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  2. database isn't installing properly i've tried five times now with a fresh database install, updates, everything. the updates don't work, keeps saying "update skipped". and when i try running mangosd, it tells me i'm missing quest 8332 text and revision refactor.
  3. onixiya

    Installing MySQL

    My server is working on 5.7.25 so you can use that.
  4. Alexandre Dalarmi

    Installing MySQL

    Ty for reply. Another doubt. What version of 5.7 do I use? 5.7.9 5.7.10 5.7.11 ... 5.7.23 5.7.24 5.7.25
  5. onixiya

    Installing MySQL

    Use mysql 5.6 or 5.7. Other versions don't really work with mangos or a lot of other cores.
  6. Alexandre Dalarmi

    Installing MySQL

    I have the same doubt.
  7. I've had problems with getmangos.sh, also this could just be "Installing ACE on linux" instead of implying its specific to centos
  8. getmangos.sh actually performs this operation, hence there's no guide.
  9. James Boelter

    Installing MySQL

    What version of MySQL can Mangos run in 2019?
  10. I already ran into this problem myself, Xx. It turns out that during the install process, there is an option for legacy authentication. You have to enable that option or this is the end result.
  11. anybody know how to fix this problem? ERROR 1251 (08004): Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
  12. What debian are you on? For example, stretch or jessie.
  13. [email protected]:~# apt install git make cmake libssl-dev libbz2-dev build-essential default-libmysqlclient-dev 正在读取软件包列表... 完成 正在分析软件包的依赖关系树 正在读取状态信息... 完成 没有可用的软件包 libbz2-dev,但是它被其它的软件包引用了。 这可能意味着这个缺失的软件包可能已被废弃, 或者只能在其他发布源中找到 没有可用的软件包 default-libmysqlclient-dev,但是它被其它的软件包引用了。 这可能意味着这个缺失的软件包可能已被废弃, 或者只能在其他发布源中找到 E: 软件包 libbz2-dev 没有可安装候选 E: 软件包 default-libmysqlclient-dev 没有可安装候选
  14. Also if you installed the guest stuff on it, you should be able to link the folder from windows to your vm. No copying necessary
  15. You gotta copy all of the wow files to your vm. It doesn't matter where as long as you can read and write to it.
  16. Hello, could you be more specific about the game data please ? I created a Debian 9.8 VM with VirtualBox on my Win 10 PC. I followed your steps until this one, I'm a bit at a loss to what should I do now ? Do I have to copy the files from my Wow client to my Debian VM ? If yes, wich files from the Wow client and where on the Linux VM ? Thank you for your tutorial, I hope I will be able to run a few tests before classic release 🙂
  17. Errdan

    How to use EasyBuild

    I had an error when I click the BUILD PROJECT button error code MSB1008 Only one project can be specified
  18. Use InstallDatabases.sh and toggle only updates
  19. Hello sir! Sorry for such inconvenience. But now I get an error message when start ./mangod . The ./realmd starts flawlessly. But I get this message when running ./mangosd: How can I apply those updates? Thanks a lot!
  20. Vmaps should be easy. Its mmaps thats the problem
  21. Very good! It worked! Does it take so long when extracting vmaps? Its been like 10 hours so far.
  22. It should be in where you installed it under tools. For example, if mangos is installed in /home/onixiya/mangos0 it will be at /home/onixiya/mangos0/tools
  23. Hello sir! Im stucked at ./ExtractResources.sh Where can i find this file? Its not in the database/tools folder. Thanks!!!
  24. in my Windows 10 simple chinese version, the batch file doesn't run properly, i finally found the solution : type "chcp 437" in cmd window first, then run the batch file, then every thing works fine. the cmd "chcp 437" change the code page to USA...US-EN
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