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  2. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    Thank you for the feedback, I've now committed that version to the main repos.
  3. Thanks a lot, i was able to eazy build now , good job !
  4. Natrist

    Extracting Game Data

    You can place them anywhere you like, as long as you point to their location in your Mangos configuration file.
  5. Themas

    Extracting Game Data

    Hi. Where should I move the extracted files exactly? serverZero?serverZeroBuild? serverZeroInstall? Thank you for all the work you do
  6. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick Lamontagne Would you try dropping this version into the win folder and see whether you get the same error ? MaNGOS_EasyBuild.zip
  7. Your configuration needs to reflect your desired goals. If you want to setup a local server then you do not need to enter an external IP address.
  8. That is only for external Internet Connections to my Home Server ? When i play home in my Network and no others Player are in side is that no matter or what ?
  9. Elmsroth

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick LamontagneC'est clairement un souci de langage de l'OS, je vais voir si je peux lancer easybuild chez moi pour voir.
  10. Not crashing anymore on startup but scanning pop an error here the debug log : Consultez la fin de ce message pour plus de détails sur l'appel du débogage juste-à-temps (JIT) à la place de cette boîte de dialogue. ************** Texte de l'exception ************** System.FormatException: Le format de la chaîne d'entrée est incorrect. à System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal) à System.Number.ParseDouble(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
  11. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick Lamontagne Please pull the latest version of the server, hopefully the crash issue has been resolved.
  12. I'm available if you guys need some testing or debugging,
  13. Elmsroth

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick Lamontagne il faudrait voir si ca vient pas de ton environnement en Français du coup. @antz probably language issue in FR Win environment ?
  14. Error on opening , happend also when clicking the check button !
  15. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    Can I confirm that this happens when you click 'Check Now' ?
  16. Hi guys, having this weird bug trying to run the Easy Build I've used the tool to install all prerequisit , he see them but nothing more Any idea ? Thanks in advance !
  17. Post in help and support forum any issues you are getting and we can help better there.
  18. And I try this morning to get the whole thing to work and wonder why nothing works :(
  19. [ 56%] Building CXX object src/modules/SD3/CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/stranglethorn_vale.cpp.o /opt/mangos/server/src/modules/SD3/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/burning_steppes.cpp: In member function ‘virtual void npc_klinfran_the_crazed::npc_klinfran_the_crazedAI::UpdateAI(uint32)’: /opt/mangos/server/src/modules/SD3/scripts/eastern_kingdoms/burning_steppes.cpp:729:44: error: no matching function for call to ‘npc_klinfran_the_crazed::npc_klinfran_the_crazedAI::DemonDespawn(bool)’ DemonDespawn (false) ;
  20. antz

    Setting up User Accounts

    @brothir The wiki reference guides have recently been updated to include the commands: see the 'table contents' section of: Command
  21. Pysis

    Installing MySQL 5.7

    For using MySQL 8.0, all I had to do so far was update the password scheme for the database connection user(s). Working so far with minimal testing, you just need to run this SQL: The default was the caching_sha2_password scheme.
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