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Found 56 results

  1. Hi, When i create a character ,and i used chinese words with the name,it's not work well,but i saw it looks ok in console,and it show ??? in the database. can you help me?thanks. :
  2. mangos zero

    I was fooling around with a mangos zero server today, and I had a l5 rogue in the starting zone stealthing around. I found that l3 hostile mobs would consistently spot me and attack, often when facing away from me. Now, vanilla WoW was many years ago, but I played a lot of vanilla wow as a rogue, and I never recall having under level mobs spot me so quickly and at range before. It was very difficult to get off a backstab w/o provoking an attack. My question to anyone reading is: Has anyone noticed stealth mechanics feeling a little off? I don't know if I am looking at a bug, or just a poor sample of stealth behavior. Vanilla suffered from a variety of stealth related bugs while the dev team tried to get the mechanic ironed out, and they didn't really solve it until the rewrote stealth code for BC if I remember correctly. I did some searching around the site to see if there were any old bugs discussed, but I couldn't find anything. The site organization feels a little fragmented, and I am not sure if I am looking in the right areas. If this is a known and resolved issue, did I miss the post? I'm going to poke into the stealth code and see if there is anything that looks funny....
  3. Are they implemented? If so, how do I enable them?
  4. Hey dear community ! I would like to know if it's possible to insert a return (new line) in a mail sended with the .send mail command like : I tried the "\n" but didn't worked... Thank you for your help !
  5. mangos zero

    I notice that some things are getting update but when I went and grab the version 21 of mangoszero server (no AI BOTS, Aug 2015) i noticed that the easy installer wasn't there. I do recall that last time i got it the installer was there. is this an oversight on my part?
  6. mangos zero

    Hi, I am having error about "Failed to open acceptor, check if the port is free" "Failed to start network" Some other error are from DB, like 'creature'. What port is this? Where do I find this acceptor? Hope you can help me Thank you very much.
  7. mangos zero

    Do not be confused, I've successfully updated everything. Everything works correctly, however, I get a warning in my mangosd.exe. The warning states the following: I'm not sure why this is, as I recently updated both the core and the database. Please help! mangosd.log
  8. mangos zero

    Where can I download client mangoszero ? I think Im lost with the site or couldn't find it. Thank you for your assistance.
  9. Is there anyway of making a zone non pvp? I have been trying to change in AreaTable.dbc or whatever it is called. To flag 19496 but nothing is changing whatsoever. Is there a way to change it into a sancurary for both factions? Through C++ or something or is it impossible because non pvp areas weren't added until tbc?
  10. The attachment is my EventAIError log, and it's filled with "Event ____ Action _ uses SpellID ____ that must be self cast (target is _)" or "Event _____ Action _ has TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER(_) target type, but should have TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER_OWNER(_)." or maybe even "Event _______ Action _ uses Target type _ for a spell (_____) that should only target players. This could be wrong." Is there anything I can do to possibly get rid of these errors? I haven't seen anything suspicious in-game, however, I can't possibly see every creature in a week to see if their all doing their job correctly. Please help! Everything still works (that I know of), but even if nothing is wrong, I still want to fix these errors. I have OCD. eventaierrors.log
  11. Hello, I've applied all the patches on /World/Updates/Rel21 (not the .sql on /Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates/) but I still have this error on my log. What file I should apply to fix this ? 2017-02-08 00:25:06 ERROR:You have not updated the core for few DB [World] updates! 2017-02-08 00:25:06 ERROR:Current DB content is 7, core expects 2 2017-02-08 00:25:06 ERROR:This is ok for now but should not last long. Thank you for your help.
  12. Hello dear community, I'm working on a server and after few tests I can aggro mobs through wall and doors. And sometimes mobs are like jumping jerky... Anyone can tell me how to fix this ? I found nothing on Google maps,vmaps and mmaps are loaded propely. Thank you for your help !
  13. How is the honor system really working? Does someone know? I've killed 15 people to earn Private, but it doesn't show up. And does it automaticly reload into maintenance day when restarting the server? Is there a way to restart without trigger maintenance? Do anyone have a clue what's wrong or what to do? Also this is the message while loading the server. 24%?
  14. 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR:The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure! 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: [A] You have database Version: 21 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Structure: 12 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Content: 1 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Description: AutoBroadcast 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: You need database Version: 21 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Structure: 11 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Content: 73 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: Description: Script_Binding 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR: 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR:You must apply all updates after [A] to to use MaNGOS with this database. 2017-01-16 07:25:06 ERROR:These updates are included in the database/World/Updates folder. I've have tried adding that missing sql. Didn't do anything. Whats wrong?
  15. Hello everybody, I'm new here at mangos so i followed some guides to install a precompiled server (mangoszero here out of the download section). I installed the databases and changed the database linkings by editing the config files. now when i'm trying to start realmd.exe or mangosd.exe nothing happends. the command line window pops and closes immediately. What did i do wrong? Did i miss something? (windows 10)
  16. mangos zero

    Hi all, After a lot of trouble, I got Mangos zero (develop21) working'ish. I'll be submitting a few bug fixes for the build scripts but I'm stuck starting realmd. I'm running Ubuntu. I've quadruple checked my configs for realmd and the database and everything is fine as best I can tell. I don't know how to troubleshoot this though: [email protected]:/Wow/bin# ./realmd 21000 [realm-daemon] <Ctrl-C> to stop. Using configuration file ../etc/realmd.conf. Login Database total connections: 2 MySQL client library: 5.5.53 MySQL server ver: 5.6.33-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 MySQL client library: 5.5.53 MySQL server ver: 5.6.33-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 Added realm id 1, name 'MaNGOS Zero Server #1' *** stack smashing detected ***: ./realmd terminated Aborted The logs have exactly that and nothing else in them. I'm able to start mangosd though. How do I troubleshoot this? Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I've finally got everything up and running. I had two questions: Does anyone know how to implement anti-cheating? I've seen logs of other servers where admins are alerted in chat about speedhacking for example. Also, I'd like general guidance on the DB process. I see many different releases in the update directory. Is it safe to say I should always apply ANY .sql files to my running realm? Which is to say, anytime a new .sql is updated in git, I should probably apply it? Also, I'm running two realms (release20, develop21). Is it safe to apply develop21 sql patches to release20? Thanks!
  18. Is there any easy way to clear all characters gear? What table in the DB contains the characters gear? Thanks.
  19. mangos zero

    I was working on building various projects with cmake, and I got an error that seems to be saying that I am missing some files. I thought I had installed everything listed in the posted mysql installation instructions. Is there something I missed? (See attached screenshots) Windows/vs2015 Enterprise/mysql(x32)/openssl(x32)/openssl(x64)/mangoszero(r21)/git
  20. I recently got a MacBook and wanted to try connecting to the server from the mac wow client. I can authenticate my login, but i don't see my realm appear. I signed up to the covenant-wow test server and it worked just fine. Is there something I need to change in my server settings in order to support mac clients?
  21. I'm currently using the latest builds, the SQL Update codes just looks wrong to me also. Anyone able to help me out : ) ? Dump bellow -------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________ Applying Character DB updates _____________________________________________________________ Character\Updates\Rel21\21000_00_Release_021_Initial.sql ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 2: Table 'character0.character_db_version' doesn't exist Character\Updates\Rel21\21000_01_warden_action.sql ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 2: Table 'character0.character_db_version' doesn't exist Character\Updates\Rel21\21000_02_db_version.sql Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_2_0_honor_flush.sql Error 1060 Duplicate column name 'used' * UPDATE FAILED * revision_refactor Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_2_1_dbdocs_update.sql * UPDATE FAILED * Honor Counting Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_3_1_fix_sor_paladin.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * NULL Honor Counting Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_4_1_match_client_limits.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * NULL Honor Counting Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_5_1_characters_pvpstats.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * NULL Honor Counting Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_5_2_dbdocsTable.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * NULL Honor Counting Character\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_5_3_Remove_field_from_dbDocs_Subtable.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * Rel21_5_2 - IS NOT APPLIED 21_2_0 - Honor Counting _____________________________________________________________ Applying world DB updates _____________________________________________________________ World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_74_Item_13040_update.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Item_13040_update World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_75_Fix_Weapon_Damage.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix_Weapon_Damage World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_76_bootybay_gnomeregan_teleport_fix.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * bootybay_gnomeregan_teleport World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_77_Feast_of_Winter_Veil_part1.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Feast_of_Winter_Veil_part1 World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_78_Start_up_fixes.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Start Up Fixes World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_79_Fix_Mailbox_Missing.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Fix Mailbox Missing World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_80_fix_druid_basemana.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix_druid_basemana World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_81_fix_invalid_radius.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix_invalid_radius World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_11_82_fix_Herb_nodes.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix_Herb_nodes World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_01_autobroadcast.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * AutoBroadcast World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_02_Fix_gossip_for_creature_6669.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Fix gossip for creature 6669 World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_03_fixed_Onyxia_all_bugs.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fixed Onyxia all bugs World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_04_Encrypted_Letter.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Encrypted_Letter World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_05_fix_2017_Spring_Festival_start_and_end_time.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix 2017 Spring Festival star World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_12_06_fix_some_bugs.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * fix some bugs World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_001_schoolimmunitymask.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Implement SchoolImmunity Mask World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_002_Book_Images.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Book_Images World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_003_Lady_Moongazer.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Lady_Moongazer World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_004_Carnivous_the_Breaker.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Carnivous_ the_Breaker World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_005_Silithid_Mound.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Silithid_Mound World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_006_Darkshore_Cliffspring_Falls.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Darkshore_Cliffspring_Falls World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_007_Firecaller_Radison.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Firecaller_Radison World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_008_Fixed_[de]spawn_Buccaneers_Strongbox.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Fixed_(de)spawn_Buccaneers_St World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_009_Araga_drops_corrected.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Araga_drops_corrected World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_13_010_Fixed_models_of_rams_NPCs_4778_and_4780.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * Fixed_models_of_rams World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_14_001_creature_equip_template_unique_indexes.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * creature_equip_template_uniqu World\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_14_002_MC,AQ20,AQ40_Equipment.sql * UPDATE COMPLETE * MC,AQ20,AQ40_Equipment _____________________________________________________________ Applying Realm DB updates _____________________________________________________________ Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_20140607_Realm_Resync NULL Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150412_01_warden_db_log.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden NULL Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150412_02_auth_realmlist.sql ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 4: Table 'realmd.realmd_db_version' doesn't exist Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150420_03_warden_db_log.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_20150412_auth_realmlist NULL Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150722_01_realmcharacters_remove_constraint.sql ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 4: Table 'realmd.realmd_db_version' doesn't exist Realm\Updates\Rel21\20150816_01_db_version.sql Realm\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_1_1_dbdocs_updates.sql Error 1054 Unknown column 'subtablecontent' in 'field list' * UPDATE FAILED * revision_refactor Realm\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_1_2_dbdocs_updates.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * NULL revision_refactor Realm\Updates\Rel21\Rel21_1_3_Remove_field_from_dbDocs_Subtable.sql * UPDATE SKIPPED * Rel21_1_2 - IS NOT APPLIED 21_1_0 - revision_refactor __ __ _ _ ___ ___ ___ | \/ |__ _| \| |/ __|/ _ \/ __| Database Setup | |\/| / _` | .` | (_ | (_) \__ \ |_| |_\__,_|_|\_|\___|\___/|___/ and World Loader _____________________________________________________________ Database Creation and Load complete _____________________________________________________________ Done
  22. Hello there first off let me say thank you to all that have put in many hours into making Mangoszero. outstanding job!!! I have spent many hours surfing the net and forums for information or tools on how to create custom dungeons and items, and in my findings so far I have concluded that I need map cords ( some which I have but have yet to test) and unused ID's for weapons, gear, etc. So my question is this: do anyone know or have anything that can help me in this area? I am currently using Rev 21 of Mangoszero on a Win 7 server. Without the custom content everything works just great and I haven't found any issues yet. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again
  23. mangos zero

    How to use dbc locale 8 in MangosZero?
  24. So I managed to get my MangosZero server working, and my host computer connects to it and everything works as intended, I'm not the most clued in on anything like this so it was a pretty big achievement! Now my problem... I have tried to connect my laptop to the same server and I'm having no luck! It has the exact same client files and realmlist data as the host computer (which should mean it would connect with no issues as it is connected to the same network right?) But when I attempt to log in on a created account it says connecting for some time then proceeds to say disconnected from server. I don't have a clue why this is! I have tried using the external IP too with the same result. So question 1, how do I get devices on the same network to connect to my server, hosted on a pc within that network question 2, how would I then go about making this server public and available to pcs outside of the network? Question 1 is my main concern with question 2 being a secondary thought as i'm interested to know how the process would differ, but I'm a complete rookie with this stuff so any pointers and advice would be massively appreciated! You might have to dumb it down for me as this is definitely my first time attempting to do this! Thanks a lot! Vaika EDIT No idea what i've done but for some reason my laptop now appears to connect to the server but is stuck unable to connect to the realm, it says it's logging in for a while but then gives me the list of realms again
  25. mangos zero

    Hi all, I'm trying to build the new master branch and getting the following error: Scanning dependencies of target generate_precompiled.cpp [ 28%] Generating precompiled.h.gch [ 29%] Built target generate_precompiled.cpp Scanning dependencies of target mangosscript [ 29%] Building CXX object src/modules/SD3/CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/precompiled.cpp.o c++: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault (program cc1plus) Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. See <file:///usr/share/doc/gcc-4.8/README.Bugs> for instructions. make[2]: *** [src/modules/SD3/CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/precompiled.cpp.o] Error 4 make[1]: *** [src/modules/SD3/CMakeFiles/mangosscript.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2 There was an error building MaNGOS! This was working a few days ago but now isn't. Any idea what I'm missing or what would have caused it? Thanks!


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