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  1. Lol, I'm an idiot... It worked perfectly, thank you so much.
  2. Thank you Tuker, but I feel like this guide is missing a step or something. I can't get passed steps 17-22. If I keep all the default settings I get a bunch of errors: _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Applying World DB updates | | | |_________________________
  3. So, I just compiled my own Mangos classic server on windows using this guide and I've been playing it the last few days and have encountered some annoying bugs. The biggest one is that whenever I get dazed/stunned/knocked down my character's stats get reset. To fix this I have to get out of combat, un-equip all of my items, and re-equip them. The second bug I found is that the hunter talent Spirit Bond seems to be lowering/limiting my characters stats in a similar way to the daze bug. The last bug that I found was the Black Qiraji Battle Tank mount won't dismount by clicking
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