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  1. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Cheers, kinda figured it out myself at this point but you got any idea which tool or part of tool would be missing? Checked github repos and everything seems to match to what I got.
  2. wateri

    Extracting Game Data

    Heya ! Hopefully this guide has still some views and I could get help on my problem. Installation of softwares went smooth, even had some of them already, Easybuild ran smooth as well. However I've come across a wall with game data extraction. I'm using Elysium's 1.12.x game client to extract data, but somehow ExtractResources.sh seems to fail everytime, or not doing what it is supposed to do. This is what the git gives me after running. I have none coding experience so I'm kinda stuck here with this. I've used the installation guide on windows, used github repositories given in guide for mangoszero server. The programs shown in the attached file are located in Elysium's game data folder and I used readme to figure it out which to move and where. Any help ?

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