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  1. I have successfully cloned, built, installed the mangostwo project and extracted all of the map data (I think). However, I am hitting a snag on the DB setup. I am using this guide: I've installed mysql-server with sudo apt install mysql-server Then I switched to root and loaded up mysql to do this command (which, BTW, "privileges" is misspelled in the guide: CREATE USER 'mangos'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mangos'; GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'mangos'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION; I exited, and did cd /home/mangos/db/ git clone https://github.com/mangosz
  2. Please make mangos run on updated versions of MySQL and MARIA as it is getting harder to obtain the older versions for 64-bit
  3. Hi!Few weeks ago has been created a project: http://www.wowgaming.orgIt's a WoW resource pool (Db search, wiki, addons etc) subdivided by expansion that currently support wotlk 3.3.5aAll information inside are stored with original data from that specific game version.It's totally Free and Open Source alternative to (dead?) OpenWoW site!Please read this page to understand why and how we can do it.This project can be helpful for:- Wiki and Database search engine for educational Open Source application server projects, such as AzerothCore/TrinityCore/Mangos etc.- Keeping an historical archive of
  4. Hi. Long time lurker first time poster. I have successfully installed and run a MaNGOS Zero server on my home Ubuntu server now for just about half a year. I see there are beeing updates pushed quite often on the site but I cant find any information on how I update my installation to the latest build. Is there any documentation on how to update an existing Mangos Zero install to the latest build of Mangos Zero? I would appreciate any help
  5. Hello Does someone have a db query or anything where you can fake /who command and show people players online? Thank you
  6. The database table "spell_linked" was introduced as incremental update with Rel21_08_001. With the commit "Updated to expect Rel21_08_012_Commands_update" it was then moved to the base updates. At this point it is meant to be part of the base database (full database), but it is not. If you set up a fresh database today, you're base database will be 21_08_012 (according to db_version table), which is newer and therefore prevents reapplying the incremental update 21_08_001. The table creation for "spell_linked" is missing in the mangosdLoadDB.sql script as well as the corresponding c
  7. Hello everyone I wanted to give an update on my most recent working within the Dragonblight before I go away on my much needed vacation. My most recent endeavour to correct the spawn locations of the many Arctic Hare has been a very slow and daunting one. What started in the Dragonblight spilled into the Borean Tundra and Zul'Drak. But I am happy to say that this portion is about 75% complete. In addition to the ever troublesome dust bunn..I mean Arctic Hare, I have poked around with three other things * Smoldering Skeletons now properly display their aura and have had their
  8. Although it has only been one day from my opening post, I have been working on the Arctic grizzly and Arctic cubs for about two weeks now. I am happy to say 647 waypoints with a total of 776 lines later, they now are working correctly. (As of this writing they still require some scripting) The Arctic Grizzly and cubs now have the following corrections Spawn locations. Way-points. Spawn Locations. Linking - slave/master/flags. 21 duplicates removed between the two. (Moved)
  9. Hello everyone, I thought the work I have been doing on Dragonblight would be a great opportunity to start my first blog. This is the largest and most complex undertaking I have ever taken on here at MaNGOS and wanted you all to be a part of its progress. As a side note and something I would like every reader to keep in mind is that the when I speak of "progress" or "percent completed" it is based on the personal end goals I set for myself when the thought of doing an overhaul on the zone first came to be. So sit back and enjoy some cake. Base Project Outline (In no particu
  10. Is there some sort of procedure to follow when it comes to updating / using a new version of the Mangos Zero Server? How can I retain all of my DB info / not loose character progress? I apologize if this question has been answered elsewhere..the amount of content on this site is huge and I didn't find anything Also I'm still very new to mangos, so hopefully this doesn't come across as a huge noob question... Thanks!
  11. Heya folks, has there been any development of the AoWoW database explorer for mangoszero ? I can't find any fork that is even remotely in a working condition with the official mangoszero database. I'd like to run a clone of http://db.vanillagaming.org - would there be anyone with the knowledge of how to get there ? Cheers
  12. Hi! If anyone more traveled in these matters could give me some pointers I would be happy. I'm currently running an old repack Mangos for 2.4.3, v18 database I think and it's kinda wonky when I actually decided to play around. So I have been trying to get the v21 to work. For waaaay to many hours now, so asking for help. These are steps I have tried. I downloaded the v21 server files and extractor from this site, extracted and setup the config's is no biggie. After a few attempts with gitcloning the database, i notice when using git to downloaded the clone is missing several files, So I
  13. Hey guys, i have a problem with updating worldDB to the right version. The only update that i can not apply is Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.(ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 5: Can't DROP 'ScriptName'; check that column/key exists). Who can help me out here? thx in advance The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure! [A] You have database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0 Description: revision_refactor [B] You need database Ver
  14. I'm trying to understand how can I close AQ gates, roots, runes and other content like 4 dragons. I found that I can just add for example 4 dragons to my disables table and they will not spawn, but how it should be with AQ gates, because there is a line in db_scripts table with this script but they still open. Maybe I am missing something?
  15. I dont know what I'm doing wrong, trying now to setup a fresh 3.3.5 server (been using old repacks in the past) to get the latest fixes and all. (This is all regarding to reamd.exe and the realm database, I'm starting from there, but I 100% expect same trouble from character and world database) I have downloaded the rel21 files from this site and ran the InstallDatabases.bat file with no problem, the databases and tables are there when verifying with navicat. Now shit starts hitting the fan. If I try to launch the realmd, it gives a big red error about missing table 'db_version' in the dat
  16. Hi downloaded this bundle (MangosOne_Develop21_Release_x32_Aug2015.zip), did the tutorial on how to setup but I get an error when runing realmd.exe that says: MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log MySQL client library: 5.6.26 MySQL server ver: 5.6.23-log SQL: SELECT version, structure, content, description FROM db_version ORDER BY version DESC, st query ERROR: Table 'realmd.db_version' doesn't exist The table `db_version` in your [Realmd] database is missing or corrupt. [A] You have database Version: MaNGOS can not verify your database version or its existence!
  17. Hey all! I'm new, and I just started building a MaNGOS Zero rel21 server for myself. Some info first: Win Server 2008 R2 MySQL 5.6.28 64bit Compiled with Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64 I used InstallDatabases.bat, but when I run mangosd.exe I get the following text: [color="#FF0000"]The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the e xpected structure! [A] You have database Version: 21 Structure: 10 Content: 1 Description: warden_table_redone [b] You need database Version: 21
  18. Reinstalling Mangos after changing over my OS a couple of times. Having trouble with updating the database, specifically the Realm database. This is my feedback: [email protected]:/home/allen/database/Realm/Updates/Rel19# mysql -u root -p mangos < 20140607_Realm_Resync.sql Enter password: ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 1: Table 'mangos.realmd_db_version' doesn't exist No idea what it's talking about. This is my output when I try to run either realmd or mangosd: SQL: SELECT required_20150420_warden_db_log FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unknown column 'required_20150420_warden_db_l
  19. hey guys this is the first time i have tried this so sorry for the stupid questions but when i try to cd .. cd database InstallDatabases.bat i keep getting this [email protected] MINGW64 /c/database (release20) $ cd .. [email protected] MINGW64 /c $ cd database [email protected] MINGW64 /c/database (release20) $ InstallDatabases.bat bash: InstallDatabases.bat: command not found how do i fix it? thanks
  20. I am at the last stage of getting a server running but I am running into this error. I obviously need to update the Database but for the life of me can not figure out how, could someone help me with this?
  21. I'm having troubles running mangoszero on the lastest develop21 release. When I run realmd, I'm getting: 21000 [realm-daemon] <Ctrl-C> to stop. Using configuration file ../etc/realmd.conf. Login Database total connections: 2 MySQL client library: 5.6.28 MySQL server ver: 5.6.28-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 MySQL client library: 5.6.28 MySQL server ver: 5.6.28-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 The table `db_version` indicates that your [Realmd] database does not match the expected version! [A] You have database Version: 21 Structure: 1 Content: 0
  22. Hello, I want to create a Mangos Zero Server. I did it all the right way like its told in the Guide and in the Wiki. Database is created, etc. I compiled the Server in 64-Bit mode, got also 64 Bit Database etc. Settings are all changed and now i want to start the realmd.exe but it only popps on and instant off if i run it. What am i doing wrong? I dont get any Error or something. Best regards
  23. Along last project guide line to have a more synched cores i had an idea to simplify installation process. Now there are several wiki guide and scripts for windows installations (and some for unix but obsolete i think). My idea is to build a Java (OS indipendet) user interface with all options to download core from repos, build it and install database. I've draw a schema of how it will appear: (Antz already told me that SD2 no longer has database installation because it has merged onto world database since last release). The main goal is to have a .conf file in wich store information t
  24. Hi guys! After some hours spending getting the vanilla server running i get this error: >> Loaded 0 mangos strings. DB table `mangos_string` is empty. Can not continue. Have i missed a sql-script? I am running on Ubuntu server 14.04? greetings thehu Edit: Ok i forgot to mention, i know why it is empty, but i cant run: (always different errors) cd /home/mangos/database bash make_full_WorldDB.sh mysql -u root -p mangos < full_db.sql like said in the wiki. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- $ ./mangosd 21000 [world-daemon]
  25. It appears that I have been loosing not only hair by my entire mind. Been struggling for days trying to get a clean install of Mangos One on a brand new virtual server of Ubuntu 14.04. The compile goes well, and a very successful map extraction. My issue is all around the database import. The first issue it every single set of directions in the Wiki is slightly different and I have tried what appears to be every single one. Here is the issue. While starting to start the realm I get this: SQL: SELECT required_20150409_Playerbot_and_Warden FROM realmd_db_version LIMIT 1 query ERROR: Unkno
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