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Found 27 results

  1. The Thunderspike ID: 10526 When you click on the thunderspike item the action completes however you do not loot it for the quest and log does not update that you have the thunderspike
  2. Teleport This! ID: 10857 Mind control mobs but can not find one called Mo arg and the one you do control do not have the ability to blow up the gates
  3. Sabotage the Warp gate ID: 10310 Once you accept the quest the NPC does not move and no option to say you are ready to start
  4. In the instance the blood furnace on the second boss Broggok when you pull the lever the event is bugged.
  5. Vrec

    You robot

    You Robot ID: 10248 The controlled robot does not attack properly or hold aggro he hits one and that is it
  6. A Boaring Time for Grulloc ID: 10721 When you summon the boar with the whistle Grulloc does not chase him so you can't really loot the bag with out a group
  7. Creatures of the eco domes ID: 10427 Once the tagger icon lights up you press it the animation happens but you do not get credit for Talbuk that you tagged
  8. Bloodgem Crystal ID: 10204 Once the channel for the bloodgem is finish you do not get credit for the quest
  9. Bladespre Kegger ID: 10545 You do not get credit for giving the ogres the beer. They take the beer get intoxicated but you do not get credit in quest for it
  10. Ruthless cunning ID: 9927 You do not get credit for planting the banner in dead kil' sorrow mobs
  11. ID: 9991 Survey The Land After you fly around on the drake once you land the quest does not compelete
  12. Meeting at the blackwing Coven ID: 10722 No chat option show up when you talk to Kolphis Darkscale while in disguise
  13. The smallest creatures ID: 10720 Once you use the drum you become like a ghost instead of a marmot with a hot bar able to poison the kegs
  14. ID: 9910 Standards and Practices You can interact with the first pyre but the second and third all say you need to be at the pyre in the burning blade ruins
  15. There can only be one response ID: 10867 The price is already summoned and does not get called as you kill mobs. When you kill him you do not get the collection of soul
  16. On Spirit's Wings ID: 10714 After targeting with the circle to summon a spirit to listen in on the orgre the spirit does not show up so you can't complete the qeust
  17. Gather the Orbs ID: 10859 when you drop the totem to gather the purple orbs nothing happens
  18. A Cruse Upon Both you Clans! ID: 10544 Unable to summon curse spirit in correct places to complete the quest
  19. Thunderlord Clan Artifact Item: 30431 I think Does not drop off the Orgres in Blades edge mount as suppose to It starts quest ID: 10524
  20. Quests ID: 10201 And Now the Moment of Truth You do not get the oil to give to Grek so when talking to him there is no option to hand in the oil ID: 10041 Who are they? You talk to the npc you are suppose to but it does not complete in quest ID: 9816 Have you ever seen one of these? When you place the cage on the rock only one murloc comes out and nothing else happens quest does not complete
  21. The Vengeful Harbinger ID 10842 can not compete the Ghost is always there and item says the alter is not present
  22. When using the Eye of Sulfuras to combine it with the Sulfuron Hammer, it doesn't do anything and says the spell is not ready, or something along those lines.
  23. The problem is quite bizarre - each and every quest that requires a quest item refuses to drop for a long time. Even quest item drops that are 100% or even 80% I have to kill 30++ mobs to have just a single drop of the item. Drops seem to be okay in starting areas, based on what i've seen all areas but starters are affected. Kill/slain quests seems to be fine, only quest items are affected. To replicate this issue i have to go to any area outside starter ones - sepulcher is just as good as any - and start doing quests normally. quest item drops will refuse to drop for a long time. Drop rate seems to be between 30 to 52 mobs per item This is a weird and annoying one. I have the latest currently available database from the git. I have tried to/I have checked: Clean install database update database change rates in mangosd.conf - default, low, high rate settings has no effect on it gm_level attribute has no effect on it Match my settings with my other, mangos One server- mangosone seems to work normally with same settings Server otherwise works just fine with no other apparent issues. Edit1: "use to loot" items are fine (like use books or pumpkins to receive loot) "mining.amont" and "Mining.Next" seem to have no effect at all either, it is always (or extremely likely) that vein will be a single use one.
  24. Hi, i recently compiled a server for my linux server. and after a few quests with my hunter i noticed that the pet spells dont work the way they should. If your pet is dead you cant use revive pet. But you CAN use call pet, and that brings your pet back to life with 1hp Is this a bug? or did i do something wrong with my configuration?
  25. Hi all, I like to check in from time to time and see how things are progressing. I jumped on the MangosZero server, created a new toon, knocked out a few quests to see how far I could get before I started seeing bugs or weirdness... nothing... no weirdness, it all worked, and to my surprise worked rather well... I though to myself, not too bad, but there is always something.. So off I went to Stormwind, where I really get to see the bugs, guards bouncing or walking through walls, etc.. but again, nothing..!! It was/is all working really well. In fact, I've created a few toons now and on each I have yet to see anything really glitchy at all. GOOD JOB TEAM!! I'm so thrilled that it works, and really feels stable (from what I have seen so far). Not one quest bug, loot bug, odd mob sticking up half way in the ground bug, etc... Keep up the good work. Now I have to see if I can get it to build and run on my BananaPI for kicks...

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