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  2. Cmangos is nothing to do with mangos. They are a fork of mangos from about 6 years ago. We have made extensive changes since then. The hides in the wiki are the definitive source.
  3. So eventually I got it working. What you need to do if you're following this install guide is to find any of the xxxCreateDB.sql inside the Character, Realm or World folder and run them. It didn't seem to matter which one, I tried all three but the remaining two ones seemed to refuse to run because a DB had already been created. It seems like this guide and the one on Github have diverged seriously. I would recommend updating this page to simply refer to that one or replace what is here with what is there, because updates seem to have broken this guide.
  4. But that is what I am doing. That is what gets me the error message that mangos0 does not exist.
  5. Run InstallDatabases.bat and follow the instructions on the screen.
  6. Additionally, it doesn't work. There is nodb_create_mysql.sql file, and the folder structure isn't as the command specifies.
  7. https://github.com/cmangos/issues/wiki/Installation-Instructions#create-empty-databases
  8. The error message you’re getting means you have no schema named mangos0. Are you sure you created your database schemas properly?
  9. However, the issue with InstallDatabases.bat persists.
  10. Not necessary. After staring at the error message and thinking how it doesn't make sense, I suddenly realized that there was a space in the top level folder. the name was "Mangos Base", and the error message for the Switch is "Base/(...)". Removing the space fixed that.
  11. You might need to manually compile it. You know how to do that?
  12. Like I said, the output folder is empty so the project never actually gets built. Anyway, I found the error message that happens in EasyBuild:
  13. Search for mangosd.exe Whatever folder that's in, it should be where everything else is. Also, for the database error, it seems like mangos0 isn't there. Try looking for it in something like heidisql
  14. Have you checked your configuration to make sure you are looking in the direct directory?
  15. I'm having a problem with the very end of the EasyBuild portion. Everything has been installed, and EasyBuild actually seems to build properly in that there are no error messages in the log when it builds. However, the resulting folder (serverZero_install in this case) is totally empty, and the next step with configuring the database then fails as it doesn't find the things it needs to, I think. I get the errors "unknown database mangos0"
  16. brothir

    Installing MySQL

    I just edited my post after having found that myself, but the install still fails. - Edit Scratch that, after uninstalling and reinstalling it somehow works. Still, EasyBuild should be updated because the SQL link it provides is dead.
  17. Natrist

    Installing MySQL

    Try this link: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/installer/
  18. brothir

    Installing MySQL

    It seems that SQL isn't offered as an installation image anymore, only as a raw zip archive. This means I can't get EasyBuild to recognize the files are there. Solution? -Edit Actually, I did manage to find an installer, but it just fails completely to actually install. When I get to the "Ready To Install" page and press "Execute" it just fails to actually install the things.
  19. nice job! i can finally save my private server ~
  20. I've added link to video of the installation process.
  21. @汪可微 @onixiyaI noticed that on line #47 it says INSERT INTO `creature_TEMPLATE` where it should say INSERT INTO `creature_template`. Change the capital TEMPLATE to all lowercase, and it will work. I've spoken with @Necrovoice and he should be updating the github repo as well.
  22. @onixiya I have created a dedicated topic for this guide so it does not get to cluttered with lots of replies.
  23. Mangosd start error I have installed a mangos server and configured it to the extent that it should actually start. Unfortunately, an error occurs when starting the mangosd.service. Here I have taken a picture of the server status:
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