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    Version 0.21 - The Battle for Azeroth


    Don't forget to follow this page via the follow button above, you will be notified of new versions Mangos Zero Server with playerbots - 0.21 - The Battle for Azeroth For: World of Warcraft ClassicInstall Guides: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141) Mangos_Zero-PlayerBots_March_13_2017.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Playerbot Allows players to spawn bots to group up and play with them. Settings for this are in aiplayerbot.conf.dist Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Included in .zip)
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    Version 0.21 - The Battle for Azeroth


    Don't forget to follow this page via the follow button above, you will be notified of new versions Mangos Zero Server - 0.21 - The Battle for Azeroth For: World of Warcraft Classic Install Guides: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141) Package contains scripts and world database's (plus all previous updates) Contains authentication server and full server suite needed to run mangos. Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Included in .zip)
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    Flawless install. Thank you for the precompiled binaries. Not having a solid internet connection, this keeps me sane.
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    How do we do it? The short answer is actually more boring than you think... hours of studying hex code gathered from the client and network traffic with the server. The long answer I'm about to offer would have seen me burned as a heretic for spilling precious secrets, if this were still the old days, but MaNGOS today is about being free in every way. The three pillars of the MaNGOS Open philosophy are Open Source, Open Community, and Open Learning. So we all do our best to make sure the code is free, our door is open to everyone, and knowledge must be shared. A more complete answer must be prefaced with a brief trip to the past. Bear with me, if you please. Game server emulation has been around far longer than WoW itself, beginning in the late 90s with multiplayer games like Quake. Back then, these games often came with an official server you could install from the game disk so players could host their own multiplayer games. People smarter than me got curious and reverse-engineered these servers to create the foundation of knowledge and procedures that are still used to this day. MMOs use a centralized server, accessed over the Internet. One of the earliest examples is Phantasy Star Online, released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1998 and Windows a year later. So how do you create a server for a game when you don't actually have the server itself? The two basic tools used for creating a server emulator from scratch are the debugger and packet sniffer. I'll say more on that a little later. What I do know of the early genesis of WoW private servers is second-hand knowledge gained from the devs who'd been around nearly from the the beginning. It all began when a simple WoW sandbox evolved into a full server called Stormcraft. Early WoW p-servers were primitive by today's standard and closed source. Much of the game's features did not work correctly, if at all, and there was little anyone could do because the various devs kept their program code and knowledge secret. WoWDaemon (usually abbreviated to WoWD) was the beginning of the modern projects you see now, programmed in C++ and using an SQL database. So why the history lesson? Because every WoW server emulator in existence today owes a debt to those who came before. Whether it's MaNGOS or Ascent, or one of their many forks like Trinity, Cmangos, or Arcemu... we've built on over a decade of work by hundreds of developers. MaNGOS was started from a leak of the old WoWD server source. Standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were. The way this was all done involved using those two tools I mentioned earlier. First, a debugger is employed to dig into the heart of the WoW game client, reverse-engineering the client's inner workings to find opcodes and data handlers. Then a packet sniffer was used to save all the packets sent between the client and server during an actual game play session, also called "sniffs". A hex editor was frequently used to analyze file formats and the captured packets, allowing bright fellows to develop specialized tools to more efficiently sift through the client and network traffic for valuable data. Once it was understood how things worked, it then became possible to create compatible program code to make use of the methods and data that makes WoW playable. Since that time, specialized tools have been created to more efficiently get at the precious data needed to improve existing p-servers and keep up with new expansions so they can also be emulated correctly... eventually. It has taken all this time to get this far. I'm certain it will take longer still before anyone can truthfully declare any WoW p-server is 100% complete. That's a broad overview for you. As for the finer details, feel free to ask more questions. Either myself or someone will be happy to provide you the best information we have. I hope I've given you the answer you were seeking. Remember, MaNGOS belongs to you!
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    Eluna has SetPower so stop there. You can code it by using http://www.elunaengine.com/Global/bit_rshift.html or http://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/manual.html#pdf-bit32.rshift local addvalue = bit_rshift(140, GetLoyaltyLevel()) * 125 -- assume GetLoyaltyLevel is implemented elsewhere Im not sure what you refer to with the values. You mean the addvalue values? That could be possible too. I made a complete example of the conversion here, its basically just converted the c++ to lua: https://pastebin.com/PhbRd97v I think though that the modifypower could possibly be added as an eluna function.
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    So i spent a few hours with Madmax who got me all sorted out. From what we can tell nothing was technically wrong, we tried new files, new settings, all of that. In the end he cleared out my realmlist table and started it again from scratch. I wish I could put out more of "this is how to fix xyz problem in the future" but we wouldn't really figure out what fixed it other than clearing out the realm table and starting over. I want to say thank you to Madmax publicly, what an excellent help! I have donated to the site as I hope others who gain help here will consider doing. Thanks for the excellent community!
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    I believe this issue may be related to: https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/1ff6c40b0d95e21ba220158eb010dc310fb85d8b If you can, can you try reverting this change and see whether the problem goes away: To revert the commit... 1) Open your git bash / shell and navigate to the sourcecode 2) type git revert 1ff6c40b0d95e21ba220158eb010dc310fb85d8b 3) Assuming that that worked without any errors, rebuild the source, copy it to your server and test
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    Even if that were true, the point of kuJay's question was how a WoW server emulator is created from scratch without access to the actual retail server code. You are correct that much of the effort for older clients now is directed toward implementing and fixing features to replicate the game play as it existed at the time a particular client was current on official retail. That doesn't mean no further work is needed on the other areas. A lot of assumptions about the reliability of old research led to the perpetuation of bad information and data. There are still many opcodes whose functions are unknown. Certain file types were incorrectly analyzed in the past. Maps are only just now being correctly understood in their proper context, which has finally allowed transports to function properly after many years. There is still much data mining and reverse-engineering that needs done, especially for more recent expansions.
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    I have added WoWhead tooltips to the getmangos website. This change is site-wide and immediate. Methods of inserting tooltip popups. Using the standard insert link and linking to a wowhead.com item page will get you a popup in a link. Text with a popup link Click the new image in the editor bar above (second from the left in the top row) and enter the item ID. Linked by itemid Linking an image. Exactly the same as the above methods. The above will work anywhere on the site. This means you can link items in bug reports, forum posts etc.
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    Notes for guide * Can only install 32Bit or 64bit - Can't install both, blame Oracle * Must match the server version or 32Bit or 64Bit.
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    Version 0.21 - The Battle for Northrend


    Don't forget to follow this page via the follow button above, you will be notified of new versions Mangos Two Server - 0.21 - The Battle for Northrend This is a release candidate, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Wiki: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 3.3.5a (12340) Mangos_TWO_March_13_2017.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Included in .zip)
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    Version 0.21 - The Battle for Outlands


    Don't forget to follow this page via the follow button above, you will be notified of new versions Mangos One Server - 0.21 - The Battle for Outlands This is considered a Release Candidate, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Wiki: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 2.3.4 (8606) Mangos_ONE_March_13_2017.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Included in .zip)
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    Thank you, I have learned much from this. I feel that I can now do a lot more with Eluna, thanks to the example you provided.
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    Hello, After few tests I can confirm that this software is able to bypass auth with method 2 with the lastest commit : https://github.com/namreeb/wowned/releases Commit used to fix it : https://github.com/cmangos/mangos-classic/commit/0d2b7e38c886ddd6828cfa75e2daba5121467383
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    Hello, So I went to Loch Modan as a Horde character and the Mountainers there didn't loot anything, but they should loot silk cloth, a lot of it. Tried in Duskwood on The Night Watch mobs, and no loot as well. I'm missing something or ? Any help would be welcome. Regards, Troynono.
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    Hi all. Peharps you know, but in https://github.com/MangosExtras/MangosZero_Localised in language Spanish are sql tables missing, gossipmenu and pagetexts, also where is npc_texts ?? Meanwhile testing Spanish languaje there's quest with name "140210", questgiver : "McBride" Thanks for the hard work
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    Hello Guys, Good afternoon! EmuDevs has been closed and this is new support center, true? Be good guys and give me link for compile core which is using ElunaLuaEngine but compiled..., please I tried...I compilled...bugged...failed...warnings... I was trying one year without results... Thanks, Stefan
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    We are nice enough here to provide users with a precompiled core. You are welcome to test with this:
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    Unofficial MaNGOS CMS Hey guys, i'm here to write down some information about a Project which i'm working on, to get some information from community. The project come from a simple need, that could help many people on handling his server information, a Featured CMS for MaNGOS servers. Right now i'm writing based on MaNGOS Zero, maybe the simplest, but i'll sure make it Cross Version. Technical Informations Following the Languages used to develop: Php 7 (after MadMax advices) HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript External Framework used: Bootstrap AlertifyJS TinyMCE jQuery Which are the Main feature of CMS actually? (the percentage reppresent the Development status) 100% - Template Customization System 100% - Module Implementation System 100% - DB Layer Classes 40% - Page Builder 80% - Dynamic Menu Builder 100% - Integrated CMS/Server Login and Registration System 80% - Web Quest Module Some Implemented Modules: 100% - Realm Status - Realms information, about registered and online users (using DB Layer) 100% - Armory - A Realm Character/Guilds listing module, with Character informations (using DB Layer) 50% - Profile Tile - A tile with shortened user information, let you user know about his Account Status etc. (using DB Layer) As soon as possible i'll add a link to download and try by yourself the cms, Future feature that will be implemented (some from community advice): CMS Engine Section Installation Wizard Character, Guild and Items details [*]Admin Section 60% - Newsletter System 100% - News System [*]Game Master Section 100% - Istant Leveling System 100% - Character Info modify feature (MadMax) 0% -Invite a Friend Reward System 100% - Character and Guild lookup (MadMax) I'm open to get Tips and Advice about how go on with development. Hope you appreciate this project! Cheers! Screenshots: Home Page - Mobile Responsive Home Page - Full Size Profile Tile: Armory Example: Quest Example:
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    I think that our core is not 100% retail because a refactoring or the code base is necessary to do so. But the functionnalities are all available in the core though. Other private servers demonstrated that it was possible to be vanilla-like as much as possible. The things that we don't know are some calculations and formulas but not "technical handling" such as unknown opcodes or so.
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    Yeaaaa first Eluna Release Here The Greatest Guild Plot System ever designed for Eluna has found a new home Also FYI I am new to Mangos but from what i have been told , This works for Mangos. I have never compiled a Mangos solution nor operate/test with a Mangos repack/server.
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    Hi my name is Anders, I'm from Denmark and I am a professional software developer. I'd like to get involed in the development of player bots for MaNGOS. I can see there are some bots for MaNGOS zero, is the correct? And do you guys have any plans to develop bots for the remaining cores? I'd love to hear from you :-) and I'd love to get to work on AI for MaNGOS. Cheers, Anders
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    Hey, You need to have the mangosd.exe handled by a .bat file. Here is one I use: REM - Name: MaNGOS restart script @ECHO OFF Title= .:: MaNGOS Zero ::. CLS ECHO Mangosd Started %time:~0,5% %date:~1% :SERVERLOOP mangosd.exe run ECHO Mangosd Restarted %time:~0,5% %date:~1% ECHO. GOTO SERVERLOOP :END
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    Maybe i have no idea at the moment.
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    I mean like, how do I close a dungeon or raid's portall off, until I feel like "turning it back on", like Champion's Hall is? i.e. walking towards portal won't port you anywhere. So later in the future there will be a script that would allow me to see AQ War efforts like http://therebirth.net/TheWarEffort.php for instance?
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    Nice work, I have loaded the game and bots appear! Can someone point me at a list of commands for controlling the bots? Thanks for the help, madmax!
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    Ah, I see! Well, thank you very much everyone for aiding me with this I apreaciate it very much. EDIT: EDIT 2: I managed to fix the MYSQL problem somehow (first edit, inside spoiler). It just started working out of nowhere. Another set of questions, now yes about Mangos. Imagine I wanted to upgrade the server into mangos-one at a later date, but keep all my characters and guilds and everything. What needs to be changed and what can remain the same? And after mangos-one, if change into mangos-two or trinity core? Would the same procedure work for zero > one work for one > two? Or one > trinity? I believe it's obvious that the core, dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps are obvious that changes, but what about the database? Does mangos use the same structure as trinity? What would I have to do if it doesn't? Thank you.
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    Hello everyone I have the following problem when I start the worldserver which loads this messageuntil that maps, vmaps, mmaps then then When I try to generate the vmaps invites her up to a certain point exe and smashes.and mmaps I cannot generate also the medium sorry if it on worng selection and sorry for my bad english 2017-03-09 20:17:52 ERROR:VMap file 'vmaps/000.vmtree' is missing or point to wrong version vmap file, redo vmaps with latest vmap_assembler.exe program 2017-03-09 20:17:52 ERROR:Correct *.map files not found in path 'maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in 'vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.
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    Had a similar issue with a user the other day. Can you go into the realmd database, delete the realm and readd it. I had to rebuild someones realmd and server and redid the realm entry and the issue seemed to correct itself. Maybe also try making sure the realm name is Mangos, just to start with for testing. Also check the windows firewall, rather then opening ports, I suggest to add the applications to the firewall and allowing them to open ports as needed (mangos can open its own ports if allowed). There is certainly some strange things going on for some people but i still cannot pin down what the exact issue is.
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    On debug you are looking at over 12-16+ hours. I would stop it and rebuild in release in visual studio.
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    did you build mangos in debug or release ? - the extraction tools should always be built in release, debug can take 300-400 times longer and if you built with eluna / sd3 activated, all the boss scripting will be enabled
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    First of all you need to decide on your approach. You can either find a spell that changes the XP rates, if they even exist in classic, or you would have to make a script for it. If the latter, let me know and I'll assist you.
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    The log looks like it's saying openssl is not installed correctly - please note that version 1.1.0 is not supported.
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    On easybuild, untick the 'Open Solution' option, this will keep easybuild open and you will be able to look in the log to see any additional error messages. Also.... If you are building using VS2015.... did you follow steps 3 & 4 properly
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    Hi there, I seem to be having some difficulty installing EasyBuild with the submodules. I re-cloned the file from github with the "--recursive" Parameter but this version has a "setup.py" icon within the folder. I downloaded Python but I don't know how to run it :-/. Any help would be great for my sanity! Cheers!
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    [ 78%] Building CXX object src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/AuctionHouseBot/AuctionHouseBot.cpp.o fatal error: file '/usr/local/src/mangos1/src/game/Server/SharedDefines.h' has been modified since the precompiled header '/usr/local/src/mangos1/build/src/game/pchdef.h.pch' was built note: please rebuild precompiled header '/usr/local/src/mangos1/build/src/game/pchdef.h.pch' 1 error generated. src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/build.make:54: recipe for target 'src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/AuctionHouseBot/AuctionHouseBot.cpp.o' failed make[2]: *** [src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/AuctionHouseBot/AuctionHouseBot.cpp.o] Error 1 CMakeFiles/Makefile2:779: recipe for target 'src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/all' failed make[1]: *** [src/game/CMakeFiles/game.dir/all] Error 2 Makefile:117: recipe for target 'all' failed make: *** [all] Error 2
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    Hey, So just want to check the proecss. You are running: git clone --recursive https://github.com/mangoszero/server Then running the "EasyBuild" in the "Win"folder? and following the options? Making sure you have open solution file ticked.
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    Just want to say i love the new look and revamp to get mangos
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    Version 0.21 - The Battle for the Elemen


    Don't forget to follow this page via the follow button above, you will be notified of new versions Mangos Three Server - 0.21 - The Battle for the Elemental Planes This is a development build, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Wiki: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Testing, Unstable, Development Support client versions: 4.3.4 (15595) Mangos_THREE_March_13_2017.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (Included in .zip)
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    Oh I would be eternally greatful for your help! I don't use teamviewer, currently we just use rdp or vnc, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get this fixed. I use discord daily so I will include my username below, thank you so much for the offer to help I am really grateful! Velzira#0737
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    Kind of weird, do you get the realm list still ? Or you got disconnected ? The fact that idle client cannot reconnect is to be looked somewhere at the auth reconnect challenge.
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    Hey getMaNGOS I have tried to setup a server by using the getmangos.sh on linux apparently it keeps failing for me and I have a hard time figuring out what I'm doing wrong. - I have been wondering if the script is outdated and that the server folders have been changed around? I went on linux and installed mysql-server, libmysqlclient-dev, and git. After all those was setup I then rebooted my computer and created a new user at mysql + made it grant all *.* and then closed mysql. I went into the mangos folder and did a: git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git serverZero --recursive I then did a cd server/linux folder and sudo ./getmangos.sh and followed all the steps. I figured that if you ask it get a new fresh clone the script breaks and you have to manually clone it again. If you manage to get to end (by telling the script not to get a fresh copy), the script breaks and gives an error because it tries to search for a sql file inside the realm/update /char/update /world/update which isn't there due to the folders has been changed into the rel versions. this made me copy everything inside the rel21 + the folder inside that to the update folders which made me able to get past this point. The script will then break in the very end due to that it can't locate the wow folder even if you manually type it to get the script to get mmaps, vmaps, dbc folders. in the end, I have no clue what is happening or if I'm just doing something wrong. Feel free to PM me to get my skype, I would love getting some help with this. I have beeb struggling with this the last few days. //Nina
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    I'll make this the last post on this subject and i'll refer most future posts to this one as well... The Nostalrius and Elysium as supplied on the Repos are nothing more than someone's sandbox dump of files. - There is no commit history or details of what bugs were fixed and how. The only way to identify the fixes is trial and error and running both them and mangos side by side It has also been suggested that we should dump our core and use these 'superior' cores. - I have yet to see any evidence that these files contain massive improvements. The core files are based on mangos files from about 3-4 years ago and it would be madness to throw away all the fixes we have done since based on a guess of the hinted improvements in those code files. In time I'm hoping people will find improvements and be able to apply them to the mangos cores. For now, they remain a curiousity which can be reviewed when we have time and are bored. Antz
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    I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and yea I have intalled all dependencies
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    Worth to mention is that not everybody are having this issue. It seems very random and some people can connect without any problems whatsoever.
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    An issue has been raised on the getmangos tracker for this:
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    Yeah, I basically talked about older expansion which I think are the strongest basis of the newer expansions.


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