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    Hi everyone ! I am Elmsroth. I used to run several Wow private servers since TBC extensions, then on WoTLK. If I remember well it was from 2007 to 2011...I used to work mainly on French servers because... I am French. I have a solid developer background (C#, PHP,Java, SQL, Bash) and 10+ years of experience in developement. I have a computer science engineer degree since 2011. I also have a few skills in networking, web hosting, database administration & cloud computing. I began with Mangos core then switched on trinitycore because I focused on WoTLK. I used to make some customs scripts in C++ for my server with trinitycore. Today I would like to jump back in the emulation adventure by making a Mangos Zero server for my guild and make customs scripts in order to hel us making quick dungeons & raid tests for our Wow classic guild on official servers. I am currently reading the documentation for setting up a Mangos servers and it reminds me lots of good moments from the past (it is not so different from a Trinitycore server). Se you around guys !
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    Ok, so your errors are all on Mangos zero? If you use Discord, you can find me there and we can talk directly if you like Resolved after a fresh build and DB install.
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    i'll try to compile extractors on windows and extrac again! Thank you i'll a reply here if it is solve my problem!
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    mm i tried extract in windows but with thridpart extractors i should recompile extractors on windows with the same source and extract again correct?
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    Very good thanks madmax. Need update for new Wow Classic 1.13.x
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    Introduction As you may have noticed, from time to time there is a news article on the left side of the login screen for the WoW Client. Sometimes it can be annoying having a Blizzard notice that the servers are going down, when in reality, your server(s) is not going to be going down for maintenance in the foreseeable future. Here are instructions on how to alleviate this problem for you and your players, should you have anyone else on your server: Disabling Breaking News First, we need to go into our “hosts” file, which, depending on your operating system, will be in a different location. For Windows, the hosts file is in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. In order to edit this file, though, you are going to have to go into your start menu, type notepad, right-click on notepad and run as administrator. Then just hit file, open, and navigate to the hosts file. For *NIX, the location of the “hosts” file is /etc/hosts. Second, once you are editing the “hosts” file, you will need to go to the end of the file and enter the ip address of your server, in my case it would be Then tab over to the space under “localhost” and enter the actual servername of the warcraft breaking news server, again, in my case it was “launcher.worldofwarcraft.com”. Depending on your region the address will be different. There will be a list of breaking news server later. Finally, once you are done modifying your “hosts” file, you can restart the client and you will never see Blizzard’s breaking news again. “Pushing” Breaking News for your Server In order to start “pushing” your own news, follow the instructions from Disabling Breaking News and then, once you have finished modifying your “hosts” file, come back to this section. I’m assuming that you are using the WAMP server which covers both MySQL and Apache and are on Windows. If you are in *NIX, then you should not have to worry about MySQL and Apache as they should both already be installed, normally. With our server configuration out of the way, we are ready to begin preparing to push our own news to our clients. In the root web directory for your domain name or ip address, create a file called “Alert”. No quotation marks, no file extension, just Alert. And yes, capitalize the A. Alert is an over-simplified html file. As an example Alert file we have: SERVERALERT:<html><body><p>Your Message.</p></body></html> If you feel the need to disable your news system again at a future date, simply rename Alert to something like Alert2. When you want to re-enable your news system for a new tidbit of news, all you have to do is move Alert2 back to Alert and edit it. Blizzard’s Breaking News Servers US/SEA - http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.com/alert LA - http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.com/es/alert EN - http://status.wow-europe.com/en/alert ES - http://status.wow-europe.com/es/alert FR - http://status.wow-europe.com/fr/alert DE - http://status.wow-europe.com/de/alert RU - http://status.wow-europe.com/ru/alert KR - ??? http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.co.kr/alert CN - ??? http://launcher.battlenet.com.cn/alert TW - ??? http://launcher.wowtaiwan.com.tw/alert
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    Works great! Bots appear and seem to work well. AiPlayerbot.RandomBotAutoCreate = 0 does not seem to be working. Every time I start my server ~450 bots are created. Was this the intention? Am I looking at the wrong setting? Also, is it possible for me to create characters myself and use them as bots when logged on a different character? Feel free to direct me to a different forum to discuss these questions.
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    @bgood https://www.getmangos.eu/forums/topic/9038-playerbot-ai-commands/

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