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  5. At least NuTBC states a 24% chance instead of 25%: https://github.com/magey/tbc-warrior/wiki/Attack-table#glance
  6. https://github.com/mangosone/server/pull/104 https://github.com/mangostwo/server/pull/184 https://github.com/mangosthree/server/pull/18 https://github.com/mangosfour/server/pull/3
  7. https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/122 https://github.com/mangosone/database/pull/113 https://github.com/mangostwo/database/pull/168
  8. https://github.com/mangoszero/database/pull/122 https://github.com/mangosone/database/pull/113 https://github.com/mangostwo/database/pull/168
  9. The Rethban Ore (Item ID 2798) is part of the Quest Rethban Ore (Quest ID 347). It should be dropped by enemies within the Rethban Caverns, as well as Veins in the specific region. On Zero, the Rethban Ore can be looted from all kind of Veins, since the loot templates aren't correct. The gameobject templates 2054 and 2055 are the only ones which should have Rethban Ore in their loot template. This counts for Zero, One and Two as well. To fix the issue, use the following query to delete Rethban Ore from all loot templates it doesn't belong to. FOR ZERO, ONE AND TWO: DELETE FROM `gameobject_loot_template` WHERE `item` = 2798 AND `entry` NOT IN (2054, 2055); While the gameobjects within the cavern seem to be fine on One and Two, the gameobjects for Zero are mostly a mess. The ones I found are listed down below. ONLY FOR ZERO: UPDATE `gameobject` -- Tin Vein SET `id` = 2054 WHERE `guid` IN (72064, 72065, 72066, 72082, 72083, 72085, 72086, 72087, 72123, 72124, 72125, 72126, 72127); and UPDATE `gameobject` -- Copper Vein SET `id` = 2055 WHERE `guid` IN (72000, 72001, 72002, 72009, 72010, 72011, 72012, 72051, 72052, 72053, 72062); This way the Rethban Ore should only be mined in the Rethban Caverns.
  10. THIS STARTED IN MANGOS ONE, BUT IS ACTUALLY A CROSS CORE ISSUE - IF YOU CAN, PLEASE MOVE THIS TO THE CROSS CORE SECTION. Someone recently sent me a video about an analysis of different issues on private servers regarding the combat calculations, one of those issues was the Glancing Blow. So I checked back on the information given and the code and saw that there is a problem with the combat calculations regarding the Glancing Blow, which seems to be capped to 40% on TBC and WotLK when it shouldn't. <Insert Rambling about people spending hours on creating YouTube videos, but 0 time sending a bug report> So I found the issue on One and Two: One: https://github.com/mangosone/server/blob/v22.01.62/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp#L2878 Two: https://github.com/mangostwo/server/blob/v22.01.77/src/game/Object/Unit.cpp#L3253 Source: https://wowwiki-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Glancing_blow There were several discussion in the forums already, which lead to no changes regarding that issue, but with the old sources + NuTBC confirming it we should do so accordingly. I couldn't find reliable sources for anything past the 25% chance, so I went on to create Pull Requests for anything up to Four. Since the 40% was just copy and paste from the previous version, I'd rather go with the 25% starting from TBC.
  11. The vanilla 1.12 WoW.exe is 4.55 MB and as far as I can tell contains the networking, rendering, and unpacking .mpq file libraries. How in the world did the wow team fit everything into this small executable? The other .dll seem to be for handling audio and windows libraries. I checked the data directory and I found lots of shaders, but nothing else that seems to glue networking, rendering, and UI together. Am I missing another binary with the code for networking, rendering, unpacking .mpq files, UI, and lua interpreting?
  12. Earlier
  13. I've tried modifying these values to the following: MountCost = 100 TrainMountCost = 900 MinTrainMountLevel = 10 EpicMountCost = 1000 TrainEpicMountCost = 9000 MinTrainEpicMountLevel = 40 Game shows modified price and level requirement in the vendor screens, but I can't train the riding skill or buy the mount. You can click Train Skill, but nothing happens. It's like these feilds are only cosmetic changes and don't do anything. Is that the case?
  14. This solve my problem and after that you have to load the database. I followed ike's github page and it worked fine so far despite some minor bugs.
  15. also, both my character and the playerbots are experiencing the looting issue.
  16. I been experiencing this issue in my small mangos one server. When I play by myself, all lootings are fine. But once I add a playerbot, the following lootings will consistently(logout, restart client won't help) fail with "You can't loot that item now": All quest items from corpse or clicking on a quest object All gathering items(herbalism/skin etc) All disenchanted items All items require a right click on another item to "open" and loot, e.g. pearls and meat from a shell. Chest loot are sometimes fine Happy to look into code if anyone could share some pointers. Thanks
  17. I personally never use this method and I'm not the author. May I suggest the easybuild method as that method works and has been updated recently
  18. I have the same problem as you, I tried for two days, but I'm failed. I want to give up now. and I am deciding to look up cmangos now.
  19. When I try to board the Deep Run tram I can get on but the companion bots turn and run to the other side of the platform. It is like they are trying to board from the other side. It does not matter which tram or which side of the platform. They seen to try go under the tram via the ramp.
  20. antz

    Installing MariaDB

    Can be downloaded from: 32Bit HERE or 64Bit HERE. Notes for guide * Must match the server version you wish to compile either 32Bit or 64Bit. If you have a 3rd Party Database Manager like PHPAdmin or SQLYog, then you can disable 'Third Party tools' Set a password you can remember as you will need this again. Also ensure 'Use UTF8' is ticked if you intend to use any localisation of the server.
  21. Well... its not completely true. The Bot module is still getting fixes by other Users. The default Repor is indeed 3 years old though. https://github.com/conan513/mangosbot-bots/network/members i managed it to run on another Core (Cmangos) and they join BGs, Grind around. Maybe there is also one for MangosZero. I am also trying to get it running on here.
  22. The `GetWorldObject` method must be getting the reference to an existing (closest to the player) gameobject with presented entry (179697). If you get nothing, then there is no such gameobject in (the some default) range. Perhaps you need to create the gameobject. Look for the methods named with Summon or Spawn; I do not know the exact name in Eluna. Upon creation, the core informs all players about the gameobject.
  23. On the CMAKE commandhow have to add -DPLAYERBOTS=1 like cmake ../sources/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/wow/install/mangos -DCONF_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/wow/install/mangos/conf -DPLAYERBOTS=1
  24. I had to stop using bots because it would spawn them endlessly. No one fixes this since it's third party and they dropped support. VERY SAD.
  25. local box = 179697 --wowhead.com/object=179697 local news = 0 local function Lott () local Map = GetMapById(0) --map id local Nam = GetAreaName(2117) --Name of the region local OBJ= Map:GetWorldObject(box) if obj then --If it does, then tell everyone if news = 0 then SendWorldMessage("["..Nam.."] Arrr, Me Hearties! I be havin' some extra Treasure that I be givin' away at the "..Nam.." ! All ye need do to collect it is open the chest I leave on the "..Nam.." floor!") end news = 1 else news = 0 --If it disappears, then it changed to 0 end end RegisterServerEvent(17,Lott) I want to use lua to notify everyone that gameobj has appeared, but there is a problem. local OBJ= Map:GetWorldObject(box) returns nil, It seems that the method of obtaining the object is wrong, but I don’t know what to do Hope someone can help me😭😭😭
  26. @dbq if you pull the source code with the following link: git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/database.git dbZero --recursive you will also get the Bot Module and you can choose it in CMAKE. @curatio This was the last state i tried it out. Im not sure if they do more than grinding in the World.
  27. sorry this is not an answer but actual question. When you said may I ask, how did you compile the core with ai bot enabled? is there a build option to be added? I have raised a question before I noticed this, feel free to answer in my post instead if you prefer. Thanks.
  28. I followed the installation guide for ubuntu: All is good and playable. Many thanks to Elmsroth!!! But it seems the build does not include the bot module because I can't find aiplayerbot.conf.dist being added to my conf/ directory. Based on the following code, it should be installed. # Install config files configure_file(${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/playerbot/aiplayerbot.conf.dist.in ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/aiplayerbot.conf.dist) install(FILES ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/aiplayerbot.conf.dist DESTINATION ${CONF_INSTALL_DIR}) Can anybody show some pointers or fill-in the gap of the installation guide? Btw, myself is a C++ developer but not very good at CMake. So please feel free point me to source code or feel free to use jargon. Any help/comment is much apprecaited. Thanks again.
  29. I think we have similar problem but I followed the manual build process with ubuntu The game is playing well but I can't create bot after adding aiplayerbot.conf and AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1 I think something has to be toggled in the build to enable playerbot. And I haven't seen any installation guide in the forum nor readme file in the "src/modules/Bots" directory... I am so lost... Any pointers?
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