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Found 4 results

  1. I saw this happen a few minutes ago while I wasn't recording, so I turned on OBS and tried to replicate it. Took about ten minutes to reproduce it, but sure enough, the leper gnomes can parry attacks from behind while they're running away. I'm guessing this applies to other NPCs that flee as well. I've attached a video, it happens about 37 seconds in; I've also attached a screenshot of the exact moment it happens. Obviously, the way parry is supposed to work, NPCs (and PCs) are not supposed to be able to parry attacks from behind (block should work this way as well, I didn't test for that). This was an explicit change made in patch 1.3.0 and this has been the intended behavior ever since, even with parry becoming more or less irrelevant in the most recent expansions. This is on the MaNGOS WotLK test server (Covenant, Solar Flare). Observed and reported 10/26/2018. 2018-10-26 12-02-00.mp4
  2. Tested on Covenant M0 (21.14.85) A pet will stop attacking the target if there is an absorb effect on it. This absorb shield buff can be used after a pet starts attacking to make it drop aggro in 1-4 attacks usually. Pet attacking in melee or casting does not matter. I have not tested with a hunter yet. To reproduce, have 1 horde and 1 alliance character or duel. Have one character be a priest and another be a warlock. Have the pet attack the priest in melee or with a spell. Now on the priest, cast Power Word: Shield. The pet will stop attacking within 4 attacks usually. The pet will sometimes keep attacking normally if you send it to attack again while the shield buff is still active. But if the priest drops the buffs and adds them again the pet will once more drop aggro.
  3. 5 man run in Shadowfang - and most of the party were permanently stuck in combat. Healing a char who was stuck in combat caused the healer to be also stuck in combat, so drinking / regainign mana is near impossible. The issue *might* be related to the "Haunted" debuff, as this never caused any of the mobs to visibly spawn, possible these did spawn and were the cause the combat flag..... thats a guess
  4. Hello, im using Mangos Zero rel20. The hunter and Warlock pets dont Regenerate health after combat versus npc's or players. It seems they're always in "combat mode". Can't find any sollution of this Problem.

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