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    The fix for the Original report of Hand of Iruxos can be found here Rel21_08_016_Hand_of_Iruxos_fix.sql For future reports on bugs, please post them in the Bug Tracker. Thank you
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    No problem! There is another bugged quest in the zone too Gizelton Caravan - escort. Accepting the quest does nothing. https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?quest=5943 My and my wife are playing through the game as a warlock/mage combo, we'll post whatever we find.
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    I found a mob, namely Besseleth. that should be elite, gold dragon type. But is a normal mob, couldnt find where to edit the database to change the spider to elite. and google searches just seem to bring up every core except the one i need lol. i even found a few GM commands that didnt work. could someone point me to how to edit the database? or how to do it by GM commands and then save it to make it permanent, thank you!
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    I succesfully ported and builded but it crashing randomly. Im try to find and solve the problem.
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    I decided to delete everything and start from scratch. This time it all worked. Not sure what the problem was. Thanks for all the help.
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    Where to start.... hmm.. i am sorry you are having issues with this. However 2 things to pointout.. first is we do not support custom content. Although a Dev may offer advice, dont expect any reply other than this.. second. Our core has chaned so much in the 7 years from when that guide was first posted... I do wish you the best of luck figuring out the above issue...
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    No problem, if you have some problems we will chat as soon as you are here or we may talk See you soon
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    Go to Dekstop>Right Click>Git bash: There is an example: git clone https://github.com/mangosone/server.git Mangos --recursive --depth=1 1. Install CMake: https://cmake.org/download/ 2. Install OpenSSL 3. Install Visual Studio 2015 with Updates 4. Install Mysql server >= 5.5 version 5. Make a folder on the Desktop for example "Mangos_Files_Recompile" 6. Open CMake - Where's source code? Link it through "Browser and navigate to the core" - Where to build? Link it trough "Browser and navigate to the core" 7. Click configure>Visual Studio 14025 8. Then continue when the configuration is done press Generate 9. It will build the source in "Mangos_Files_Recompile" 10. Go to the folder, there is a ManGOS Solution. 11. Open it. 12. Go to Build>Configuration manager>Choose from Debug to Release and your platform. 13. Build>Build Solution 14. It will begin. 15. When it's done, go to "Mangos_Files_Recompile">Bin>Release 16. Change all .dist files to .conf edit your mysql information in realmd.conf ; mangosd.conf 17. Put libmysql and what files were needed 18. Start the server and enjoy Regards, Deep Sky.
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    To upgrade mangos do I need to compile again? how do I do this without using EasyBuild?
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    Hi, The problem you have is that you need to update and rebuild your version of mangos... You have database Version 21.8.12 but your version of mangos is expecting 21.3.1
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    Most of us do not support non-blizzlike stuff; me too. It is why you will rarely get support with it. I just note what is needed for a quest. creature_template: `npcflags` (questgiver and, if needed, gossip) quest_template: the full quest description quest_relations: two entries (why the `role` field is not a bitmask?) for the giver/taker It looks like I forgot nothing. Also, all the _templates (quest, creature so on) are cached by the clients, so you need to delete the client cache at any template change.
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    Hello guys, I am Jefferson Puchalski. A C, C++ and Asembly programer. I live on Brazil, more exacly in a city called Araguari of Minas Gerais's state. I like Computers, computer and more computers LoL. and other stuffs like, baseball, cars race etc. Actualy i am using mangoszero. We run a beta server with 100+ players. and we got more than 2K account to lauch date. I am fan of opensource. So feel free to ask for help. OpenSource comunity rocks, and GetMangos comunity rocks more than ever XD. I think this is it. A Greetings from brazil. (Sorry for rusty english)
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    DISCLAIMER: For reasons of stability and security, adding socket support to the Eluna engine is not recommended. If that does not deter you, by all means proceed. This started for me when I wanted to set up an IRC bridge, but there are plenty of other reasons why you may want or need to open a socket in a Lua script. Obviously, just installing LuaSocket through the usual means (downloading the source & make install, luarocks, etc) isn't going to work because those approaches are intended for a system install of Lua. Eluna has its own built-in Lua engine, so LuaSocket has to be installed with that in mind. Additionally, LuaSocket has native components written in C, so just adding the library paths to the package.path will likely be insufficient, with one caveat: if your MaNGOS/cMaNGOS/Trinty server is built with dynamic script support, you may actually be able to do exactly that. However, I didn't test this, so I'm not certain of its efficacy. These instructions assume that you're compiling with statically built scripts, with no dynamic library loading support. If your core is compiled with dynamic library support and you want to try that approach, skip to STEP 4 (specifically where it mentions dynamic library support in bold) after installing LuaSocket on your server (build it against Lua 5.2 if you do this). I did this with ElunaTrinityWotlk and LuaSocket 3.0rc1 on Linux, you'll have to modify this if you're on Windows or OS X, or if you want to use the latest LuaSocket master as the module names have changed slightly, and additional ones have been added. YMMV on cMaNGOS and MaNGOS, but as they all use cmake, it should work with them as well. If you aren't using your own fork of the appropriate (cMaNGOS/MaNGOS/Trinity)+Eluna codebase, or at the very least using your own branch, you should do this before proceeding. This will involve making code changes to the lualib in the core, and keeping up with updates after doing this will be difficult if you aren't using your own fork or branch. STEP 1: Copy the C source and header files (src/*.[ch]) from LuaSocket into the dep/lualib directory in your server source root, and then remove the inappropriate platform specific files: wsocket.[ch] if you're on Linux/OSX (since these files are for Windows), usocket.[ch] for Windows. You COULD alter the next step to be platform-aware instead, but this seems like overkill. STEP 2: Add the following lines to the bottom of dep/lualib/CMakeLists.txt: add_definitions(-DLUASOCKET_NODEBUG) add_definitions(-DLUA_COMPAT_MODULE) add_definitions(-DLUA_USE_POSIX) add_definitions(-DLUASOCKET_API='__attribute__\(\(visibility\(\"default\"\)\)\)') add_definitions(-DUNIX_API='__attribute__\(\(visibility\(\"default\"\)\)\)') add_definitions(-DMIME_API='__attribute__\(\(visibility\(\"default\"\)\)\)') This is Linux specific, OS X and Windows require different definitions here. You can glean these from the LuaSocket Makefiles. STEP 3: Apply the following patch at the root of your source tree (it only changes dep/lualib/linit.c): diff --git a/dep/lualib/linit.c b/dep/lualib/linit.c index c1a3830..12e6c1e 100644 --- a/dep/lualib/linit.c +++ b/dep/lualib/linit.c @@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ #include "lualib.h" #include "lauxlib.h" +#include "mime.h" +#include "luasocket.h" /* @@ -45,6 +47,8 @@ static const luaL_Reg loadedlibs[] = { ** these libs are preloaded and must be required before used */ static const luaL_Reg preloadedlibs[] = { + {"mime.core", luaopen_mime_core}, + {"socket.core", luaopen_socket_core}, {NULL, NULL} }; You'll probably need to apply this using patch -p1 , or you could make the changes by hand. It's just adding 4 lines. STEP 3: Build your server. STEP 4: Create a .lib directory in your Eluna.ScriptPath (on Windows you'll also want to set the hidden attribute) if you want to keep all of your Lua code and libraries in the script path. Eluna doesn't automatically load scripts in hidden directories. Or, you could use a path external to your script path. Your choice. Either way, you'll need to copy the .lua files from the LuaSocket source into this directory, with socket.lua, mime.lua, and ltn12.lua the directory itself, and all of the other .lua files in a socket subdirectory within the library directory you used. Again, this will be slightly different if you're using the LuaSocket master branch instead of 3.0rc1, and you'll need to look at the Makefile to see how to place those files. In either case, any Lua scripts that need to use LuaSocket will have to have their path modified before doing a require("socket"). Add the following to the top of the script: package.path = package.path .. ';lua_scripts/.lib/?.lua;lua_scripts/.lib/?/init.lua' Change lua_scripts/.lib if appropriate. If you installed LuaSocket on your system and are using a core with dynamic library support, you'll want to use this instead: package.path = package.path .. ';/usr/local/share/lua/5.2/?.lua;/usr/local/share/lua/5.2/?/init.lua;/usr/local/lib/lua/5.2/?.lua;/usr/local/lib/lua/5.2/?/init.lua' This assumes you're on Linux or OS X and are using the default prefix. If you're on Windows, or you're using a different prefix, these paths will obviously be different. Modifying the package.path in this fashion will also allow you to use other Lua libraries without putting them in your Eluna.ScriptPath. This is desirable when using libraries that assume a specific require order and throw errors when Eluna tries to autoload every Lua file it finds in the Elnua.ScriptPath.

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