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  2. nice job! i can finally save my private server ~
  3. madmax

    Extracting Game Data

    FYI any of the releases on https://github.com/mangoszero/server/releases Will contain the files you need to make mmaps. If you need further help discord or a dedicated forum topic would be best 😀
  4. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    Run the extractors manually. Also, can this sort of stuff go in the support forums or the discord?
  5. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Cheers, kinda figured it out myself at this point but you got any idea which tool or part of tool would be missing? Checked github repos and everything seems to match to what I got.
  6. Natrist

    Extracting Game Data

    It seems like you’re missing a part of the tool that extracts the MMap data.
  7. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Heya ! Hopefully this guide has still some views and I could get help on my problem. Installation of softwares went smooth, even had some of them already, Easybuild ran smooth as well. However I've come across a wall with game data extraction. I'm using Elysium's 1.12.x game client to extract data, but somehow ExtractResources.sh seems to fail everytime, or not doing what it is supposed to do. This is what the git gives me after running. I have none coding experience so I'm kinda stuck here with this. I've used the installation guide on windows, used github repositories given in guide for mangoszero server. The programs shown in the attached file are located in Elysium's game data folder and I used readme to figure it out which to move and where. Any help ?
  8. I've added link to video of the installation process.
  9. @汪可微 @onixiyaI noticed that on line #47 it says INSERT INTO `creature_TEMPLATE` where it should say INSERT INTO `creature_template`. Change the capital TEMPLATE to all lowercase, and it will work. I've spoken with @Necrovoice and he should be updating the github repo as well.
  10. @onixiya I have created a dedicated topic for this guide so it does not get to cluttered with lots of replies.
  11. Mangosd start error I have installed a mangos server and configured it to the extent that it should actually start. Unfortunately, an error occurs when starting the mangosd.service. Here I have taken a picture of the server status:
  12. you need create some characters in your account ,then try .bot add [character name] again,if it dosn't work maybe need sql databases support
  13. I have no experience with playerbots, you're better off asking in the discord
  14. I have finally got the zero server up and running and was able to connect to it. The only question I have is do you have to do anything special to get the playerbots working? I have enabled the playerbot config file and the ahbot config file. The ahbot is working fine. When i go to add a bot using ".bot add name " it says no such command. Are they supposed to be installed by default? I remember a couple years ago there was a install file to run and you had to select if you wanted it to install.
  15. you can define the path in mangosd.conf, and i think the path like /home/mangos/your/maps/path/ is better than ../your/maps/path
  16. if you've installed mangos to /usr/local/mangos, you need put the data folders in /usr/local/mangos/etc
  17. Ok, first off thank you for the help provided so far. I am real close. I just need to know the location where the maps need to be placed. I had to extract the maps on my windows machine. I have the three folders and just need to figure out where they need to go. I get the following error when running mangosd. Please check for the existence of map file '../etc/maps/0004331.map' Correct *.map files not found in path '../etc/maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files i n '../etc/vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories o r correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file. I have put the folders in several etc folders but none has been the right one. Does the ../ refer to root of the drive?
  18. Ok , thanks. I am going to start to try zero. See if I am able to get it to run.
  19. Seems ACE isn't compiling, mangos needs a specific version so using the latest version of ace probs isn't gonna work. I recommend using another core if you want to play cataclysm
  20. Good evening when I go to make the server I receive the following error. [ 37%] Building C object dep/tomlib/Crypt/CMakeFiles/tomcrypt.dir/src/stream/sosemanuk/sosemanuk.c.o [ 37%] Building C object dep/tomlib/Crypt/CMakeFiles/tomcrypt.dir/src/stream/sosemanuk/sosemanuk_memory.c.o [ 37%] Building C object dep/tomlib/Crypt/CMakeFiles/tomcrypt.dir/src/stream/sosemanuk/sosemanuk_test.c.o [ 37%] Linking C static library libtomcrypt.a [ 37%] Built target tomcrypt Makefile:151: recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2 [email protected]:/home/mangos/mangos/server/build#
  21. Import the code using something like heidisql as that can show more
  22. Rel21_10_147__Marsh_Caribou.sql import failed,i don't know why ,and how to fix it.
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