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  1. Hi I recently installed mangos on my server (MangosZero_Develop21_Release_x32_August2015) Problem is when i log on my vanilla client i get to server select, see the server, try to log on, but it jumps right back to server select. My server is on the same LAN as my client, the firewall is disabled (will open for the ports later) realmd.conf has the server local ip ( same with mangosd.conf and realm/realmlist (both address and localaddress) So. I don't see how the server should be having any of the loopback isues that you get from using 127.0.0.x/localhost. Also, im not able t
  2. Thought I would attempt to set up a rel21 mangoszero server. Is there a way to compile through visual studio like the previous builds? Or do we have to use this EasyBuild thing? Because I installed OpenSSL 32 +64, I installed CMake, but when I go to generate project I get: CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:20 (project): No CMAKE_C_COMPILER could be found. CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:20 (project): No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found. Not sure if i am supposed to be doing something with CMake, but I have no idea what this program is and have never used it before - I just installed it a
  3. Hey guys, new member here....I'm getting upto the point of Exracting the assetts via ExtractorResources.sh and this is where I'm hitting my wall. Working off Server 2012 R2,VS2012. Following the installation instructions here https://www.getmangos.eu/general-help-amp-support/10595-getting-amp-compiling-mangos-server-rel21.html Not sure what's happening, permission issue? etc.... Extractor_Fail.txt
  4. Fresh compile of the dev21 build. When the AHbot is on it creates a lot of lag on the server (ahbot is using default settings). When I turn it off, all lag issues go away. Is there anything that can be done about this? Server specs: Two quad core CPus w/ 32gb of error correcting ram
  5. Hey everyone, Compiled from source on 7-10-2016 I'm getting errors that look like this: DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1162501, command 25 has buddy 11626 not found in range 60 of searcher Creature (Entry: 11625 Guid: 28714) (data-flags 7), skipping. DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1162501, command 29 has buddy 11626 not found in range 60 of searcher Creature (Entry: 11625 Guid: 28714) (data-flags 7), skipping. DB-SCRIPTS: Process table `db_scripts [type = 3]` id 1162501, command 25 has buddy 11564 not found in range 60 of searcher Creature (E
  6. Trying to customize some items and running into a issue with regards to customizing item x with whatever say +1000 Fire damage....Not sure what the format is as Info seems to be spread out all over the place. Also, do we have a repository of SpellID's somewhere?
  7. Well, looks like I got everything straightened out. When I try to logon to the realm which is the default it bounces me back to the real choose screen. Any particular log to attach? After the install the instructions get fuzzy lol.....
  8. Hey folks! For nearly 2 days straight I'm only trying to get this WoW Server running, I can't believe I get stuck at ever step. My Problem is #6 of this Tutorial Whenever I execute any of those commands I end up with this: I've already resetted my password via "sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.5" (yes 5.5 is my version) - But still I receive this bug. :confused: I hope you can help me further, thanks in advance! P.S. What guide is correct? This one tells me to place mmap, map, vmap & dbc into home/mangos/data (which I don't even have) This one tell me to place mmap, map
  9. Hey guys! I tried to follow this guide to Install a Vanilla Priv Server on my Ubuntu 14.04 VPS (Installation Guides -> Linux -> Debianinstall https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki.php) but sadly I get stuck at "4. Compiling the server source". While I'm in my build folder I'm supposed to enter "cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/mangos/zero" in the Terminal, but all I get are some nasty bugs. Pastebin.com Can someone tell me whats going on? :confused: Thanks in advance! <3
  10. Hey guys! I bought a VPS and really want to run a WoW 1.12.1 Private Server. Sadly I can't really find any good Tutorials for the setup on Ubuntu 14.04 I found this Repack here on the Website: https://www.getmangos.eu/community-projects/10128-wow-1-12-server-repack.html Can I just use that to get the Server running? I'd be happy to get some pointers. Thanks for any help in advance! Greetz~
  11. Hello Mangos Community! I need help with the repack. Everything in the WoW 1.12.x Server Repack is fine and i like the rates that were already preset so I don't have to go back and edit them via Notepad ++ and one of the things I noticed is some of the instances are not scripted, For instance just to test one, I gave myself the corrupted ashbringer it makes me hostile with the Argent Dawn which is normal however when I go into the Cathedral usually an scripted event is triggered and I also noticed that i cannot hear the whispers of the blade. I know most players that will want to join my serv
  12. Not sure if anyone can help me with Warden table I have added most memory checks for this hack tool but am unable to find two options within the hack... All are detected and ban normally apart from:- Speed Hack Water Walking The link to the hack is located here Please note I am posting the link so this can be added to warden and fixed. (Example of working detection on the hack tool) Any information is helpful, thank you.
  13. I'm running a rel21 mangos zero server (running remotely) and have a US client. The server was cloned from GitHub about 2 weeks ago. When I have two playerbots in a party running from my account using another char as the master, I have apparently random crashes on my client. I've looked for an error log from the client folder but cannot find one (if there is one please generated let me know where to find it!) I've read a few forum posts, mostly from bluebot and one that mentioned that a UK client was needed as others weren't currently supported (this was from 2012 - I would link but I cant
  14. Hi, I've been trying to mess about with playerbots using a recently compiled (about 2 weeks ago) rel21 mzero (after the "Fix playerbot module building" update for playerbots). I am using the "PlayerBot AI Commands" sticky in the "MaNGOS Information/Frequently asked questions" forum for help. I am having difficulty getting the "co" commands to work with a lvl30 warrior char (warbot) I made for bot use. The bot has prot talents and all spells etc. I have tested the warbot in RFC and it stays in battlestance and only uses battlestance abilities. This is what I am doing: (bot is at same loc
  15. I've setup MangosZero with playerbots, everything seems working, unless i'm having some issues with Playerbots The command : "bot add <character_name>" doesn't work, i've check in the source, and seems a correct command. Is there some ways to debug that command, to know what is the problem, and why does i don't even get a proper error message ? And another issue : the bots are not using their spells, they try to attack using their melee weapon (even casters) or flee 13ft away, i'm assuming it's a strategy configuration issue for this one. I'm not a software dev (i'm more of a PHP Guy)
  16. Hi - To any devs reading awesome job, currently tinkering with a zero and a one server, really appreciate all the work Problem: I am trying to figure out how to temporarily suppress console output from a zero server - is there a command to do this? Waffle: I've looked everywhere I can think and not been able to find it, but fully accept that it might be totally obvious to any competent human. This is a big problem for me as I have the memory of a very stupid goldfish, and if I am typing a command (one-fingered with tongue sticking out side of mouth) and the magic mangos game thing spurt
  17. Hi yesterday when i was testing something on my newly build develop21 core and database, i realized that the .learn all_crafts command is learning you a ton of skills that have nothing to do with crafts. I have found that the dbc (skillLine.dbc) where the data is pulled from is the reason, a lot of skills have the SkillLineCategoryId of 9 and 11 that cant be categorized as crafts, I can gather some data on what ID's and SkillLineCategoryId's are for the crafts, but might need help fixing this. I'll see what I can figure out my self and post back with what i have. Skill Name ID SkillL
  18. Hello everyone! I've a fresh realm up and running, but for some reason Onyxia's head is hanging in town in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar, without anyone having turned in the quest. Is this normal? Any ideas on how I can reset/remove them? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello guys i have an problem i use the mangoseasy builder and it says i can only build an x64 version of the core ... i have try this but when i start the realmd and mangos exe it says programm can not run failure code : 0x000007b have looked at google but can not find an sucess operation . Can anyone help me pls Operating System : Win10 Compilers: vc 2012 vc2013 MysqlServer 5.6 Openssl x32 and x64
  20. Hello guys. When i create the charather i get a few letters "Custumer Support" with some newbie stuff. How i can disable this function or change? Thanks.
  21. Hi! I've been running some tests in Molten Core but I always end here: I've killed all the bosses to get Majordomo to spawn. Also doused the runes but the animation of fire won't go away. I believe the flames have to go out right? If anybody could help me, that we be appreciated. I can't test majordomo & ragnaros atm. Thanks!
  22. So I'm at the stage of extracting game assets, following these directions: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/Installation%20Guides/General/Extracting-Game-Assets.md for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. However in mangos/server/contrib I'm not seeing an extractor folder: [email protected]:~/mangos/server/contrib$ ls cleanupTools convertConditions dbcEditer dbcformat dbdocs_editor mysql_to_pgsql soap I was able to compile libmpq just fine. Looking over the stickies I see the current directions are more for Windows, would I just be better served setting up a Windows VM and trying it there? Thanks!
  23. I run Develop 21, with the latest release of the database. all updates applied. There is a high droprate for rare (blue) items. If you start killing lvl20+ mobs there is like 30% chance to get a rare drop. Is this database related? or does the core recalculate the droprate? In the .conf file the droprate is set to 1. Example. The item Skycaller - Item - World of Warcraft drops. And i cant even find it in the loot table.
  24. Hi i've been looking for a few days without being able to figure it out, what is RabbitDay, what difference does it have to enable it or not. Hope someone can get me in the right direction.
  25. Hi downloaded this bundle (MangosOne_Develop21_Release_x32_Aug2015.zip), did the tutorial on how to setup but I get an error when runing realmd.exe that says: MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log SQL: SELECT version, structure, content, description FROM db_version ORDER BY version DESC, st query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist The table `db_version` in your [Realmd] database is missing or corrupt. [A] You have database Version: MaNGOS can not verify your database version or its existence!
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