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Found 250 results

  1. I dont know what I'm doing wrong, trying now to setup a fresh 3.3.5 server (been using old repacks in the past) to get the latest fixes and all. (This is all regarding to reamd.exe and the realm database, I'm starting from there, but I 100% expect same trouble from character and world database) I have downloaded the rel21 files from this site and ran the InstallDatabases.bat file with no problem, the databases and tables are there when verifying with navicat. Now shit starts hitting the fan. If I try to launch the realmd, it gives a big red error about missing table 'db_version' in the database, which i understand since there is no 'db_version', only a 'realm_db_version' table. So I assume I need to run the updates included. (I -guess- only the files in Rel21? assuming the rel18-rel20 folders are for updating older databases?) But that don't help/work, I execute them in order (might be wrong the table in realm_db_version says 'required_20150722_01_realmcharacters_remove_constraint" suggesting the database is from 20150722, but only applying the files after that don't work either) so I try updating, starting with the oldest file in the Rel21 folder, but the '20150412_02_auth_realmlist.sql' gives errors since it expects the realm_db_version to be 'required_20150412_warden_db_log' which -should- have been changed from the previous sql file. Did a manual table edit and changed it's name, then two more sql updates went in with only two errors regarding posts in realmlist, that was already there (?). The last update '20150722_01_realmcharacters_remove_constraint' went in with error that it couldn't drop the key (since it wasnt there) All updates 'installed' realmD.exe still don't start, naturally, since it expects db_version table, with version 21, stucture 1,content0, and revision_Refractor as description. Am I doing something horribly horribly wrong or is the database terribly broken when cleaninstalling? (had the exact same shit when installing mangos one v21 too) Repacks I have tried several and gotten them to run, but they all generally have oldascrap databases so would like to try with a fresh one. /P
  2. [Mangos Zero] AHbot Lag

    Fresh compile of the dev21 build. When the AHbot is on it creates a lot of lag on the server (ahbot is using default settings). When I turn it off, all lag issues go away. Is there anything that can be done about this? Server specs: Two quad core CPus w/ 32gb of error correcting ram
  3. Hi! If anyone more traveled in these matters could give me some pointers I would be happy. I'm currently running an old repack Mangos for 2.4.3, v18 database I think and it's kinda wonky when I actually decided to play around. So I have been trying to get the v21 to work. For waaaay to many hours now, so asking for help. These are steps I have tried. I downloaded the v21 server files and extractor from this site, extracted and setup the config's is no biggie. After a few attempts with gitcloning the database, i notice when using git to downloaded the clone is missing several files, So I have now downloaded them manually and placed in the database folder for a complete database to install. Also found that the Database installer batchfile included had some errors regarding the updatesfolder so fixed those paths manually so the realm, character and world updates gets installed. there is a bunch of those updates sql files that gives errrors, I have no idea if this is supposed to be ok or not but for the characters DB update, these files gives error when installing: 21000_00_Release_021_Initial.sql and 21000_01_warden_action.sql gets an "Error 1146 at Line 2 : Table 'Realmd.character_db_version' doesn't exist" while Rel21_2_1_match_client_limits.sql *UPDATE FAILED* revision_refractor In the RealmDB update only 20150816_01_db_version.sql , Rel21_1_1_dbdocs_updates.sql and Rel21_1_2_dbdocs_update.sql are installed, the rest of the sql files are either skipped or failed. In the World updates folder, things are weird since there is a folder there thats supposed to be ran first, but if I do that mangosd.exe won't start since it complains about world_db table being wrong, and a quick look at the table reveals that all the updates in the worldfolder has had their names added to the db_version description, good for keeping track, but the server refuses to load if it's not exactly and only database 21,structure 1, content 0, revision_refractor, so to get the server to even start i need to run the files from the Rel20_to_Base_rel21Updates folder. (i also need to run the 20150816_01_db_version.sql in the realm updates too to get it to be what the realmd.exe is expecting. Now the server is startable, and playable but there is a bunch of errors related to Scriptdev2 and pretty much every castermob in instances is bugged and not following a player that moves out of LoS, so i expect i'm doing something horribly wrong. (i also tried to place the files from world/updates/rev21/Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates up into the rev21 and changed their names a bit so they'd get loaded in first. but that changed nothing. I apologize for the wall of text and probably incoherent rantings, but I'm stuck now and if anyone has some good ideas on how to get one up and running without all errors on the way, I'd be most thankful. /P
  4. Hey folks! For nearly 2 days straight I'm only trying to get this WoW Server running, I can't believe I get stuck at ever step. My Problem is #6 of this Tutorial Whenever I execute any of those commands I end up with this: I've already resetted my password via "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5" (yes 5.5 is my version) - But still I receive this bug. :confused: I hope you can help me further, thanks in advance! P.S. What guide is correct? This one tells me to place mmap, map, vmap & dbc into home/mangos/data (which I don't even have) This one tell me to place mmap, map, vmap & dbc into home/mangos/server
  5. Hey guys! I tried to follow this guide to Install a Vanilla Priv Server on my Ubuntu 14.04 VPS (Installation Guides -> Linux -> Debianinstall https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki.php) but sadly I get stuck at "4. Compiling the server source". While I'm in my build folder I'm supposed to enter "cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/mangos/zero" in the Terminal, but all I get are some nasty bugs. Pastebin.com Can someone tell me whats going on? :confused: Thanks in advance! <3
  6. Hey guys! I bought a VPS and really want to run a WoW 1.12.1 Private Server. Sadly I can't really find any good Tutorials for the setup on Ubuntu 14.04 I found this Repack here on the Website: https://www.getmangos.eu/community-projects/10128-wow-1-12-server-repack.html Can I just use that to get the Server running? I'd be happy to get some pointers. Thanks for any help in advance! Greetz~
  7. [Mangos Zero] Extracting issues...

    Hey guys, new member here....I'm getting upto the point of Exracting the assetts via ExtractorResources.sh and this is where I'm hitting my wall. Working off Server 2012 R2,VS2012. Following the installation instructions here https://www.getmangos.eu/general-help-amp-support/10595-getting-amp-compiling-mangos-server-rel21.html Not sure what's happening, permission issue? etc.... Extractor_Fail.txt
  8. [Mangos One] playerbot on mangos one?

    Hi Playerbot AI - Is this not included with the GitHub mangosone dev 21 branch? If not how do I get bots working with a mangosone dev 21 server? Thanks for responding, or at least reading
  9. I'm running a rel21 mangos zero server (running remotely) and have a US client. The server was cloned from GitHub about 2 weeks ago. When I have two playerbots in a party running from my account using another char as the master, I have apparently random crashes on my client. I've looked for an error log from the client folder but cannot find one (if there is one please generated let me know where to find it!) I've read a few forum posts, mostly from bluebot and one that mentioned that a UK client was needed as others weren't currently supported (this was from 2012 - I would link but I cant find the post again!) Is the current playerbot AI supplied with mangos zero rel21 core ok with a US client? I have the UK discs too somewhere but would need to dig around in the loft for them - if someone knows for sure this is the case please tell me Cheers **EDIT** - I turned brain on and tried running without addons, after faffing about a bit I think it was recap addon causing problem, as not had crash since
  10. Hi All, Recently decided to jump back into this server hosting and what not, haven't done it since I was a small boy and at that time I was only using repacks. This time around figured I'd compile a server and learn the hardware, but I'm currently a bit stumped. When changing the realm ID, this causes it to no longer appear in the realmlist, instead I have to keep it at what I originally made it; 7. However this breaks again if I change the name, even if I keep the ID. Further the other problem I run into is that if I keep the original name and change the ID, my client will log into character select/creation but the server will not show in the show realm list. Figured I'd figure this out before I move onto the external connection issues I'm having. Hope someone can help? in the meantime I will endeavour to come up with a fix. Also; I'm using Heidi SQL as I found SQL Workbench far too convoluted. Thanks. **EDIT** I am changing the details in the mangosd file as well.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to mangos in its current version. I believe I used it way back in the day just after burning legion, but not since. Anyhow, I'm trying to set up a Panda server since Warlords doesn't seem to be out yet, and I'm having a problem. When running the 'ad' program to extract data, it returns with a "No locales detected" problem. I've done some research, and this seems to stem from the fact that with Warlords blizzard changed the data file format from MPQ to something new called CASC. Is there any tool to extract the data from the new format, or if not, is there a place I can download the data in MPQ format so I can extract it and get my server running? While I'm here, is there any progress at all on MangosFive? Does MangosFour get updates anymore or just MangosZero? That's the only one I can seem to find recent info on, but I'm not interested in an old vanilla server at the moment. Thanks, damccull
  12. [Mangos Zero] WoW 1.12.x Server Repack Help

    Hello Mangos Community! I need help with the repack. Everything in the WoW 1.12.x Server Repack is fine and i like the rates that were already preset so I don't have to go back and edit them via Notepad ++ and one of the things I noticed is some of the instances are not scripted, For instance just to test one, I gave myself the corrupted ashbringer it makes me hostile with the Argent Dawn which is normal however when I go into the Cathedral usually an scripted event is triggered and I also noticed that i cannot hear the whispers of the blade. I know most players that will want to join my server will look forward to raiding and I don't want to disappoint them if they manage to get their hands on the blade. If there is a quick fix to this or any in general please refer me to the fix because I love this repack! NOTE: I do not know if its because I gave it to myself and didn't kill Alexandros Mograine however on other fun servers i joined i had problems with the blade speaking but not the scripted event. The Bloodsail Buccaneers quest Avast ye admiral is bugged as well since I am exalted with them and i cant pick up the quest. All transportation systems functional (boats and zeppelins) I will continue further testing. there is a weird text glitch when turning in scouragestones at light's hope chapel. its something like $brother:$sister$ All teleporters in naxxaramas function however there is a bug that exists after fighting the undead frost drake where the gate doesnt open/shatter. I will try to keep you guys updated even though im pretty sure the person who created the repack tested everything haha.
  13. [Mangos Zero] Suppressing console output

    Hi - To any devs reading awesome job, currently tinkering with a zero and a one server, really appreciate all the work Problem: I am trying to figure out how to temporarily suppress console output from a zero server - is there a command to do this? Waffle: I've looked everywhere I can think and not been able to find it, but fully accept that it might be totally obvious to any competent human. This is a big problem for me as I have the memory of a very stupid goldfish, and if I am typing a command (one-fingered with tongue sticking out side of mouth) and the magic mangos game thing spurts out a load of stuff about how dbscipts is doing something clever, then I forget whatever it is I have typed, and I am then forced to bash delete until I am confident everything I have forgotten I have typed has gone, then start again. If the console is invaded by other breaking news items, then I am back to square one. Please help, my brain is small and I am currently killing more brain cells with whisky, so time is short. Best Wishes, Donkeybucket
  14. Assistenza

    State riscontrando problemi a configurare il server? Avete seguito la guida e, nonostante questo, mangos non parte? Non esitate ad aprire una discussione in questa sezione del forum! Vi risponderemo appena possibile Cercate in ogni caso di essere il piu' dettagliati possibile quando riportate un problema, quindi includete nel post: - Versione di mangos che state utilizzando - Log/messaggi d'errore he vi restituisce il server - Link alle guide che avete seguito (se ne avete seguite) - Sistema operativo su cui state lavorando
  15. I installed and got Mangos Zero working perfectly. Later I wanted to see if I could get Mangos One to run side by side. Everything appears to be in order, ports are changed, server id is specified, ip addresses are all correct, yet I cannot authenticate log in from the TBC 2.4.3 client (8606). It's probably something small that I'm over looking. Any advice?
  16. Hi downloaded this bundle (MangosOne_Develop21_Release_x32_Aug2015.zip), did the tutorial on how to setup but I get an error when runing realmd.exe that says: MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log SQL: SELECT version, structure, content, description FROM db_version ORDER BY version DESC, st query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist The table `db_version` in your [Realmd] database is missing or corrupt. [A] You have database Version: MaNGOS can not verify your database version or its existence! You need database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0 Description: revision_refactor Please verify your database location or your database integrity. The same goes for mangosd.exe MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log SQL: SELECT version, structure, content, description FROM db_version ORDER BY version DESC, st query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist The table `db_version` in your [Realmd] database is missing or corrupt. [A] You have database Version: MaNGOS can not verify your database version or its existence! You need database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0 Description: revision_refactor Please verify your database location or your database integrity. I have tried diffrent DB versions of mysql 5.7.x, 5.5.37 and 5.6.23 same problem. when I connect with db tool the table is there but not accessible the structure seems to be wrong all other tables are fine (not checked all but ...). I'v tried to use "git clone --recursive h t t p://github.com/mangoszero/database.git -b develop21" , but that db is to new, realmd and mangosd halts with wrong db version/structur/content error, if I manupulate the version table so realmd and mangosd thinks this db is 21/1/0 the realmd starts and mangosd goes as far as it regognize that creatures table contains 78 collums instaed of 70 then halts. any sugestions? Regards /arne
  17. hi all. i try to make a 2.4.3 server. i have pulled everything correct and compiled it all worked out good. i did try to reinstall windows aswell so now im on 7, first error was "libmysql.dll" but it was no problem i just pick one that i had around for other older servers. now i get: (0xc000007b) error code nothing more... i use visual c++ 2013, for i thought 2015 did make the error but well the error still stand. its the same error i did get on windows 10. does anyone know how to get around it? i use mangosone/server -b develop21 i know it works for i have used it before, if something have get updated and make it not working then it can explain this problem- thanks for the all help i can get... sorry for asking so much but i want to play areound on servers and im not all doing it for so long so when i get intressted i get problems... many i know how to deal with, but this is so diffrent. maybe i just miss some programs i dont know i dont think so. the easybuild checks out good. only get red X on 32-bit MySQL.
  18. Hey guys, I tried to find a Thread to solve this but couldnt find one. I set up a Mangos Server with the Auto Playerbot. Everythings works flawless but there are no Bots joining automatically. I can summon already existing characters as bots but the random feature doesnt seem to work. It says: [09:25]: mangos>9 bots processed. 0 alliance and 0 horde bots added. 0 bots online. Next check in 60 seconds Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Many thanks in advance Greetz
  19. EDIT: Or, y'know, if you're not a dope like me you can just use a .bat file and the MySQL command line like a regular human being. Move along folks, nothing to see here. hey all, This is probably a dumb question, but I'm trying to set up a Mangos Zero server on Windows, and I've got to update my DB content... thing? from 14 to 19. Obviously, that's a common issue, and I see a bunch of people have posted about it already. I know the files are in the Updates folder in the Database section; I've got those, and they seem to work. However, what I can't figure out: using SQLyog, is there any way to queue up the individual SQL files and run them all as a batch in the right order? Because opening them up in SQLyog, hitting Ctrl+F9, waiting for the query to execute, then repeating one by one for all 100+ files sounds exhausting. I'll do it if I've gotta, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something dumb and obvious first. Thanks!
  20. Reclutamento

    Benvenuti nella sezione italiana del forum getmangos. Al momento il progetto necessita di figure di ogni tipo, e tutti possono aiutare in qualche modo! Si ricercano: Sviluppatori - Persone con conoscenze di C++ e/o Lua per fixare bug esistenti, migliorare e/o creare script - migliorare la documentazione attuale del core, che al momento viene creata tramite Doxygen. - Proporre e/o aiutare nella creazione di nuovi tool per semplificare varie operazioni (potete trovare informazioni sui vari tool in sviluppo nel forum) Traduttori Recentemente e' partito un progetto di traduzione completa del database in italiano (quest, nomi degli npc, pagine dei libri ecc.). Il lavoro sara' molto lungo, piu' persone partecipano piu' sara' facile Tester Se avete conoscenze o memorie del gioco, potete tranquillamente partecipare all'attivita' di testing! Se non volete impazzire per settare un server dove fare testing, potete dirigervi qui Covenant-WoW | Classic, Burning Crusade & Wrath Private Servers E' ufficialmente supportato da getmangos ed e' continuamente aggiornato con gli ultimi cambiamenti al codice/database. Potete poi riportare le bug che troverete nella sezione Tracker del forum Per qualsiasi informazione, non esitate a contattarmi qui, su Skype (gabrimcr) o su discord (gabryatfendor#3887)
  21. error when running mangosd.exe

    Microsoft Windows [versão 10.0.10586] © 2015 Microsoft Corporation. Todos os direitos reservados. C:\Windows\system32>cd c:/mangos c:\MANGOS>mangosd.exe 21000 [world-daemon] <Ctrl-C> to stop. __ __ _ _ ___ ___ ___ | \/ |__ _| \| |/ __|/ _ \/ __| We Love the | |\/| / _` | .` | (_ | (_) \__ \ Burning Crusade |_| |_\__,_|_|\_|\___|\___/|___/ ___ For help and support please visit: / _ \ _ _ ___ Website: getMaNGOS | The home of MaNGOS - Home | (_) | ' \/ -_) Wiki: MaNGOS Wiki * GitHub \___/|_||_\___| Using configuration file mangosd.conf. OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015 (Library: OpenSSL 1.0.2d 9 Jul 2015) Using ACE: 6.3.0 World Database total connections: 2 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/mangos MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/mangos MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Character Database total connections: 2 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/characters MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/characters MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Login Database total connections: 2 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/realmd MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Connected to MySQL database [email protected]:3306/realmd MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.25-log AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 Realm running as realm ID 1 Using World DB: Version: 21, Structure: 1, Content: 0 Using DataDir ./ WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:1, getHeight:1, indoorCheck:1 WORLD: VMap data directory is: ./vmaps WORLD: MMap pathfinding enabled Please check for the existence of map file './maps/0004331.map' Correct *.map files not found in path './maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in './vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.
  22. [Mangos Zero] Vmaps not loading?

    When i start my server. i'm able to cast spells trough trees. or even worse, blink inside trees. Is this due to Vmaps? or something else?
  23. Compilieren unter Windows 10 x64

    Guten abend Community, und zwar folgendes problem . ich habe mit den source code per git runtergeladen alles wunderbar hab den easyinstaller benutzt und der zeigt mir an das ich nur die x64 core compilen kann was ich schon nicht verstehe weil habe stundenlang gesucht und keine vc x32 für mein system gefunden . Soweit so gut hab dann den compiler gestertet war auch alles erfolgreich nur wenn ich die realmd exe und mangos exe starten will sagt der mir Programm konnte nicht korrekt ausgeführt werden Fehlercode : 0x000007b verstehe das einfach nicht habe doch ein x64 system wieso klappt das nicht Hier nen paar infos: Betriebssystem: Windows 10 x64 OpsenSSL: x32 & x64 Installiert Visualstudio Express 2013 installiert und damit auch Compiliert x64 --- x32 nicht möglich Visualstudio C++ 2012 Installiert und auch versucht zu Compilieren x64 --- x32 nicht möglich Mysql Server 5.6 x64 Weiß hier vielleicht jmd woran es liegt?
  24. [Mangos Zero] log chat?

    Is it possible to log all types of chat on the mangos zero server? I've only fund an option to log whispers but it does not seem to log that either even when its enabled. I've searched the forum and google but i found nothing about it.
  25. I have a 0.20 mangos zero server up and running fine. Can I add player bots to it in an easy way?

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