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  3. HI habe z.z 1.12.2 am laufen und würde gerne mit 1.13.2 client einloggen zwecks Addons Testen . gibts eine möglichkeit das ich da bissel in mangos umschreibe und dann mit dem 1.13.2 client connecten kann?
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  5. With the latest mangos (v21.9.29) and DB 21,10,108 i play a mage and got the quest Investigate the Blue Recluse But I activate the item which should made appears some creatures but nothing appears. Since it is a class quest, this problem is blocking.
  6. Hello everyone, Sorry for my English, I'm French. Can you tell me which files to add / modify in order to integrate playerbot when compiling the core mangostwo please ? playerbot is not integrated in this source (https://github.com/mangostwo/server) and I would like to add it. Thank you
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  8. I've downloaded Mangos Zero long time ago (I think it's a 2012 version and x86) and made it work on my PC. I used it just to fun around. But now I have a server PC suitable for running it full time. But the problem is that I can't connect, as the title says it's realm looping on public IP and on LAN ip too. Here's a list what I've tried Changing BindIP to public IP and LAN IP in both conf files and then back to Set address in realmd\realmlist to public IP and LAN IP There wasn't any localaddress in the database so I've created it and set it to the lan IP and too Even tried my free domain registered at No-IP Obviously enabled the ports in the firewall (manually set a rule for them) Even done the port forwarding on the router Note that this server works fine on my PC. I've connected to it, created characters. Also, the server is running fine on the server machine. So far nothing has worked. One thing that cound be important: the MySQL port is 8888, cause I have a webserver running so the default port is occupied already. But the connection to the MySQL server is fine. Thank you for your help
  9. Hello everyone! I've been trying to find a way to compile the source of mangosbots for a few days but I don't know where to start or what to do since I have almost no experience programming. I have installed cmake and everything I need but as there are no instructions I don't know what I have to do. Here's the link of source code: github I would greatly appreciate your help.
  10. Hello, I am a player from China. I found some errors in Chinese translation. I want to correct it. Is there any way?

  11. Good start. You should portforward your ports to your localhost IP that is hosting the server. the reamlist.wtf Should have your external IP (but it should match the address listed in the database) Your database should have address: external IP (or what you have your realmlist.wtf set to) localaddress left as Try this out. I suggest using your ISP IP in your settings as I have never had much luck with using the host IP in any settings. if you have more issues let us know
  12. Greetungs, I have 3 computers in my local area network and have downloaded, built, and installed Mangoszero on one of them but am unable to connect to the server from the other two machines. I think I've followed the instructions correctly (see EasyBuild thread) but maybe someone can point out where I'm going wrong. First, here's my realmlist.wtf SET locale "enUS" SET portal "us" SET patchlist "xxx.yyy.a.abc" SET realmList "xxx.yyy.a.abc" where "xxx.yyy.a.abc" is the IP of the host machine. Second, here are the realmd->realmlist IPs stored in the database address: aa.bbb.ccc.cc <-- Cable modem IP localAddress: xxx.yyy.a.abc <-- Host machine IP (where MangosZero server is running) I know I've missed something (probably obvious) and would appreciate some advice. Cheers,
  13. @mtp1032this would be better posted in the help forum then a comment.
  14. I started today in Mangos and I would like to start something nice here!
  15. So i got a raspberry pi so i could move all of my server stuff to it(http, wow and mysql). I've been successful with migrating http and mysql to it but i don't see any wow cores that can run on a armhf cpu. So, can any wow servers run on armhf?
  16. Quest: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=8488/unexpected-results The ambush happens, but after i kill the mobs, i don't get the credit, and i can't turn in the quest. I cleared cache, logged back in, still couldn't turn in. After i abandoned it, i couldn't accept it again from the NPC, because the quest wasn't available anymore. Edit: For some reason after some hours of not playing i logged back in to the game and the quest was available again (still doesn't work though)
  17. I thought of that too but im simply copy and replacing my old realmd file with the new one. If I put the old file back works fine. What would I change to make it find the file? Update, Tried launching just the mangosd file and it said it can't locate the mangosd.conf file even thought its the same folder.....so im at a loss OMFG I think I just figured it out. For some reason the mangosd and realmd exe are pointing to the serverTwo_install folder instead of my custom folder I made. Anyway to change that?
  18. Check your error log for the server, im thinking that its not finding your .conf file..
  19. Not to make a bad situation worse but I do have an official answer for you. Basically what happened is as they are developing each version of the game they are focusing more on quests bug fixes ect. From what i' told they did do a few zones with the correct spawn nodes for herbs AND ore nodes but they stopped shortly after because of the amount of tedious work it takes. Personally i've gone through all the way up to mithril and populated my zones manually. Unfortunately its not a build problem or a messed up DB problem its actually just that way because of them not having enough time to really tackle the issue. I think im up to around 2000 nodes i've placed.......lol
  20. So I compiled an update for my wrath client and didn't change anything since the last compile. Gave me a few different things that didn't make sense to me. Mangos easy build shows that i've got the correct requirements. I build it under visual studio 14 2015, build type release. I get a bunch of "not found"when its generating the project. pthread.h - not found,dlfcn.h - not found,strings.h - not found,fseeko - not found and unistd.h - not found. When I build the project I dont get and errors or failures. But when I go to launch the realmd it just fails to launch. No errors just black box and closes itself. So if anybody could provide some insight into what I might be doing wrong id appreciate it. Easy build log.txt
  21. Thank you so much for your response! I Agree that the problem of one (1) herb node in all of Elwynn Forest is probably not a DB issue I checked the pool_gameobject table as suggested, and there are plenty listed there. Certainly much much more than 1! I also compared the contents of this table with other vanilla wow dbs, and it's close enough. I've been figuring out how to use the .pool spawns and .lookup pool commands. Those are helping quite a bit. - Bo
  22. If your using the official mangosZero db from git, then I would say that its not an issue with your DB. There have been people in the past that have worked on gathering nodes in the past, but I dont believe anyone has done an overhaul of the spawning pools and locations. Something that is badly needed across all version. Depending on what version you are working with the nodes are more or less in each zone and not uniform in anyway. It has been on my list of projects. But that in addition to the few I have been working on, it is a massive undertaking to populate.
  23. Hi. So, do you have any idea how my db got in this state, or how I might correct the general problem of (1) herb node in every zone? Is it standard when installing mangos-zero to do what you are suggesting for each and every herb node in each and every zone in which it was supposed to appear, or do you think my database is uniquely broken? If you don't see this problem in your mangos-zero install, would you mind dumping your world DB and posting it somewhere so that I can compare it to mine? Thanks again!
  24. You will need to first add the object to your gameobject table, then you will use that guid and add it to your pool_gameobject table
  25. Hello again, I've been testing my Mangos Zero server like crazy, and I've run into two issues so far, but only one of them has me alarmed. There is one (1) Peacebloom spawn in all of Elwynn Forest. I confirmed this with .lookup pool Peacebloom. The problem of insanely low Herb node instances seems to apply to other zones as well, since I first noticed it in Mulgore. I don't think this is accurate to Vanilla Wow. I tried increasing the Max herb node count for Elwynn Forest in the pool_template table, and then restarting and clearing my client cache, but this made no difference. So, my questions: 1. What went wrong in my installation process that this should happen? I'm Using World DB: Version: 21, Structure: 16, Content: 16. I built and installed from github just a few days ago using the getmangos script. 2. Why did my attempt to fix the problem fail? Are there other steps necessary? Are there other docs I neglected to read? Thanks for any response!
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