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Found 91 results

  1. Yes, you've all heard it before. When enabling crossfaction on mangos zero, one faction can't heal the other in a different group of the raid. I found this Does anyone know the best way to solve this issue? If it has been solved before, please point me in that direction! Thanks in advance. Note: Since it's possible inside a party, can't we move that function to raid?
  2. I'm unable to start realmd. [email protected]:~# systemctl start realmd [email protected]:~# systemctl status realmd ● realmd.service - Realmd service Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/realmd.service; disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Fri 2017-04-14 15:47:23 CEST; 11s ago Process: 22939 ExecStart=/home/root/zero/bin/realmd -c /home/root/zero/etc/realmd.conf (code=exited, status=217/USER) Main PID: 22939 (code=exited, status=217/USER) Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: Started Realmd service. Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[22939]: Failed at step USER spawning /home/root/zero/bi...ess Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: realmd.service: main process exited, code=exited, s...SER Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: Unit realmd.service entered failed state. Hint: Some lines were ellipsized, use -l to show in full. [email protected]:~# ● realmd.service - Realmd service Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/realmd.service; disabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Fri 2017-04-14 15:47:23 CEST; 8min ago Process: 22939 ExecStart=/home/root/zero/bin/realmd -c /home/root/zero/etc/realmd.conf (code=exited, status=217/USER) Main PID: 22939 (code=exited, status=217/USER) Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: Started Realmd service. Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[22939]: Failed at step USER spawning /home/root/zero/bin/realmd: No such process Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: realmd.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=217/USER Apr 14 15:47:23 xxxxxx systemd[1]: Unit realmd.service entered failed state. I have entered the correct database logins in the CONF files; Changed the Address on realmlist table to the server's IP instead of localhost.
  3. Hello. I am having problems with .npc add and .npc move on latest mangos zero branch. If I spawn an npc inside instance, it disappears on unbinding said instance. The spawned mob will only appear again if I restart the server. The same goes for .npc move. Nothing seems to happen when I try to move a creature, it's only on next restart that I can see the changes. Is this a known issue? I'm certain that on TrinityCore, these changes are instantly affective and apparent without restarting.
  4. As the question stands, I'm building on Debian 8 and I'd like to know if it's possible to use DBC, maps, mmaps and vmaps extracted through a windows build?
  5. Antz has kindly written some new installation guides for windows users. You can view the main EasyBuild build guide here: All the guides are located here: Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with something mentioned in the guide you can reply to this topic (simple issues only). More complex problems should be in a dedicated topic.
  6. Ah bot does not populate any reagents. I've set the config to publish all classes with reagents set at preference level 9. It has posted 11k items, but not one single reagent. Does anyone have a clue as to why? AuctionHouseBot.Seller.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.DEBUG.Seller = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Alliance.Items.Amount.Ratio = 100 AuctionHouseBot.Horde.Items.Amount.Ratio = 100 AuctionHouseBot.Neutral.Items.Amount.Ratio = 100 AuctionHouseBot.MinTime = 1 AuctionHouseBot.MaxTime = 72 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Vendor = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Loot = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Misc = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Bind.No = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Bind.Pickup = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Bind.Equip = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Bind.Use = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Bind.Quest = 1 AuctionHouseBot.LockBox.Enabled = 1 AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Boost = 500 AuctionHouseBot.ItemsPerCycle.Normal = 50 AuctionHouseBot.BuyPrice.Seller = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Alliance.Price.Ratio = 300 AuctionHouseBot.Horde.Price.Ratio = 300 AuctionHouseBot.Neutral.Price.Ratio = 300 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ItemLevel.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ItemLevel.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ReqLevel.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ReqLevel.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ReqSkill.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.ReqSkill.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Grey = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.White = 2000 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Green = 3000 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Blue = 4000 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Purple = 1000 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Orange = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Items.Amount.Yellow = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Consumable = 6 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Container = 4 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Weapon = 8 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Armor = 8 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Reagent = 9 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Projectile = 2 AuctionHouseBot.Class.TradeGood = 3 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Recipe = 6 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Quiver = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Quest = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Key = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc = 5 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc.Mount.ReqLevel.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc.Mount.ReqLevel.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc.Mount.ReqSkill.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc.Mount.ReqSkill.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.TradeGood.ItemLevel.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.TradeGood.ItemLevel.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Container.ItemLevel.Min = 0 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Container.ItemLevel.Max = 0 AuctionHouseBot.forceIncludeItems = "" AuctionHouseBot.forceExcludeItems = ""
  7. mangos zero

    I am unable to get the ah bot to publish reagents. I don't understand this field. If I set class.reagent = 10 does it mean that the ah bot will prefer putting reagents up for auction? # AuctionHouseBot.Class.* # Defines which item classes can be put up for auction. See pre-defined # classes in ItemClass.dbc. # These value are preference values, maximum is 10, minimum is 0. # Default 6,4,8,8,1,2,0,6,1,1,1,5 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Consumable = 6 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Container = 4 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Weapon = 8 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Armor = 8 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Reagent = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Projectile = 2 AuctionHouseBot.Class.TradeGood = 10 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Recipe = 6 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Quiver = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Quest = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Key = 1 AuctionHouseBot.Class.Misc = 5
  8. mangos zero

    Hopefully this is the last time I need to ask a question for a while . I think I am getting a failure due due a lack of correct .map files? I followed the guide exactly and I think I might know the cause, but not how to fix it exactly. When extracting the data from the WoW installation, I was extracting the data from a folder on my primary user account. The locked folders are in that folder, in my primary user documents section. Buildings, dbc, maps, mmaps, and vmaps are there and locked, with owner being root. The error below says that the correct .maps can't be found, so do I need to move files over to the mangos users "zero" directory for the mangosd service to correctly find its target?
  9. I recently tried to install the precompiled version of mangos zero with playerbots x64 that was posted here. I'm running windows 7 with all dependencies installed on a virtual machine. When I try to install the databases using the provided batch file (installdatabases.bat) it gets stuck on "Loading character database". I've now waited an hour and nothing has happened. I've connected to the database and checked it, no new tables have been added in the last hour. It generated the world db without problems. How do I fix this?
  10. Creatures can cast spells through elevated groun "rocks", walls and other objects. Is this a known issue or is the fault on my end? The emulator loads all maps just fine and the configs are adjusted accordingly. Thanks in advance.
  11. While installing everything I ran into a situation of user error, and was hoping somebody could direct me in fixing it. The installation when great until I was to actually install the mangos database (where it asks for host, port, user and password). I made a mistake with the password and got Beyond that, I am not sure I entirely understand how the extractor works. If my World of Warcraft folder is named WoW, and I place it in home, the path would be /home/user/WoW correct? And then extraction should start. I got the following error: So I think I made a mistake with my path also. If I can fix the previous error, how would I start the extraction command again with correct parameters? Thanks for any help that can be provided, it has been a long time since I have played with this stuff.
  12. mangos zero

    I looked around before posting and didn't see this anywhere, so hopefully this is in the right place. I saw the following: "Support client versions: 1.12.1 (build 5875),1.12.2 (build 6005) and 1.12.3 (build 6141)" and was wondering how this works. I want to build a 1.12.1 server for bug hunting and checking for authenticity as I am entirely too well informed in regards to vanilla. Supported client versions also include *.*.2/3 though, so does that mean there are additional spells or mechanics/mobs/quests and so on included if I follow the Ubuntu installation guide? Hopefully this is understandable. Please let me know if you need any more details about what I'm asking and I will think of a more clear way to word things.
  13. mangos zero

    I've updated my core with the last Warden updates yesterday night. Since that, I got this error with the Warden... Thank you for your help guys <3
  14. Hey, I have been told by various people that have been testing content on the mangos zero core that the melee damage seems extremely low. Yes we tested everything with maxed out skills for that weapon type and the outcome is still the same. Does anyone know why the melee damage is lower than what it should be? Players with t2 and bwl gear are doing around the same amount of damage as what a fully decked out player with t3 and naxx weapons is doing on the mangos zero core. I tried applying my own fix but that ended up buffing all damage abilities rather than just melee damage. I don't fully understand the CalculateMeleeDamage() formula, so if anyone could give me some tips I would greatly appreciate it. Even just a buff for all melee damage would be nice. EXAMPLE: damage = damage + damage * 0.25;
  15. Hello, After few tests I can confirm that this software is able to bypass auth with method 2 with the lastest commit : Commit used to fix it :
  16. Hello, So while we played on our mangos zero server we notice that the melee are really weird. While sometimes it would do the damage indicated by the range of the weapon damage, sometime it will do very low damage. For example : a weapon that have a 50 - 80 dmg range, it will sometime do those damage ( like 68 ), and sometime 4 dmg on the exact same enemy. Which is ridiculous. I don't even know if it's a Vanilla thing or a Mango Zero bug. But it's really weird since their is absolutely no explanation anywhere I searched for. Like, it could miss, parry dodge. I understand that, but 4 dmg on hit ? Why ? Happened to a Shaman and Priest, so it's not class bugged. And the wands doesn't have this low random dmg. So it lead me to the melee. Anyone has info on this ? Thanks, Troynono.
  17. Hello, So I went to Loch Modan as a Horde character and the Mountainers there didn't loot anything, but they should loot silk cloth, a lot of it. Tried in Duskwood on The Night Watch mobs, and no loot as well. I'm missing something or ? Any help would be welcome. Regards, Troynono.
  18. Hey I have noticed two major issues in the current mangos zero core. First Issue: When creatures of the same faction run near each other while in combat with a player that pulled them, they do not aggro the other creatures that they run past when they should. Second Issue: If the Path for the creature is too long to get to the player it will instantly reset, It should run to the player no matter how long the path is if you are within a dungeon instance. I will try to figure out the first issue myself, but if you have any tips would be great ^_^. as for the second issue I may need some guidance, where is this limit applied in the source code so I can remove it? It causes evade bugs with certain encounters so would be nice to get rid of it. , Thanks in advance <3
  19. mangos zero

    Hey there, For the encounter "Bug trio" in AQ40, there is a method that is called each time one of them dies that prevents loot appearing for the player on the corpse. Example: m_creature->SetLootRecipient(NULL); However this seems to be doing absolutely nothing. I know the code is being executed because I put "script_error_log("Bug trio loot prevented + despawned");" in the if statement and its printing that in the console. I have tried testing it with a non GM account and it is still dropping loot, is there something wrong with this method?
  20. Hi all. I have compiled this core -> i know, this is not MaNGOS Core. When i start a new char, i can see items in my client language, in this case esES client, also i can read the quest in Spanish!!! What need to be done in MaNGOS Core for this feature too? Thanks all.
  21. Was wondering, as I've never seen anyone mention, in Vanilla there are these two dwarves which supposely gives you gurky and murky if you input Blizzard's code on. And on TBC the Blizzard Bear and Murloc Costume. Then WOLTK Landro can get codes for TCG loot cards. Is there a way to create custom codes for people to redeem the stuff? Or is there a list of codes? Anything at all?
  22. I saw in the bug report section a conversation between the devs about getting the server shutdown and server restart commands working properly for Windows. That being said, I tried .server restart 15 on a clean build but after the 15 seconds are up, the mangosd windows just closes and the server is not restarted. Is is there some additional step or requirement that I need to do in order to allow this command to work? For example, do I need to be running mangosd as administrator or something?
  23. I have been working for the last couple days on a Private server for my wife, friends and family. nothing too big just enough for 6 people. I followed the well written guide But, Altho I have followed step by step on a Clean Install of Windows 10 64bit. (I did find the wording on steps 18 & 19 to be a bit loose) I seem to have no trouble connecting to the server as far as the login server goes. then at realm select I see the server name (on both a GM and non Gm account on separate computers) Once I click into the char selection/creation section it hangs on connecting for upwards of 20 minutes on a gm account and about 5 mins on the other before disconnecting. I was able to create a toon on the gm account by loading into the server, canceling the load and canceling the realms list it then left me at a blank char creation page.. after making the toon (on the gm account) it shows it exists on server select but, not on connecting page where toon select would normally show your toons. I used the torrent provided by the forum for the client files. and the software provided in the GitHub repositorys I don't see any errors in my mangos app or log so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. any help would be apprecaited
  24. mangos zero

    Hello. I'm new to compiling and such, but I believe I have an issue. When following the steps on: after Easy Build generates the build folder, nothing happens. Visual won't open as it suggest it should, and there is no bin folders, or debug or release. PS: My windows is 32 bit, so I only installed 32bit OpenSSL and MySQL.


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