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  4. Hi! I am going to try to install my own WoW vanilla server, when installing MYSQL. I get to choose which setup type I want to install. Which setup should I take? here are the options: "Developer Default" "Server only" "Client only" "Full" or "Custom" ?
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  6. So recently I launched my classic private server back up for the first time in a while and when I went to get on my mount I saw that the riding level had been replaced with "requires UNKNOWN". This made me concerned that there was a database corruption so I made a new character and went to see if it happened on a fresh character and sure enough when I went over to the mount vendor near SW the same subtext was there "requires UNKOWN". Whats worse is that the riding trainer didn't show any riding levels(i toggled all the options on and off but to no avail) Why is this happening? Is it a data corruption?
  7. Hey all! This took me quite a bit of fiddling and trial and error to get done correctly, and this guide will assume that you're able to: Edit your DBC Files || Create MPQ Patches || and have a basic understanding of how to manipulate your database(s). Q: "Slex, why the heck did you want to learn to do this?" A: Mostly to get practice with manipulating SQL and understanding how a game like WoW comes together, but also because when friends join my server(s) I don't want to have to sit there and go through the process of giving them items, money, etc each time. So that they could get straight to adventuring I wanted a single, lootable object they could go through and take out what they needed/wanted and BAM! happy days! On to the guide: Step 1: Inside your Item_Template table create a new object , or clone an existing item to use as a "loot box" to give to players. (I Suggest looking at any of the Lockbox items) in my case I used the Iron Lockbox (Entry: 4634), just remembering set the LockID in the database to 0. and for this example I've set the new items ID to 56809. Entry | Class | Subclass | Name | displayID | Flags | LockID | 56809 15 0 Divine Lootbox 9632 4 0 Step 2: Inside your item_loot_template table you insert a new row and inside the 'Entry' column you put the itemID of the container you created/modified (in this case its 56809) Lets say that I wanted my new container to drop 2x Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker: Entry | Item | ChanceOrQuestChance | groupid | mincoundOrRef | maxCount | condition_id | 56809 19019 100 0 2 2 0 Step 3: The final step is just to add the new item to your DBC archive using your preferred tool. Create your MPQ Patch, again.. using your preferred tool, patching your client, rebooting the server, and BOOM! You now have a lootable object which serves up all your fun custom items!
  8. Hello, i was trying to make the spawning work for mangosVB Two Wotlk, working with the development branch I found if you change in serverTwo/Server/WorldServer/Objects/WS.Creatures.vb Line 441 Update.SetUpdateFlag(EObjectFields.OBJECT_FIELD_TYPE, CType(ObjectType.TYPE_OBJECT + ObjectType.TYPE_UNIT, Integer)) To Update.SetUpdateFlag(EObjectFields.OBJECT_FIELD_TYPE, CType(ObjectType.TYPE_OBJECT + ObjectType.TYPE_UNIT, Single)) If i remember corect from last night :)) There is a type cast problem i think, if you put 0, you will again have spawns If you change to this type,(i know it should be an integer, not floating) you will get loaded spawns, but bugged a little So im thinking is a problem with the packet sending for this particular field, maybe needs to be smaller like int16 or less, or is some other problem, i cannot see at this moment. I know some vb.net, im not a master of this language, but i try my best i love vb.net and wow. On another note, if you are leaving the integer type there, for the adtoworld sub(if i remember the function corectly), when evaluating the get players for that particular map/cell, no player is found, and if you dont get a stack overflow error, no spawns will be added to the world even if you have creatures present on that cell/map( i checked in the code via debuger) Maybe somebody with more experience can help to make this core load spawns corectly. 10x, sry if im posting some stupid question, new to this posting for help thing, usually i dont like to bother other ppl with my problems, but i would like to fix the spawns problem and give this to the comunity so we have a playable wotlk vb core. Big respect for staff and programmers of getmangos projects. Cheers
  9. For the quest: Verog the Dervish (Horde) given by Regthar Deathgate (located west of the Crossroads in the Barrens), Verog does not spawn. After I kill a bunch of Kolkar in The Stagnant Oasis, they yell out: I am slain! Summon Verog. But Verog does not spawn at the command tent (53, 41.6).
  10. @Gryphon4200 Hello and thank you for the waltkhrough guide with Ubuntu 21.04. Before publishing, can you please remove your client warmane links since it is not allowed to share Blizzard copyrighted content (Game Clients) You can also put some screenshots like the Guide I published for Ubuntu 18.04 and to be more user-friendly and enjoyable to read you can use the same formatting for text-emphasis etc...
  11. @Pysis Thank you for the writeup, once i'm back up and running i'll look into getting things sorted and running smoothly again.
  12. Ubuntu 21.04 WoW WOTLK Simple Server Setup Guide Client Side: https://www.warmane.com/download Hardware specs used for this guide:  Quad-core CPU  8 Gigs of RAM  120 Gb HDD Step 1: Install the OS  Install base Ubuntu server with updates. Step 2: Install required packages  apt-get install git make cmake libssl-dev libbz2-dev build-essential default-libmysqlclient-dev libace-dev python mysql-server Step 3: Setup the database  mkdir ~/mangos/  mkdir ~/mangos/db  cd ~/mangos/db/  mysql  CREATE USER 'mangos'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mangos';  GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'mangos'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION;  exit;  git clone https://github.com/mangostwo/database.git --recursive  cd database  ./InstallDatabases.sh  Select N - Next Step when prompted and fill out the host details.  You will also be prompted to determine your databases names.  A good practice is to set the realm database name to: mangos_auth  Also to suffix all others database names with the core versions you are running: Examples - mangos_characters2 and mangos_world2  Note: you only need one realm database if you run several cores (mangos zero, mangos one etc..) on the same server,  But you will need two databases (characters and world) for each core you run.  mysql  UPDATE realmlist SET name = "ServerNameGoesHere" WHERE id = "1";  UPDATE realmlist SET address = "ServerWANIPAddressHere" WHERE id = "1";  exit; Step 4: Download and compile mangos  cd ~/mangos  git clone https://github.com/mangostwo/server.git --recursive  cmake -S ~/mangos/server/ -B ~/mangos/build/  cd ~/mangos/build  make -j<# of CPUs/Cores>  make -j<# of CPUs/Cores> install Step 5: Copy files  mkdir /srv/mangos  mkdir /srv/mangos/bin  mkdir /srv/mangos/gamedata/  cd install/bin  cp mangosd /srv/mangos/bin/  cp realmd /srv/mangos/bin/  cp tools/*-extractor /srv/mangos/gamedata/  cp tools/*.sh /srv/mangos/gamedata/  cp tools/offmesh.txt /srv/mangos/gamedata/  <Aquire gamedata files and copy them to /srv/mangos/gamedata>  <Optional simple FTP setup>   apt-get install vsftpd   vi /etc/vsftpd.conf    Change: listen=NO to YES    Uncomment: write_enable=YES    Add the line: local_root = <path to gamedata folder>   service vsftpd restart   chmod -R a+w /srv/mangos/gamedata  <End optional FTP setup>  cd /srv/mangos/gamedata  chmod a+x ExtractResources.sh  ./ExtractResources.sh <This bit takes forever.> Step 6: Setup and Configure *.conf files  cp -R ~/mangos/build/etc /srv/mangos/  cd /srv/mangos/etc  cp ahbot.conf.dist ahbot.conf  cp mangosd.conf.dist mangosd.conf  cp realmd.conf.dist realmd.conf  Update realmd.conf <read file comments for details>  Update mangos.conf <read file comments for details>   Suggested tweaks:    LogLevel = 1 (Default is 3)    GameType = #     Server realm style      0 = NORMAL; 1 = PVP; 4 = PVE; 6 = RP; 8 = RPPVP    RealmZone = <read file comments for details>    Ra.Enable = 1 (Default is 0) <This will allow you to remotely access the server console>     *Use putty in a raw mode to connect to port 3443 of the server. Step 7: Start services  screen -S realm -d -m ./realmd  screen -S mangos -d -m ./mangosd Step 8: Play the game  Update %WoWDir%\Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf   set realmlist <Server Hostname or IP Address>  Open the desktop client and log in.   USERNAME PASSWORD   ADMINISTRATOR ADMINISTRATOR   GAMEMASTER GAMEMASTER   MODERATOR MODERATOR   PLAYER PLAYER Optional Step 9: Add users  From the running mangos server instance>   account create <username> <password>   account set addon <username> #    (0 - Normal, 1 - The Burning Crusade, 2 - Lich King)
  13. How long will the novice video tutorial be released? I want to learn
  14. Hi everyone, I am in the project to build a small "Two" server on an Odroid N2 +, I am following the tutorial explaining the installation on Linux (link here) but I stop concerning the data recovery of Launcher 3.3.5a ( that I was able to download for download here). The topic explaining how to get his information seems unavailable, suddenly, I find myself in a lot of trouble to finish my project; does anyone have any suggestions to help me ? Second question, I downloaded out of curiosity the file "MangosTwoServer_x64_release.zip" but I did not understand exactly what it could serve me, any idea ? Thank you in advance for your help !
  15. Help make raids. I updated the database to the last one. But bosses in raids do not work well (
  16. Increased wait_timeout and everything became fine.
  17. Additional data points that might help narrow in on the root cause. If you have a talent point in "Improved Blizzard", which adds the chill effect to your blizzard, then the mobs aggro when you start combat with Blizzard. Testing on core M1, if you start combat with the unmodified Blizzard, the mobs do aggro properly.
  18. Awesome work! Did some research on the tracker and found similar issues with this. Hopefully this gets merged soon.
  19. I think I have a pull request setup now. First time trying so let me know if I did something wrong. I don't think this is a proper fix, but it is better than what was happening. https://github.com/mangoszero/server/pull/161
  20. I don't have a git repo with this change. I'm not entirely sure how to do that. I'll need some time to figure out how to set that up.
  21. Direct link to the mentioned part of Spell::prepare https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/e45aa74e0fa3a9677d90fc012b8161e1e9935742/src/game/WorldHandlers/Spell.cpp#L2976-L2981 Edit: Do you have a GitHub repository with the seems-to-be fix applied and a Pull Request to see what was changed for the fix? That's IMHO better than just talking in text.
  22. Additional data. Flamestrike will aggro the mob, just not the channeled Blizzard. Testing with a warlock, using rain of fire, which is also channeled, had the same issue as Blizzard where the mob takes damage, but then health resets.
  23. The tooltip for counterspell states: "Counters the enemy's spellcast, preventing any spell from that school of magic from being cast for 10 sec. Generates a high amount of threat" Testing on the Defias Pillager's in Moonbrook. When counterspell is cast, while the Pillager is in the process of casting a fireball, it does interrupt that cast, but they start casting another fireball within 1 second.
  24. Taking the implementation of Unit::IsNonMeleeSpellCasted() from core one seems to work for both player and mob casting, but I'm not sure that is the right thing to do.
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