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    Hey guys just want to say thanks for support on CATA core CMngos use to support it but no longer and in so im here to stay as i enjoy cata core more than WOTLK. Unfortunately i am only a db editor and dont uselelly work on the core so again thanks for all the help.
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    Hello @Nightrider84, we unfortunately do not support .dbc editing.
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    No idea what eluna is.. So id like to say no its not using it heh. Also would it be a good idea to start using it to fix issues in the server?
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    Updating with more info + reproduction steps: This issue seems to be far more wide ranging than the original report, and is present regardless of the Loot mode (eg, Need before Greed, Free for All), and is in fact reproducible when not in a group. Steps to reproduce: 1. Kill a mob 2. Open the loot window, if there are 3+ items of loot take the top one 3. Close the loot window, then reopen it 4. Attempt to loot the item at the top: "Item is already looted" 5. Attempt to loot the second item in the list: Success The issue appears to be that for each mob each position in the loot window can only be looted once. Therefore once item at position 1 has been looted reopening the loot window reorders the items and it can't be looted again. While solo this isn't really an issue - just loot from the bottom up In a group this is a major issue with FFA loot, and more importantly with Quest Items which are largely un-lootable
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    Dropped you a private message. Keep in mind that Three is a very early Alpha and not a lot working in it. Some areas may be ok.
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    Hi there Stefan! I can explain Dodge Cap and what it means and does. Dodge Cap is the maximum amount of the Dodge % a class can have. I see you are using Mangos One, so allow me to explain a bit more. During TBC, Rogues could actually be Dodge Tanks. This is because the Dodge Cap is actually extremely high. It is impossible to hit the actual limit for Dodge as a Rogue, and probably a Druid also. A Rogue needed 102.4% total Avoidance (the combination of Dodge+Parry+enemy miss chance). What you are seeing is not a bug, but a very annoying Rogue. Here is more information: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Rogues_as_tanks
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    My bad, really. Thanks for the feedback. Here is the solution: https://github.com/mangosone/server/pull/75 Changed Status to Completed
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    News I try old releases and i think last commits are ok ,but Commits on Aug 15, 2017 are wrong because release Aug 12, 2017 , there spell type charge, polymorph work normally
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    in redridge mountains,do “Judge the hour and size up the situation” ,Main program crash
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    What do you mean under the term "stable"? may be built and set up easily in accord to the wiki instructions at any development point (commit) the mechanics that worked in a way yesterday, will work today the same way the server stands X hours in average without a crash at Y hundreds online Here must be three "no" probably. It's just a development for you Note also, that no open-source project without dedicated heavy-loaded server (at least peak Y hundreds) has a chance to become "stable" in the terms concerning crashes.

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