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  2. Hello @spaceman_ru It will be fixed in teh next PR integration : https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/106
  3. Work in progress It will be fixed soon.
  4. Changed Status to In Progress
  5. hello not work pdump Gm command. ---- error mangos>pdump write mag maggi Character DB Table 'db_version' does not have revision guard field, revision guard query not added to pdump. SQL: SELECT * FROM `characters` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_action` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_aura` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_homebind` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_honor_cp` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_inventory` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_queststatus` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_pet` WHERE `owner = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'owner = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_reputation` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_skills` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_spell` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_spell_cooldown` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `character_ticket` WHERE `guid = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'guid = '6'' in 'where clause' SQL: SELECT * FROM `mail` WHERE `receiver = '6'` query ERROR: Unknown column 'receiver = '6'' in 'where clause' Character dumped successfully! mangos> and dont work - pdump load
  6. FIX HAS BEEN PUSHED https://github.com/mangoszero/database/blob/5b8cbf40856cecefbc807250f262932ca1bf9031/World/Updates/Rel21/Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup.sql
  7. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  8. This is the issue: Unknown column 'content_loc0' in 'field list' per: REPLACE INTO `mangos_string` (`entry`, `content_default`,`content_loc0`, `content_loc2`, `source_file`,`source_enum_wrapper`,`source_enum_tag`) VALUES (1701, '%s is Dead - cannot apply aura.', '%s is Dead - cannot apply aura.', '%s est mort - l''aura ne peut pas être appliquée.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_CANNOT_APPLY_AURA_PLAYER_IS_DEAD'), (1702, 'Aura from spell %u has been applied to %s.', 'Aura from spell %u has been applied to %s.', 'L''aura du spell %u a été appliquée à %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_AURA_APPLIED'), (1703, 'Cannot remove aura(s) from %s because the player is dead.', 'Cannot remove aura(s) from %s because the player is dead.', 'Impossible de de retirer le/les aura(s) du joueur %s car il est mort.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_CANNOT_UNAURA_DEAD_PLAYER'), (1704, 'All auras have been removed from %s.', 'All auras have been removed from %s.', 'Toutes les auras ont été retirées de %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_ALL_AURA_REMOVED'), (1705, 'Aura from spell %u has been removedfrom %s', 'Aura from spell %u has been removed from %s', 'L''aura du spell %u a été enlevée de %s.', 'Language.h', 'MangosStrings', 'LANG_COMMAND_AURAGROUP_AURA_REMOVED_FOR_SPELL'); Should be content_loc1 as there is no content_loc0 field in the mangos_string table I changed Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup.sql to content_loc1 and it works fine
  9. Hi @jwh1981, The commited sql file is here : https://github.com/mangoszero/database/commit/97e10cea3d9674e39f3afb83595ad46df959a620 I have applied it with no problem on my mangos zero DB which was up to Rel21_21_014 Can you try to execute what is between line 44 and 78 ? You will get the error message then. You can also discuss with us on Discord : https://discord.gg/6KNhGG Thanks Elmsroth
  10. Hello, I attempted to update my dbZero and I get: ===== Status ===== ===== DB is on Version: ===== * UPDATE FAILED * DB_Cleanup_Pt6 when I run: mysql -u root -p -h192.168.1.20 zero_world < Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup.sql The server ( is Debian 10 x86_64 with MySQL 5.7.31. This setup worked fine yesterday and I updated my core today and it was required to be on Rel21_22_001_New_Command_auragroup The MySQL logs do not show an error, I only have the response that it failed and its on DB_Cleanup_pt6 Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Unfortunately, the proposed way is incorrect. Every NPC is identified by a `guid` field in the DB (GUID = Global Unique ID), renamed to the SpawnId in the current TC. This "DB GUID" may be used in several other DB tables, for example, game_event_creature or creature_linking. Your approach will surely change the NPC DB GUID; even if you delete it first and add it second, you won't get the old DB GUID for it back. Also, NPC removal doesn't care for cleaning up any reference to the NPC in the other tables. In other words, you destroy much more than you gain. The `creature` table is not reloadable as well. You have to restart the whole server. It's due to a reason, again. A proper way might be changing the in-memory (i.e. loaded) image of the table along with the respective DB content. It's not so simple because you have to show the change to the every client connected that knows of the changed NPC.
  12. The 2 spells of health and mana restoration are triggerred by 2 spelleffects. Evidently, the later overrides the former one, this way restoring HP aura gets dropped. The false positive check of aura inconsistency is traced to be in SpellMgr::IsNoStackSpellDueToSpell( The closest TC equivalent is Aura::CanStackWith(. The lot of exclusions is moved there to the DB (spell_group mechanic), and we find that the Mangos check // more generic checks if (spellInfo_1->SpellIconID == spellInfo_2->SpellIconID && spellInfo_1->SpellIconID != 0 && spellInfo_2->SpellIconID != 0) is far outdated and too restrictive. Not that I have an idea of a correct fix beyond porting the whole TC mechanic. However it would be simple to add an exception above (the both SPELLFAMILY_GENERIC and either SpellIconID=1778 or for 2 sets of restoration auras) with the later solution looking a bit cleaner.
  13. The EventAI script of npc 2642 was made as somewhat sophisticated one. However EventType 9 (EVENT_T_RANGE) has no InitialMin/InitialMax parameters, so events 4 and 9 (both with mask 0) casting the spells, happen at once.
  14. Unfortunately, the 6005 build Spell.dbc is clear about this: the poison is applied unconditionally once the food is used. SpellValue 70 pertains only to the 1st effect, that is hp regen. The application is the second effect of the 6410 item spell, and the incore handling looks pretty solid: it is similar to the TC 3.3.5. If the whole spell hits (which is always true), then the 2nd effect is executed unconditionally. Also, the duration of both 6410 and 6411 is the same. If you insist that there must be a chance, then we may face the following: either 1) it was handled by Blizz in a special way, not reflected in the Spell.dbc, or 2) it had been changed during patch progress, but in 6005 got to the present form. On the other hand, I failed to find a coherent description of the mechanic. Versions vary from "ate like 150 never was poisoned" (Patch 1.9.4) through "i ate 11 looking for poison resist in the combat log, nothing" (Patch 1.8.1) to "got poisoned at 2-4 piece". While "poison at tick" scheme looks the most logical, it may be not the actual case. However I feel able to imagine smth like this: the char gets a "poison proc" aura (like 3616 or 7276) from being victim of a scorpid attack, and the aura procs over that food spell; the aura itself has infinite duration and falls off when the char leaves the zone.
  15. I needed to add a RUN mkdir /mangos/etc && cp /etc/mangosd.conf.dist /mangos/etc/ (and equivalent for realmd) line in dockerfiles, since build copy .conf on "/mangos/../etc"
  16. Nice what was the other mistake you found ?
  17. I've already succeded, I'm extracting maps from game client (with brand new container =p ). I can connect to realmd, just needs (v)maps to launch mangosd
  18. the WorldServerPort and RealmServerPort need to match the one from the docker-compose file
  19. Did the readme help to launch the server ? The database need to be initialize first I was able to make it work with this config mangosd.config DataDir = "/mangos/data" LoginDatabaseInfo = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;realmd" WorldDatabaseInfo = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;mangos2" CharacterDatabaseInfo = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;character2" WorldServerPort = 8085 BindIP = "" readlmd.conf LoginDatabaseInfo = "mysqldb;3306;root;mangos;realmd" MaxPingTime = 30 RealmServerPort = 3724 BindIP = ""
  20. I find some other mistakes, so I try to fix it. I'll Pull request all of this when I success to launch my serv' 😃
  21. Hi ! I found a problem when I try to up a server via Docker. I got this error : `ERROR: Cannot locate specified Dockerfile: dockercontainer/Dockerfile-realmd`. Indeed, the file is named `DockerFile-realmd`, with an upper "F" EDIT : simpler, I create a pull request to correct this 😃
  22. SOLVED! I don't know what was wrong with the old code. My guess is that the NPC respawn code uses NPC location data loaded at initialization, so the NPC was respawning at the same location even though its location in the database was being changed correctly. What I did was: I replaced the code for the HandleNpcMoveCommand on CreatureCommand.cpp with one call for HandleNpcAddCommand and one call for HandleNpcDeleteCommand. I also modified HandleNpcAddCommand to add a copy of the NPC you're targeting in case you don't provide an input argument. This way a copy of the NPC gets added, then the old NPC gets deleted. It's not as clean OR as efficient, but since you're not going to be using this command a lot it really just works This is my code: https://pastebin.com/ZHAw128S Just realized there's still some debug lines there anyway, I hope this helps anyone who's having a problem with this command as I was having. EasyBuild really makes it easy to test stuff like this.
  23. From the community help forum by Mac Wheeler, ported to here from The advice given to Mac should be checked that the script is following as well, checking out the git repo completely/recursively with all submodules and their contents properly downloaded.
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