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Found 10 results

  1. WoW Waypoint Mapper + WoW Continent Coordinates to SQL Script This is for the creature_movement and creature_movement_template tables - building of paths/routes for NPC's and creatures. This tool allows the recording of a path you wish an NPC or creature to use, and for the resulting waypoints to be converted to SQL script, so that they can be easily added to the creature's/NPC's creature_movement or creature_movement_template table. Basically: - record path waypoints (with WoW addon - CoordinatesRecorder) - convert to SQL script (with SQL converter - WoWCoordsToSQLScript) - use your MySQL favourite editor to execute the script in order to add the records to the creature_movement or creature_movement_template tables I wanted to do this all in the WoW Addon, but due to restrictions implemented by WoW, and without hacking, I have had to create an external program to do the waypoints to SQL script conversion. The Programs/Tools and Required files 1) CoordinatesRecorder: WoW addon (must be placed in the Interface/Addons folder of World of Warcraft) This aids in the recording of the waypoints (click on the button as you move along the path) You can use slash commands to show and hide the addon's interface whilst in-game: 2) WoWChatLog.txt This holds the waypoint information. You must activate chat logging, by entering /chatlog in chat. This file is created with all the chat messages, once you leave the game. The file is not generated as you go along in-game. 3) WoW Continent Coords to SQL Script This loads the data from the WoWChatLog.txt file and retrieves the waypoint information. You can then save the data as SQL script, ready to be written to the creature_movement or creature_movement _template tables (copy & paste the script into MySQL Workbench or similar). Choose creatures_movement (GUID) or creatures_movement_template (ENTRY) by selecting the 'guid' or 'entry' radio button. Choose the type of path the creature/NPC will travel, by selecting the 'one direction' or 'bi-directional' radio button. - 'one direction'. is a path where the creature or NPC only ever travels one way along it, such as a circle. - 'bi-directional', is a path where the creature or NPC travels in both directions (going back and forth) OTT help feature Extra feature (delimiter conversion tool) If you click on the Delimiter conversion button, the interface reveals the ability to save/convert files so that they contain whatever delimiter you wish. You can save the data you just loaded from gathering the path coordinates, or you can load an existing file that you wish to change the delimiter for. 4) MaNGOS server (only tested with Zero, so far) You need to be in GM mode, as the Addon uses the .gps command (yeah, I know, should have made a hack!) EXAMPLE: I used this to plot out the path for Rexxar, from Stonetalon Mountains, through Desolace, and into Feralas (The Twin Colossals) It took me 20 minutes, including executing the resulting scripts to add the records to the creature_movement table (via Workbench) Here, my toon is following Rexxar to make sure the path I have defined for him, using these tools, goes without any problems. All went well DOWNLOADS WoWCoordsToSQLScript tool: Executable file: https://github.com/Chuck5ta/WoWCreaturePathMapper/tree/master/WoWCoordsToSQLScript%20exe Source files (C# WPF): https://github.com/Chuck5ta/WoWCreaturePathMapper WoW addon (this is also included in the above download link!): https://github.com/Chuck5ta/WoWCreaturePathMapper/tree/master/WoW%20Addon/CoordinatesRecorder IDE/Editor used: VS 2013 Notepad++
  2. First off, thank you all for this amazing project! Since I reached out for installation help on this forum I have been in contact with H0zen, who helped me setup the correct database, and finally managed to isolate the problem, which was a wrong MySQL version (5.7 is not currently supported). Many kudos to him for reaching out. The installation now works and I'm running a local MangosOne server to play on with my girlfriend. I used to play WoW solo, as an escape from the dramas of EVE online. When the subscription for WoW ended, I was still paying for 2 accounts in EVE, so things were getting expensive. I then decided to play with a good friend on a private server named 'The Spirit Kingdom' a low population TBC server, where almost everyone knew each other, and later on Allies and Horde could cooperate together. Now that my girlfriend is developing an interest for games, I decided to introduce her to WoW, so I downloaded a prepack for TBC and was really surprised to see it work right out of the box. I then used JoytoKey which is a tool to remap mouse and keyboard controls to a game controller. This works surprisingly well for WoW and we're having a good time adventuring with just the two of us on the server. Ofourse the prepack is old and buggy, so I wanted to run the latest stable core. And now I'm here!
  3. Hello all. I am an addicted WoW player which is very sick right now. I can't count how many years I spent my life in WoW but it worths. I can't play in any other servers because of my sickness and I got an idea still I can play. I will check a playable server and install in my computer. So, I can be very very strong and perhaps I can run dungeons and probably raids by my own. I will be honest, because of my heart conditidion; I got stroke, my right hand (mouse hand) can't work and that's why I will do that. I am interest all types of WoW, from vanilla to last version its ok for me. I am not familiar with databases but I am a quick study person. Anyway, If you red all my lines, thanks. Now it's time to check what's the best for me. Cheers.
  4. My name is Alberto and I have recently started my adventure into putting up a mangos-based ideally-100%-compliant 1.12 wow shard. I look forward into working with all of you to help each other out ! Ciao Alberto
  5. Hello everyone, I just joined this community after doing some research into how to run my own WoW vanilla server. I have a systems engineering background, so I’d be willing to help out where I can. I probably screwed up in placing my first post – I left it in the scripting area, which I realize now was not the best place for it. Essentially, I was able to build a MaNGOS server using the Debian setup guide, though I found many items that were out of date. I took detailed notes on my build, so I would be happy to help out with documentation efforts. The one item I noticed was that NPC pathing seems broken inside caves. In both the Undead and Orc starting zones I found that mobs (as well as pets) are clipping through the cave ceiling, making them impossible to kill. I’m still trying to figure out of this is a bug or if I did something wrong during the extraction phase of the maps, mmaps, vmaps, and dbc. I used the Rel 20 branch and the WoW 1.12.1 client on Debian 8.0. On the Extracting Game Assets documentation page I was not able to perform the step to compile StormLib because /BUILD_LOCATION/mangos/server/dep/StormLib/ was not there. Everything else however I was able to make work by reading through forum posts. Anyhow, thanks for all the awesome work on this project. Classic WoW will always hold a special place in my heart. -ElGuapo
  6. Hi, I've been playing WoW since 1.7, and I love and miss Vanilla WoW, so naturally I've been playing on a lot of private servers, and of course I've found most of them to be buggy to varying degrees. I'm hoping that contributing to MaNGOS will help reduce the overall bugginess of vanilla servers and also give me an opportunity to experiment with making some changes / tweaks to 1.12 that I've been dreaming of for a long time. My background I've been programming since I was a kid, and working with computers professionally for... geez, I don't know, a long time. Since before the .com boom and crash. I've mostly been on the Unix side of things, with small exposures to Windows over the years. A lot of my work recently has been in system and database administration. I was also in the Army for six years, where I worked on the electrical and avionics systems in a bunch of different aircraft.
  7. Just wanted to draw everyone's attention to a new tool we have here at getMaNGOS called WoWRegeneration. This amazing tool will regenerate all data contained in the /Data folder for your expansion, directly from Blizzard (Yes they still have 4.3.4 sitting around, this is likely partly due to the fact they probably still play this in-house). This tool can be cloned from here: https://github.com/mangostools/MangosWoWRegeneration If you want to add additional patches you just need to have the .mfil and fork the repository and then send us a PR. For now I have added 4.3.4 and 5.4.8 and a few other popular ones from MoP. More work is needed for adding support for WoD as the .mfil is encrypted but I suspect it will be possible somehow. To comment/discuss this head over to the discussion thread
  8. Just wanted to draw everyone's attention to a new tool we have here at getMaNGOS called WoWRegeneration. This tool can be cloned from here: https://github.com/mangostools/MangosWoWRegeneration If you want to add additional patches you just need to have the .mfil and fork the repository and then send us a PR. For now I have added 4.3.4 and 5.4.8 and a few other popular ones from MoP. More work is needed for adding support for WoD as the .mfil is encrypted but I suspect it will be possible somehow.
  9. Hi im now questing in outland, i have a question, Where does information come from, like the creatures, were they should be and what they should do? and the gathering ores and flowers and so on, is this extracted from the wow client? why is it so poluted, with rubbish? greets Marcel
  10. Hey folks, Just wanting to write in and let everyone know I am introducing myself I'm 22 now, and been in the private wow scene since I was about 15 or 16, playing on various private servers, fun servers etc. I thought one day, maybe I'd try my hand at setting up a small private server, for myself and two or three friends, and decided to start with ManGOS as I heard it was the "best" for various WoW patches. I finally got my server built, did my researching and couldn't find the answers I was looking for, so I figured I'd come straight to the source, being here. Nice to meet everyone. Zion aka Tallah

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