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  2. [ 56%] Building CXX object src/modules/SD3/CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/stranglethorn_vale.cpp.o /opt/mangos/server/src/modules/SD3/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/burning_steppes.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void npc_klinfran_the_crazed::npc_klinfran_the_crazedAI::UpdateAI(uint32)’: /opt/mangos/server/src/modules/SD3/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/burning_steppes.cpp:729:44: error: no matching function for call to ‘npc_klinfran_the_crazed::npc_klinfran_the_crazedAI::DemonDespawn(bool)’ DemonDespawn (false) ;
  3. antz

    Setting up User Accounts

    @brothir The wiki reference guides have recently been updated to include the commands: see the 'table contents' section of: Command
  4. Pysis

    Installing MySQL 5.7

    For using MySQL 8.0, all I had to do so far was update the password scheme for the database connection user(s). Working so far with minimal testing, you just need to run this SQL: The default was the caching_sha2_password scheme.
  5. For some reason, the deb file (mysql-apt-config_0.8.14-1_all.deb) is 0 bytes.
  6. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    I fix for the files being in the wrong folder has been submitted on MangosZero, MangosOne and MangosTwo this evening.
  7. Pysis

    Extracting Game Data

    Keep support in the forum on the site or in the Discord? Yes, that .sh file is a linux script and requires some form of bash on a Windows system, since it is already default on many Linux distros and Mac. There is Git bash of course which seems easy enough for most users already working with the project source code. There is also MinGW "Minimalist GNU for Windows". I use Cygwin, and now there is an improved second iteration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux. I actually hope we use more of these type of scripts as the stronger scripting language than Windows Batch we have e
  8. Great, tool is way better than creating systemd services. Adding it to Tools is a good decision.
  9. Hi @Specu I agree with your proposition Let's change the script you are totally right. But I will avoid the semicolons in the name of the file. I will format date another way but I agree putting the timestamp is not so readable. I think we should also add it to the source repo in the Tools sections. I'll do it later. Elmsroth
  10. Hello @Elmsroth nice tool. What is really confusing is $NOW variable. In your script it looks like: NOW=$(date +"%s-%d-%m-%Y") echo $NOW 1595580505-24-07-2020 so if mangos restarts *.log shows 1595568627-24-07-2020 mangosd stopped, restarting! More human readable would be: NOW=$(date +"%T-%d-%m-%Y") echo $NOW 10:53:48-24-07-2020
  11. Hi there, I am writing this little article about default accounts in MaNGOS and how to deal with them. > WHAT ARE DEFAULT ACCOUNTS ? Default accounts are accounts created in the account table of the auth DB when you have a fresh install : After a fresh install you will get those 4 default accounts that allow you to connect directly to your realm in order to make quick tests. > HOW CAN YOU USE THEM ? As you can see you have only encrypted password in DB but the scheme is easy : all passwords are equal to the account name. USERNA
  12. Well you should replace mysql with mariadb-server ;) While installing DB will not work with script, you can do it with manual import.
  13. [Last procedure check : 2020-07-13 ] Hi everyone, I re-write the procedure since there are many questions about linux install procedure. Many of them are no more applicable today and the getmangos.sh script needs rework as I write this article. PREREQUISITES I am assuming you are running your server on a Linux Operating system with Ubuntu Server 18.04 flavor. Your OS should be up to date. If not, log in as root and run : apt update && apt upgrade PART 1 : Configuring the environment This tuto will use the MaNGOS zero repo URL but it is replicab
  14. Pysis

    Installing MySQL 5.7

    Those minor revisions are just patch releases to fix bugs or security issues, use the latest. AntzToday at 6:02 AM @Whyarp 5.7 is the ideal version, but we have done a lot of work recently to support 8.0 (not 100% tested though) [6:03 AM] of the 5.7.x versions, just grab the latest(edited) Ryan WadeToday at 6:03 AM Thank you Antz, much appreciated!
  15. Oh incredible ! Can't wait for them ! Cheers !
  16. In previous years we had a roadmap of changes we wanted to implement. However, we are a small team and it seemed silly to specify a set of things to do on a time scale. If you think you can help us do any of these, please contact @antz or @madmax and we can discuss things in more detail. Build System B1) When selecting only to build extraction tools, the build fails. B2) The additional files for the extraction tools are placed into the wrong folder (root rather than tools). Thanks Will Tuker B3) Modify the build system on Mangos Three & Four to match that of Mangos Zer
  17. @Guardinger We are hoping to get some videos up soon
  18. Is it possible to have a full installation video, some informations seem to be a bit hard to understand for a total beginner like me ( for example, where to put the files at the right place when there's a lot with the same name, or even how to know if we messed up at some step, etc ). Thanks a lot
  19. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    @Ghost007- As was mentioned elsewhere: - The extraction tools MUST BE PLACED IN THE FOLDER WHERE wow.exe is. - The folder can be located on any drive.
  20. Ghost007

    Extracting Game Data

    I have tried this multiple times and it does not work. Client is on j:/WOW I try running the scripts and they do not work. If I run map-extractor works fine and i run vmap-extractor and populates buildings folder but nothing in vmaps. Does it require for it to be on C drive and can the name of the folder be changed like I did ?
  21. To turn a previously downloaded repo without history into a dev mode one that does, I used this command git fetch --unshallow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6802145/how-to-convert-a-git-shallow-clone-to-a-full-clone
  22. The list of flags is incomplete. mangos2/server/src/game/Object/ReputationMgr.h seems to list up to 128.
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