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    What version of MySQL can Mangos run in 2019?
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    i'm stuck at this point as well. did you ever figure this out? **edit** i figured this out thanks Olion download & install its https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/workbench/ open mysql workbench -setup new connection -changed connection method to "standard TC/IP over SSH" -change SSH hostname to your server -change usernames to the correct ones test connection open connection and enter your passwords. ssh password first then MYSQL open realm database -open tables - go down to realmlist and right click click "select rows limit to 1000" change address and local address to your servers ip 192.160.***.*** click apply next... next... should get a confirmation that it changed successfully should be good to connect from your lan or port forward to your server.
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    @bgood https://www.getmangos.eu/forums/topic/9038-playerbot-ai-commands/
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    Flawless install. Thank you for the precompiled binaries. Not having a solid internet connection, this keeps me sane.

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