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Found 40 results

  1. mangos two Dungeon / Raid finder

    Hello! I have a problem again, The dungeon finder subsystem is frozing the whole game. While 1 char is registering no problem, but if 2-or more the server become unresponsive, and stuck like as on the picture. The clients don get DC. Cannot be shutdowned only killing the process is work to restart it. Thx for the help fowardly.
  2. mangos two Hearstone issue

    Hello! Just installed the Mangos two server, and I have a problem, with the heartstones. The stones are created in db, the server store the location in the 'character_homebind', but when i want to use the heartstone its not working. The home town is not showing on the item. Anyone have the same issue? Or I just messed up somthing? I uploaded a screenshot in attach. Thx for the help fowardly. Gandalfkun
  3. mangos two Pushing client patches

    I've installed the MaNGOS Two server and it's working great. Some of my friend already play on it. Now i want to setup that, if one of the friends, doesn't have the right patches version of wow, the patches are download from my private server (the ManGOS Two) and installed automaticly. I can't find a guide/threath on this matter so i hope one of you can explain how to archive this? Thanks!
  4. mangos two Port is busy?

    It's my first try to start my home server/ I've made all listed here: Everythings was fine but step 33 ...... what port it means? ... How to fix it? Which line in mangosd.conf ? WorldServerPort = 8085
  5. While running around the newbie zone for night elf's, I noticed a real lack of herb nodes. Is this something that has to be put in the database, or is there a GM command that will place a node at your location?? (please provide syntax example).. Thank you.
  6. mangos two Updating DB?

    If I update my database with the newer updated one on github, will it overwrite my changes to it? Should I just install it the same way? I dont want to lose my custom stuff, or peoples characters, or realm info, etc.
  7. On mangostwo - wotlk Deathknights cannot complete the quest "the endless hunger", and are stuck from ever being able to play the class. You should be able to free the NPC's "Unworthy Initiate" from their chains, to fight them. winning the fight, completes the quest. You cannot unlock them from the wall, the item is not targetable to players, so you cannot start the fight. ive had to force complete the quest for people using GM commands.
  8. mangos two WOTLK looting issue

    it seems no matter what loot system i have in place, it doesnt matter. everyone can loot the same bodies, is this normal? - rolling on greens etc does work however. this is for mangostwo - wotlk.
  9. mangos two Problem with VMAPS

    There is a problem with vmaps. In the settings file this option is on, the maps themselves are created and lie in the proper place, but in the game you can cast a spell behind a tree, behind a hill ... What's wrong?
  10. I've been trying to add new races to my core following this guide: http://www.modcraft.io/index.php?topic=165.0 I've followed every step correctly but I keep getting errors that it's ignoring the race in multiple DB tables, and it gives an error that the race/class pair is incorrect when I try to make a character.
  11. mangos two Extract Game Data: debian

    Can I Extract Game Data from a legion client for a mango 2 ? just so i don't have to download and patch the client on 2 pc
  12. Hello everyone in the mangos community, I am building mangos two with easybuild, following the guide step by step but neither easybuild nor the mysql installer are detecting my visual studio installation. - I have followed the visual studio installation guide step by step on the wiki. - My visual studio version is 2015 as suggested - My windows installation is a fresh windows 7 on a new computer, nothing was installed prior all mangos tools I tried to reboot 2 times, nothing happened, i'm kinda lost right now ... Hope you'll be able to help and ask me anything that might help you understand the case, as I am not used to have problems Sorry in advance for my english which is not my native language, thanks ! Belziere
  13. mangos two Missing Character Inventory

    So basically im setting up a test server for Mangos2. I imported all my accounts and characters ect from mangos1. When I check the DB it shows all the items moved over to character inventory. But when I login with a character they have no items on them at all and the item entry's in the DB disappear aswell. So is there something im forgetting to transfer or are the old item character items not compatiblie? On a side note, they both have the exact same table setup. So it make's no sense to me why all the items on the character pop when they are logged in. If anybody has any kind of idea id appreciate it. I'll try anything no matter how crazy lol
  14. i was try to install mangos2 on ubuntu,but it report error at complie step.the error message is down here. The development tools and libraries have been installed! -- The C compiler identification is GNU 5.4.0 -- The CXX compiler identification is unknown -- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- Check for working C compiler: /usr/bin/cc -- works -- Detecting C compiler ABI info -- Detecting C compiler ABI info - done -- Detecting C compile features -- Detecting C compile features - done CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:20 (project): No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found. Tell CMake where to find the compiler by setting either the environment variable "CXX" or the CMake cache entry CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER to the full path to the compiler, or to the compiler name if it is in the PATH. -- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred! See also "/home/mangos2/two/src/server/linux/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log". See also "/home/mangos2/two/src/server/linux/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log". make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop. There was an error building MaNGOS! what can i do?maybe CXX complier is missing or something else?
  15. hi there after i easybuild mangostwo generate dir named "serverTwo_build", i cant find Scripts about all bosses or areas just like "stormwind_city.cpp" in "serverTwo_build". as i know these Scripts means action and reaction and AI of npc, so if my project missed these Scripts,i cant complie it correct. and i cant do anything when i found some creature's movement bug.
  16. mangos two Errors in db?

    hey all once more. i know i do alot of threads but its for its about diffrent things. this time i look into a mangos server i have saved on github, you cant get it anymore for all links are dead. but i saw that i did not upload the datasae with it so i get it for a other repack. even if i dont know how i even get it to git in the first place:) and as allways this is older then current version but i want to might be able to get it up-to-date with normal mangos 2 for this is 3.3.5 i know it works diffrent back in the day this if form about 2012 but i wonder how can i fix the errors that pop up. i know not everything are erros and it do stuff but still. thanks for the help. i whould get a propper DB if i could. but there are no git repos for db or scriptdev. only cores. so its kind of hard to get it right then:) here are the db and the sever log.txt files. its in a rar file due to the db are 149MB database and log file now the log file are only 100kb instead of 230 that it was before. sorry for finding so many things i want to do hehehehe. but i guess thats for i been doing this for so long alot of the old systems dont work or are dead today.
  17. mangos two Convarting a script?

    hey all i did use a other core before alled azeroth core, but i did decid on commeing back for i feel mangos are better nice communiy and all that^^ but they had a module script that made it so you can go into dungs and that will rescale all the mobs to the level of how man players are there. its nice to have for on my server we are just like 4 people. can anyone help me convert it to mangos? i whould like to do it myself with some guidence but there is alot i dont understand. but if you want to guide me instead of you doing it im all for it. PM me then so i can you ad my on skype or discord. cpp file pastebin config was in a folder. config file pastebin thanks alot for the help.
  18. I am not really sure which part is causing me issues and you guys are far more knowledgeable than I am. Trying to set up Mangos Two and have been doing everything step by step. Already put all the required programs on a fresh install. Easy build doesnt seem to be working but I could be messing something up with Git. So, I just uploaded a video of me doing steps 4-7 and the results or lack there of to make it easier for you since im a noob! Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. https://youtu.be/ZWYDJco2O0g
  19. mangos two Cannot start mangosd

    Hello everyone. I seem to be having trouble getting my mangos daemon to start. I have followed the instructions perfectly and everything is built fine including the data. Realm daemon starts fine but the moment I start mangos it all loads then right after the soap thread starts everything just stops. World updater stops, soap stops then the whole process halts. Any ideas as to what may be causing this? I tried disabling soap and warden, same thing happens. I am using linux mint 18.1 with MariaDB Any help would be appreciated.
  20. I have been running my MangosTwo server for about a week or two now. All seems OK. I have not attempted to update it yet. I have been tweaking it since doing groups is not really a thing. One thing that is confusing is what ThreatRadius is for. ThreatRadius Radius for creature to evade after being pulled away from combat start point If ThreatRadius is less than creature aggro radius then aggro radius will be used Default: 100 yards I know what it says, but I don't really know what it means. Does that mean if a creature is feared it will evade for 100 yards?
  21. Hello guys ! Where is stored the "resilience" stat in the character database ? I got an issue with my armory looking for the "resilience" stat... Something went wrong! Technical data: function getStats() returned SQL error: Unknown column 'resilience' in 'field list' Thanks !
  22. I think i ironed out all the bugs on my debian/synology build for MangosTwo. Now I want to confirm it works. I have a client that has a data\en-GB directory, with a realmlist.wtf inside. I hope that's ok, as I am U.S. bound. Should I change my SQL anywhere? But the prevailing question is: How to I add users? I found something that said. "From the mangos prompt, type ...."/ Is that the Two/bin/mangosd? If that's running in the background, do i kill it and run it manually. Or can I run a second process? OR is there another file I should be running
  23. Having a bit of trouble with my first build. I attempted to follow the ./getmangos.sh pathway to build and after I realized I needed to manually pull down the two MangosTwo git repos myself, due to a head issue(?) I thought I was on my way. I am ready to run the buildtools but the README states copy mmap-generator but there is no mmap-generator, I assume its movemap-generator? Also te istructuions stateto Copy the created map tools to the [World of Warcraft][1] installation directory, namely the tools named: `map-extractor` `vmap-extractor` `mmap-generator` Then copy `ExtractResources.sh`, `MoveMapGen.sh` and `offmesh.txt` into the client installation directory. Isn't the WOW installation directory the same as the client installation directory?
  24. I want to build up a wotlk mangos server on ubuntu but i have this error (printscreen) http://prntscr.com/el00mh Can you help me? Little problem with getmangos.sh
  25. mangos two Website

    Is there any website available for download here in site? I can't seem to find it, also if I search through google some files are dead and some files are no database. Thank you. MangosZero / MangosTwo.

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