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Found 189 results

  1. Hello. I enabled the player bots in the config file. 500 random bots were generated, but all of them are on lvl 1. I set the following settings, but it seems to be ignore the settings: # Random bot count #AiPlayerbot.MinRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.MaxRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMinLevel = 30 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMaxLevel = 255 (ignored if more than MaxPlayerLevel mangosd.conf value) If somebody could help me set the random bot levels between 30 and 60, I would appreciate it.
  2. Building ServerZero on Windows 7 machine. Hey! New to all this and want to start off by saying thanks to those who put together all the guides! I had hangups here and there (mostly from this being my first time doing anything like this), but I was able to get through them. And my apologies in advance if I missed something obvious or missed a step in the guide... So here's my problem: I got through the guide, got everything built. realmd.exe and mangosd.exe both run fine. I was able to create accounts no problem. Launching game from the host computer allows me to log in, choose a realm, create characters, and play the game. All good! However, whenever I try to connect over my LAN, it gets stuck on the realm select. Login is fine - goes right through. It sees the realm, shows the correct character count (from characters made earlier in testing from host computer), but will NOT join the realm. Loops back to realm select. I have tried everything I could find on these forums. I made sure the realmd.realmlist has my external IP (goal is external) in 'address', and my host computer's internal IP in 'localAddress'. I know it doesn't matter for LAN, but I also made sure my router is forwarding ports 3724 and 8085 to the host computer's IP. What I have tried: Windows Firewall is disabled UAC is disabled ran the server exe files as Administrator changed realmd.realmlist 'address' to Internal IP for testing on LAN (still loops); that is now changed back to External IP as instructed Disabled router firewall (for testing; didn't fix, re-enabled) Changed realmd.realmlist 'localAddress' to I'm at a bit of a loss here. Not sure what else to check. Is there a permissions thing? Something in the .conf files I need to change? Could there be something in my router getting in the way? TPLink Archer C7 v.4.0, if it matters. Thanks for any help or ideas people can offer! Attached image of my realmd.realmlist table. External IP covered for security, of course.
  3. I'm having some serious trouble with this... I've run updates on my databases and these keep failing during the update, and without them mangosd won't run. Please, somebody help me
  4. Hi guys. I've been trying forever to get my server running from a VPS. I've set everything up, mysql runs fine and realmd runs fine. But now I've encountered an error when I try starting mangosd: "Could not connect to MySQL database at Unknown database 'mangosd' Can not connect to world database;3306;root;(mypassword);mangosd" The "(mypassword)" part, obviously, is replaced with my actual password. None of this makes sense, I can see my mangosd file right there along with my realmd file in my /mangos/bin/ directory. I've extracted all maps and data. Really frustrated right now, and hoping someone can give me some experienced input. -bum558
  5. RealmZone # Server realm zone (set allowed alphabet in character names/etc). See also Strict*Names options. # # 1 Development - any language (Default) # 2 United States - extended-Latin # 3 Oceanic - extended-Latin # 4 Latin America - extended-Latin # 5 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 6 Korea - East-Asian # 7 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 8 English - extended-Latin # 9 German - extended-Latin when I set the RealmZone = 8 or 16 I can login to the server but no realm name on the list of servers can be selected. set RealmZone = 1 I can select the MaNGOS Zero Server #1 on the list of servers and get in. Did I miss some configs? Waiting for help! God bless you!
  6. Hi everyone First of all, excuse the technical errors in terminology or whatever - I am very new and inexperienced in this! I've been trying to get a local server to work for a few days now. I am able to start mangosd.exe, realmd.exe and the MySQL.bat files. They all seem to be initializing successfully. However when I try to log into my server I get stuck on "Connected" with just the cancel button available. If I press that, I get thrown back into the realmlist. If I don't press it, then after about 20 seconds I get thrown back to the login screen with a disconnected message. The following is what is output to the realmd terminal: [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' is using 'enUS' locale (0) [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' successfully authenticated Any advice on that matter would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Antz has kindly written some new installation guides for windows users. You can view the main EasyBuild build guide here: All the guides are located here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with something mentioned in the guide you can reply to this topic (simple issues only). More complex problems should be in a dedicated topic.
  8. Hi there, I have a simple question for a gm command. When I type the command .cast dist the spell I cast only goes to the center of my character and not a distance. Is there a way to fix this? I use mangos for vanilla wow if that helps
  9. Hello, I am looking for a way to add new items for vendors to sell in my single player game. I want to add leathers to leatherworking supply vendors, metal bars/gemstones to smithing and engineering supply vendors, etc. I want to avoid to micromanage bots, I would rather buy the required materials from vendors. I figured out, that I have to add new entries to the NPC_Vendor table in the database, but I can not figure out, which "entry" is which NPC in the Creature_Template table. Could somone thelp me please, how can I find the NPCs, based on this? I would really appreaciate it!
  10. Howdy folks! Does anyone know whether there's a way to spy on the console output normally seen by someone logged in launching the mangosd.exe process? I have realmd.exe and mangosd.exe in service wrappers, and I don't see them run because they're launched by the SYSTEM account automatically. I have a lot of logging turned off to save on resources a bit, since it's a VM (8 vCores, 8 GB vRAM). I'm somewhat proficient with PowerShell, so I can PSRemote to my server and do some magic with that, if it's an option. Reason I ask is because I'm frequently seeing the mangosd.exe wrapper service stop because MySQL stops for some reason and I want to be able to script an automatic Restart-Service based on the results of the output if I can find the line where any error/crash is detected. MySQL reports that my tables are marked as crashed and need to be repaired, but that's entirely something else to investigate. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, Firstly, many thanks for the hard work and this project has brought great happiness to myself and 4 others that has launched our own private server to run through all the old dungeons like old times. So far RFC, Deadmines and BFD have all been relived. We've been tweaking things and learning a lot so far but I'm stumped on one aspect which I haven't managed to overcome yet. The mobs all run in a straight line through walls and objects once they have been agro'd. LOS seems to work, just the pathing doesn't. I've been searching this forum and trying to understand whenever vmaps and mmaps are mentioned, but I'm still missing the understanding of it. Have I missed any resource I can read further? All the setting in mangosd.conf are on. vmap.enableLOS = 1 vmap.enableHeight = 1 vmap.ignoreSpellIds = "7720" vmap.enableIndoorCheck = 0 DetectPosCollision = 1 TargetPosRecalculateRange = 1.5 mmap.enabled = 1 mmap.ignoreMapIds = "" Any pointers? Or have I missed something fundamental. The WoW client we used is version 1.12.1 (5875), if that has any bearing on this. Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. Looks like some errors in the sql syntax at boot. Fresh server. Do I need to recreate my DBs or is this not my fault? https://pastebin.com/xn8n1KxT
  13. Greetings, I have been wracking my head against this problem for days now and I am hoping, nay pleading for some help. I have a VMWare cluster at home that I am trying to setup for a MaNGOS Zero private server and I keep running into a problem getting outside clients to connect to the Realm Server. Here is the rundown - I have a MaNGOS Zero server in my DMZ subnet on my firewall. The firewall is setup to NAT TCP ports 8085 and 3724 from the WAN interface to the Zero server. I have a DynamicDNS client running on my Firewall that is updating a public DNS record (e.g. mangos.mydomain.com) I have a DNS override internally to resolve public DNS records like mangos.mydomain.com to the DMZ IP address The BindIP entry in the file /etc/mangosd.conf reads: "" which means 'bind on all IPs' I can affirm that all of the above connectivity and configuration is correct and working (15 years of network engineering experience). However - when I update the 'zero_realm' database table 'account' by updating the row record for my Realm's 'address' column from the default IP address to my DynamicDNS record, two things of interest happen: Clients on my internal, trusted network can login and access the realm no problem. Clients outside of my network (internet) can authenticate to the server, but can not connect to the Realm Server. According to the documentation fro Mangos Zero - the address column documentation states: What The Hell Is Going On? As far as I can tell, when the client authenticates to the Zero server, the server sends back the contents of the 'address' column of the account table to the WoW Client so it can resolve and connect to the RealmServer IP address. Because my internal network client connects just fine, should't that mean that the presence of a DNS record in that row (instead of an IP) will work no matter where the client is connecting from? Client resolves the Auth server from the local 'realmlist.wtf' and does a successful login. Internal client resolves DMZ IP External client resolves WAN interface IP -> NAT -> DMZ IP Server: "Hey man, welcome in, here is your server IP, mangos.mydomain.com" Client: "Oh snap, I have to do a NSLOOKUP to get the corresponding IP for that" Internal client resolves DMZ IP External client resolves WAN interface IP -> NAT -> DMZ IP I tested using my WAN IP in the 'address' field Naturally, the internal clients were no longer able to connect (this is due to something called split horizon) External clients started working! Can you help me with a fix?? I don't want to upgrade my home ISP to a business line in order to get a static WAN IP. I would like the internal and external clients to resolve the correct DNS record IP based on which side of the Firewall they are on and connect to that IP. I have considered writing a local script that checks my WAN IP and compares it against the 'address' entry in the database and updates the DB if they do not match. The downside is that I will not be able to play the game when I'm home - or - I would have to play over my cell phone's data connection (very much not ideal). I have considered that what I am trying to do is simply not possible due to the WoW client being written in such a way that it only supports being passed a static IP address to the realm server. This somewhat does not make sense to me however, because when I have the 'address' field set to my domain name internal client connections work just fine. If the client truly did not support fully qualified domain names (FQDN) for the realm address, then one would expect neither internal nor external clients to connect given this configuration.
  14. Hello everyone, first to thank all those who work on this project known as getmangos, it's great. I am Ruben and now I have created my server wow (0) and I have published it to the internet. I have the server on a debian9 machine, until here everything is perfect, the problem is that: I access the server via ssh. I run mangosd of with systemctl start mangosd and realmd the same. But to create accounts etc I need the mangosd console and I can not access it since it is running in the background. The momentary solution that I have found is to stop mangosd and execute it manually but when the ssh connection ends the process dies. I need to be able to access the mangosd console without having to stop the service, I have been trying to solve it for days and I can not find information about it. Any response I will appreciate it. Sorry for my english
  15. Hi there! While trying to set up a Mangos Zero server (Windows), on one of the steps of the guide I'm running into an issue with Visual Studio (have installed both 2015 and 2017) that's a little weird. Done some digging but knew I had to atleast try here first. In the 10th step, it says to go into the Build menu and select the Rebuild Solution option, but in every version of Visual Studio I've tried so far after opening the project, all i get is 'Run Code Analysis on Solution' and the Output says '========== Rebuild All: 0 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 skipped =========='. I'm a little puzzled because I haven't had any errors as the guide has been very good, and the installs of VS contain the packages and tools (C++ etc.) needed. Any ideas before I ask MS?
  16. The client on the server can login and play fine. However all other users on LAN can authenticate but gets stuck on realm selection screen and cannot enter. I've turned off all firewalls and ports forward to the server. On the server side I get the following ACE error: ACE_INET_Addr::ACE_INET_Addr: 555.555.555.555: Authoritive: Host not found
  17. Hi, I decided to come here to get opitions on how to approach something that I have spent hours on. My server starts everyone at level 10 and at GM Island. What this means is that some classes (like warrior, warlock, etc) cannot simply go to a trainer and learn thing like taunt, summon imp/voidwalker, etc. I don't want to just have some random quest NPC and make the users track down a quest they can't see. I have tried to make trainers on GM island and was hoping to just make the trainers learn the spells via GM command. No go on that. I have went into the npc_trainer dbc but none of the spell ids match. I think its because of quest reward or something.. I need opinions or help cause I am just fried and the point of giving up. Was thinking of some possibilities but cant figure this out. Is there a way to change the default starter spells for the classes affected where they load in with these spells on character creation and entering the world for the first time? Any tips or opinions are so welcomed...help lol
  18. Hi everyone and thanks for letting me be a part of this wonderful community! So I have a VPS hosted in Atlanta and I live in another state. Using SSH I followed @Talendrys guide to a T here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/guideslinux/installing-mangos-on-centos-7-r20075/ The server boots up fine and everything but I am not able to connect to it when changing my realmlist.wtf to the server's static ip address. I know there must be some settings somewhere where I set my server address to the static ip but I cannot find any direction on Google. I tried to follow a couple guides on google but my server ended up getting corrupted so I had to do a full re-install and start over. Whoever can assist with this, your help would be greatly appreciated. Currently, if I use the server's static ip in realmlist.wtf I instantly get a message after trying to login saying "you've been disconnected from the server". Please Please lend me your help MaNGOS community!!
  19. hi, I have login,world and character . but I don't see screiptdev3databaseinfo to edit in mangosd.conf LoginDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;realmd" WorldDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;mangos0" ScriptDev3DatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;mangos0" CharacterDatabaseInfo = ";3306;root;mangos;character0" https://github.com/cmangos/issues/wiki/Installation-Instructions
  20. Just as said in the title, I've managed to change respec cost for players to 0 using the mangosd.conf file, but I can't find a similar option for unlearning pet skills. Another thing too is that you can select the 'untrain pet' option and have it take your gold even if your pet doesn't have any trained skills. I'm using v13 of brotalnia's Light's Hope repack. EDIT: Found the source of my issue. Turns out pet re-training costs are hard-coded in the core, specifically in the resetTalentsCost() function of Pet.cpp. Going to make a change in PetHandler.cpp so it always sets the cost to 0 rather than calling the resetTalentsCost() function. // PetHandler.cpp -- uint32 cost = pet->resetTalentsCost(); ++ uint32 cost = 0;
  21. Hi all, I'm close to completing installation of server. I'm stuck here at database management, where we set the ip addresses. Can we use MariaDB or phpmyadmin to access realmd and set ipaddresses or in the screenshot shows SQLyog ultimate 32. I'm so close but yet so far away =)
  22. Hi all, Question? I have most of the mango zero server installed. where do I get the client download for server? Thank you,
  23. On my server something have occurred making all npcs just having one debuff slot, making it stupid for affliction warlocks to dot up or other classes as well. I would like to find out where I can change this setting.
  24. Hi everyone. About 3 months ago I had MaNGOS successfully running on my laptop, and I was able to connect to the server through a separate client machine on the same network. I recently moved to another state, and tried to fire up MaNGOS on the same server, and connect to the server through the same client machine, and my client machine hangs on "Authenticating". Nothing changed with the client or server machine. I did get a new router through Comcast, so maybe that's part of the issue. Here's what I've tried so far: -I've updated the IP address of the realm in the realms table in MySQL to reflect my new local IP address ( as of right now). I also updated the realmlist.wtf file on the client machine to -I can ping the server machine from the client machine. -I've used netstat on the server to determine the realms server port is open and listening. -I've used telnet from the client to the server to determine I can connect to the server over TCP on the realm server's port. -I've tried disabling firewalls entirely on both the server machine, client machine, and router. -Both realmd.exe and mangosd.exe are running successfully. -I can connect to the server from a WoW.exe client running on the same machine over localhost, so I know the realms server and world server are both running correctly. This leads me to believe the issue is somehow related to my local network. I'm quite stumped at this point. Any suggested would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  25. I see multiple instances of different gameobjects being spawned on top of each other. For example a "Water Barrel" and "Food Create" both spawning at the exact same position. Is this just because there is no way to spawn a random object from a list of possible objects, or is this an actual error? This is one example: SELECT * FROM mangos0.gameobject where guid in(1462,10677); These are next to Tharek Blackstone in Kharanos.

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