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  2. The path to the source files contains a space, change the space to an underscore.
  3. Use version 5.7 of MySQL which is supported. MySQL 8.0 is not fully supported. It is possible to get it to run it, but you must enable legacy security.
  4. MySQL 8.0 is not fully compatible with mangos. The recommended version is 5.7
  5. Pysis

    Installing MySQL 5.7

    Those minor revisions are just patch releases to fix bugs or security issues, use the latest. AntzToday at 6:02 AM @Whyarp 5.7 is the ideal version, but we have done a lot of work recently to support 8.0 (not 100% tested though) [6:03 AM] of the 5.7.x versions, just grab the latest(edited) Ryan WadeToday at 6:03 AM Thank you Antz, much appreciated! Elmsroth [FR]Today at 7:03 AM @Whyarp Be careful with 5.7, with some DB script it could block the execution of DB import because of the SQL_MODE (you should set SQL_MODE as an empty string otherwise it could lead to errors).(edited) [7:03 AM] Sometimes related to Zero dates instead of 1900-01-01 - 00:00:00 [7:04 AM] If I remember well [7:04 AM] https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.7/en/faqs-sql-modes.html
  6. Oh incredible ! Can't wait for them ! Cheers !
  7. In previous years we had a roadmap of changes we wanted to implement. However, we are a small team and it seemed silly to specify a set of things to do on a time scale. If you think you can help us do any of these, please contact @antz or @madmax and we can discuss things in more detail. Build System B1) When selecting only to build extraction tools, the build fails. B2) The additional files for the extraction tools are placed into the wrong folder (root rather than tools). B3) Modify the build system on Mangos Three & Four to match that of Mangos Zero-Two. B4) Apply updates from Mangos Zero-Two into Three/Four. B5) Apply useful updates from other cores into Mangos cores. Extraction Tools E1) Modify the unified extractiors to use Stormlib rather than mlib (Mangos Zero, One and Two). Stormlib is already used on Mangos Three & Four. E2) Modify the Unified Extractors to support the changes in Mangos Three & Four. (Related to B3). E3) Modify Mangos Three / Four to use the unified extractors. (Related to B3). E4) Add functionality to load DBC data into a database (along with the core code to read from Database rather than DBC files) and change the extraction process to include importing into a DB for use by the core. Including Multiple locale support. Database changes D1) Apply changes to standardise the Databases across the cores. D2) Merge all the different xxx_loot_template tables into a single table with a Loot Type Field (along with the core changes to support this). D3) Extract the character table data field (all the character stat data) into a table containing the required named fields. D4) Modify the EventAI Database (and Core) to support the TC style handling (SAI). D5) Complete the Command Help localisation for Mangos One, Two, Three and Four. D6) Complete the Achievement localisation for Mangos Two, Three and Four. D7) Move some hardcoded values from the core into the DB, possibly some enums as well. D8) Change defaults in DB table in order to fit latests MYSQL standards. Core C1) Standardise the naming of functions across the cores. C2) Implement standard account handling across the cores (Mangos Zero is the odd one out with reduced functionality). C3) Implement Playerbot functionality to Mangos One and above. C4) Add Cinematic Manager to the cores - Based on the work of TC/Cmangos. C5) Redo the server commands to make them a bit more standard and obvious. C6) Break out AHBot into its own daemon process. C7) Develop a mangos update daemon, which allows the ability to apply DB content and minor updates automatically. Other R1) Reorganise the core into a 'mangos core' set of files functions which are shared by all the cores and a module for each core which contains the code just for that core.
  8. @Guardinger We are hoping to get some videos up soon
  9. Is it possible to have a full installation video, some informations seem to be a bit hard to understand for a total beginner like me ( for example, where to put the files at the right place when there's a lot with the same name, or even how to know if we messed up at some step, etc ). Thanks a lot
  10. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    @Ghost007- As was mentioned elsewhere: - The extraction tools MUST BE PLACED IN THE FOLDER WHERE wow.exe is. - The folder can be located on any drive.
  11. Ghost007

    Extracting Game Data

    I have tried this multiple times and it does not work. Client is on j:/WOW I try running the scripts and they do not work. If I run map-extractor works fine and i run vmap-extractor and populates buildings folder but nothing in vmaps. Does it require for it to be on C drive and can the name of the folder be changed like I did ?
  12. With Mangos one now at least, step 7 helped generate cmake ans vs project files, but did not build anything. I thought I remembered it also building like for Mangos Zero, but this time I had to open the "MaNGOS.sln" file and run the build from inside MSVS2017C. I could probably also build outside just using the MSBuild program if I knew the syntax better, but just mentioning that detail with the easy build program.
  13. To turn a previously downloaded repo without history into a dev mode one that does, I used this command git fetch --unshallow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/6802145/how-to-convert-a-git-shallow-clone-to-a-full-clone
  14. leprasmurf


    The list of flags is incomplete. mangos2/server/src/game/Object/ReputationMgr.h seems to list up to 128.
  15. So instead, you could have clients change their hosts file with the ip of the server they are connecting to, correct?
  16. It seems a good note by another was to select the desktop development with c++ noting MFC and such. After my Visual Studio comments and previous issues, I was stuck again, or found no worth to having the IDE yet, and eventually solved it by only building the project files through easy build. IF you do go outside that program, we found CMake GUI to better generate project files than Visual Studio's own CMake integration, otherwise we get precompiled header pch missing errors. With 2017 installed easy build utilizes that better. Then I fixed my OpenSSL really specific version issue where I commented on that page too.
  17. Still couldn't get VS2017 to work any better until I got some other issues figured out. Now that it has built through easy build but there any no real special profiles to take advantage of, I may only build without VS and just use attach to process instead.
  18. Pysis

    Installing OpenSSL

    More specifically, I was getting Unresolved references to SSLeay_version and others like HMAC until I found that instead of the OpenSSL version 1.0.2u that was current on the website, this project worked better with the 1.0.2o version fetched directly through the easy build program worked better. It was strange since the notes so far only said ones like 1.1.0 release would not work, more clearly because I found they had a different dll structure, thinking this patch or so release difference would not matter but it did =/.
  19. 2019 community is current now, but not supported mentioned by Ace; no details on that currently, something about the changed build process. In the same online installer client I downloaded for 2019 it also offered 2017 community in the available list, which I hear should work fine. I had already tried it and the 30 day trial ran out, but you can get past that activating it by signing in: https://stackoverflow.com/a/43390495/1091943
  20. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    Vs 2012 support was dropped last year. Any of the free community editions of newer visual studio will build mangos
  21. mingo

    How to use EasyBuild

    I can not select Visual Studion Version, but I have already installed 《Visual Studion 2012》。
  22. Elmsroth


    More info about ScriptedObjectType : SCRIPTED_UNIT = 0, //CreatureScript SCRIPTED_GAMEOBJECT = 1, //GameObjectScript SCRIPTED_ITEM = 2, //ItemScript SCRIPTED_AREATRIGGER = 3, //AreaTriggerScript SCRIPTED_SPELL = 4, //SpellScript SCRIPTED_AURASPELL = 5, //AuraScript SCRIPTED_MAPEVENT = 6, //MapEventScript SCRIPTED_MAP = 7, //ZoneScript SCRIPTED_BATTLEGROUND = 8, //BattleGroundScript SCRIPTED_PVP_ZONE = 9, //OutdoorPvPScript SCRIPTED_INSTANCE = 10, //InstanceScript SCRIPTED_CONDITION = 11, //ConditionScript SCRIPTED_ACHIEVEMENT = 12, //AchievementScript
  23. @antz there is no Item.dbc It should point to the creature_item_template table
  24. altronrain


    @antz , it should be GameobjectDisplayInfo.dbc and not for the item but for the object
  25. So eventually I got it working. What you need to do if you're following this install guide is to find any of the xxxCreateDB.sql inside the Character, Realm or World folder and run them. It didn't seem to matter which one, I tried all three but the remaining two ones seemed to refuse to run because a DB had already been created. It seems like this guide and the one on Github have diverged seriously. I would recommend updating this page to simply refer to that one or replace what is here with what is there, because updates seem to have broken this guide.
  26. Run InstallDatabases.bat and follow the instructions on the screen.
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