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    Perhaps these will help: managing-user-accounts-using-3rd-party-apps
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    Thanks. I can switch forms on the fly, which in turn, I can switch the authorization method as well.
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    @My Channel The algorithm should be different upon core version. The auth process is not quite the same if you are on Mangos Zero oor other extensions above Some of them use SRP6 algorithm and other only SHA_PASS_HASH of concat(Upper(login:password))
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    Hi @My Channel Some updates have been done for newer Mysql server versions.
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    The latest DB update is Rel21_11_070_Feral_Dragonhawk_Hatchling, you should only have to update your core at this time.
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    Mangos ZERO: Rel21_16_050 Mangos ONE: Rel21_012_39 Mangos TWO: Rel21_011_068
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    Its a step back from the current build. but you can use this link here. everything should work for you. This is a temp fix till the other stuff is sorted out. https://github.com/mangostwo/server/releases/tag/v21.9.65
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    I see whats going on here and will have a fix in the next day or two 😁 This is a problem across most of the cores. Here is what we know. The banner was never a requirement to complete the quest. (an over sight on official?) The item should be removed when used. I dont believe it was ever removed at turn in. (Again maybe players should use the item as part of the quest and it is assumed they should) . This opens up the quesion, should we add our own check at quest turn in and remove the item? I say leave it, and allow the player to delete at their own discretion. The message "Required Talon Den", is the only real fix that is needed to make it as the offical servers (at one point in time) had it.
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    This update should fix the Druid flight path issue as well as the Startup errors. REL21_16_039
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    I believe you are correct. I will do a little research and should have something soon.
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    I apologize very much for the disturbance and thank you for the quick help. I actually made a copy-paste error and accidentally downloaded the mangoszero database. Sorry again for the inconvenience. I hope I can come back to you if there are any further problems! Thanks a lot!
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    So I been working on a small app that lets me connect to a selected realm without having to keep editing the WTF as that got a little boring after doing it many times I know there maybe already such a program out there but I like to make my own stuff i got a pre alpha working and if anyone would like to test it let me know I got a few changes to come such as multi client exe folder suppport for Classic/BC/Wotlk download link here http://www.daggerspine.co.uk/ConfigLauncher.zip any feed back will be good too
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    Rel21_16_32 Update with the fix above and both quests should be working correctly. Will leave this open for a short time in the event this does not resolve the current reported issues. If you find any more, please create a new report. Thanks
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    Using the item Rough Stone Statue and then running out of its casting range will cause the server to crash.
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    @Natrist, I was just about to close this as complete. lol Thanks for the submit
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    Not sure if playerbots support battlegrounds currently.
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    Version 0.21.GitHub


    Mangos Zero Server with playerbots For: World of Warcraft ClassicInstall Guides: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Status: Playable Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141) MangosZero-Serverx86.zip (32 bit) MangosZero-Serverx64.zip (64 bit) Built in Scripts (SD3 & Eluna) Playerbot Allows players to spawn bots to group up and play with them. Settings for this are in aiplayerbot.conf.dist This can be enabled or disabled in the config file Map Extractors Realm, World & Character databases Authentication Realm-Daemon server (realmd) Mangos-Daemon world server (Mangosd) Requirements: C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (Included in .zip)
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    Hi everyone ! I am Elmsroth. I used to run several Wow private servers since TBC extensions, then on WoTLK. If I remember well it was from 2007 to 2011...I used to work mainly on French servers because... I am French. I have a solid developer background (C#, PHP,Java, SQL, Bash) and 10+ years of experience in developement. I have a computer science engineer degree since 2011. I also have a few skills in networking, web hosting, database administration & cloud computing. I began with Mangos core then switched on trinitycore because I focused on WoTLK. I used to make some customs scripts in C++ for my server with trinitycore. Today I would like to jump back in the emulation adventure by making a Mangos Zero server for my guild and make customs scripts in order to hel us making quick dungeons & raid tests for our Wow classic guild on official servers. I am currently reading the documentation for setting up a Mangos servers and it reminds me lots of good moments from the past (it is not so different from a Trinitycore server). Se you around guys !
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    Ok, so your errors are all on Mangos zero? If you use Discord, you can find me there and we can talk directly if you like Resolved after a fresh build and DB install.
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    i'll try to compile extractors on windows and extrac again! Thank you i'll a reply here if it is solve my problem!
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    mm i tried extract in windows but with thridpart extractors i should recompile extractors on windows with the same source and extract again correct?
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    Very good thanks madmax. Need update for new Wow Classic 1.13.x
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    i found no space in folder name and it's work better
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    I am currently working on a permanent fix for this issue: As a temporary fix, you can apply the follow SQL to the realm DB's: For TBC: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '1' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.'; For Wotlk: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '2' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.'; For Cata: ALTER TABLE account MODIFY COLUMN `expansion` TINYINT(3) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '3' COMMENT 'Which maximum expansion content a user has access to.';
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    Hi, There is a bug tracker - https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/
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    Thank you so much for your response! I Agree that the problem of one (1) herb node in all of Elwynn Forest is probably not a DB issue I checked the pool_gameobject table as suggested, and there are plenty listed there. Certainly much much more than 1! I also compared the contents of this table with other vanilla wow dbs, and it's close enough. I've been figuring out how to use the .pool spawns and .lookup pool commands. Those are helping quite a bit. - Bo
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    The default group loot does not work correctly for M2 What happens: Loot is treated as if free for all was set. What should happen: Each player takes turns looting a corpse, Kind of like round-robin. A threshold is also in place for items of a certain quality still requiring a roll. This portion of the default group look works on M1 and can be checked as a reference.
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    OMG i'm totally stupid, i was trying to log in with an account that i manually added to the db and not save it in the db (new sql client in never used before) just logged in Tyy @Necrovoice & @madmax
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    That error message indicates that you are missing the OpenSSL dll's that are needed. Installing OpenSSL will correct the issue.
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    Hi. I downloaded some version of Mangos, I don't know which one it is but it is vanilla wow and it says in the read me "Version created: 19/10/2018" and it got from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veAvx590obg (in the description you can see the "reupload") Anyways, when I try to login with username Admin and password admin, it doesn't work. Then I saw in the "README" that you should use username Admin and password "password", it worked I thought for a second until it told me my account was closed. I downloaded a vanilla client from another source but that didn't work either, just tells me account is closed Help
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    If anyone really wants to have a go at creating a mangos core support nuClassic, then please contact either @madmax or @antz directly and we'll see what we can do to help you get started.
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    I know I'm chiming in a little bit late here, but after running into the same problem on my own, I was able to resolve it by setting PlayerCommands to 1 in mangosd.conf. This permits the use of allowed commands such as those associated with bots, but does not allow any problematic GM commands for regular users. There may be another way to go about this, but that's what worked for me.
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    Ty for reply. Another doubt. What version of 5.7 do I use? 5.7.9 5.7.10 5.7.11 ... 5.7.23 5.7.24 5.7.25
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    I have the same doubt.
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    This is fixed latest revision.
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    Goals for 2019 For 2019 the following are what we would like to achieve: Release Version 22 for Zero, One, Two and Three containing all the recent updates and fixes we have. Redo the server commands to make them a bit more standard and obvious. Break out AHBot into its own daemon process Develop a mangos update daemon, which allows the ability to apply DB content and minor updates automatically Normalise the character DB and remove data blob fields Move some hardcoded values from the core into the DB, possibly some enums as well. Implement Stormlib library for Zero, One and Two and remove mlib Apply the Unified Extractor to Three and Four (requires stormlib) Look at removing DBC usage from the Core and change the extraction process to include importing into a DB for use by the core. Including Multiple locale support. This would facilitate the removal of stormlib / mlib from the core and only be needed by the extraction tools. Look at Adapting EAI to match SAI functionality. As well as some of the more obvious ones: Continue to standardise the code across the cores where its appropriate to do so. Document where it differs and why. Clear down reported bugs on the Project Tracker. Improve the World Database with updates and corrections. Improve the Wiki Documentation. Include some example Eluna scripts to assist those starting out learning to script with Eluna. Include some custom Eluna scripts to help showcase it's abilities. Finally, we would like to get into a twice yearly Release cycle of more major releases. MangosVB (Formerly Spurious) RoadMap for 2017 Add RealmDB from c++ Mangos and modifying MangosVB to be compatible with it. Once done, this will be linked via a git submodule Work out how to get MangosVB to use the standard Mangos map format. Finishing warden functionality (so it can use/read signatures from DB) Merge all of the changes from Zero to One and Two Investigate into voice functionality for One / Two Doing spells.. implementing them like stealth and getting a proper DB script system in place.
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    Inspired by Foereaper - Duel Reset --------------------------------------------- -- Made by Foereaper -- -- Edited and Tested by Alexej -- -- Expansion: The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 -- --------------------------------------------- function OnDuelReset(event, player1, player2) -- OnDuelReset - player1 player1:ResetAllCooldowns() -- Remove all cooldowns. player1:SetHealth(player1:GetMaxHealth()) -- Set player1 health to maximum. (100%) player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 0) -- Set player1 mana to maximum. (100%) player1:SetPower(0, 1) -- Set player1 rage to minimum. (0%) player1:SetPower(player1:GetMaxPower(), 3) -- Set player1 energy to maximum. (100%) -- OnDuelReset - player2 player2:ResetAllCooldowns() -- Remove all cooldowns. player2:SetHealth(player2:GetMaxHealth()) -- Set player2 health to maximum. (100%) player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 0) -- Set player2 mana to maximum. (100%) player2:SetPower(0, 1) -- Set player2 rage to minimum. (0%) player2:SetPower(player2:GetMaxPower(), 3) -- Set player2 energy to maximum. (100%) end RegisterPlayerEvent(10, OnDuelReset) -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_START RegisterPlayerEvent(11, OnDuelReset) -- PLAYER_EVENT_ON_DUEL_END
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    It's 2018 and this stuff helped me a lot!
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    Introduction As you may have noticed, from time to time there is a news article on the left side of the login screen for the WoW Client. Sometimes it can be annoying having a Blizzard notice that the servers are going down, when in reality, your server(s) is not going to be going down for maintenance in the foreseeable future. Here are instructions on how to alleviate this problem for you and your players, should you have anyone else on your server: Disabling Breaking News First, we need to go into our “hosts” file, which, depending on your operating system, will be in a different location. For Windows, the hosts file is in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. In order to edit this file, though, you are going to have to go into your start menu, type notepad, right-click on notepad and run as administrator. Then just hit file, open, and navigate to the hosts file. For *NIX, the location of the “hosts” file is /etc/hosts. Second, once you are editing the “hosts” file, you will need to go to the end of the file and enter the ip address of your server, in my case it would be Then tab over to the space under “localhost” and enter the actual servername of the warcraft breaking news server, again, in my case it was “launcher.worldofwarcraft.com”. Depending on your region the address will be different. There will be a list of breaking news server later. Finally, once you are done modifying your “hosts” file, you can restart the client and you will never see Blizzard’s breaking news again. “Pushing” Breaking News for your Server In order to start “pushing” your own news, follow the instructions from Disabling Breaking News and then, once you have finished modifying your “hosts” file, come back to this section. I’m assuming that you are using the WAMP server which covers both MySQL and Apache and are on Windows. If you are in *NIX, then you should not have to worry about MySQL and Apache as they should both already be installed, normally. With our server configuration out of the way, we are ready to begin preparing to push our own news to our clients. In the root web directory for your domain name or ip address, create a file called “Alert”. No quotation marks, no file extension, just Alert. And yes, capitalize the A. Alert is an over-simplified html file. As an example Alert file we have: SERVERALERT:<html><body><p>Your Message.</p></body></html> If you feel the need to disable your news system again at a future date, simply rename Alert to something like Alert2. When you want to re-enable your news system for a new tidbit of news, all you have to do is move Alert2 back to Alert and edit it. Blizzard’s Breaking News Servers US/SEA - http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.com/alert LA - http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.com/es/alert EN - http://status.wow-europe.com/en/alert ES - http://status.wow-europe.com/es/alert FR - http://status.wow-europe.com/fr/alert DE - http://status.wow-europe.com/de/alert RU - http://status.wow-europe.com/ru/alert KR - ??? http://launcher.worldofwarcraft.co.kr/alert CN - ??? http://launcher.battlenet.com.cn/alert TW - ??? http://launcher.wowtaiwan.com.tw/alert
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    MaNGOSVB Recruitment Short and Sweet, we are looking for more developer's on our .NET branch of MaNGOS, It includes unique features such as Map Clustering, which allows for more than one concurrent WorldServer to host the game. Requirements Basic Knowledge of vb.net, querying of SQL and how to pull, push and commit on GitHub. Willingness to become a MaNGOS Developer and be added to the getMaNGOS Developer Discord Repository: https://github.com/mangosvb/serverZero IssueTracker: https://www.getmangos.eu/bug-tracker/mangos-vb/ IssueTracker (Unused): https://github.com/mangosvb/serverZero/issues
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    The migration to OpenSSL 1.1 is now complete!
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    Works great! Bots appear and seem to work well. AiPlayerbot.RandomBotAutoCreate = 0 does not seem to be working. Every time I start my server ~450 bots are created. Was this the intention? Am I looking at the wrong setting? Also, is it possible for me to create characters myself and use them as bots when logged on a different character? Feel free to direct me to a different forum to discuss these questions.
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    MUCH OF THE INFORMATION FOUND WITHIN IS NO LONGER VALID AND OUT OF DATE Hello, in this tutorial, I will explain a step-by-step approach to configure, install and run Mangos on a Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system. To fully execute the installation, you need an original copy of the game client version you want to run. This guide has been fully tested on an empty Ubuntu 16.04 LTS system with minimal installation. Let's go.. Setup the database: Ubuntu is supporting MySQL by default. This part of the guide will help you to setup your instance of MySQL. Launch a terminal, and if it's not already the case, you need to become the 'root' user: sudo su - root Then, install MySQL, enter your root password when you will be prompted for: apt-get -y install mysql-server Once MySQLis installed, start it: systemctl start mysql I do advise you to add Mysql service at startup to execute it automatically: systemctl enable mysql Let's secure your mysql installation, execute the following command: mysql_secure_installation I advise you to setup the following parameters: Do not enforce the use of the password plugin Do not change the root password Remove anonymous access Disable remote access for the root user Remove the test database Reload the privileges Now that the setup of the database is done, we need to add the prerequisites for the mangos database configuration. We need to start by creating an user for mangos, login to the database using: mysql -u root -p Create the user you wish, the example given is creating an user 'mangos' who can connect from the 'localhost' and has the password 'password' (do not forget the ';') at the end: CREATE USER 'mangos'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password'; We then need to grant privileges to that user that we can use it later to setup the Mangos schemas (again, do not forget the ';' symbol): GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'mangos'@'localhost'; Exit the terminal: quit Congratulations, you have setup the pre-requisites for the database on Ubuntu ! Install Mangos: We are now at the interesting part, how do we install Mangos on Ubuntu ? Well, assuming you are logged in as 'root', go to the home directory: cd ~ Now, we can download our installer: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mangoszero/server/master/linux/getmangos.sh Set the permissions to be allowed to execute it: chmod 700 getmangos.sh And execute it: ./getmangos.sh Before we go further, some explanations on the available activities: Install Prerequisites will install all the necessary dependencies for you to build & run mangos. Toggled by default. Set Download And Install Paths will allow you to specify where the sources must be downloaded and where the binaries must be installed. Toggled by default. Clone Source repositories will help you cloning the Mangos sources. Toggled by default. Build MaNGOS will assist you in the building process of MaNGOS. Toggled by default. Install MaNGOS will help you installing MaNGOS. Toggled by default. Install Databases will assist you in the database schemas creation. Toggled by default. Extract Resources will help you to extract the DBC, maps, mmaps and vmaps from the game client. Toggled by default. Create Code::Blocks Project File will create a project for the Code::Blocks editor. Do not toggle this option if you don't plan to edit the MaNGOS sources. Now that you know everything, let the default options selected and select 'Ok' thanks to the Tab key. The script is now installing the necessary dependencies on your Ubuntu. You will be prompted to provide your agreement to install the build dependencies. Select 'Yes' two times. User selection: Mangos provides you the opportunity to run it under another user than the 'root' one. This is a good practice to isolate softwares and limit the security impact in case of an exploited vulnerability. The default proposed run user is 'mangos' but you can change if you wish. Select 'Ok' to continue. If you have already performed this step, the installer will ask you whether you want to keep that user. I advise you to reply 'Yes' except if you know what you are doing. Choose WoW Release: The next screen is requesting you to choose the WoW release you are willing to install. Select the one you that fits your wish and select 'Ok'. Source-Code Path: The next screen is asking you to provide the source path. By default, the proposed format is /home/<run user>/<wow version>/src. For instance, for a run user 'mangos' and a wow version 'Vanilla', the proposed path will be: /home/mangos/zero/src Reply 'Yes' to create the directory if it does not exist. If it does exist and contains sources, the installer will ask you whether you want to delete the content or not. Installation Path: The next screen is asking you to provide the installation path. This is the location from where you will execute the Mangos processes. By default, the proposed format is /home/<run user>/<wow version>. For instance, for a run user 'mangos' and a wow version 'Vanilla', the proposed path will be: /home/mangos/zero If it does exist and contains compiled sources, the installer will ask you whether you want to delete the content or not. Clone or update MaNGOS: The next step of the script is asking you whether you want to clone, update or use an existing copy of the MaNGOS sources. For a fresh installation, select the option '0 Clone a fresh copy of MaNGOS'. The installer will now connect to Github and check the available development branch, currently, the last stable release is the Rel21 and is hosted in the 'master' branch. The installer is now cloning the server and database repositories. Build Options: You are now at the build step. Some explanations over this screen: Enable Debug will setup debug flags and more tracing on Mangos. Use this build option only if you're requested to to fix a bug. Building a software in debug mode significantly reduces its performances. Use Standard Malloc, toggle this option to use the standard memory allocation. Untoggle this option only if you know what you are doing. Use External ACE libraries. Allows you to use the ACE libraries coming from your system. Untoggle this option only if you know what you are doing. Use PostgreSQL insteald of MySQL/MariaDB. Allows you to use another database provider than the default one. This option has not been tested and, if you have followed the tutorial so far, you should have setup MySQL 😉 Build Client Tools will build the extractors necessary to get dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps out of the game client. Unselect this option only if you already have these resources extracted. Use SD3 will allow you to build the ScriptDev3 Engine provided with MaNGOS. We advise you to keep this option toggled except if you don't like living world based on C++ scripts. Use Eluna will allow you to build the Eluna Engine provided with MaNGOS. We advise you to keep this option toggled except if you don't like living world based on LUA scripts. Select 'Ok' to proceed with the build process and confirm that would want to build MaNGOS. The installer is now building MaNGOS. Depending on the speed of your system, you have the time to drink a glass of water or a cup of coffee. 🙂 Installation: You will now be prompted to install Mangos. Select 'Yes' to install it. Database Operations: Wait.. another database setup ?! Yes, but this time, we are populating the database with the mangos data. You have three options here: Install clean databases to setup a fresh database Update existing databases to update your old version of the database Skip database work... but it wouldn't make sense 🙂 Select the first option if you are performing a fresh installation. You will be prompted to select your type of database. If you followed the guide so far, you should select "MySQL". The installer will then request your database information, if you followed the guide, you need to provide the following input: Hostname: localhost Port: 3306 User: mangos Password: password You can now choose into several options: ReInstall the realm database, containing all the realms information and the accounts ReInstall the world database, containing all the world configuration ReInstall the characters database, containing all the characters information Update the realmlist to setup an initial game server By default, all options must be toggled. The installer will now perform the database import. Extract Game Data: This step will copy the extractors to the wow game location, extract dbc, maps, mmaps and vmaps and copy these extracted data to your installation directory. The installer will automatically look for a suitable WoW client into your /home directory. If it doesn't find anything, you will have to provide your game location path. If the provided path doesn't contain any game data, the installer will exit. The extractor steps allows you to select the artifacts you want to extract: DBC and Maps, which are the minimum set of data you need to extract Mmaps which are the movement maps, based on vectoriel calculation, required for an efficient pathfinding Vmaps which are the virtual maps, used for collision detection and LoS detection The Mmaps extraction is taking several hours, you will have the time to sleep or drink several coffees. 🙂 Congratulations ! You almost did it ! Still few steps to perform before you can play on your preferred game. First of all, you need to switch to your run user. If you used mangos, the command will look like: su - mangos You need then to go to the configuration directory of your installation, if you installed Vanilla, it will look like the following command: cd /home/mangos/zero/etc Copy the realmd.conf.dist and mangosd.conf.dist files to their expected name: cp realmd.conf.dist realmd.conf cp mangosd.conf.dist mangosd.conf Edit the realmd.conf and find the line LoginDatabaseInfo. Provide your database information, according to this guide and if you have installed Vanilla, it should look like: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;zero_realm" Save your file and edit the file mangosd.conf. You need to provide the database information for the three database we have configured with our installer: LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;zero_realm" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;zero_world" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;mangos;password;zero_characters" Save your file and go back to the 'root' user: exit Make sure it keeps running ! What could be cooler than having the MaNGOS server starting automatically with your server ? Not much... so let's configure systemd to do so ! First of all, we need to tell it that we have two new services. Declare them by creating the corresponding files: touch /etc/systemd/system/realmd.service touch /etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service # Or give it a better name like zero.service if it's a vanilla gaming server for instance. Now, edit the /etc/systemd/system/realmd.service file and add the following content (Replace the installation path and the run user by the settings you have provided during the installation): [Unit] Description=Realmd service After=network.target mysql.service [Service] Type=simple User=mangos ExecStart=/home/mangos/zero/bin/realmd -c /home/mangos/zero/etc/realmd.conf Restart=on-abort [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target Save this file and edit the /etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service file (or the better name you gave to it) with the following content (same remark than above the installation path and the run user): [Unit] Description=WoW Vanilla service After=network.target mysql.service [email protected] [Service] Type=simple User=mangos ExecStart=/home/mangos/zero/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/zero/etc/mangosd.conf WorkingDirectory=/home/mangos/zero/bin StandardInput=tty TTYPath=/dev/tty3 TTYReset=yes TTYVHangup=yes Restart=on-abort [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target We are almost there ! You now need to tell systemd to reload its configuration: systemctl daemon-reload And let's start our processes to verify that they work: systemctl start realmd systemctl start mangosd To verify that it worked, execute the following command: systemctl status realmd systemctl status mangosd If it's working properly, you should have an output indicating you the success status for both service. The last step is to tell systemd to execute them at startup, for this, execute the following commands: systemctl enable realmd systemctl enable mangosd Congratulations ! You are now done with the MaNGOS setup on Ubuntu 16.04 :-) You can now reboot your computer to verify that everything is indeed started: reboot
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    @bgood https://www.getmangos.eu/forums/topic/9038-playerbot-ai-commands/
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    Nice work, I have loaded the game and bots appear! Can someone point me at a list of commands for controlling the bots? Thanks for the help, madmax!
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    So who has found out what happens when you put the mouse cursor over the Christmas lights at the top of the site? And are you liking the snow? So far I've scared a few of our developers with them! (Sound recommended).
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    So you've found a bug you want to fix, or a feature you want to implement, thanks! If you follow this guide it will make it much easier for the community to review your changes, and the core team to get them included in the next release. If you need an introduction to git, check out the tutorial and Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So. Making Your Changes The first thing you need to do is obtain a clone of the MaNGOS repository (We will assume MangosZero in these examples) $ git clone --recursive http://github.com/mangoszero/server.git 0server $ cd 0server Then you need to create your new branch: $ git checkout -b make_mangos_scale Switched to a new branch "make_mangos_scale" Now you're ready to get coding. Be sure to include tests which demonstrate the bug you're fixing, and fully exercise any new features you're adding. You should also take care to make sure the documentation is updated if you're changing the API. Once you've finished making your changes you need to commit them. $ git commit -a -m "I made MaNGOS scale by adding quantum tunneling" Created commit 29f8baa: I made MaNGOS scale by adding quantum tunneling 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-) Preparing your changes for submission. Now that you've made your changes it's time to get them into a patch. We need to update rails and fix any conflicts we had. $ git checkout master Switched to branch "master" $ git pull $ git submodule init $ git submodule update ... $ git checkout make_mangos_scale Switched to branch "make_mangos_scale" $ git rebase master Once you've fixed any conflicts, you're ready to create a patch: $ git format-patch master --stdout > make-mangos-scale.diff Now you can attach that patch file to a getmangos.eu tracker ticket and add the 'patch' tag. Reviewing Changes To apply someone's changes you need to first create a branch: $ git checkout -b koz_made_mangos_scale Then you can apply their patch $ git am < their-patch-file.diff Once you have a working copy, you should take note of the following kinds of things: Are you happy with the tests, can you follow what they're testing, is there anything missing Does the documentation still seem right to you Do you like the implementation, can you think of a nicer or faster way to implement a part of their change Once you're happy it's a good change, please comment on the ticket indicating your approval. Your comment should indicate that you like the change and what you like about it. Something like: I like the way you've restructured that code in Server namespace, much nicer. The tests look good too. If your comment simply says +1, then odds are other reviewers aren't going to take it too seriously. Show that you took the time to review the patch. Once three people have approved it, add the verified tag. This will bring it to the attention of a committer who'll then review the changes looking for the same kinds of things. Congratulations and Thank You! Once your changes have been applied, you've officially become part of the large community of independent contributors working to improve MaNGOS. Important Notes The MaNGOS core team prefers that you create a github fork only for large changesets which are likely to involve a lot of code reviews/changes back and forth, or if 2 or more people are working on the same feature/bug. But of course, like all the rules, exceptions can be made for cases that demands for it.
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    How to fix bugs? This one is easy! Take up knitting instead. Your sanity will thank you. Still, it's a well-written guide. I give it 10/10.

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