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    Русификация БД 3.3.5. Есть ошибки при загрузке в таблице db script string но сервер запускается Скачать с Яндекс диска
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    I've been playing with Mangoszero now for almost two months (user only) and think I've got a pretty good feel for how it's to be used as well as some of its limitations. But, I started this adventure with the hope of getting back into development (I was part of the Kernel dev team at Microsoft for W7 but have been retired since 2003). So, as my first foray into the code, I'd like to begin by documenting the module architecture. By this I mean: Command and data flow: what modules are touched when some arbitrary client command, e.g., "/cast Flash Heal") reaches the server (mangosd.exe). Related to #1, how are the modules laid out (e.g., we used to do block diagrams from the user interface, through the main body of the code and back). Whoops. An alarm just went off and I have to drive to the airport to pickup my wife. I should say that I've looked through the various doc resources and have found nothing like this. So, if it exists a pointer to the docs would be very, very greatly appreciated. Cheers,
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    I have started tinkering with the Eluna Engine, and I am really lovin this.. Reloading scripts on the fly, outstanding. Interesting thought, one could replace a LOT of the in game commands with Lua scripts, which would also allow for even greater customization. Anyhow, I noticed the Iron Forge Guards don't wave, so, I thought I would give Eluna a shot at fixing the issue. local CREATURE_EVENT_ON_RECEIVE_EMOTE = 8; local ENTRY_ID = 5595; -- 14365; local EMOTE_WAVE = 3; function GuardHandleEmote(event, creature, player, emoteid) player:SendBroadcastMessage("The Guard acknowledges."); creature:Emote( EMOTE_WAVE ); creature:Say("Hello there!"); end RegisterCreatureEvent( ENTRY_ID, CREATURE_EVENT_ON_RECEIVE_EMOTE, GuardHandleEmote, 0 ); Honestly, this is a simple first attempt, and really any emote should trigger the Guard to wave. Also, the "Send..." is there for debugging. The results, I get nothing. Can anyone please explain what I'm doing wrong or why this isn't working like I would expect? Also, does it matter if you have the Guard selected, and then /wave, or will all Guards with the script react to it? thank you. -B
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    20 years of c++ doesnt prepare you for poor documentation i looked everywhere, and couldnt find a link to the page you just gave.

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