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Found 75 results

  1. mangos zero

    Hey there, For the encounter "Bug trio" in AQ40, there is a method that is called each time one of them dies that prevents loot appearing for the player on the corpse. Example: m_creature->SetLootRecipient(NULL); However this seems to be doing absolutely nothing. I know the code is being executed because I put "script_error_log("Bug trio loot prevented + despawned");" in the if statement and its printing that in the console. I have tried testing it with a non GM account and it is still dropping loot, is there something wrong with this method?
  2. mangos zero

    I've updated my core with the last Warden updates yesterday night. Since that, I got this error with the Warden... Thank you for your help guys <3
  3. Hi all. I have compiled this core -> i know, this is not MaNGOS Core. When i start a new char, i can see items in my client language, in this case esES client, also i can read the quest in Spanish!!! What need to be done in MaNGOS Core for this feature too? Thanks all.
  4. Was wondering, as I've never seen anyone mention, in Vanilla there are these two dwarves which supposely gives you gurky and murky if you input Blizzard's code on. And on TBC the Blizzard Bear and Murloc Costume. Then WOLTK Landro can get codes for TCG loot cards. Is there a way to create custom codes for people to redeem the stuff? Or is there a list of codes? Anything at all?
  5. I saw in the bug report section a conversation between the devs about getting the server shutdown and server restart commands working properly for Windows. That being said, I tried .server restart 15 on a clean build but after the 15 seconds are up, the mangosd windows just closes and the server is not restarted. Is is there some additional step or requirement that I need to do in order to allow this command to work? For example, do I need to be running mangosd as administrator or something?
  6. I have been working for the last couple days on a Private server for my wife, friends and family. nothing too big just enough for 6 people. I followed the well written guide But, Altho I have followed step by step on a Clean Install of Windows 10 64bit. (I did find the wording on steps 18 & 19 to be a bit loose) I seem to have no trouble connecting to the server as far as the login server goes. then at realm select I see the server name (on both a GM and non Gm account on separate computers) Once I click into the char selection/creation section it hangs on connecting for upwards of 20 minutes on a gm account and about 5 mins on the other before disconnecting. I was able to create a toon on the gm account by loading into the server, canceling the load and canceling the realms list it then left me at a blank char creation page.. after making the toon (on the gm account) it shows it exists on server select but, not on connecting page where toon select would normally show your toons. I used the torrent provided by the forum for the client files. and the software provided in the GitHub repositorys I don't see any errors in my mangos app or log so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. any help would be apprecaited
  7. Hello, So while we played on our mangos zero server we notice that the melee are really weird. While sometimes it would do the damage indicated by the range of the weapon damage, sometime it will do very low damage. For example : a weapon that have a 50 - 80 dmg range, it will sometime do those damage ( like 68 ), and sometime 4 dmg on the exact same enemy. Which is ridiculous. I don't even know if it's a Vanilla thing or a Mango Zero bug. But it's really weird since their is absolutely no explanation anywhere I searched for. Like, it could miss, parry dodge. I understand that, but 4 dmg on hit ? Why ? Happened to a Shaman and Priest, so it's not class bugged. And the wands doesn't have this low random dmg. So it lead me to the melee. Anyone has info on this ? Thanks, Troynono.
  8. mangos zero

    Hello. I'm new to compiling and such, but I believe I have an issue. When following the steps on: after Easy Build generates the build folder, nothing happens. Visual won't open as it suggest it should, and there is no bin folders, or debug or release. PS: My windows is 32 bit, so I only installed 32bit OpenSSL and MySQL.
  9. Hello. I had some trouble with mmaps interfering with mobs. I wasn't able to do damage to them, and they acted as if I had GM mode on (??) Anyway, I did a fresh clone of both DB and Core, compiled core and updated my existing DB. The core displays a couple of errors, which is normal and most are very minor. However, I don't understand what this one error means (attached), and if it's a critical one or not. Anyone familiar with this, and can explain? Edit: I edited and used the .bat tool to update DB. It did indeed update successfully. Thanks in advance!
  10. mangos zero

    Good evening, I've been in computers for 30 years, can program assorted languages, but never really got into Linux programming, etc and am pretty rusty on some aspects of Linux. I put a Linux Mint 18 in a VM. Installed mySQL, Git Was able to run the commands on your website getting the server and database pulls. After that I get lost. I chmod +x the file, got it to run, I was also able to run the install after much headache since you can't run the .sh directly but have to type ./ before the filename (which is assuming people know how to get around that). I was able to, but, there is so many steps missing I don't have a clue what to do. I run WOW and it gets to the login screen so who knows if it's working. My previous attempts at this from a different website showed the Realms, I could choose the one I created and then it went back to the WOW screen and I had to choose a Realm again. I KNOW I didn't create any users so nothing is going to work. I also didn't extract any vmaps etc... Where do we create users? Install PhpMyAdmin and log in there and do it? When do I run the vmaps etc tools or did the .sh file pull all that from the git repository? I would assume I have to copy the WOW folder into my VM, and then copy the tools to create those into the wow.exe folder. I wish someone would create a step by step guide from a fresh install of Linux Mint 18 or whatever Linux flavor they like (Ubuntu etc). So many steps are "assumed knowledge" of the workings of Linux. I know, that takes time... I've done docs like that for customers and it takes quite a while to write everything out, and then start from scratch following your own instructions and make sure they work. I do have a Trinity WOTLK server I got working many years ago. Was hoping to try Vanilla but with so much missing knowledge and every guide I try either doesn't look the same, is missing steps, or completely different I can't even guess what to do next... I do appreciate all your time in running this, and getting it working (for others who can get it working), but I feel that so many steps are missing in the instructions on this new site it's a hopeless cause without more Linux knowledge on my part to ever get it working.
  11. mangos zero

    Hey there, I'm looking for mmap generator v3 as the core that I am using refuses to accept v4 mmaps. I have tried changing the version number in the source files but that doesn't seem to make a difference I have attached a picture of the error to this post. If you guys could direct me to the source for the v3 generator I would greatly appreciate it
  12. mangos zero

    Is there any way to have mangosd.exe restarting automatic? I am running a mangos restarter and i have turned off windows error reporting but when a crash occurs the exe file just hangs up and does not shutdown. Any help is appreciated.
  13. As my title states I am so appreciative to have a place to ask for help. I am a new Mangos user however I run an Emulated Everquest server and a few Minecraft servers, I am also a college programming student if that provides any indication of my skill level. I was able to get a Mangos Zero server running on a VPS with no problems whatsoever, I compiled from source instead of using a repack, that was until I had people signing on to play. Current behavior is strange to capture because I don't have an error code so i will just explain as best I can, leave screenshots of my setup, and post my logs. By the way I did extensive searching through your forums and I do not make new posts on disconnect issues lightly, i do not plan to waste your time. I have about 10-15 players who can all connect with no issue at times and then can not connect at all at other times. It seems there is a threshold wherein everything is fine until a certain amount of time running or something and then people trying to log in get disconnected once they hit the realm list. If i restart the server that changes completely and they can all log in no problem until we hit this threshold. People logged in do not get kicked out but if they log out they can not get back in either. Things I have checked: -Port forwarding, and using to confirm. Currently the firewall is just off for testing purposes. -Configuration files. I have used the guides written by "Antz" (by the way wow what great guides thank you so much) and barring some odd rule or something I'm not sure anything is wrong. -Realmlist settings, including those in the database and those in my users realmlist which is simply (set realmlist I will post my realmlist db settings in a screenshot to follow. -For reference I used this wonderfully written guide: As you can see in the screenshot below I have what I believe to be a working setup. Note that in the realmd log there it says I got it but I did not. So it feels like it's making the connection, getting to the realmlist and being booted back but there's no disconnect message or error. The other user had the same, he was already on the server and left to install and addons, came back and gets to the realmlist and disconnects. I am really hoping this is something small I missed, but I am again so glad I found this forum and by extension your help. I look forward to being a positive part of your community, and I anxiously await your responses! If you need anything else in the way of logs let me know. *note I have replaced my username and password with MYPASS and MYUSER, if that wasnt obvious. Also since writing this post I have fixed one issue, i changed "localaddress" in the realmlist db to my actual IP and not Still hasnt fixed the issue but i understand this is a better setup.
  14. mangos zero

    Are they implemented? If so, how do I enable them?
  15. Hey getMaNGOS I have tried to setup a server by using the on linux apparently it keeps failing for me and I have a hard time figuring out what I'm doing wrong. - I have been wondering if the script is outdated and that the server folders have been changed around? I went on linux and installed mysql-server, libmysqlclient-dev, and git. After all those was setup I then rebooted my computer and created a new user at mysql + made it grant all *.* and then closed mysql. I went into the mangos folder and did a: git clone serverZero --recursive I then did a cd server/linux folder and sudo ./ and followed all the steps. I figured that if you ask it get a new fresh clone the script breaks and you have to manually clone it again. If you manage to get to end (by telling the script not to get a fresh copy), the script breaks and gives an error because it tries to search for a sql file inside the realm/update /char/update /world/update which isn't there due to the folders has been changed into the rel versions. this made me copy everything inside the rel21 + the folder inside that to the update folders which made me able to get past this point. The script will then break in the very end due to that it can't locate the wow folder even if you manually type it to get the script to get mmaps, vmaps, dbc folders. in the end, I have no clue what is happening or if I'm just doing something wrong. Feel free to PM me to get my skype, I would love getting some help with this. I have beeb struggling with this the last few days. //Nina
  16. I've taken a look in spell.dbc and been looking in the proc rate collumn. But only the items that says what the proc chance is in the tooltip (Like hand of justice) has a value that is "Valid" most others just have 101 incl. Thunderfury which pretty much has like what 20% ?. How can i find the actual proc chance for like: ? Any help is much appreciated.
  17. Hey guys! So, my computer sucks ass, and loading VS15 is extremely slow for me. It takes my computer roughly 5 minutes to load the MaNGOS solution file in Visual Studio. As you can probably tell, I'm beyond fed up with this. I keep my version of MaNGOS as updated as possible, so opening VS15 constantly with it running so slow has taken it's toll on me. I can run Netbeans really well and I'd much rather edit the scripts, compile, ect. within Netbeans. Is there anyway to export the class files/folders/etc. from the solution and edit them in Netbeans? Thanks, guys!
  18. Hi, When i create a character ,and i used chinese words with the name,it's not work well,but i saw it looks ok in console,and it show ??? in the database. can you help me?thanks. :
  19. mangos zero

    I was fooling around with a mangos zero server today, and I had a l5 rogue in the starting zone stealthing around. I found that l3 hostile mobs would consistently spot me and attack, often when facing away from me. Now, vanilla WoW was many years ago, but I played a lot of vanilla wow as a rogue, and I never recall having under level mobs spot me so quickly and at range before. It was very difficult to get off a backstab w/o provoking an attack. My question to anyone reading is: Has anyone noticed stealth mechanics feeling a little off? I don't know if I am looking at a bug, or just a poor sample of stealth behavior. Vanilla suffered from a variety of stealth related bugs while the dev team tried to get the mechanic ironed out, and they didn't really solve it until the rewrote stealth code for BC if I remember correctly. I did some searching around the site to see if there were any old bugs discussed, but I couldn't find anything. The site organization feels a little fragmented, and I am not sure if I am looking in the right areas. If this is a known and resolved issue, did I miss the post? I'm going to poke into the stealth code and see if there is anything that looks funny....
  20. Hey dear community ! I would like to know if it's possible to insert a return (new line) in a mail sended with the .send mail command like : I tried the "\n" but didn't worked... Thank you for your help !
  21. mangos zero

    I notice that some things are getting update but when I went and grab the version 21 of mangoszero server (no AI BOTS, Aug 2015) i noticed that the easy installer wasn't there. I do recall that last time i got it the installer was there. is this an oversight on my part?
  22. mangos zero

    Hi, I am having error about "Failed to open acceptor, check if the port is free" "Failed to start network" Some other error are from DB, like 'creature'. What port is this? Where do I find this acceptor? Hope you can help me Thank you very much.
  23. mangos zero

    Do not be confused, I've successfully updated everything. Everything works correctly, however, I get a warning in my mangosd.exe. The warning states the following: I'm not sure why this is, as I recently updated both the core and the database. Please help! mangosd.log
  24. mangos zero

    Where can I download client mangoszero ? I think Im lost with the site or couldn't find it. Thank you for your assistance.
  25. mangos zero

    Is there anyway of making a zone non pvp? I have been trying to change in AreaTable.dbc or whatever it is called. To flag 19496 but nothing is changing whatsoever. Is there a way to change it into a sancurary for both factions? Through C++ or something or is it impossible because non pvp areas weren't added until tbc?


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