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    Flawless install. Thank you for the precompiled binaries. Not having a solid internet connection, this keeps me sane.
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    Goals for 2017 For 2017 the following are what we would like to achieve: Release Version 21 for Zero, One and Two containing all the recent updates and fixes we have. Release Version 21 for Three and Four - which will involve a massive amount of work to get these cores up to date. Redo the server commands to make them a bit more standard and obvious. Break out AHBot into its own daemon process Develop a mangos update daemon, which allows the ability to apply DB content and minor updates automatically Create Editors for the other xxxdocs systems (we currently only have a dbDoc Editor) Normalise the character DB and remove data blob fields Continue to standardise the code across the cores where its appropriate to do so. Document where it differs and why. Move some hardcoded values from the core into the DB, possibly some enums as well. Implement Stormlib library for Zero, One and Two and remove mlib Apply the Unified Extractor to Three and Four (requires stormlib) Look at removing DBC usage from the Core and change the extraction process to include importing into a DB for use by the core. Including Multiple locale support. This would facilitate the removal of stormlib / mlib from the core and only be needed by the extraction tools. Finish implementing the database localisation and allow localised db content to be loaded and edited. Including a localisation editor to allow localised translations to be created/edited by users. Look at Adapting EAI to match SAI functionality. As well as some of the more obvious ones: Clear down reported bugs on the Project Tracker. Improve the World Database with updates and corrections. Improve the Wiki Documentation. Include some example Eluna scripts to assist those starting out learning to script with Eluna. Include some custom Eluna scripts to help showcase it's abilities. Finally, we would like to get into a twice yearly Release cycle of more major releases. MangosVB (Formerly Spurious) RoadMap for 2017 Add RealmDB from c++ Mangos and modifying MangosVB to be compatible with it. Work out how to get MangosVB to use the standard Mangos map format. Finishing warden functionality (so it can use/read signatures from DB) Merge all of the changes from Zero to One and Two Investigate into voice functionality for One / Two Doing spells.. implementing them like stealth and getting a proper DB script system in place Getting it compiled and running under unix (using mono)
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    Can be downloaded from: MySQL download Notes for guide * Can only install 32Bit or 64bit - Can't install both (blame Oracle, not us) * Must match the server version you wish to compile either 32Bit or 64Bit.
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    No, you're not right! Updatemask is used as part of client/server dialog to send changes to the client. Everytime an object field CHANGES at the server side (from the last time it's update was sent), the corresponding updatemask bit is set to 1. When an object changes server side, the updatemask is sent along with the changed fields (and only those) to the client. After the object update is sent to the client, the updatemask resets all its bits to 0. When you first create an object first time, ALL FIELDS MUST BE INITIALIZED, so the updatemask bits are all 1 and you send to the client all object fields. There is no field left unintialized.
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    Русификация БД 3.3.5. Есть ошибки при загрузке в таблице db script string но сервер запускается Скачать с Яндекс диска
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    The solution would likely have been using git submodule update
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    Thanks for the help from Antz and other members of the MaNGOS community in getting my local dev environment (vstudio, MaNGOS-Zero) setup and running. By way of background, I really don't intend to do development on Mangos per se. Rather, I want to use it as a testing platform for AddOn development in anticipation of WoW Classic. I should explain that I have nothing against private servers except for the huge latency of running multiple clients from here in Missoula accessing a server in Europe. Having my own little environment over which I can have complete control is a real joy. So, thanks everyone for the help and thanks for this great environment. Cheers,
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    World of Warcraft Torrent Links Directory World of Warcraft (1.12.1) For MaNGOS Zero https://www.thepiratebay.org/torrent/5250337/World_of_Warcraft_1.12.1_Classic_(Install_and_Go_) World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade (2.4.3) For MaNGOS One https://www.thepiratebay.org/torrent/5186818/World_of_Warcraft_-_2.4.3_TBC_Ready World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5) For MaNGOS Two https://www.thepiratebay.org/torrent/8341516/World_of_Warcraft__Wrath_of_The_Lich_King_(WOTLK_3.3.5a) World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (4.3.4) For MaNGOS Three magnet:?xt=urn:btih:848c1f366be2d7fbe4b69bd6bfb57daabd767b08&dn=World%20of%20Warcraft% World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (5.4.8) For MaNGOS Four https://www.thepiratebay.org/torrent/16577734/World_of_Warcraft_5.4.8
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    A problem was found in the extractor this morning which caused the extraction to fail, this has now been fixed
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    Hello, 1.12.1 and upwards are very similar versions. To my knowledge, they are only small variations from each others. Nothing to do with new spells or even new content. 1.12.1 changelog: New content. 1.12.2 changelog: Bugfixes. 1.12.3 changelog: Chinese-version bugfixes only. Tal'
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    Hi,antz. I check the db character set,it's "latin1",then I change it to "utf-8",It works! thank you very much!!! ps:I suggest add the "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci" in the end of all create database sql at InstallDatabases.bat/InstallDatabases.sh. like this: %mysql%mysql -q -s -h %svr% --user=%user% --password=%pass% --port=%port% -e "create database %wdb% DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci";
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    You have no idea just how many hoops we had to jump through to massage the tracker data into something useful !
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    Hello vanbeef, same here, I heard a lot of things where about to come to mangos2 so I wanted to come back and see where that was heading. I'm still so surprised to see daily updates here, you guys are awesome.
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    The cmangos fork split from mangos about 4 years ago and have continued to work on the core like we do. However include valid patches from them in our project as well as out own.
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    Hello and welcome to the site, if you need any assistance just let us know
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    So you've found a bug you want to fix, or a feature you want to implement, thanks! If you follow this guide it will make it much easier for the community to review your changes, and the core team to get them included in the next release. If you need an introduction to git, check out the tutorial and Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So. Making Your Changes The first thing you need to do is obtain a clone of the MaNGOS repository (We will assume MangosZero in these examples) $ git clone --recursive http://github.com/mangoszero/server.git 0server $ cd 0server Then you need to create your new branch: $ git checkout -b make_mangos_scale Switched to a new branch "make_mangos_scale" Now you're ready to get coding. Be sure to include tests which demonstrate the bug you're fixing, and fully exercise any new features you're adding. You should also take care to make sure the documentation is updated if you're changing the API. Once you've finished making your changes you need to commit them. $ git commit -a -m "I made MaNGOS scale by adding quantum tunneling" Created commit 29f8baa: I made MaNGOS scale by adding quantum tunneling 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) Preparing your changes for submission. Now that you've made your changes it's time to get them into a patch. We need to update rails and fix any conflicts we had. $ git checkout master Switched to branch "master" $ git pull $ git submodule init $ git submodule update ... $ git checkout make_mangos_scale Switched to branch "make_mangos_scale" $ git rebase master Once you've fixed any conflicts, you're ready to create a patch: $ git format-patch master --stdout > make-mangos-scale.diff Now you can attach that patch file to a getmangos.eu tracker ticket and add the 'patch' tag. Reviewing Changes To apply someone's changes you need to first create a branch: $ git checkout -b koz_made_mangos_scale Then you can apply their patch $ git am < their-patch-file.diff Once you have a working copy, you should take note of the following kinds of things: Are you happy with the tests, can you follow what they're testing, is there anything missing Does the documentation still seem right to you Do you like the implementation, can you think of a nicer or faster way to implement a part of their change Once you're happy it's a good change, please comment on the ticket indicating your approval. Your comment should indicate that you like the change and what you like about it. Something like: I like the way you've restructured that code in Server namespace, much nicer. The tests look good too. If your comment simply says +1, then odds are other reviewers aren't going to take it too seriously. Show that you took the time to review the patch. Once three people have approved it, add the verified tag. This will bring it to the attention of a committer who'll then review the changes looking for the same kinds of things. Congratulations and Thank You! Once your changes have been applied, you've officially become part of the large community of independent contributors working to improve MaNGOS. Important Notes The MaNGOS core team prefers that you create a github fork only for large changesets which are likely to involve a lot of code reviews/changes back and forth, or if 2 or more people are working on the same feature/bug. But of course, like all the rules, exceptions can be made for cases that demands for it.
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    Very good thanks madmax. Need update for new Wow Classic 1.13.x
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    I am currently working on a permanent fix for this issue: As a temporary fix, you can apply the follow SQL to the realm DB's: For TBC: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.'; For Wotlk: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '2' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.'; For Cata: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '3' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.';
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    An ObjectGuid is a 64bit number which uniquely identifies an entity (Player, GameObject, Creature, etc.). Though the only requirement is to be unique, current implementations try to encode as much information as possible into this number, to limit external queries. For example, datas taken from sniffs revealed that the most significant bytes from the Blizzard's GUID identifies the entity type. These bytes were named High Guids (because of their position in the GUID). Low GUIDS are simply entries from databases, or counters, which can help figuring what exact entity is. Technically speaking these High and Low GUIDS have no importance, and it's up to you how you define the ObjectGuid, as long it is UNIQUE.
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    You need rather to send the confirmation that the server have handled the update successfully. This is a short responce packet. For 1.12 client, it would be probably the opcode SMSG_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_DATA = 0x20C, while for 2.4.3 it is SMSG_UPDATE_ACCOUNT_DATA_COMPLETE = 0x0463, Just remember this is a dialog, a query - a responce. On the TBC (2.4.3) client, the next packets represent another dialog phrase: CMSG_READY_FOR_ACCOUNT_DATA_TIMES SMSG_ACCOUNT_DATA_TIMES with the only difference that here CMSG is a short query and SMSG is a longer responce.
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    My deepest respect to the dev's of this awesome project. It was a 10 year long dream having a private family server. You all made this happen. Feel my hands on your shoulders. You are the paladins in the bubble, the Wizard in the Ice, the Murloc on the epic mounts. Thank you!
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    Alright! Yes I am following the guide! just asking to make sure everything goes 100% smooth through the guide!
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    Meeting at the blackwing Coven ID: 10722 No chat option show up when you talk to Kolphis Darkscale while in disguise
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    Hey guys, greetings from germany, i'm getting started in using mangosZero right now. Vanilla was and is the best version of WoW imho. i cant describe my happiness to enjoy it cuz of your project! thanks for everything so far i'm very excited to jump into the code and maybe i will be some day a contributor! so glad to have vanilla up and running on my local machine for testing purposes a real dream became truth ! greetz illusi0nary
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    the following SQL code will update any NPC that casts 'Curse of Thule' (all Rot Hides and Maggot Eye): also, based on a quick SQL search, the following NPCs will probably also self-cast these curses: Curse of Weakness (spell 12741) Darbel Montrose (npc 2598) Jugkar Grim'rod (npc 5771) Oro Eyegouge (npc 7606) Lady Sevine (npc 7667) Postmaster Malown (npc 11143) Morloch (npc 11657) Curse of Blood (spell 16098) Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin (npc 9236) Aspect of Malice (npc 14520) Curse of Agony (spell 18671) Lady Illucia Barov (npc 10502) Curse of Weakness (spell 21007) Varo'then's Ghost (npc 6118) Ironspine (npc 6489) Curse of the Tribes (spell 21048) Cursed Centaur (npc 11688) Curse of the Elemental Lord (spell 26977) Lord Incendius (npc 9017)
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    Exactly this bit on CreatureEventAI is shown in the logs (both console and world-server.log) with all default mangosd.conf settings. To get others, I suppose, you need to request more detailed logging in the config. I tested it on a Win32 clean build with DB set up via InstallDatabases.bat. Just checked that the latest DB updates were installed too.
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    Is there any sort of IRC channel for MaNGOS? I saw a post mentioning Discord, which makes sense since it's more geared towards gamers. But some people (especially us old farts) prefer IRC. It works on a wider variety of hardware, with much less overhead. If not, would anyone be interested in it? I'd consider starting one if there were at least a small handful of other people who would care to join.
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    It's a quite popular opinion. It even looks true because on TBC/WotLK with "official" flying, there was no one in pre-TBC zones. But, do you really think the blizz GMs had been walking? Or, they used a special non-public client build with additional features enabled? The fact is that the client handles somehow many packets marked in Opcodes.h as CHEAT (like MSG_MOVE_TELEPORT_CHEAT, MSG_MOVE_TOGGLE_COLLISION_CHEAT, MSG_MOVE_TOGGLE_GRAVITY_CHEAT, SMSG_GODMODE so on). The second fact is that the movement system of the MangosZero does not believe in any flight possibility, having also a lot of undescribed MoveFlag's. I was told about implementations of such flying, smth on the swim flag; I doubt strongly that they are blizzlike in the terms of packet sequence. Despite of this knowledge, I'm unable to implement the mechanic now. So, the answer above will hold until someone more knowledgeable disproves it.
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    I have to agree with you, thank for your input will have an official release soon
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    Welcome to MaNGOS - We were all beginners once, so we know exactly how you feel
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    Dunno, give it a try Tal'
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    Thank you, I have learned much from this. I feel that I can now do a lot more with Eluna, thanks to the example you provided.
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    Hey, So just want to check the proecss. You are running: git clone --recursive https://github.com/mangoszero/server Then running the "EasyBuild" in the "Win"folder? and following the options? Making sure you have open solution file ticked.
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    Just want to say i love the new look and revamp to get mangos
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    pyphon is not part of Easybuild at all. What version of the core are using ? MangosThree requires an additional patch to be run for easybuild to work. Zero, One and Two can be run as is.
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    Hey, I am Shane, i am a game master for a small server known as Arithelwow, based on the mangos one core. If you have any questions about the server let me know! Thanks shane, Arithel wow staff.
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    Hello Tenarie, From what I remember for proc rates, these are all calculated based on the spells, speed, ppm, ... If you have deviation for this, there's a spell_proc_data table in the database to override it.
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    A critical status bug report has been filed. This should be resolved this week.
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    Hello there first off let me say thank you to all that have put in many hours into making Mangoszero. outstanding job!!! I have spent many hours surfing the net and forums for information or tools on how to create custom dungeons and items, and in my findings so far I have concluded that I need map cords ( some which I have but have yet to test) and unused ID's for weapons, gear, etc. So my question is this: do anyone know or have anything that can help me in this area? I am currently using Rev 21 of Mangoszero on a Win 7 server. Without the custom content everything works just great and I haven't found any issues yet. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
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    if you look in the develop21 branch it's all there.... we are hoping to complete merging it all down into master very soon - We have been working on this for 3+ weeks and it's almost done
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    UNIT_FLAG_DISABLE_MOVE is a confusing flag; despite its name, it only applies to players and simply means "the player is no longer in the control of its movement". For the chasing cannons issue, the only viable method I see is to use EventAI with ACTION_T_COMBAT_MOVEMENT on EVENT_T_SPAWNED For the casting spell issue, one is tempted to think that creature_template_spells table from the database is enough to make a creature cast spells. The truth is that table has nothing to do with creatures' spells, it simply describes what spells are available in your action bar if you CONTROL that creature (mind control, for example). Please remember, in MaNGOS and all it's descendants, no creature will cast spells unless instructed to do so via scripting! All creatures, by default, can only do melee attacks (and have combat movement enabled). So, for the cannons to cast spell 36238, it is mandatory to script them (EventAI is the most simple approach).
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    ok, so this probably isn't the place to ask...but I'm having trouble with the ExtractResources.sh file. It seems to extract the dbc folder alright...but the mmaps and vmaps folders are empty. I get an error during extraction that 'maps' directory is emtpy or does not exist. I'm running this on Windows R2 2012 64 bit, but everything I'm using, software wise, is 32 bit. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Naizian
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    Hello fellow new yorker
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    Thanks for the feedback Madmax. I've also heard of several people involved in aowow debugging and most decided to capture aowow SQL queries and just rewrite the frontend (albeit with very limited functionality) Have a good one as well =)
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    Hello guys! Today i trying test 2 instance, Karazhan and Black Temple. I did it one, so maybe in this problem, but i dont know. So here is 2 full videos. What problem i see: Black Temple 1. Illidan, starts, 30:40 in video: after wipe i cant start event again and pull boss, he stands with Akama, and that`s all, player cant go though "wall" and cant restart event. 2. Reliquary of Souls, starts 9:06 in video, i dont get loot (maybe it`s becouse i pull it with .damage 25000 comand 2.1 Reliquary of Souls, no change phase. 3. Illidari Council, starts 26:00 in video, looks like they dont have "shared" health. I tried dps them, obe by one (over 40k dps in sec), but it` reset up to 100% (dont looks like it healing spell). Karazhan 1. Chees, I killed manualy all mobs, and dont get loot . I dont see Mediv starts: 20:24 2. Aran, looks like fire spell dont work, i trying moving out of circle of fire, and dont get any damage from it, and dont jump to. starts: 17:06 (no fire damage at 18:48). 3. Netherspite - its work? ) Cant test it one 4. Jullite and NO ROMEO - starts 06:26 - only Juliete and no Romeo. 5. Curator - starts 10:00 on video. No evocation phase, it`s starts but for one second you can see at (10:43 video), and he start summon too many "voids or adds...". So i have questions: 1. Bugs like this (if it is bugs) each server\owner of server fix self , and dont give it to community to have "The Best Server on Planet Earth?" ) 2. Bugs like this exist 8 years? oO (i mean this is old content and nobody fixed it already for share with community? ) 3. If i want learn and upgrade self programmers skills, what i need to fix? I mean i dont know good structure of Mangosd, it`s bugs in database, in scripts? Where i can find it, look at it and try to fix. Maybe i learn something new I look at github (scriptdev3), there is .CPP (here is for Illidan, https://github.com/mangos/ScriptDev3/blob/master/scripts/outland/black_temple/boss_illidan.cpp#L95 - so problem with Illidan with stuck after wipe, this problem in this file?). If yes, it exist fast way to recompile only scripts or one script, becouse it`s too long compile whole server (not long like one day just long ;). 4. Maybe exist faster, easier, way to update this boss, maybe someone knew? I mean something like patch, update DB or smthg else? Any ideas? ) 5. And my 5-th question , it`s is correct to post this "bugs"\problems here? Thank you, and dont thank me for my english ) I know it`s excelent
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    Well yeah, sometimes spell.dbc is confusing and is missing some features that were added into the database (sometimes really hackfixing it). If I look to the spell ID 19699, I got that this spell is from the school nature. From its attributes: - not usable shapeshifted - channeled - flags unk10, unk16 & unk26 are set Advanced info: - Creature type mask is BEAST - Spell level is 10 - range is average (30 max) - No cast time - Default recovery time As spell effects: - threat - apply aura 4 (spell aura dummy), value = 1 - no third effect So indeed, this spell does not contain the restriction to the nightsaber. Database is then handling the missing part. :-)
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    Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Assigned to Necrovoice Changed Milestone to 21 I know exactly what has to be done.. in fact the fix is already done on my pc... it should of been released in Rel21_02_28 but never made it in (ie. I forgot)
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    A good finding for a start. I describe here the evident issues of the solution. The config file mangosd.conf is meant for server administartors knowing neither about DB, nor about core sources. However, it is flexible enough (and is becoming more) to allow desired in-game experience. The 5 parameters of interests are MinTrainMountLevel, [Epic]MountCost, Train[Epic]MountCost. However, they will not change the item cost. This changes some DB fields which must not be changed. The values of such "WDB verified" field came directly in packets from offy servers. List of such fields you can find here for 3.3.5. No big differences to the classic. So, the changes are antiblizzlike and as such will be considered unacceptable by (lot of) developers, including me for example. Your SQL queries are not reapplicable. You need to remember how many times you applied a query. If not, you risk to finish with zero bying cost of the items, when your "restorative back" query will be unable to help. To update your items at vendors, each player has to clean the client cache in the WDB/ client folder. I think the itemcache.wdb file is responsible. It is a reckoning for changing WDB verified fields.
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    Hey guys, I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to have this included by default into lua (at least because I am unable to extend it to support it myself on my server ) Could be useful for more people maybe. Talking about something like this: // GetXpRate() static int GetXpRate(lua_State* L, Unit* unit) { TO_PLAYER(); sEluna->PushInteger(L, player->GetCustomXpRate()); return 1; } // SetXpRate(number) static int SetXpRate(lua_State* L, Unit* unit) { TO_PLAYER(); float xprate = luaL_checknumber(L, 1); player->SetCustomXpRate(xprate); return 0; } Found here: [Trinity] Individual player XP and loot rates for latest TrinityCore 3.3.5a

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