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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! If anyone more traveled in these matters could give me some pointers I would be happy. I'm currently running an old repack Mangos for 2.4.3, v18 database I think and it's kinda wonky when I actually decided to play around. So I have been trying to get the v21 to work. For waaaay to many hours now, so asking for help. These are steps I have tried. I downloaded the v21 server files and extractor from this site, extracted and setup the config's is no biggie. After a few attempts with gitcloning the database, i notice when using git to downloaded the clone is missing several files, So I have now downloaded them manually and placed in the database folder for a complete database to install. Also found that the Database installer batchfile included had some errors regarding the updatesfolder so fixed those paths manually so the realm, character and world updates gets installed. there is a bunch of those updates sql files that gives errrors, I have no idea if this is supposed to be ok or not but for the characters DB update, these files gives error when installing: 21000_00_Release_021_Initial.sql and 21000_01_warden_action.sql gets an "Error 1146 at Line 2 : Table 'Realmd.character_db_version' doesn't exist" while Rel21_2_1_match_client_limits.sql *UPDATE FAILED* revision_refractor In the RealmDB update only 20150816_01_db_version.sql , Rel21_1_1_dbdocs_updates.sql and Rel21_1_2_dbdocs_update.sql are installed, the rest of the sql files are either skipped or failed. In the World updates folder, things are weird since there is a folder there thats supposed to be ran first, but if I do that mangosd.exe won't start since it complains about world_db table being wrong, and a quick look at the table reveals that all the updates in the worldfolder has had their names added to the db_version description, good for keeping track, but the server refuses to load if it's not exactly and only database 21,structure 1, content 0, revision_refractor, so to get the server to even start i need to run the files from the Rel20_to_Base_rel21Updates folder. (i also need to run the 20150816_01_db_version.sql in the realm updates too to get it to be what the realmd.exe is expecting. Now the server is startable, and playable but there is a bunch of errors related to Scriptdev2 and pretty much every castermob in instances is bugged and not following a player that moves out of LoS, so i expect i'm doing something horribly wrong. (i also tried to place the files from world/updates/rev21/Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates up into the rev21 and changed their names a bit so they'd get loaded in first. but that changed nothing. I apologize for the wall of text and probably incoherent rantings, but I'm stuck now and if anyone has some good ideas on how to get one up and running without all errors on the way, I'd be most thankful. /P
  2. EDIT: Or, y'know, if you're not a dope like me you can just use a .bat file and the MySQL command line like a regular human being. Move along folks, nothing to see here. hey all, This is probably a dumb question, but I'm trying to set up a Mangos Zero server on Windows, and I've got to update my DB content... thing? from 14 to 19. Obviously, that's a common issue, and I see a bunch of people have posted about it already. I know the files are in the Updates folder in the Database section; I've got those, and they seem to work. However, what I can't figure out: using SQLyog, is there any way to queue up the individual SQL files and run them all as a batch in the right order? Because opening them up in SQLyog, hitting Ctrl+F9, waiting for the query to execute, then repeating one by one for all 100+ files sounds exhausting. I'll do it if I've gotta, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something dumb and obvious first. Thanks!
  3. Experienced by building the 32-bit project on Win7 x64 with Cmake 3.4.3, mysql 5.1.55 (community server), openssl 1.0.1g, MS VS 2013 12.0.31101.00 Upd4. The whole setup went as usual. I did not use EasyBuild and did not drop my old realmd DB. Then I decided to check DB versions. The world DB has strange enough records: 21,1,0,'revision_refactor','' 21,1,11,'Fix last startup errors','server - fix last startup errors' Well, I wasn't interested in the fate of 21-1-{1..10} updates concentrating on the possibility to start the server, since the revision.h file required 21-2-3. Applying the updates manually with SQLyog one-by-one, I got no further than 21-1-21. For a reason unknown to me, the SQL client fails to apply long updates through "Execute SQL file..." interface option, while the same update copypasted into the client command window runs fine. Note the similar behaviour of Navicat too. When an update is applied through the interface command, there is no diagnostic output at all. From the command window, I see only `description` output value which is useless (see for example a lot of recent dbdocs updates with - wow! - the same description field). I say constantly that the transactional updates are evil... Checking the two other DB versions, I got an issue with older realm DB about dbdocs table structure. It will not be encountered at a full fresh install. I doubt that a user can solve this DB mess on his own. Anyway, I have the following propositions: The full update history must be kept in the db_version tables since the latest major release. In our case it would be 21-1-0 to 21-1-11. Rethink what the scheme is better for a user: either to apply all DB updates from the Updates/Relxx/ folder, or to find the missing ones by unsuccesfully starting mangosd. Note that he also can miss some minor (content) updates in the latter case. Keep an eye on other projects (One, Two) when updating realmd submodule and especially realmd DB. It is a waste work, but the whole repo structure implies necessity of it. It is barely needed to change the `db_version`.`structure` field for dbdoc structrure updates since the tables are not used by the core. The users are not interested in these tables, but they are interested in the starting server. The hosting service must support the "Downloads" section for any project. Since github does not, it will be excellent to have the binaries required by EasyBuild (btw why do not use network install?) as well as EasyBuild itself as a submodule. This will greatly reduce the core repo size, and the most of devs are not meant to change anything under win/ folder. (Also I will be happy to drop that submodule locally ). (Optional) Remember me why we are keeping transactional DB updates after finished transition to the new (Foe's) update numbering system. Also think about reapplicability of introduced SQL updates. No need to repeat that the admins have to enforce the accepted policies checking the PRs before merges. Despite that would mean rejecting 50 to 80% of the commits (well, may be this statistics was improved a bit lately).
  4. It appears that I have been loosing not only hair by my entire mind. Been struggling for days trying to get a clean install of Mangos One on a brand new virtual server of Ubuntu 14.04. The compile goes well, and a very successful map extraction. My issue is all around the database import. The first issue it every single set of directions in the Wiki is slightly different and I have tried what appears to be every single one. Here is the issue. While starting to start the realm I get this: SQL: SELECT required_20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden' in 'field list' The table `realmd_db_version` in your [REALMD] database indicates that this database is out of date! [A] You have: --> `20140607_Realm_Resync.sql` You need: --> `20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql` You must apply all updates after [A] to to use mangos with this database. These updates are included in the sql/updates folder. Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating. At this point it is obvious that there are updates missing. After following multiple directions for batch import of both the full database and the updates here is my real question. I get a lot of this type of error: * UPDATE SKIPPED * required_19005_10_mangos_command ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 41527: You have an error in your SQL syntax; Right away it is noticeable that the missing update Rel19 update and I have pulled Rel20. The other appears to be a bugged update. Every attempt to move backwards to get the missing required update points more missing updates. What did I do wrong and what is the correct way to import that full world database? Is it required to install the Rel18 & Rel19 updates if they get pulled? A helpful member sent me a PM and my issue is resolved. All that was needed was this from Rel21: 20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql The rest is pretty much me not really understanding exactly what the messages mean.
  5. Hi there, I'm setting up a fresh Mangos Zero server. I've compiled successfully using this documentation: https://www.getmangos.eu/frequently-asked-questions/9876-getting-amp-compiling-mangos-server.html And loaded the realmloaddb.sql query from: https://github.com/mangos/Realm_DB/blob/master/Setup/realmdLoadDB.sql But when I open realmd.exe, I get: SQL: SELECT required_20140607_Realm_Resync FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20140607_Realm_Resync' in 'field list' The table `realm_db_version` in your [REALMD] database indicates that this database is out of date! [A] You have: --> `20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden.sql` [b] You need: --> `20140607_Realm_Resync.sql` You must apply all updates after [A] to [b] to use mangos with this database. These updates are included in the sql/updates folder. Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating. However, my /database/realm folder is empty whereas my /world and /characters folders contain another folder called "updates" (I see no sql/updates folder in any of my of files). How should I proceed? Is there a place to manually get realmd updates? Also, if I've used the above documentation to compile (it says it's for release 19), am I to use Rel19 folder for world updates? Thanks!
  6. Hi Mangos team i was trying the new dev build out because of the playerbots ;D and i updated the databases and the world and char database works! but then a update the realm database, i get no error messages. but when i tryed to open the mangosd or realmd i comes with the classic "you need to update message" SQL: SELECT required_20150412_auth_realmlist FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20150412_auth_realmlist' in 'field list' The table `realmd_db_version` in your [REALMD] database indicates that this database is out of date! [A] You have: --> `20150420_warden_db_log.sql` You need: --> `20150412_auth_realmlist.sql` You must apply all updates after [A] to to use mangos with this database. These updates are included in the sql/updates folder. Please read the included [README] in sql/updates for instructions on updating. but i have applyed the updates and i don't know how to fix this and i has something to do wi 20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden 20150412_01_warden_db_log 20150412_02_auth_realmlist 20150420_03_warden_db_log

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