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  1. Necrovoice

    other player bot

    Sorry, i do not... please reference my previous post on where to look.
  2. Necrovoice

    other player bot

    We do not offer support for other projects. If you want to know how. Ask them now us.
  3. I believe the table you are looking for is playercreateinfo_spell this will allow you to assign spells to players on startup. It has been some time, but I believe table playercreateinfo_action will allow you to place the spells in specific actionbar slots. Hope this helps.
  4. Necrovoice

    Plagued Lands - In Darkshore

    Fix here: Rel21_09_038
  5. Necrovoice

    mangos one SQL or permission error?

    mangosd.conf or realmd.conf
  6. Necrovoice

    The First Trial

    This quest now works correctly. Rel21_09_037
  7. Necrovoice

    mangos one The First Trial Quest

    This issue has now been fixed. Rel21_09_037
  8. Necrovoice

    mangos two Banging head on wall

    You need to update the allowed expansions for that account. In the database it will be the realmd account table, the field your looking for is 'expansion' On the interface account set addon [#accountId|$accountName] #addon For wrath you will want the expansion value set at 2. Hope this helps you
  9. Necrovoice

    The Endless Hunger (Death Knight Quest) broken

    But lets back up and pretend I know what im doing with c++ where did you add the case statement . 😖
  10. Necrovoice

    The Endless Hunger (Death Knight Quest) broken

    I will check this out and see about getting it pushed to the repo.
  11. Think i got it... is this the correct order that things should be done? 1) The Perfect Stout (entry: 315) 2) Rejold's New Brew (entry: 415) 3) Shimmer Stout (entry: 413) 4) Stout to Kadrell (entry: 414)
  12. thank you for this report. It might be that I only got 2 hours of sleep. Could you please list the exact steps that these quests should progress and unlock, cutting out all the explanations, suggestions and other text?
  13. Necrovoice

    dwarf&elf task npc can not talk

    The version warning is ok, It is simply the core was not updated to match the database version. As for the issue at hand. What task NPC? Please provide the Entry of this NPC if you are able to. To find this information use the ingame command .npc info.
  14. Necrovoice

    Quest giver update

    Understanding that this is a local fix for you. The above is not a correct way of fixing this issue. What we should be doing is reworking the script to start after this quest (6641) has been handed in. Something that you have stated above. I will look into this when I have some free time, however If you happen to get it working correctly before I do, I will be happy to push it to the git mangos repo and credit you for the work. Thanks for reporting this
  15. Is there here still development going on?

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