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  4. We have problem with Invisiblity , ( potion , mage spell) you can cast all spells when you are invisible , and this spells dont break invisiblity
  5. Work ! Very nice ! Thanks you very much !
  6. Fix was commited here. Please pull the latest source code, rebuild and test for every known case. Awaiting feedback.
  7. mangos zero

    Thank you, this update makes sense !
  8. Cast Bar Disappears The player cast-bar disappears. When you cast a spell your cast-bar goes invisible when ever some other talent related spell trigger and when you get hit by an enemy. The spell will finish casting but you aren't able to see when. re-open
  9. Here is a minor request for you guys. During opening cinematic, once you've created your character, you've got that nice slow traveling camera move to introduce your lands. The thing is, you don't see any object, pnj, players away from the character >= Visibility.Distance.Continents.
  10. mangos zero

    Hi,antz. I check the db character set,it's "latin1",then I change it to "utf-8",It works! thank you very much!!! ps:I suggest add the "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci" in the end of all create database sql at InstallDatabases.bat/ like this: %mysql%mysql -q -s -h %svr% --user=%user% --password=%pass% --port=%port% -e "create database %wdb% DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci";
  11. This is looking like an encoding issue, possibly at db level ! Can you check your character DB and the table characters and see what you settings are as highlighted below:
  12. Hi, When i create a character ,and i used chinese words with the name,it's not work well,but i saw it looks ok in console,and it show ??? in the database. can you help me?thanks. :
  13. So for a while now we have had a Member map here on the site - Its great to see what parts of the world people are using MaNGOS from, so if you wish please feel free to add a pin with your location and reply here so we know to check it out. You don't have to be exact, you can put a town, nearby city or general area. And before anyone tries.... no registering multiple accounts and making weird shapes out of the pins... I'm watching and so are the mods.
  14. mangos zero

    Thanks for the suggestion, necro! Haven't forgotten about this...I am updating and re-verifying later tonight. I also dug into the code and discovered something that might have been coloring my tests. It appears that the rank of your stealth skill factors into the math. Hence a l20 rogue sneaking around a l20 mob will have a harder time than a l60 rogue sneaking around a l60 mob. I suspect that because I spent so much time as a l60 rogue in vanilla, I had forgotten that was hard to be sneaky with only 1 rank of stealth. However, I will be rechecking everything to be sure.
  15. Changed Assigned to Necrovoice
  16. mangos zero

    I have yet to see one on my Zero server
  17. Hi deadmeatius, welcome to the Community! That's good, my advice is to focus on a particular version, to maybe "understand/refresh your know how" of the actual MaNGOS implementation, and eventually go on with others. Sure that the community will help you in case you'll need, remember to take a look to the Wiki where you can find almost all the information needed to start with your project. Have Fun! Tuker
  18. mangos one

    Great work guys
  19. Hello everyone, I am new to the MaNGOS forum. I am not new to MaNGOS, I have been creating private servers using the core for quite a few years now. I took a small hiatus for about 3 years but I am back in action. My new project is going to be done completely based on MaNGOS and I will become an active member of this forum. I hope to contribute to this team and help in any way I can. I am thinking about just a 1.12.1 server but I am considering a version of each. (1.12.1)(2.4.3)(3.3.5a) What are your thoughts?
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