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    So I been working on a small app that lets me connect to a selected realm without having to keep editing the WTF as that got a little boring after doing it many times I know there maybe already such a program out there but I like to make my own stuff i got a pre alpha working and if anyone would like to test it let me know I got a few changes to come such as multi client exe folder suppport for Classic/BC/Wotlk download link here http://www.daggerspine.co.uk/ConfigLauncher.zip any feed back will be good too
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    I know I'm chiming in a little bit late here, but after running into the same problem on my own, I was able to resolve it by setting PlayerCommands to 1 in mangosd.conf. This permits the use of allowed commands such as those associated with bots, but does not allow any problematic GM commands for regular users. There may be another way to go about this, but that's what worked for me.
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    Inspired by Foereaper - Duel Reset --------------------------------------------- -- Made by Foereaper -- -- Edited and Tested by Alexej -- -- Expansion: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 -- --------------------------------------------- function OnDuelReset(event, player1, player2) -- OnDuelReset - player1 player1:ResetAllCooldowns() -- Remove all cooldowns. player1:SetHealth(player1:GetMaxHealth()) -- Set player1 health to maximum. (100%) player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 0) -- Set player1 mana to maximum. (100%) player1:SetPower(0, 1) -- Set player1 rage to minimum. (0%) player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 3) -- Set player1 energy to maximum. (100%) -- OnDuelReset - player2 player2:ResetAllCooldowns() -- Remove all cooldowns. player2:SetHealth(player2:GetMaxHealth()) -- Set player2 health to maximum. (100%) player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 0) -- Set player2 mana to maximum. (100%) player2:SetPower(0, 1) -- Set player2 rage to minimum. (0%) player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 3) -- Set player2 energy to maximum. (100%) end RegisterPlayerEvent(10, OnDuelReset) -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_START RegisterPlayerEvent(11, OnDuelReset) -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_END
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    It's 2018 and this stuff helped me a lot!

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