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Found 2 results

  1. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    How to use EasyBuild EasyBuild is a 'Helper' utility to simplify the cmake build process. It also will check any of the prerequisites needed for MaNGOS and show you the current status. 1) On starting the app the following screen is shown, click 'Check Now' 2) If any of the required 3rd Party libraries are missing, it will tell you and provide links to them to download. You can also click on the 'DOWNLOAD ALL REQUIRED LIBRARIES' button which will display the following screen: Here you can tick the libraries you want and download / install them all at once. Care should be taken to not mix 32/64 Bit versions (apart from OpenSSl which doesn't care). 3) Once all the prerequisite libraries are installed, the 'Build Options' button becomes available. Click the 'Build Options' button to show the next screen. 4) The Following screen sets the modules and options to be included in the MaNGOS server. Build Folder: This is the folder where the required visual studio solution files will be created. *NOTE: NO SPACES IN PATHNAME* Output Folder: This is the folder where all the final files will end up. *NOTE: NO SPACES IN PATHNAME* OS Version Build: Either Win32 or Win64 - This is normally selected automatically ! Visual Studio Version: This selects the version of Visual Studio installed, if there are multiple versions install - they can be selected here. Build Type: Specifies whether to open visual studio with either Debug or Release Logging Level: Selects the level of logging to be shown onscreen - Show full log is the default Pre Generate Options: 'Delete Build Folder' - This clears the build folder before building, Ticked by default. Post Generate Options 'Open .sln Folder' - This will open the Visual Studio build folder. 'Build Mangos' - This will build mangos using msbuild with the progress messages appearing in easybuild. Ticked by default. 'Open Output Folder' - This will open the output folder on completion of the generation step. 'Open .sln File with VS' - This will automatically launch Visual Studio and open the project once the generation step is complete. Server Build Options 'Include Main Server' - Builds the mangosd daemon which is the main world server. 'Include Login Server' - Builds the realmd daemon which is the main authentication server. 'Include Extraction Tools' - Builds the client data extraction tools. 'Include SOAP Library' - Includes the SOAP library in the Main server. 'Include PlayerBot AI' - Includes the PlayerBot AI library as part of the Main server. Scripting Engines 'Eluna Scripting Engine' - Include the Eluna LUA scripting engine as part of the Main server 'ScriptDev Engine' - Includes the ScriptDev3 scripting engine as part of the Main server. 5) Click on the 'BUILD PROJECT' button to generate the Visual Studio Solution files. If you had 'Open Solution File' ticked, Visual Studio will open automatically. Otherwise the Output folder will be opened TROUBLESHOOTING If when you click 'BUILD PROJECT' button you get the following message: The C compiler identification is unknown The CXX compiler identification is unknown CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:35 (project): No CMAKE_C_COMPILER could be found. CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:35 (project): No CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER could be found. Here is the solution. When you're installing Visual Studio 2017/2019 Community on a new system you need to install the desktop development kit c++ with it. Especially the Windows SDK needs to be installed right (you can do that within the install-wizard of visual studio). After doing that the error disappears and you can build your solution!
  2. THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED, PLEASE USE OUR WIKI GUIDES This guide is for Release 21 (0.21.0) version of Mangos. This guide is aimed to explain how to get the source code from our git repositories and compile and run with a default config. This guide assumes you have set-up a database and user accounts for it. Before you can run your server you will need to of course run an extractor and put the DBC, vmaps and mmaps(if you have mmaps) in the folder with all the server core files. Required Files Git for windows - Git - Downloads Install making sure the following options are selected Windows explorer intergration - Simple context menu (Git bash, Git GUI) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Free Dev Tools - Visual Studio Community 2015 Install with default options selecting C++ when it asks you what programming language you are using Notepad++ - http://notepad-plus-plus.org Useful for editing .conf files and any other editable files. Additional required files are downloaded while cloning the repo Getting the source code Mangos Zero will be used for this guide. Browse to where you would like to clone the files Right click inside a blank area in the folder and select "Git Bash Here" In the black command box type git clone --recursive https://github.com/mangoszero/server This will clone the latest Sever source into a folder called server - Including the --recursive is very important! Installing the additional requirements Go into the new Server / win folder It should have these files listed Install: Cmake, mysql and openSSL (which version depends on if you are running x32 or x64 [x32 being more stable]). Default options are fine in most cases. MaNGOS EasyBuild Run MaNGOS_EasyBuild.exe located in server/win Easy Build main screen Click the "check now" button You should see green ticks and if you have everything done correctly you should be able to go to the build options page. Once on the build options page tick the "Include PlayerBot AI", if you are certain you are not going to use this feature then leave unticked. Clicking generate project will run cmake but inside of the EasyBuild application, you will see the output. Visual studio should be started when it is finished generating. Output showing EasyBuild with the option to automatically open visual studio unticked If you wish to compile at a later time the built files will be under /server_build/ you just need to double click on MaNGOS.sln Compiling the source code Visual studio Once the project has loaded go to the drop down just below the team menu and select Release and Win32 Press F7 or go to the Build menu and select Build Solution The Mangos server is now compiling and time to go get a coffee, this process should take around 5-30 minutes depending on your system. Older single core systems will take longer. That's it! now head into the /server_build/bin / Win32_Release folder and your server files will be there.
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