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  6. Hello, I'm currently starting a new MangosOne server and trying to resolve some of the issues. I'm currently still extracting the maps and installing the server. But my question is , is there a list of wich things arent working properly? this only for a windows build. Cause the github shows alot of linux & mac issues. Thanks in advance, Furioz
  7. This is probably way to late, but if somebody else gets this error. This means that ur extractor tools ( map generator / mmap generator and vmap generator from ur compiled folder . Its in /compiled source/src/tools/ ) Place all those + the tools u find in ur git clone folder . Also in the /tools/ folder. Copy all those into ur WoW Client folder. Then follow the instructions on the readme. Wich is simply start ExtractResources.sh (wich u should have copied in the previous step)
  8. nice job! i can finally save my private server ~
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  10. fresh installed items: database server the tram's don't spawn until the player loads the area at the stormwind side of deeprun
  11. I tested this with Magram centaurs (at southeastern Desolace). Everything works fine, until i'm unfriendly with them. Then i have to constantly uncheck and recheck "at war" in the reputation window in between almost every fight, because if i don't do that, i receive the "invalid target" message when i try to attack them. This is the only way to kill them. update: after moving from unfriendly to hostile, this doesn't happen anymore. The bug only happens when i'm unfriendly with them. (tested on covenant-wow official mangos server)
  12. https://classic.wowhead.com/quest=6134/ghost-o-plasm-round-up The quest doesn't seem to work. When i place the item on the ground, mobs don't appear. (tested on covenant-wow official mangos server)
  13. madmax

    Extracting Game Data

    FYI any of the releases on https://github.com/mangoszero/server/releases Will contain the files you need to make mmaps. If you need further help discord or a dedicated forum topic would be best 😀
  14. onixiya

    Extracting Game Data

    Run the extractors manually. Also, can this sort of stuff go in the support forums or the discord?
  15. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Cheers, kinda figured it out myself at this point but you got any idea which tool or part of tool would be missing? Checked github repos and everything seems to match to what I got.
  16. Natrist

    Extracting Game Data

    It seems like you’re missing a part of the tool that extracts the MMap data.
  17. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Heya ! Hopefully this guide has still some views and I could get help on my problem. Installation of softwares went smooth, even had some of them already, Easybuild ran smooth as well. However I've come across a wall with game data extraction. I'm using Elysium's 1.12.x game client to extract data, but somehow ExtractResources.sh seems to fail everytime, or not doing what it is supposed to do. This is what the git gives me after running. I have none coding experience so I'm kinda stuck here with this. I've used the installation guide on windows, used github repositories given in guide for mangoszero server. The programs shown in the attached file are located in Elysium's game data folder and I used readme to figure it out which to move and where. Any help ?
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  19. I've added link to video of the installation process.
  20. you can get free version of delphi and trial of Raize ofc there are other ways too ill not post here but you know delphi i use is delphi xe2 https://www.embarcadero.com/products/delphi/starter/free-download
  21. Nice work ! But since Delphi and its Dev environment is not "free" or open source to use I think it would be nice to make a C# or C++ clone of this nice tool.
  22. Not sure if @WpgnGaming is around or not currently.
  23. madmax


    Be interested to see how you are getting on with this @Lodi
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