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    Adding on to what Krill said above.... * We have a small close team which are working on correcting years worth of neglect across the cores. * We incorporate updates from cmangos and other projects. * We are open to new ideas to improve things. * We are a friendly bunch - Okay that's a bit harsh on the others Despite the bad rep and assumptions that we are a dead project, we are very much alive. - We are constantly reviewing the codebase and database and work to tidy them up. - Attempting to build a consistent code and database structure across the cores as much as possible. On top of that, we also work to fix bugs reported by users: Commits * mangoszero/server * GitHub Is an example of that. In summary.... MaNGOS is about making the emulator as good as we can, without ego's and rivalry getting in the way. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and views - but those that don't want to be here and only troll - They will be invited to go elsewhere
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    What kind of "Fixes"? I didn't even know those where broken.. Our users never report that kind of stuff to us.. Here's how it works. If you find something that is out of the ordinary or is broke... You report it! When that happens we will look into it and attempt to fix it whether it takes an hour, day or a week but it WILL get looked into at some point. A majority of the community like highly populated servers that uses our project simply never contributes any changes or fixes back to us due to "Pride, Greed and Competition" and that does nothing but hurts us all. If you find ANYTHING that you think is not right or could be improved then by all means report it ASAP. By Forums, By Tracker, Or even By Skype as a majority of the developers utilize such application. I even have my Skype public on this profile. Any one at any time can add me for questions, help or even some one to talk to! We try our absolute best to discover and fix problems such as that but every developer here has a Job, Family, Children and Life Problems they must sort out first!
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    From what I've seen CMaNGOS does NOT provide Warden or SD3 (Our modification of SD2 that was cleaned up) server/src/game/Warden at develop21 * mangoszero/server * GitHub GitHub - mangos/ScriptDev3: [submodule] New Scripting engine for all MaNGOS cores. Developed from the old ScriptDev2. compared to mangos-classic/src/scriptdev2 at master * cmangos/mangos-classic * GitHub Our file system is also much more nicer server/src/game at develop21 * mangoszero/server * GitHub compared to mangos-classic/src/game at master * cmangos/mangos-classic * GitHub MaNGOS also comes with a Lua Scripting Engine as the Developers for said engine work directly with us. CMaNGOS has nothing like this. We are the only core that has it directly integrated. Not to mention our revolutionary build system with our home brewed compile system "MaNGOS_EasyBuild.exe" Our installation guide is very nice to. http://getmangos.eu/wiki/Installation%20Guides/Windows/Installing-MaNGOS-on-Windows.md

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