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  2. mangos zero

    I figured this out. I had to move all of the config and realmd.exe as well as mangosd.exe into the servers root folder. I had them all in a separate sub folder on the server.
  3. mangos zero

    Just redid it all and its still giving the same error. The folders mmaps, maps, dbc and vmaps are located in the following folder. serverZero/data/ The realmd.exe works as it should. But mangosd.exe is giving the error. This is the code in the mangosd.conf file. RealmID = 1 DataDir = "data" LogsDir = "logs" LoginDatabaseInfo =
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  5. Hi folks, I have tired searching fort an answer to my particular question but unfortunately I was not able to find anything. Essentially what I am hoping to do is find a database of all lootable items in game (specifically equipment) Is there a repository of database files that I can download ? I am currently going through the steps of installing mangos on my pc, and will start some digging there, but any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. mangos zero

    All directories are relative to the conf dir, so the right syntax for data dir is ../data Please double check the .conf files before rebuilding everything
  7. mangos zero

    Check syntax of data directory path inside mangosd.conf
  8. mangos zero

    Yes. I am trying to recompile it all again from scratch. All of the maps. vmaps...etc. folders have a bunch of files in them, including the file that the error says is missing.
  9. mangos zero

    And is there any content in the directories you've copied ? Tal'
  10. mangos zero

    Noticed that the error says they arent located in the data/maps folder so I created a "data" folder in my server root and its still giving the error when I run mangossd.
  11. mangos zero

    I ran the ExtractResources last night and it created 4 folders. I copied the 4 folders into the root of my server folder. Still getting the error.
  12. mangos zero

    Sounds like your problem is the above. First doublecheck you are putting (*)maps inside the right folder(s) Then: did you extract maps/vmaps/mmaps anew from the client? If not, do it. If yes, recompile the tools and redoit. ciao U
  13. mangos zero

    I am getting the following error and the command prompt closes. Is this window supposed to stay open? How do i create an account if the window closes? Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/character0 MySQL client library: 5.6.36 MySQL server ver: 5.6.36-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Login Database total connections: 2 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/realmd MySQL client library: 5.6.36 MySQL server ver: 5.6.36-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/realmd MySQL client library: 5.6.36 MySQL server ver: 5.6.36-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Realm running as realm ID 1 Using World DB: Version: 21, Structure: 14, Content: 14 Using DataDir data/ WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:1, getHeight:1, indoorCheck:1 WORLD: VMap data directory is: data/vmaps WORLD: MMap pathfinding enabled Please check for the existence of map file 'data/maps/' Correct *.map files not found in path 'data/maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in 'data/vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file. Wait 10 secs for continue.
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  15. Last week
  16. Where is this addon Firestorm that you mentioned. I can not seem to find it on the googles.
  17. I do understand Mine was not criticism, just plain description ;-)
  18. Well that's kind of normal, it does not connect to pre-existing setup and there's no way to detect it without tricking. Moreover, your setup is quite unusual, everything is made to run a single core. Tal'
  19. Yes. And this is because does not take into account pre-existing configuration when "adding" another instance.
  20. So you were connected to the wrong database Tal'
  21. I nailed it !!! It was a wrong setting inside mangosd.conf. I'm recapping the solution hereunder for everyone's benefit. Starting situation: Mangos Zero already installed and properly configured Purpose: Add a Mangos One [or other] instance on the same server machine Action: Re-execute script, asking for a One build just "as if" Zero was not there at all Accept the pre-existing mangos user for simplicity shall automatically propose a different src & build path for One's instance than the previous Zero's instance. Perfect. shall inappropriately propose the same pre-existing (Zero's) client folder to fetch MPQs from for MAPS building! Manually change it. Once everything is built, just totally disregard /home/mangos/one/bin/realmd and its corresponding .conf one_realm tables inside the DB Set /home/mangos/one/etc/mangosd.conf as you would normally would, with the following crucial attention: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;zero_realm" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;one_world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;one_characters" RealmID = 2 <-- i.e. a unique number, different from Zero's WorldServerPort = 8086 <-- again, a unique number. Zero's default is 8085 Ra.Port = 3444 <-- if you enable RA (Zero's default is 3443) SOAP.Port = 7879 <-- if you enable SOAP (Zero's default is 7878) Go create your new TBC's realm record inside zero_realm/realmist table (even if it's a One/Two/Three... realm!). Its ID should match the one set inside mangosd.conf (see above). Similarly, if you want to create more users (accounts), you need to create them inside zero_realm/accounts only even if they pertain to One/Two/Three... Ciao U
  22. I assume you have the actual extraction tools in the same folder ? i.e. map-extractor, vmap-extractor and movemaps-generator
  23. Currently you can use the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal mount indoors. I have had players reporting this on covenant-wow zero server.
  24. Moved to the help and support area (you had opened this in resources).
  25. Can you put the logfiles in more verbose mode ? Tal'
  26. I did. Administrator (to mention one) does not work either. I also noticed a field in the acct record called Max expansion or something. Currently at 0. Tried to put 1 or 4. No joy either.
  27. Can you please try with a second account ? Tal'
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