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  4. When using the Orb of Domination to start the Razorgore fight in BWL, the adds that spawn on the edges of the room do not aggro me or Razorgore. However, they will aggro once orb is dropped and after Razorgore kills me. The adds that spawn at the edge of the room WILL aggro if Razorgore is engaged and tanked in the middle of the room WITHOUT using the Orb of Domination at all. I do not have GM mode on and have created multiple test accounts to have additional players in the fight with me. However, no amount of additional players have no affect for me. I believe the Orb of Domination bugs the fight once used to MC Razorgore. Would anyone be able to provide insight into this or explain to me how I would go about providing logs to you for a better idea. I have checked the world-database.log, world-eventai.log, and world-characters.log in my mangos installation, but I see nothing pertaining to Razorgore's NPC ID or the Orb of Domination object ID. I currently have a normal installation of mangos that does not have debug mode enabled. Any input would be appreciated as my raid team is looking to practice this encounter before it is released on live WoW Classic. Thank you
  5. Yeah that changed a lot when classic came. That site looks very nice and are simple to click around, not bad at all. sick of all these sites that feels like adds in your face. using old mangosweb4 for stats/realm info tho haha (:
  6. Why you anserw default question in opossit way? Would you like to use LXD clustering? (yes/no) [default=no]: You should anserw NO or hit enter to accept DEFAULT=no anserw...
  7. i dont understand !! for the comannd : sudo lxd init can you explain !! what is the good command for this question? you tell respond Y to all question [email protected]:~# sudo lxd init Would you like to use LXD clustering? (yes/no) [default=no]: y What name should be used to identify this node in the cluster? [default=localhost]: What IP address or DNS name should be used to reach this node? [default=]: Are you joining an existing cluster? (yes/no) [default=no]: y IP address or FQDN of an existing cluster node:
  8. this was last year I think, the files were deleted then lost when my hard drive died I have my own site based on old wow site here https://daggerspine.co.uk/preview/ I may release the full thing as my server is now dead due to wow classic, all the scripts work from online users to current userbase / account signup and donations
  9. Sorry but links dead and winging it does not work that great, guessing what those files should be named and be placed. Did something and got white page and no MySQL error... Does the zip file still exist? Looking around for a baseline for a register page for cmangos.
  10. Earlier
  11. LXD installation is very simple, believe me Better to use LXD, why? because you do not mess at your host system. But ofcourse you can use this guide to setup on your Ubuntu host.
  12. Vou falar em português beleza, pós sou brasileiro uso o tradutor para fala aqui com vocês, estou passando pelo um problema na mangos one. shaman não ta pegando as skill dos totens rogue tem skill de sap infinito em mob: https://www.wowhead.com/spell=30980/sap os player vs player pode atacar por trás das arvores e dentro das paredes!
  13. https://imgur.com/T35HNvA client 3.3.5 12340 Mangos Two server 0.21 (https://github.com/mangostwo/server) I applied Russian localization, following the instructions in the folder (G:\mangos\dbTwo\Translations\readme.md) I used sql queries located at (G:\mangos\dbTwo\Translations\Translations\Russian) successfully,and change DBC.locale in mangosd.conf to 8 but the language in the client is still in English (the cache cleared)
  14. But my client is not completely English, the names of chats, and signatures on subjects in Russian. However, item names, quest descriptions, npc replicas, everything is in English I will try to download the client from another source, and write about the results
  15. Hi @biruni666, could you let me know which Client and Mangos version you are using and also some examples of Npc's for me to check ?
  16. I believe this is a client problem, i've found out (at least in cataclysm) the game will do its best at translating it into whatever client you have. So, lets say you have a enUS client connecting a server that has something like german or portuguese dbc files on it. Your game client will translate from german or whatever into english.
  17. Hi. I applied Russian localization but the NPC names, items, and quests are still in English, what's the problem? all locale_* files translations into russian, but the game is still English
  18. dio85


    tooo many time i see
  19. Unfortunately, I really do not have much experience, but I will do my best. First I have to familiarize myself with the basics because I got my version of MaNGOS from a friend. So I have to find out first which version exactly I have installed and which details are necessary for a proper bug report. I will contact you again if I have read more deeply.
  20. Natrist


    Hi, Lodi! Welcome to the MaNGOS community! We're always looking for new additions to the developer community. Make sure to join our Discord channel and someone will surely help you submit your first bug fix or feature. Regards, Natrist
  21. Hi, Lodi. Thanks for your report. Could you please reply with detailed, step-by step instructions on how to reproduce the issue for debugging? I'll have a look into this and send in a fix as soon as possible. Regards, Natrist
  22. HI, this is my first response/report, so please be gentle with me. I am a complete noob in this whole thing and have to do a lot of homework before I can be a worthy member of this comunity, but I am kind of excited on this particular topic. I noticed the same Herb Node problem in my MaNGOSONE server. I started a Tauren and all along Mulgore and The Barrens there was just one funktional Nod per Herb in both Maps. But as soon as I started the quest "Root Samples" in Ratchet all herb nods were functional. Up too the Point were I had all the roots together. At this point the Nods were unavailable again. So the Herbs are visible and with the active quest collectable, but as soon as you have your questitems together they aren´t longer... I have no idea what to do with this information and still trying to understand the database, but maybe it can help one of you. If I find out something else I will report again.
  23. Lodi


    Hello, my name is Lodi. I am currently in the third semester of my studies as an electrical engineer. I am a kind of WoW veteran and so stumbled upon MaNGOS. Since it suits my school professionally, I will now try to get involved in the work on MaNGOS. Unfortunately I do not have much experience in coding yet. My experience so far lies in robot programming, PLC programming and a little Arduino. My mother tongue is German. So much for me. See you in the forum Lodi
  24. This is exactly what i need to get an istallation on my Ubuntu server.. only one thing you gloss over the LXD parts without any detailed installation guides. sadly i am new to LXD and i am getting promted with guestions your guide tells me to answer yes to the leads on to things that i am utterly unably to (due to my own ignorance i admit) finish. id love to run my lil test server in an Linix env for the very usability you state but alass i cant figure out how to use it. other than that Exellent guide i am shure ill get it to work without LXD.
  25. I sent in a pull request that resolves this issue but needs some testing.
  26. I am an network engineer at FieldEngineer.com.It is a Marketplace for On-Demand telecom workforce, 
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  27. Hi, I created a docker image and docker compose to run Mangos It's in pull request Feel free to try it: https://github.com/mangostwo/server/pull/164
  28. will be a bit before I can get a full fix out for this., but I will start working on it now.
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