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Found 220 results

  1. Compiled and Installed server on Ubuntu, Realmd and Mangosd are running, and seem to be working. I added an account using the mangos command prompt. I am able to log in using the client, but when It goes to list characters (which I have none being the first character) it keeps popping the realm selection dialog back up repeatedly. What have I done wrong? What information do you need to help me if I need to provide more information?
  2. Hi, i try to set up a german MaNGOS Zero server. However in the realm selection screen the only available language option is english, even with a german game client. When i set the realm to german language it wont be shown in the realm list when english is selected. Where can i enable more languages to be selected?
  3. In accordance to the installation guide... step 26... I cant open/edit the realmd in any Database management tool that I can get my hands on it just wont open. And I don't know what to do from here on, guess ill ask what editor do you people use here and see if its something I haven't tried.
  4. Bear Form not regening mana, may apply to dire bear as well. Please help! More feedback: Other forms (cat, travel) seem to not be affected. Further testing: Does gain mana with enrage just not without it.
  5. Hello everyone! first of, I have to say I am new here. I builld a Mangos Private server many years ago when TBC/WOTLK was released, but its time to me to get back to try out the programming again 🙂 Anyway I just installed Visual Studio 2015 community edition (with updates) When the installing was finished I got this message: Setup Completed. However, not all features installed correctly. which is: Microsoft SQL server 2014 management Objects package failed. Do I need this for mangos installing? if so, should I re-install and see if it still fails? I uploaded the log file, if its needed 🙂 dd_vs_community_20180526213548.log
  6. Hi. Long time lurker first time poster. I have successfully installed and run a MaNGOS Zero server on my home Ubuntu server now for just about half a year. I see there are beeing updates pushed quite often on the site but I cant find any information on how I update my installation to the latest build. Is there any documentation on how to update an existing Mangos Zero install to the latest build of Mangos Zero? I would appreciate any help
  7. Hello I am running 3 mangos zero instances. One mangos zero realmd -> so ive got 3 Realms. When i switch between the realms i sometimes get kicked from the servers and have to relogg. then everything is working fine. Can you please tell me what the problem there is and how can i stable it? Thank you
  8. On my server something have occurred making all npcs just having one debuff slot, making it stupid for affliction warlocks to dot up or other classes as well. I would like to find out where I can change this setting.
  9. Howdy folks! Does anyone know whether there's a way to spy on the console output normally seen by someone logged in launching the mangosd.exe process? I have realmd.exe and mangosd.exe in service wrappers, and I don't see them run because they're launched by the SYSTEM account automatically. I have a lot of logging turned off to save on resources a bit, since it's a VM (8 vCores, 8 GB vRAM). I'm somewhat proficient with PowerShell, so I can PSRemote to my server and do some magic with that, if it's an option. Reason I ask is because I'm frequently seeing the mangosd.exe wrapper service stop because MySQL stops for some reason and I want to be able to script an automatic Restart-Service based on the results of the output if I can find the line where any error/crash is detected. MySQL reports that my tables are marked as crashed and need to be repaired, but that's entirely something else to investigate. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hello. After the spirit of the bot returned to its corpse, it wont resurrect, or teleport to me on "follow" command. It will just say, I am too far away, it wont follow me. How can I make them teleport to me, or resurrect them?
  11. I've finally got everything installed, but when I boot up mangosd.exe, it does a bunch of initialization and then starts with these Pathfinder entries. I left it for 2 hours and it was still going. What am I missing?
  12. When installing mangos zero on centos 7.0 per the instructions, everything works completely fine up until the very last mmap extraction. I know the instructions say it is optional, but when you do select the mmap it errors out. Unselecting the mmap extraction appears to be working fine just have some questions.... 1) What are the downsides to not have the mmap extraction? 2) Is it possible to get this working or is it just simply no longer needed using the getmangos.sh script? (I looked at the shell scripts and it appears to be calling a movemap-generator that is not located after compiling everything)
  13. I'm following the EasyBuild guide, everything on the dependency check is marked green for 64-bit. I've installed VS 2015 Community and made sure I can create a C++ project. But I'm still getting this error: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:77 (project): Generator Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64 could not find any instance of Visual Studio Really stuck and searching here and on Google doesn't seem to give me any help.
  14. Hello. I would like to add a character from my account as a bot, but every time I write ".bot add NAME" it will bu just echoed into the chat, and nothing happens. If someone could help me, I would apprechiate it. I used this version of Mangos Zero:
  15. Hi, I am having an issue that when I git bash my folder and download ServerZero I am missing Dep files, Win files (easybuild), realmd documents and in src/tools extractor projects files. I have tried downloading from the github website and adding them to the folder but through easybuild I get the message deps missing --recusive. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  16. Antz has kindly written some new installation guides for windows users. You can view the main EasyBuild build guide here: All the guides are located here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with something mentioned in the guide you can reply to this topic (simple issues only). More complex problems should be in a dedicated topic.
  17. Was wondering if its possible to get the blizzard classic 1.12 client demo that they released to work with mangos zero?
  18. How can I connect to SOAP through C # or java? According to demo, I can use PHP to connect normally, but I can't generate a wsdl file, so I can't use C # or Java to connect successfully. I have read a lot about gsoap, but still can't connect, so I can only come here for help. Thank you for your reply. My mailbox [email protected]
  19. I am running Mangoszero on localhost (client and server on same PC). A week ago I could login with no problem. Today I tried to login and the screen is stuck on the Realm Selection screen. Just to be clear here is the sequence of steps: Start the Client: Enter Credentials (Username and Password) - Success! Realm and language menu screen. Choose English, select realm style (Normal), and click <Suggest Realm> button Popup assigning me to the selected realm is displayed. Click <Accept> "Logging into Game server" popup is displayed for a few seconds. Realm Selection Screen is displayed. Select realm (again) Repeat 4 and 5 Any suggestions as to what's going on? Thanks,
  20. Running into an issue when I try to build. I am following this guide: Noticed when it was grabbing packages like ACE and what not from .de, it would fail and skip. However, the install would push forward. I am assuming it found what it needed, but it gave more errors. Then I followed this guide: Finally, was able to get the build up to 97%, but it fails with finding -lACE. Does anyone have any tips? Scanning dependencies of target mangosd [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/AFThread.cpp.o [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/CliThread.cpp.o [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/RAThread.cpp.o [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/WorldThread.cpp.o [ 97%] Building CXX object src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/mangosd.cpp.o [ 97%] Linking CXX executable mangosd /bin/ld: cannot find -lACE collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[2]: *** [src/mangosd/mangosd] Error 1 make[1]: *** [src/mangosd/CMakeFiles/mangosd.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [all] Error 2 There was an error building MaNGOS!
  21. Hello, during the setup process for MaNGOS Zero I followed this guide. After following step-by-step, I reached step number 28 and ran into some major problems. Firstly, upon launching the realmd.exe file it would immediately close. I saw a common fix to this problem was to modify the timezone for the realmd database under MySQL but this had no effect. In order to see any error message associated with the file I ran it through Windows PowerShell and got the following error. I modified the SSL settings to ensure that they were correct, and I even tried removing SSL encryption under MySQL. I also attempted to run the mangosd.exe file, but I reached the same error. If anybody can offer any help I'd appreciate it. I can post more information if needed.
  22. Hello. I enabled the player bots in the config file. 500 random bots were generated, but all of them are on lvl 1. I set the following settings, but it seems to be ignore the settings: # Random bot count #AiPlayerbot.MinRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.MaxRandomBots = 500 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMinLevel = 30 #AiPlayerbot.RandomBotMaxLevel = 255 (ignored if more than MaxPlayerLevel mangosd.conf value) If somebody could help me set the random bot levels between 30 and 60, I would appreciate it.
  23. RealmZone # Server realm zone (set allowed alphabet in character names/etc). See also Strict*Names options. # # 1 Development - any language (Default) # 2 United States - extended-Latin # 3 Oceanic - extended-Latin # 4 Latin America - extended-Latin # 5 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 6 Korea - East-Asian # 7 Tournament - basic-Latin at create, any at login # 8 English - extended-Latin # 9 German - extended-Latin when I set the RealmZone = 8 or 16 I can login to the server but no realm name on the list of servers can be selected. set RealmZone = 1 I can select the MaNGOS Zero Server #1 on the list of servers and get in. Did I miss some configs? Waiting for help! God bless you!
  24. Hi everyone First of all, excuse the technical errors in terminology or whatever - I am very new and inexperienced in this! I've been trying to get a local server to work for a few days now. I am able to start mangosd.exe, realmd.exe and the MySQL.bat files. They all seem to be initializing successfully. However when I try to log into my server I get stuck on "Connected" with just the cancel button available. If I press that, I get thrown back into the realmlist. If I don't press it, then after about 20 seconds I get thrown back to the login screen with a disconnected message. The following is what is output to the realmd terminal: [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' is using 'enUS' locale (0) [AuthChallenge] Account 'ADMIN' using IP '' successfully authenticated Any advice on that matter would be greatly appreciated.
  25. Hello, I am looking for a way to add new items for vendors to sell in my single player game. I want to add leathers to leatherworking supply vendors, metal bars/gemstones to smithing and engineering supply vendors, etc. I want to avoid to micromanage bots, I would rather buy the required materials from vendors. I figured out, that I have to add new entries to the NPC_Vendor table in the database, but I can not figure out, which "entry" is which NPC in the Creature_Template table. Could somone thelp me please, how can I find the NPCs, based on this? I would really appreaciate it!

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