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    Thank you !! It's very rewarding for everyone here to hear that all their voluntary hard work is appreciated. We work on MaNGOS because we enjoy it and we want others to as well
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    If you install Doxygen and then point it at the sourcecode if should generate a chunk of code hierarchy which you can read
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    Hello vanbeef, same here, I heard a lot of things where about to come to mangos2 so I wanted to come back and see where that was heading. I'm still so surprised to see daily updates here, you guys are awesome.
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    Version 0.21.0 2100


    Mangos Zero Server with playerbots - Develop21 - x32 This is a development preview, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft Classic Zero Wiki: https://getmangos.eu/wiki/Installati...ero Rel20.md Status: Playable, Dev Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141) MangosZero_PlayerBot_Develop21_Release_x32_August2 015.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Playerbot Allows players to spawn bots to group up and play with them. Settings for this are in aiplayerbot.conf.dist Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013
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    Any chance of this getting looked into? Flametongue procs, etc. are still triggering spell-casting animations. While it's not game-breaking, combat-related animations are pretty significant.
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    Hi , I find bug ... when my mage casting some bolts and have frost armor there is problem with magic effect , i start cast firebolt to rogue (and other class) , and rogue do damage to mage, frost armor proc and apply chilled effect i lost my casting bar (i dont see casting bar more) BUT i still casting Bolt is still casted and deal damage rogue see like I casting but I dont see like i casting after apply chill effect, this bug we find too when shadow priest do damage and apply shadow vulnerability on target (this target lost cast bar too but stil casting) (we try lot of casting bars addons but bug is in dispel casting bar) SOME IDEAS FOR FIX ??
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    The fix works as intended. Will PR in the next few (days?) and close this thread when completed Thanks @Korisko for testing it out for me. ..And broke a few other things. haha
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    Hello so i keep getting an error that my vmaps and whatever are incompatible or missing so I'm trying to extract my own but It's not working. Vmapextractor.exe crashes 20 seconds in and Extractresources.sh says that vmap directory is not found. I'm literally so stuck and i have no idea what to do at the moment
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    My issues were fixed by a dev on here tyvm
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    https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/src/game/Object/Formulas.h GetGrayLevel is incorrect for Level 60: else if (pl_level <= 39) { return pl_level - 5 - pl_level / 10; } else { return pl_level - 1 - pl_level / 5; } Should be: else if (pl_level <= 39) { return pl_level - 5 - pl_level / 10; } else if (pl_level == 60) { return 51; } else { return pl_level - 1 - pl_level / 5; }
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    I might have a fix for this.. "Might" being the key word... If you want to try it, I will have it added to a fork of the repo and you can clone/build trying that... Will have something within the next 24 hours for you to test if interested?
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    This issue may affect other Mangos cores, as such fixes will need to be considered for one-three. The deeprun tram seems to experience intermittent issues. This is a list of some I have observed. Entering the tram instance from the Stormwind side and waiting at the first platform, no tram arrives on the nearest platform. Walking the entire length of that tram, you can see no tram cars. When you arrive at Ironforge if you start walking back along the track you can suddenly see them coming towards you. I have witnessed tram cars becoming separate and seen cars going off by themselves and followed by 2 more moments later. The tram system clearly needs a review. I was thinking that something along similar lines to "living-world" could be done, in that the tram instance is always loaded at startup, and that the tram cars are moving regardless of if a player is inside the tram instance or not. I feel that trams moving without players needing to enter the tram instance would be more Blizzlike behavior. Hopefully one of the developers can dig deeper into these issues and maybe take some actions to make the system behave better and more automated.
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    thank you very much , i am new in this core nice support
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    Is there any website available for download here in site? I can't seem to find it, also if I search through google some files are dead and some files are no database. Thank you. MangosZero / MangosTwo.
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    Hi mate, some time ago i was working on a PHP CMS Project that i was testing on MaNGOS Zero. Unfortunately last months i had no times to keep on with developments. As soon as i can i'll try to make a ZIP with an installable version of an Alpha Stable Version to let people try on their server. Is it what are you looking for?
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    Thanks, I searched but I couldn't find it. Sorry!
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    The bosses Attumen, Maiden of Virtue, The Curator and Nightbane are not taunt immune. I verified this ingame as well as in the database. I attached a patch that should fix the issue, though I did not yet have the time to try it myself. 0001-Make-Karazhan-bosses-taunt-immune.patch
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    Hi, Im Frozenn, I hope we all be friends. Cheers.
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    Hi, I want to set up a Server on whcih I want to be able to clear Karazhan (on TBC). I tried it this evening and there appear to be a few bugs. One of which, is the Curator having a 'spawn flood' of Astral Flares when reaching the first Evocation phase. I had a look at the code, and there is already a comment about this issue: (link) It looks to me, like the check in line 169 does not return true, such that the boss will spawn one flare every second. (I am not sure how the small delay would prevent this behavior in any case, maybe the aura does not get applied immediatly?) Now I don't know how to proceed debugging this issue. Can you maybe give me some hints? Best, NemesisFS EDIT: I debugged the issue a bit, and it seems like the aura is present only for one check/a small period of time after evocation is cast. The next call to UpdateAI passes the check, spawns another Flare and casts evocation again. I tried checking out the Spell.dbc file but I couldn't find tooling to view them (for linux). Is there a specific reason for using a file instead of a database table? The data in the .dbcs looks appears to be already in a table format. Using a database would simplify accessing the data. I don't really think though that the error is in the .dbc files as they are extracted from the client. On the other hand, the Spell ID is referenced neither in the server nor in the database.
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    Welcome to the MaNGOS community!
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    Did you search before posting? Please review this topic:
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    The issues are now fixed. Please pull and update your database to the latest version. Thank you for your feedback!
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    @kurJay - I fix for this has just been applied to the database
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    Hey everyone, I recently joined this getmangos community and hope to see it continuously growing ! I've been in the emulation world for a long time now (since WowwoW and the first Python emulator for 0.11). My nickname by that time was Valkirie and I was working on "leaking" Wowemu from (WAD). Todo so, I worked with Catvir to retrieve the zipped file from WAD acquired by server paying for it using php injection on the registration webpage on port 8080. Then, I worked for myself or with teams like Blackstorm and WDDG. As of today, I am working on my own vanillla server both enUS and frFR using your awesome mangoszero. Server is being built and will be using the following configuration: CPU : Core i7 6950X Memory : 16GB SSD : 1.2To SSD Bandwidth : 1Gbit/s Please keep up the good work ! We need you here !
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    The schools of fish for fishing should already be active.
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    @madmax Thank you for your help, you can lock this thread
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    This is fine. Its finding version 7 but the core was built around version 2. This usually happens because database updates come out much faster then those of core updates. It does not mean there is a problem but we make sure that it informs you. In most cases, the core will work as along as the structure ID has not changed and will work fine with just content ID changes (hotfixes etc that don't change the DB structure). Hope this helps
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    @xat You will need to rebuild the server and replace the mangosd.exe with the fixed one
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    A critical status bug report has been filed. This should be resolved this week.
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    I have been poking away at this and found a few things that are wrong. Currently The NPCs now have the correct spell to destroy the gates. The spell can be used at the gates as was previously not the case. I am working on the kill credit issue now. Seems to be eluding me..
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    Encrypted Letter 3102 - Human Rogue quest The quest_template OfferRewardText database entry for this quest incorrectly references a unique character name "Cailel" instead of $N. Also, the first sentence has really poor wording. Fix: UPDATE quest_template SET OfferRewardText = 'You\'re gonna find a number of outfits that covet our skills, $N. Adventurers, SI:7... heck, even the Defias Brotherhood wouldn\'t mind a spy or two inside Stormwind. But you remember this, you\'re your own man. Don\'t let nobody bully you into doing something you don\'t wanna do! Besides, we hold all the cards... at least, we do before the game\'s done. Know what I mean?$B$BAnyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know that I\'m here if you need any training. Come by anytime.' WHERE entry = 3102 AND Title = 'Encrypted Letter'; This changes the first sentence to match what wowhead has on file.
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    @Necrovoice - could you pr this for me ? Add "Thanks Caliginuex" to the commit title
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    open your favourite MySQL manager app, select the mangos database and run the following query: select * from command Alternatively, type .help from ingame or help from the mangos console
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    account set gmlevel <name> 3 realm_id where realm_id can be: -1 (all realms) > 0 (specific realm)
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    I like the idea of using option 1 and it sounds easier once i think about it as the ID's are already there. Thanks Antz for getting back to me so quickly
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    Hello there first off let me say thank you to all that have put in many hours into making Mangoszero. outstanding job!!! I have spent many hours surfing the net and forums for information or tools on how to create custom dungeons and items, and in my findings so far I have concluded that I need map cords ( some which I have but have yet to test) and unused ID's for weapons, gear, etc. So my question is this: do anyone know or have anything that can help me in this area? I am currently using Rev 21 of Mangoszero on a Win 7 server. Without the custom content everything works just great and I haven't found any issues yet. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
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    First off, Glad you found us and have enjoyed using the server so far As for modding the server, there are two distinct routes you can take.... 1) Work within the current assets of game without modifying client files 2) Modify the client files to allow additional assets.... ie. custom items etc. If you wish to pursue route 2, then we are not the people to ask as it's outside the remit of what is legally allowed. However working within route 1, there is plenty you can achieve. For example...... * There are several instances which are currently unused, including an outside area !! * Reuse an existing instance and create a fully customised one. In addition, many items can have their stats adjusted via the database. Generally, any bosses need to be scripted using SD3 or Eluna
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    i used this https://github.com/WoWruRU/classicdb_ruRU then A_replace_BaseEnglish_with_Russian.sql
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    Hi Guys, I am absolutely delighted to have just discovered this community. I was a hardcore raider in vanilla wow so many years ago, and I loved the challenge of vanilla wow and early BC content. WoW started going downhill for me right about the time they started nerfing content right at the end of BC. Each year it keeps getting more and more watered down, to the point that there is no real challenge or thrill for accomplishing something challenging. Classic WoW delivered on that in an amazing way, as anyone who was on team speak the first time their guild killed Rag can attest. Anyway, I have been coding for over thirty years (I started really young), and I have experience in c#, vb, c/c++, MS-SQL and a half dozen other languages. I hope I can help out somehow.
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    I downloaded another ru base. Replaced English on russian . And it worked
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    Hi and welcome, It's always great to hear of people discovering us - as with all projects, there is always a ton of issues that need fixing If you have any questions, please ask - we're here to help.
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    Warden is a automated cheat checker which when enabled will check for any exploits being used on the client machine. - It's not perfect, but adds an additional level of security to the server.
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    Hi all, After a fair bit of trouble, I decided to share this guide on how I got things working. It'll be a living document so please bear with me (formatting will improve after I'm done compiling everything here). This specifically assumes you're running Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64. Anything else is specifically outside the scope of this document. This assumes a functional knowledge of Linux and the basic tools available. '$' denotes commands to run. Things you'll want: -SSH access to your machine along with sudo permissions. -You will want at least one server. Two is better for separating mySQL to it's own machine but not required (a lot of my testing takes place on one machine). -You specifically want to use mysql5.6 for the mysql_conf_editor. Most of the commands will fail without. Let's get started: Start by setting up your hostname, sudoers file and any disk volumes you want to use. You may also want to add your ssh key to the box to make accessing it easier. Run the following commands as root or add sudo before each. $ apt-get update && apt-get upgrade $ apt-get install build-essential gcc g++ automake git-core autoconf make patch libmysql++-dev libtool libssl-dev grep binutils zlibc libc6 libbz2-dev cmake subversion libboost-all-dev mysql-client-5.6 screen libace-dev The above commands you're setting up two servers (one for the realm/mangos, another for your mysql database. If you're using one server, also add mysql-server-5.6 to the above command). Now get the 'getmangos' script by running the following: $ git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git server --recursive -b develop21 In the above command, ensure you use 'server' after the repo. Also, change 'develop21' to 'release20' if you want the stable branch. However, develop21 seems to be widely used Once things are downloaded, move to ~/server/linux. Bear in mind I'm doing this from /root. Inside you'll find 'getmangos.sh'. I usually copy this to my base home folder so I can edit it and not lose it. e.g.: $ cp getmangos.sh ~ At this point you might want to diverge and setup mysql-server and upload your Windows WoW directory in full to a known directory. This will come in handy later when extracting the resources. Once you've setup mysql and upload your WoW directory, continue on (I'll flesh this out if people have trouble). It's time to run 'getmangos.sh' and follow the prompts. $ bash ~/server/linux/getmangos.sh or, if you moved the script as recommended: $ bash ~/getmangos.sh Take note here: Select options 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Only select #6 if your database is already setup. You can specifically come back to this menu and resume steps later (bearing in mind not to delete your source directory or installation in the event you're prompted). Press yes throughout until you get to 'Choose WoW Release'. I choose 0 here and you should too. Next prompt is important and where you'll get stuck if you didn't follow the instructions properly. Specifically enter '/root' for this prompt and nothing else (if you're root). Your git clone above should have created /root/server if you did this right. You'll be informed the path already exists, select 'No' unless you know what you're doing or are starting over. 'Installation Path' is next and is important also. I install to '/Wow' and I recommend it if you added a large data volume. Follow the prompts until you get to 'Clone or update MaNGOS'. Select '0'. If you have problems, rerun the script. I used to have a lot of problems so I edited the script at line #651-653 and added the following instead "git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git server --recursive -b develop21". If you run into problems on this commend, I recommend editing /root/server/linux/getmangos.sh to look like this around line #650: # use existing repository if [[ $CLONE = *2* ]]; then git clone https://github.com/mangoszero/server.git server --recursive -b develop21 Log "Using existing local repository" 1 fi } If you do that, select option '2', which will simply clone the repo. You should now be prompted with a new screen called 'Build Options'. I usually pick #2, 3, 5, 6, 7. Omit #5 if this isn't your first time building it and already have the client tools installed/maps extracted. You'll want the client tools later. After that it'll ask if you want to build/install Mangos across two prompts. Just say yes. If everything goes well and you followed the steps above carefully, you should see it install for quite awhile. Next you need to extract your map data from your Wow client folder. You only need to do this once per version (e.g., you can run many servers from the same extracted data but not new releases). E.g., I have 2 release20 servers and I just copy dbc, *maps, etc into the new bin directory. Develop21 requires me to build new extraction tools and run the extraction again. Sometimes the extraction process fails. In which case what I do is the following: Go into your installation directory. $ cd /Wow/bin/tools Copy all the tools to your Wow client folder. My folder structure is as follows: /Wow /Wow/Wow-client So you would do this: $ cp /Wow/bin/tools/* /Wow/Wow-client $ cd /Wow/Wow-client $ bash ExtractResources.sh You'll be prompted to select what you want extracted. I pick everything for a new release but you can pick and choose. Make sure that if you're running a multi-core machine that you enter '4' when prompted about threading. This will take awhile but once it's done, you'll be left with the following folders: /Wow/Wow-client/dbc /Wow/Wow-client/vmaps /Wow/Wow-client/maps /Wow/Wow-client/mmaps Copy all of these to your /Wow/bin folder: $ cp -r /Wow/Wow-client/dbc /Wow/bin Repeat the above for the other folders mentioned. Once you're done that, you have two things left to do. Ensure your database is setup properly and edit your server configs. Let's edit the server configs first then ensure the DB is working. $ cd /Wow/etc Copy mangosd.conf.dist to mangos.conf and realmd.conf.dist to realmd.conf Edit both of them. The important section in mangos.conf has the following values: LoginDatabaseInfo = "dns/IP;3306;mangos;*****;realmd" WorldDatabaseInfo = "dns/IP;3306;mangos;*****;mangos" CharacterDatabaseInfo = "dns/IP;3306;mangos;*****;characters" ScriptDev2DatabaseInfo = "dns/IP;3306;mangos;*****;mangos" Make sure you change 'dns/IP' to reflect your mysql instances address. In addition, make sure you change the 3rd field to your DB username and then set the password. Your databases may be slightly differently. Sometimes they're called 'character0' or 'zero_*'. Do the same for realmd.conf: LoginDatabaseInfo = "dns/IP;3306;mangos;*****;realmd" What's interesting about this section is that in the future if you want to scale, you can actually run realmd on a separate server along with the database. For now everything is going to be in one DB. Now that's done you just need to setup the database if things didn't happen automatically earlier. Confirm you're set by checking the database/tables. $ mysql -u *username* -p*password* $mysql> show databases; $mysql> use mangos; $mysql> select * from db_version; If you used release20, your database should look kind of like this: +-------------------------------------------------------+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | version | creature_ai_version | required_20007_01_Rel20_Release_Prep | +-------------------------------------------------------+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+ | ZeroDatabase 2.0.18 for MaNGOSZero / ScriptDev 20004+ | MaNGOSZero Artificial Creature Intelligence Database | NULL | | MaNGOSZero Database 2.0.11 Rev 20007_18 | EventAI and Scripts available | NULL | +-------------------------------------------------------+------------------------------------------------------+--------------------------------------+ Develop21 will look kind of like this: mysql> select * from mangos.db_version; +---------+-----------+---------+----------------+-------------------------------------------+ | version | structure | content | description | comment | +---------+-----------+---------+----------------+-------------------------------------------+ | 21 | 11 | 73 | Script_Binding | Base DB Install from 21000_01 to 21.11.73 | +---------+-----------+---------+----------------+-------------------------------------------+ If it doesn't, you'll likely want to download the appropriate database again and fix things up. That's a separate post - add a note if you'd like more info. If you're set, you just need to make your server accessible by doing the following: $mysql> update realmd.realmlist SET localAddress='dns/IP' WHERE id='1'; You may also want to edit the address and name fields. You can infer how to do that from the command above. In theory you should be all set now. All that's left to do is start mangos and realmd and login. For now we'll use 'screen' but I'm working on a runit. $ cd /Wow/bin $ screen ./mangosd Watch this command and make sure not too many red messages appear. To escape screen but keep it running, just hit CTRL + A then CTRL + D in quick succession. Now start realmd $ screen ./realmd That's it! Now if you update the realmlist.wtf file on your personal computer's Wow client to look like this: 'set realmlist dns/IP'. You might also have to edit WTF/Config.wtf to include your dns/IP and possibly remove 'SET realmName "****"' near the bottom. Now you can start your Wow client and try out the administrator account. The login is Username: ADMINISTRATOR, Password: Administrator I hope this helps someone. It was compiled through ~25 hours of trial and error.
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    Version 1.12.3 6141


    Once on the mega site right-click and download the patch you need. (CN 1.12.3 patch. This only applies to CN clients). Mangos works with both 12.1 and 12.3 for CN clients. Download page contains: WoW-
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    Version 0.21.2 2100


    Mangos Two Server - Develop21 This is a development preview, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King Wiki: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable, Dev Support client versions: 3.3.5a (12340) MangosTwo_Develop21_Release_x32_July2016.zip MangosTwo_Develop21_Release_x64_July2016.zip Builtin Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015
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    Version 0.21.0 21000


    Mangos Zero Server - Develop21 - x32 This is a development preview, it may contain bugs. For: World of Warcraft Classic Install Guides: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141) With this release its recommended you rebuild all server map data files from the client (dbc, vmaps, maps & mmaps). Package contains scripts and world database's (plus all previous updates) Contains authentication server and full server suite needed to run mangos. Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013
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    Hey, would be interested in giving this a try. Few things I would recommend: Full PHP 7 compatibility, the older versions are not far off end of life so best to think ahead. The 5.* branch runs out of active support at the end of 2018, while they will provide security fixes PHP 7 is where development should be at. I say this because of the speed at which PHP 7 runs at now, it should not be a massive job to change over, I could even provide a hosting enviroment for you to test with on PHP 7 with opcache / PHP-FPM. [*]An armory of some kind [*]Ability to lookup characters, guilds, items [*]Game Master section on the main site Ability to manage existing tickets Maybe look into the ability to create tickets, we could look into expanding the GM system to work with a CMS to provide ticket history and allow the GMs to close a ticket and send the in-game survey to a user etc. [*]Ability to change level on characters, gold, name, guild and so on. Some things might mean you would need to lookup in the database for example guilds, could be done with AJAX to provide a list as you type. [*]Ability to send (remove? don't know if this is possible) items to a character. [*]Admin section could include Viewing of server logs, would need functionality added on our end to pull logs from the logs folder, but probably something we could help with Character logs, you could lookup a character and see what changes have happened in a simplified view. [*]Ability to set MoTD, Server name, port, and pretty much every option in the server config file via the site We would need to provide you the functionality to do this, this would include pulling current values running on the server and giving the server the ability to write the config file. I will bring this up to antz to look at (only if you are interested). This is an extensive list, but ultimately what I personally would love to see happen. I think something like this once the base is built should be put on github and maybe you would get some help and make it open-source. @antz @H0zen see what you two think
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    It isn't game-breaking however, so this should not be a top priority. It should get some love though, maybe in R21.


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