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  2. dbq

    Extracting Game Data

    If I can't find wow.exe, what does that tell me? I followed the below guide and every step seemed OK until I was directed here: Please, any pointer will be appreciated. Many thanks
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  4. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    Make a new text file and name it stats with a .xml extension in D:\mangos_my\MangosSharp-main\Bin\stats\
  5. Can you tell me the specific steps?
  6. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    The core is suppose to auto generate the file. Try manually creating it.
  7. where is the stats.xml document ?
  8. krill

    Installing MangosSharp

    Looks like your native language character set is unsupported by the core. Try changing it to English then try again.
  9. The game worked, but an exception occurred. Leading to a crash outside the game Can you help me solve this problem!
  10. help~! start worldCluster.exe occurred exception how copy xml document for it?
  11. @retikulatus You can read this article : Or even this one :
  12. Many, many thanks , Natrist!!! Works perfectly!!!
  13. The password is administrator. You can create an account in the database account table or via the account create command.
  14. Awesome guide! Thank you very much! i managed to install everything: realmd and mangosd launch flawlessly. i changed the realmlist address and local address ip to my actual lan ip and applied it... i did the same in the client file realmlist.wtf with your instructions... you say to write "administrator" to login without password (i tried lowercase and uppercase), but it doesn't work somehow... it asks for a password (i tried the database one) and it doesn't allow me to connect... is there a way to create another account, please? i wonder if there is a way to
  15. Sample CMake/Generate command: Sample, optional, non-string CMake parameters: Sample VS build command:
  16. same, found ace.lib and ace.pdb in a different folder, but no ace.dll, and also the folder structure after building the solution is completely different than what is posted here, there is no bin folder, there is install folder and x64, although there is everything else in there, except for ace.dll //edit : So finally managed to get the server running, although I had to download a different ace.dll and also on mysql 8.0 the database updates couldn't be applied even in legacy mode so I had to use 5.7.32, now I have a new problem that my mangosd.ex is full of ++pathfinder and ++buildpol
  17. Krill — 02/21/2021 https://github.com/MangosServer/MangosSharp https://github.com/mangosvb/DatabaseZero Run install batch files and setup DB, setup realmserver in auth db like normal Perform any needed updates found here: https://github.com/MangosServer/MangosSharp/tree/main/SQL Open M# .sln here: https://github.com/MangosServer/MangosSharp/tree/main/Source And build all projects (around 30). Extract data using Mangos.Extractor & Mangos.DBCExtractor tools here: https://github.com/MangosServer/MangosSharp/tree/main/Source/Tools Setup RealmServer, WorldCl
  18. I thought this would be the best place to chronicle some of the building woes I had and how to solve them, instead of on the "Installing Cmake" and "Installing Visual Studio 2015 (Community)" pages. "Installing Mangos on Windows (Manually for Zero, One and Two)" was another idea, but this page seemed to be more visited, but also similar in process with simpler user flow, common tools, etc., so I'll just leave it here for now. It all started when I had a working process, but then decided to use latest CMake 3.20. When I did this, at least through Easy Build, I had the following error:
  19. Since updates, my other comments here, and my own recent success, I should report that Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition, version 16.9.2, EasyBuild version 2.2.6, and CMake version 3.18, all on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, I was able to build a MaNGOS core successfully, thanks to the great work of others! The VS minor and patch versions were both very important to keep updated throughout, but may hopefully be less important now.
  20. Cannot find ACE.dll theres an ACE.LIB but thats it.
  21. Since there's currently no tutorial in full for compiling and setting up a MaNGOS server on Windows, I'm brushing off the old dev21 build guide and updating it to be relatively current. If something needs to be changed, let me know and I'll do so. 1. INSTALLING DEPENDENCIES NOTE : Always use 64-bit version of dependencies where possible. There is no reason to compile and run the server in 32-bit mode unless you are restricted by OS or hardware. Install MySQL Community Server : MySQL :: Download MySQL Installer Install GitExtensions : Download Git Extensions from Sourc
  22. @madmax the .bat script should be placed in the windows section I think
  23. @brothir Please can you create a log in the bug tracker, devs rarely look at install guides for issues Bug Tracker - getMaNGOS | The home of MaNGOS
  24. More over CentOS will be discontinued sincee Redhat will not provide any future releases I think.
  25. Been a very long time since I was active here. Thanks for the note, I updated the guide. I have absolutely no idea why I used completely illogical an not working tar options in the original post...
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