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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All, Recently decided to jump back into this server hosting and what not, haven't done it since I was a small boy and at that time I was only using repacks. This time around figured I'd compile a server and learn the hardware, but I'm currently a bit stumped. When changing the realm ID, this causes it to no longer appear in the realmlist, instead I have to keep it at what I originally made it; 7. However this breaks again if I change the name, even if I keep the ID. Further the other problem I run into is that if I keep the original name and change the ID, my client will log into character select/creation but the server will not show in the show realm list. Figured I'd figure this out before I move onto the external connection issues I'm having. Hope someone can help? in the meantime I will endeavour to come up with a fix. Also; I'm using Heidi SQL as I found SQL Workbench far too convoluted. Thanks. **EDIT** I am changing the details in the mangosd file as well.
  2. Hi all, I like to check in from time to time and see how things are progressing. I jumped on the MangosZero server, created a new toon, knocked out a few quests to see how far I could get before I started seeing bugs or weirdness... nothing... no weirdness, it all worked, and to my surprise worked rather well... I though to myself, not too bad, but there is always something.. So off I went to Stormwind, where I really get to see the bugs, guards bouncing or walking through walls, etc.. but again, nothing..!! It was/is all working really well. In fact, I've created a few toons now and on each I have yet to see anything really glitchy at all. GOOD JOB TEAM!! I'm so thrilled that it works, and really feels stable (from what I have seen so far). Not one quest bug, loot bug, odd mob sticking up half way in the ground bug, etc... Keep up the good work. Now I have to see if I can get it to build and run on my BananaPI for kicks...
  3. Hi Everyone, After playing with repacks over the years, and reliving the vanilla experience on private servers, I've decided to learn more about MaNGOS, and start building my own server from scratch. While my roots are technical, I've been an executive for so long with my career that my past talents have faded. I have no aspirations of opening a server to the public, but enjoy the challenge of learning new things as a hobby, but I love team projects, and would like to work with others and possibly contribute to the great community here. Since my favorite time sink, Nostalrius has shut down, and the next MMO I'm waiting for, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, is probably a year away from release, I now have some time on my hands. I possess some advanced, but mostly basic skills as a linux admin, c++, sql, nginx, php, etc., but am always wanting to learn more. Looking forward to learning from all of you. Thanks in advance for your patience!, Wryshu
  4. This guide is for Release 21 (0.21.0) version of Mangos. This guide explains how to get the source code from our git repositories and compile and run with a default config. This guide assumes you have set-up a database and user accounts for it. Before running the server, you need to run the extractor and put dbc, vmaps, maps and if you have them, mmaps in the folder with the server files. Required Files Git for windows - Git - Downloads Install making sure the following options are selected Windows explorer intergration - Simple context menu (Git bash, Git GUI) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Free Dev Tools - Visual Studio Community 2015 Install with default options selecting C++ when it asks you what programming language you are using [*]Notepad++ - http://notepad-plus-plus.org Useful for editing .conf files and any other editable files. [*]Additional required files are downloaded while cloning the repo Getting the source code Mangos Zero will be used for this guide. Browse to where you would like to clone the files Right click inside a blank area in the folder and select "Git Bash Here" In the black command box type [b]git clone --recursive https://github.com/mangoszero/server -b develop21[/b] This will clone the latest Sever source into a folder called server - Including the --recursive is very important! Installing the additional requirements Go into the new Server / win folder It should have these files listed Install: Cmake, mysql and openSSL (which version depends on if you are running x32 or x64 [x32 being more stable]). Default options are fine in most cases. MaNGOS EasyBuild Run MaNGOS_EasyBuild.exe located in server/win Easy Build main screen Click the "check now" button You should see green ticks and if you have everything done correctly you should be able to go to the build options page. Once on the build options page tick the "Include PlayerBot AI", if you are certain you are not going to use this feature then leave unticked. Clicking generate project will run cmake but inside of the EasyBuild application, you will see the output. Visual studio should be started when it is finished generating. Output showing EasyBuild with the option to automatically open visual studio unticked If you wish to compile at a later time the built files will be under /server_build/ you just need to double click on MaNGOS.sln Compiling the source code Visual studio Once the project has loaded go to the drop down just below the team menu and select Release and Win32 Press F7 or go to the Build menu and select Build Solution The Mangos server is now compiling and time to go get a coffee, this process should take around 5-30 minutes depending on your system. Older single core systems will take longer. [ATTACH=CONFIG]86[/ATTACH] That's it! now head into the /server_build/bin / Win32_Release folder and your server files will be there.
  5. Hi, my name is Gabriele, I'm an Italian sowtare programmer and I'd like to help improve Mangos and, at the same time, improve my abilities in C++. Thanks to everybody for the great work done since now!
  6. Xeluc


    Hi everyone, and thanks for the efforts put into this project so far! I myself am an old school wower. Played on retail beginning on day one. And the majority of my played time was in this era. I had 4 level 60 characters on Alliance side. And took part in raids up to BWL. I've played a bit through each expansion over time. But none of them kept me subbing as long as vanilla did. I'm interested in making a build of zero and possibly contributing to it at some point. I was re-introduced to the work here when checking out some re-packs over on ac web. Looking forward to learning more and digging through the info here and on the db's
  7. Hello, Since I updated to develop21 my personal realm is no longer public. My girlfriend and I play on it from time to time for fun. I copied the realmd.config from my release20 version I had running before this. I checked the mangosd config file for any differences but appear not to be finding any. I'm certain it's the update, as when I run release20 version she can still connect. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Going forward from now admins & moderators will now be removing any forum accounts with "temp email addresses", You are required as a user of getmangos to maintain a working email address. We recently implemented a new mail system and can see exactly which users have temp/bounced emails, these users will be given time to change them if they have posts, if you have no posts the account will simply be deleted.
  9. Does anyone have an untainted copy of 3.3.5a? I've been all over the place. Either someone has had them all removed from torrent sites or they are no longer seeded. This is very frustrating indeed. Either way, I need a copy of the Wrath of the Lich King client. So if someone has it or knows where I can get a usable copy, it would be greatly appreciated. This last copy appeared to be good until I went to extract the vmaps then it crashed because the MPQs had been tinkered with and no one said anything about that. There is another copy that I might be able to use. I play from time to time on Heroes WoW so might be able to use their 3.3.5a client. It's got an expansion pack in it, but it's strictly client side as far as I know. I'll give that a try, but if you do know where to get an untainted copy, it would be greatly appreciated. I have no clue if this will work so a backup option would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello my friends, I'm working on a CMS dedicated to MaNGOS. While the CMS is in work and improves over time I want to know what YOU need or wish to see as a feature in the CMS. This thread is designed as a brainstorming with the community.

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