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  2. With the latest mangos (v21.9.29) and DB 21,10,108 i play a mage and got the quest Investigate the Blue Recluse But I activate the item which should made appears some creatures but nothing appears. Since it is a class quest, this problem is blocking.
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  4. Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=8488/unexpected-results The ambush happens, but after i kill the mobs, i don't get the credit, and i can't turn in the quest. I cleared cache, logged back in, still couldn't turn in. After i abandoned it, i couldn't accept it again from the NPC, because the quest wasn't available anymore. Edit: For some reason after some hours of not playing i logged back in to the game and the quest was available again (still doesn't work though)
  5. I found the same issue with M2, I'm in the early troll cave as a Dwarven Priest and regardless of who I attack, only that troll aggros, the rest just stand there like I'm friendly, even if they run right trough someone, it doesn't aggro them. (Not sure if I should repost in M2, or not) However, I must note that aggroing seemed to work properly when an early level undead priest with the scarlet crusaders that are in the starting area, so it might just be "Yellow" mobs (the ones that don't aggro purely based on location).
  6. On a new install, we noticed this too. Group Loot is acting like free-for-all. We'll be testing other settings too and I'll report back if other are broken.
  7. Hey guys, at first, you are doing an incredible great job by giving us the opportunity to play the (older/old) WoW contents, which Blizzard doesn't support anymore with the help of MaNGOS. Like many others, I appreciate the work you are doing EVERY DAY!!! - by playing WoW 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade on a MaNGOS-Server. Nearly everything is perfect for me, like I said, I appreciate the lot of work which you are investing to make this possible. There is only one thing missing... Sadly, there are no playerbots included in MaNGOS One for The Burning Crusade, which means. that one is not able to do Dungeons, Raids, Group Quests in general or even normal Quests with the bots to have a group feeling - if one has to play alone. On a MaNGOS Server (WoW Vanilla) playerbots are included and so offer the FULL/COMPLETE potential of WoW - even if one has to play alone. I guess, like myself, a lot of users would appreciate if your team would start including playerbots for MaNGOS One Server aswell, for beeing able to do Dungeons, Raids, Group Quests even if one has to play alone - and by doimg so: fullfill/complete the WHOLE WoW EXPERIENCE on your MaNGOS One Server, even if one has to play alone... It's great, that you offer this forum for improvement-advices and I really hope, that your team will decide to really consider including playerbots on MaNGOS One for the Burning Crusade. Personally for myself, that would make your MaNGOS One Server perfectly, since by doing so, it would guarantee beeing able to play WoW 2.4.3 with all possibilities for all times. Like many others, I would be greatefull, if you would reply on my proposal and even more happy, if your team would have inculded the bots one day. THANKS A LOT. AND EVEN MORE THANKS FOR ALL YOUR WORK SO FAR. - Luke -
  8. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  9. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Main Category to Database Changed Sub-Category to NPC
  10. This should now be correct and available. Rel21_11_037 Please update your database accordingly.
  11. Awaiting feedback from @H0zen or @antz to see if this fix has been applied to the core.
  12. Applied your fix, rebuilt the server and now it is working normally. Thanks.
  13. Please go to Player.cpp file and change lines 1920-1926 into if (m_regenTimer != 0) return; Rebuild and send us the feedback
  14. Bear Form not regening mana, may apply to dire bear as well. Please help! More feedback: Other forms (cat, travel) seem to not be affected. Further testing: Does gain mana with enrage just not without it.
  15. The spell id is 30022. Armor picking does not work.
  16. Twilight of the dawn runner - can loot the crate. issues the alliance NPC's kill the escort target (they didnt in vanilla) when shes alive, she does not have the escort option available. Stinky's Escape everythings fine up to the bridge, then the NPC just vanishes, no quest complete. The grimtotem weapon Targets that are dying near the totem (which is working) does not provide progress towards quest completion. - the debuff from the totem also dies and reapplies at a high rate, it should just stay on the target. Corrosion prevention The item works as intended, in the limited areas it should. but doesnt actually do anything to the slimes.
  17. Upon delivery of the kodo for "kodo roundup" in Desolace, you are asked to inspect he kodo, which is fine. but when you do the kodo has a quest available "the quest youre on" but it should have a dialog option saying "inspect the beast" or something along those lines. giving credit for a delivery (you need 5 deliveries). The quest itself shouldnt be on the kodos. i should also note that you clicking the quest on the kodo also does nothing at all. screenshot attched.
  18. Just wondering if this is working in mangosone? I had one of my friends go there but it didn't seem like it was working. If not is it something I would have to implement myself or is it there but just glitched?
  19. Hello. After the spirit of the bot returned to its corpse, it wont resurrect, or teleport to me on "follow" command. It will just say, I am too far away, it wont follow me. How can I make them teleport to me, or resurrect them?
  20. Sorry for the incovenience! Based on your report, we identified a nasty bug, which has been now fixed. Please update your sources with the latest version from https://github.com/mangostwo/server and rebuild. Thank you for your feedback!
  21. I'm a dolt. Forgot to specify that this a mangostwo wotlk server. Apologies!
  22. The hunter quest line to get your pet skills seems to be working as intended. However, every time a hunter tried to tame a beast, the following shows up on the server: Create pet attempt to summon pet (Entry 113) without owner! Attempt terminated. Pet::InitStatsForLevel() failed for creature (Entry: 113)! This happens with various beasts of varying levels and has been tried in different zones as well. I've toyed around with learning/unlearning the tame spell 1515 (and other tame spells in the system) but the result is always the message listed above, the only difference being the Entry number as different beasts are tried) Thanks!
  23. Spell Name: Wyvern Sting (Rank 1-3) DB Links: Rank 1: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=19386 Rank 2: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=24132 Rank 3: https://classicdb.ch/?spell=24133 Problem: Rank 1 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, range, or spell damage). After 12 seconds sleep does break (as is per tooltip), but does not apply a DoT. Rank 2 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, range, or spell damage). After 12 seconds sleep does break (as is per tooltip), but does not apply a DoT. Rank 3 does not break sleep when the mob is attacked (melee, range, or spell damage). After 12 seconds sleep does break (as is per tooltip), but does not apply a DoT.
  24. Just checked... thats not the issue
  25. Check if they are even scripted in the db....
  26. When "running away in fear", NPCs will sometimes come to a halt and fail to attract their fellow. When this occurs, the NPC remains in place, never returning, but despite this, can attack the player within melee range if the player steps closer. Below: player being struck by an NPC that ran away in fear and stopped near an ally.
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