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: (s,v) check s: B6424EBD0663E4DECEE2ACFCBA669C9AA8064A214CC9787CE1F4456B3D0FB1EB v: 376AFBED6BAC240EEC3CA806C1ABC1962556323FF8AED467F44477CA1D7F0794 WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Client '<snipped>' authenticated successfully from <snipped>. Server side warden for client 5 (build 5875) initializing... C->S Key: BAEE44990BFE015BAD9173E2D6C61DEC S->C Key: 7E23B0E5A0AAB4DCB00770516444D4C3 Seed: 4D808D2C77D905C41A6380EC08586AFE Loading Module... Module Key: AE25BC51063B77BD363C3EFE0FC173F9 Module ID: 79C0768D657977D697E10BAD956CCED1 Request module Server Population (0.004000). <none> (latency: 0, IP: <snipped>) exceeded Warden module response delay on state STATE_REQUESTED_MODULE for more than 10m - disconnecting client This doesn't print to the logs, only seems to be visible in the server console itself... The only fix I could find that works for a limited time before it happens to someone else is by restarting the realm.
  27. Some console messages from Warden are currently not appearing in any log under any log setting. The console messages should be included in a warden log? Or other as needed, depending on logging settings.
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