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I am a fairly dedicated Linux user and do all of my work on MaNGOS and databases in Linux. I currently use Gentoo GNU/Linux 64bit, but the content here should apply to many other distros as well. You see, I just figured out that if you're running KDE (not Gnome, XFCE, LXDE, or others) and using the Dolphin file browser, you can REALLY make using GIT simple! All you need to do is install the Dolphin plugins package for your distro. On Gentoo I had to emerge "dolphin-plugins". Your method may vary.

Once the plugins are installed, open Dolphin and go to "Settings->Configure Dolphin" or "Control->Configure Dolphin". Enable the GIT support by checking the box next to "git". Press OK, close Dolphin, and then re-open it. Navigate to a folder containing a local GIT repo and right-click somehwere inside. YOu can now switch branches, create branches, push, pull, commit, and more with a GUI interface! I wish I had known this a year or so back when I was struggling to learn GIT. Oh well, I hope it helps another person!

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