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Found 6 results

  1. Make moonstalker matriarch (id 2071) to despawn her moonstalker runt if she killed before him! make the druid despawn on quest abandon and respawn at his spawn point . [Horn of Awakening Quest] despawn grimclaw (id 3695) after completing quest lost master. make tyrion spybot scale more big when transform and mod faction attackable for marzon (id 1755) for quest seal of wrim make roting slim (id3928) drop the chest for the Iron Rod only when player have the quest for it at this moment they always drop it I think drop chance is around 7%. add text to quest ‘’watcher callahan’’ fix zul farrak event the executioner key do not start event with all the cages.. elder torntusk (npc id 14757) stay in sleep mod on aggro. quest with lightforge ingot just need to turn the quest not 5. make shadow of eranikus wake up after killing all 4 dragons. All classes talents that improve buffs mod the spells but if you check on your buff after you cast on you it not scalling with the talents it stay lvl 60 normal buff. Thief talent that improve Sap didn’t work and it broke the spell you can sap with no talent and you loose stealth but with the talent you just loose stealth and Sap dosnt work anymore. polymorph didnt generate movement on other players. add text in shaman quest Call of Water (first one from the trainer when we reach the taurrent in barrens.) Fire Nova Totem need a little fix just to trigger visual animation before disappear (A little shake anim. =) ) Flames of the Black Flight spell work well (tested it on my character) but when you do the tier 0.5 quest line and you mind control the dragon Emberstrife (npc id : 10321) it said ‘’your pet is in combat’’ and you cant cast the spell on the unforged seal.. Quest text Seas Kelp on complet is set to NULL. Made character corps reach the ground if die in the air. Aurora Skycaller text didnt work for the Enchanted Thorium and Crystal Restore. the goblin event in Dire maul for the Key didnt work text option is there but no action when selected. Improved Fire and Frost Ward dosnt reflect any fire or frost spells Thunderfury texture bug Atiesh raven visual effect doesnt have been added to the core (spell not supported) Atiesh texture bug at the base of the staff. Here is a little bug list ^^ sorry for my bad english
  2. The spell "Arcane Missiles" (id 5143) need an aura to be activated. That aura is "Arcane Missiles!" (id 79683) and it will be applied to player correctly. But (and now ther's the problem) the spell will not be activated to be used. So i've the aura but i can't use the spell. How to fix this problem? Thanks
  3. Hi! i'm here again! another question: How to dynamically add spell (to be casted like "knoking" with spell id 67869) to player when he accept a quest (Evacuate the Merchant Sqare)? i've tryed to fill the "spell_area" table with this information INSERT INTO `mangos`.`spell_area` (`spell`, `area`, `quest_start`, `quest_start_active`, `quest_end`, `condition_id`, `aura_spell`, `racemask`, `gender`, `autocast`) VALUES (67869, 4755, 14098, 1, 14099, 0, 0, 0, 2, 0); but system gave me thi error: "ERROR:World: Player Priesttest (Guid: 5) casts spell 67869 which he shouldn't have" What's wrong? Table "dbscript_on_quest_start" didn't have a command tha can add a spell to player... so i can't use that way... Is there another way to dynamically and temporally add spell to player? Any ideas? Thanks
  4. Hi! Today i will explain my solution for quests that needs a special "Kill Credit" progression. This kill credit basically is a creature named "Spell Practice Credit" (creature_template.entry = 44175) that is required from quests (tipically set in column "ReqCreatureOrGOId1"). To explain how i've solved that problem (and other similar, i think) let's do an example. The Problem: Quest "Charge" require that you learn the "Charge" spell and use it onto 2 target. The Solution After a short search inside the Database you can see that the column "ReqCreatureOrGOId1" contains the 44175 value. To achieve the "Kill Credit" for quest you need to identify the creature indicated into quest's details (Bloodfang Worgen in that case) and create a script for that creature. To ensure the identity (creature_template.entry value) of correct creature you can play game and get information with command ".npc info" on right creature. For our quest the creature entry is 35118. Now we have to create a new row inside the Database into "creature_ai_scripts" table like this: INSERT INTO mangos.creature_ai_scripts (id, creature_id, event_type, event_inverse_phase_mask, event_chance, event_flags, event_param1, event_param2, event_param3, event_param4, action1_type, action1_param1, action1_param2, action1_param3, action2_type, action2_param1, action2_param2, action2_param3, action3_type, action3_param1, action3_param2, action3_param3, comment) VALUES (3511801, 35118, 8, 0, 100, 0, 100, -1, 0, 0, 33, 44175, 6, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 'Bloodfang Worgen - Cast quest credit on Charge SpellHit (Quest: 14266)'); Let's look on fields values and meaning (info got also from MangosZero-docs.pdf): id: The unique identifier for the AI script entry. To ease development, it has been defined that the identifier always equals creature_template.entry*100. In our case 3511801 . creature_id: The creature entry value. In our case 35118 event_type*: The event type that estabilish the action to do. Value 8 mean "Spell Hit". So when creature is hit from "Charge" spell will give the Kill Credit. event_param1: As required from the event_type = 8 this column must contain the spell id. In our case 100 is the id of "Charge" spell. action1_type: This column contain the action that the event specified before had to do. In our case 33 mean "ACTION_T_KILLED_MONSTER", the action that can do the Kill Credit. action1_param1: This column contain the creature entry to be killed. In our case the 44175 value for "Spell Practice Credit". action1_param2*: This column contain the target of Kill Credit. In our case the 6 value mean "TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER", the unit who caused this event to occur, in other word the player. * Note: i've founded more complete information about Evente_type and action_type on EventAI.txt file iside \server\doc folder into "server" repository. And modify the creature_template table to set the event script for Bloodfag Worgen: UPDATE `creature_template` SET `AIName`='EventAI' WHERE `entry`='35118'; Now our quest is working and the kill credit works. NOTE: take care that the creature entry into creature_template table has always only one column between AIName and ScriptName valorized! If both are setted can do an unexpected behaviour (in many case ScriptName win against AIName). The basic logic for that kind of quest progression is that the creature target of quest must have the event to give the kill credit to player because the creature target isn't the required creature into the quest_template table. Hope this can help, and if ther's something not well explained tell me!!!!
  5. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this but I've been working on my own custom server and have made some very interesting changes. Most spells and talents have been rearranged onto different classes to create a fresh experience. Here's the problem I have ran into. When I moved talents like Improved Frostbolt onto a different character, it ceased to function. This is easy to reproduce: Make a non-mage character. .learn 10181 .learn 16766 Check the cast time of frostbolt in the tooltip. I've verified that the Improved Frostbolt aura is on my characters but it is not actually reducing the cast time as intended. I've exhaustively researched this issue in the source code for about 5 days now and I'm not sure I'm closer to figuring this out. I know how the HandleAddModifier function works. void Aura::HandleAddModifier(bool apply, bool Real) { if (GetTarget()->GetTypeId() != TYPEID_PLAYER || !Real) { return; } if (m_modifier.m_miscvalue >= MAX_SPELLMOD) { return; } if (apply) { SpellEntry const* spellProto = GetSpellProto(); // Add custom charges for some mod aura switch (spellProto->Id) { case 17941: // Shadow Trance case 22008: // Netherwind Focus GetHolder()->SetAuraCharges(1); break; } m_spellmod = new SpellModifier( SpellModOp(m_modifier.m_miscvalue), SpellModType(m_modifier.m_auraname), // SpellModType value == spell aura types m_modifier.m_amount, this, // prevent expire spell mods with (charges > 0 && m_stackAmount > 1) // all this spell expected expire not at use but at spell proc event check spellProto->StackAmount > 1 ? 0 : GetHolder()->GetAuraCharges()); } ((Player*)GetTarget())->AddSpellMod(m_spellmod, apply); ReapplyAffectedPassiveAuras(); } It creates the Spell Modifier using info from the DBC. AuraName is 107 which indicates that it is adding a flat spell modifier. Misc value is 10 which indicates that it is a spellmod_casting_time modifier. The amount comes from a SimpleCalculation of the base dice 1 and the base amount -501 adding together to make -500 which is 500 milliseconds less than the original cast time. My theory is that the problem for me is somewhere in this Template <class T> Player::ApplySpellMod function. template <class T> T Player::ApplySpellMod(uint32 spellId, SpellModOp op, T& basevalue, Spell const* spell) { SpellEntry const* spellInfo = sSpellStore.LookupEntry(spellId); if (!spellInfo) { return 0; } int32 totalpct = 0; int32 totalflat = 0; for (SpellModList::iterator itr = m_spellMods[op].begin(); itr != m_spellMods[op].end(); ++itr) { SpellModifier* mod = *itr; if (!IsAffectedBySpellmod(spellInfo, mod, spell)) { continue; } if (mod->type == SPELLMOD_FLAT) { totalflat += mod->value; } else if (mod->type == SPELLMOD_PCT) { // skip percent mods for null basevalue (most important for spell mods with charges ) if (basevalue == T(0)) { continue; } // special case (skip >10sec spell casts for instant cast setting) if (mod->op == SPELLMOD_CASTING_TIME && basevalue >= T(10 * IN_MILLISECONDS) && mod->value <= -100) { continue; } totalpct += mod->value; } if (mod->charges > 0) { if (!spell) { spell = FindCurrentSpellBySpellId(spellId); } // avoid double use spellmod charge by same spell if (!mod->lastAffected || mod->lastAffected != spell) { --mod->charges; if (mod->charges == 0) { mod->charges = -1; ++m_SpellModRemoveCount; } mod->lastAffected = spell; } } } float diff = (float)basevalue * (float)totalpct / 100.0f + (float)totalflat; basevalue = T((float)basevalue + diff); return T(diff); } I believe this is where spell cast times are being calculated for the different classes I believe but I've no idea why it only works for the right classes. Frankly I'm not even sure what a template function is. Can anyone offer any help or suggestions?
  6. MaNGOS One Changelog This change log references the relevant changes (bug and security fixes) done in recent versions. 0.20 (2015-05-21) - Points of departure Many Thanks to all the groups and individuals who contributed to this release. * Some of the dependant file groups have been made into submodules * i.e. all the dependant libraries (dep folder) and realmd * Add a configurable delay between when a creature respawns and when is can aggro due to movement [c2469] * Add ACTION_T_SET_STAND_STATE for EventAI [s2102] * Add check for session being NULL so that we don't crash from console commands * Add CMake source groups to target 'shared' [c2056] * Add core support for spell 29201. (cs2294) * Add missing trap id for SendGameObjectCustomAnim call [c2135] * Add new Regen Health / Power flags and rename database fields accordingly [c2128] * Added Character dbdocs support * Added clang support * Added dbdocs for character DB * Added Email address to pinfo command output * Added Linux helper script. Thanks The-Great-Sephiroth * Added missing bounds check in loop. * Added missing EVENT_T_REACHED_WAYPOINT * Added missing lines in Trainer Menu's to get deleted. * Added missing loot for benedicts chest * Added Realmd dbdocs support * Added script for quest 4021 Counterattack * Adjusted MapId, MapX and MapY variables to increase movemap extraction performance * Allow casting a random selected spell (cs2236) * Allow creating Non-Instance Maps without player (c2574) @kid10 * Allow GAMEOBJECT_TYPE_TRAP respawn using SCRIPT_COMMAND_RESPAWN_GAMEOBJECT (cs2253) * Allow target 60 to use script target whenever required (c2551) * Applied missing OutdoorPVP Commit * Better value to check distance between owner and pet. [c2123] This problem was introduced in [c2094] * Big rename of creature_template fields. [c2091] * Blink improved. (cs2260) - Implement generating path * Clarify weather packet (c2649) * Cleanup world state sending [c2090] * Closed memory leaks and compiler warnings. * Code corrections to scripts (karazhan & stratholme) * Complete redesign of waypoint system. * Correct some BG chat message missing target name. Thank to @CamilleMoon for pointing. [s2095] * Cuergo's Gold quest * Demon messages cleaned up. * Enabled SOAP in Windows BuildEverything solutions * Extractor helper script paths fixed. * Fix "Unknown player" bug. (cs2293) * Fix .goname command (cs2247) * fix .npc factionid command after creature_template change * Fix BIH::intersectRay crash. Thanks TC * Fix bug that cause AreaAura reaply because the code doesn't search the correct rank of it. (c2570) * Fix cmake macros for FreeBSD systems. * Fix conflicting typedef error in ACE Prevent assert on platforms where we cannot change thread priority [c2107] * Fix creature flee dont loose target. Also Feared creature will loose correctly target then target will be restored. [c2108] * Fix Double to Float conversion warnings * Fix for missing Text in Pet Trainer Menu. * Fix freeze if opcode.txt file does not exist on .debug send opcode [s2082] * Fix issue with afk playerin duel logout request from client after 30 mins. * Fix LANG_ADDON use on Guild Channels and avoid a possible crash. [c2085] * Fix logic bug in SelectAuraRankForLevel (c2569) * Fix one warning and suppress a few when using cmake 3.0 * Fix PostgreSQL bindings and add support to build directly with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL. [s2112] * Fix problem with scaling vmap model. VMap and MMap DO NOT need to be rebuilt. (c2518) * Fix raid instance reset crash and add a server command to force reset. Also added a new server command to force reset by an admin. (z2538) * Fix reloading horde controlled capture point [c2468] * Fix showing skirmish or rated arena queue icon [c2084] * Fix skinning loot bug. Thanks to @TheTrueAnimal for pointing (c2219) * Fix some more reserved identifiers * Fix spell 9712 (c2142) * Fix TARGET_SELF-TARGET_SCRIPT target combination Also introduce more symmetric behaviour for TARGET_FOCUS_OR_SCRIPTED_GO (cs2248) * Fix Tauren druid size when shapeshifted. [c2480] * Fix use of SpellBonusWithCoeffs In case of taken damage/heal calculation the information of the caster must be used (cs2243) * Fixed architecture name. * Fixed Copy step location * Fixed Incorrect data structure used * Fixed Incorrect ID for Cleansed Whipper Root in script * Fixed up world/local channel chat to comply with tbc * Fixing Chest Loot Issue * Fixing Group Loot Issue * Fixing massive spawns in Fargodeep-Mine + Set latest SQL as required * Get rid of bounding radius in GetNearPoint[2D] and ObjectPosSelector [c2066] * Grouped Hunter pets gain full experience. * Home Bind Update Removed a useless function for Home Bind * Implement 2 chat channel responses [s2073] * Implement Battleground scores storage system (c2204) * Implement CREATURE_FLAG_EXTRA_ACTIVE (c2578) * Implement new stats system for Health and Mana. Core now suport health and mana from new stats system. [s2093] * Implement spell effect 42281 (c2141) * Implement support for Hunter Talent "Ferocious Inspiration"; adds infrastructure to support other, similar talent based effects in the future. (cs2242) * Implement TARGET_RANDOM_UNIT_CHAIN_IN_AREA (c2548) Also unify the TARGET_RANDOM_CHAIN_IN_AREA code * Improve "NPCs gets stuck in melee animation while casting". [c2110] * Improve handling of TargetMMGen [c2068] * Improve readability of the code and avoid visual studio warning c4996, I don't think this can cause problems with gcc [c2475] * Improve Startup efficency & Allow recursive CanSpawn checks * Initialize power type and power type values for creatures [s2130] * Loot Handler fix, last revision * Map extractor messages have been cleaned up. * Moved enum to correct position in list * New condition added (re condition table) * Ogre brew only in Blade's Edge * Partially implement movement related fixes found in noted commit * Polymorph fix * Pool-System: Allow pooling non-lootable gameobjects (cs2280) * Prevent creatures from pulling too many nearby monsters, for example during certain scripted events. [s2101] * Properly use utf8cpp and Mersennetwister. * Readd GO scale to GO BoundingRadius calculation that was removed accidently recently (cs2257) * Refactored aura code to make it more readable * Remove invisibility aura (aura 18) based on attribute (c2553) Passive and negative invisibility auras are not removed on entering combat * Remove unused argument in CalculateMeleeDamage [c2100] * Removed an unused/doubled Option in Shaman Trainer Menu. * Removed Creature_item functions added in error from Zero * Removed local realmd repo and added universal realmd submodule * Removed the tr1 namespace references in the CLANG section for the UNORDERED_MAP and UNORDERED_SET defines. * Rename fields after recent DB changes (c2597/cs2239) * Rename m_respawnAggroDelay to make it more generic [c2470] * Renamed table scripted_event_id to scripted_event. [m2434] * Reorganize code to allow rage rewarded for critter type. [s2104] * Restore chat whisper and GM chat. [s2088] * Restructure game folder * Script files are now merged with the main project * Simple fix for Stealth is removed on fall damage problem Surely could be done better way... [c2121] * Small Update to remove unresolved tickets when deleting a character to prevent them from hanging in there when they can't ever be resolved * SOAP bindings are now optional. * Some changes to Random chance calculation (c2567) * Some updates to the GM ticket system, secure one of the inputs coming from the user and mark client closed tickets as solved * Start dbscripts_on_spell for SPELL_EFFECT_TRIGGER_MISSILE with missing spell id. (cs2284) * Sync QuestLevel variable Type * The Unforgiven SD2 script added * Totally Cueergo Gold's Script updated * Totem are immune to their own spell workaround fix * Triage quest now doable but still nerve-racking * Tuken'kash gong (RFD) scripted * Update to ticket handling and hopefully a fix to logging * Updated dbdocs definitions * Updated HandleMoveTimeSkippedOpcode to use proper definition * Updated Scripts to revision 2795 * Updated shutdown function to work the same as Zero * Use shiny new function to play music with the spell (c2208)

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