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Found 2 results

  1. Most enemies inside the Deadmines dungeon do not appear to be using their abilities. Some scripted events, such as Mr. Smite's phases, Sneed popping out of his shredder, and VanCleef's Allies each occur correctly, and all voicelines play appropriately, but very few abilities outside of these scripted events are actually being used. Many of these abilities are found on the MaNGOS Zero database under "creature_template_skills," and are tied to the appropriate enemies, but some don't even appear there. Most of the ones that do aren't even being used. Through my testing, it is still unclear whether this is a disconnect between what the enemies should have access to versus what they do have access to, or whether the enemies are waiting for very specific conditions to cast these abilities that are just never met. It is important to note that I've tested these scenarios in 2 situations. First, I got 5 real people (not bots) together and ran through the dungeon. Second, I ran solo as a level 60 that could 1-shot everything, and I just waited for enemies to pop spells. The abilities discussed here are abilities I never saw pop in either situation. Please see the details below of each of the enemies (with IDs in parentheses) and their associated spells (also with IDs). Abilities that were used in my runs are emboldened and starred with an asterisks. The abilities that are not bold were never used. ___Deadmines Enemies___ Defias Miner (598) Pierce Armor (6016) Defias Evoker (1729) Frost Armor (12544) * -used passively outside of combat Flamestrike (11829) Quick Flame Ward (4979) Defias Overseer (634) Battle Command (5115) Defias Watchman (1725) Shoot (6660) Goblin Woodcarver (641) Axe Toss (6466) * -used in combat. Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells Defias Strip Miner (4416) Pierce Armor (6016) Defias Taskmaster (4417) Shoot (6660) Piercing Shot (6685) Defias Wizard (4418) Fireball (9053) Quick Flame Ward (4979) Chains of Ice (113) Goblin Craftsman (1731) Melt Ore (5159) -Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Goblin Engineer (622) Summon Remote-Controlled Golem (3605) -Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Defias Pirate (625) Bloodsail Companion (5172) * -about 3 have a pet out upon entering the final cave. Will not resummon if killed, even if the caster is alive when combat ends. Intentional? Bloodsail Suqallshaper (1732) Frost Nova (122) * -will pop repeatedly in combat Fire Blast (2138) Frost Armor (12544) * -used passively outside of combat Defias Blackguard (636) Stealth (8874) -related to Faded (6408)? Rupture (14903) -does not generate combo points without Cheap Shot Faded (6408) * -spawns with this active Cheap Shot (1833) -breaks stealth to engage in enemies, will not cast ___Bosses___ Rhahk'Zor (644) Rhahk'Zor Slam (6304) Miner Johnson (3586) Pierce Armor (6016) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Sneed's Shredder (642) Terrify (7399) Distracting Pain (3603) Eject Sneed (5141) * -has the "can only be used while dead" flag, and works as intended. Sneed (643) Disarm (?) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Gilnid (1763) Molten Metal (5213) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Mr. Smite (646) -all 3 phases work as intended Smite Stomp (6432) * -used at the transition between phases Thrash (3391) -might use, but no visual indicator Nimble Reflexes (6264) Smite Slam (6435) * -only during Phase 3, works as intended Cookie (645) -does not patrol Cookie's Cooking (5174) * -it worked at least visually. Did not notice health increase. Acid Splash (6306) Captain Greenskin (647) Cleave (15496) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Poisoned Harpoon (5208) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Edwin VanCleef (629) VanCleef's Allies (5200) * -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Thrash (3391) -might use, but no visual indicator
  2. In the instance the blood furnace on the second boss Broggok when you pull the lever the event is bugged.
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