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  3. We have problem with Invisiblity , ( potion , mage spell) you can cast all spells when you are invisible , and this spells dont break invisiblity
  4. Work ! Very nice ! Thanks you very much !
  5. Fix was commited here. Please pull the latest source code, rebuild and test for every known case. Awaiting feedback.
  6. Cast Bar Disappears The player cast-bar disappears. When you cast a spell your cast-bar goes invisible when ever some other talent related spell trigger and when you get hit by an enemy. The spell will finish casting but you aren't able to see when. re-open
  7. Here is a minor request for you guys. During opening cinematic, once you've created your character, you've got that nice slow traveling camera move to introduce your lands. The thing is, you don't see any object, pnj, players away from the character >= Visibility.Distance.Continents.
  8. Changed Assigned to Necrovoice
  9. Although not perfectly scripted, this quest does what it should. Conversations and all.
  10. Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.11 (Current Dev21) Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Milestone to 21
  11. Any chance of this getting looked into? Flametongue procs, etc. are still triggering spell-casting animations. While it's not game-breaking, combat-related animations are pretty significant.
  12. Good quick support. Thanks.
  13. Changed Status to Completed Changed Assigned to antz Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  14. Fix added in https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/fd0401ea0459417ba27d2052c28347df51a930ac Thank you
  15. https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/src/game/Object/Formulas.h GetGrayLevel is incorrect for Level 60: else if (pl_level <= 39) { return pl_level - 5 - pl_level / 10; } else { return pl_level - 1 - pl_level / 5; } Should be: else if (pl_level <= 39) { return pl_level - 5 - pl_level / 10; } else if (pl_level == 60) { return 51; } else { return pl_level - 1 - pl_level / 5; }
  16. Currently we only support MySQL as standard. I would like to see MariaDB added as a fully supported option for the database side of things. Personally I use MariaDB on Covenant-wow without issue, the only downside right now is that I have to use a dummy MySQL install to get the server core to compile since it does not support mariadb dev / header files. If someone could look at adding such support that would be great.
  17. On Mangos Zero, this issue has been fixed since December, 27th 2016, with this commit. Please reclone the repo (there is only a single "master" branch now) and do a full build. To test, simply enter DeepRun on either ends and wait 5-7 minutes.
  18. This seems to have been corrected at some point.
  19. Changed Status to Completed
  20. Changed Status to Completed
  21. Changed Status to Completed
  22. This quest has been fixed at some point. It now works as intended.
  23. Changed Status to Duplicate
  24. Duplicate issue posted here
  25. PR and conversation continued here (Pull 96)
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