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  1. Monsters that cast spell can continue casting while stunned. The stun only interrupts the current cast but the animation an actual casting continue while the stun persist. Tested with Concussion Blow and Hammer of Justice against this npc https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=474/defias-rogue-wizard but noticed this happening in other monsters as well. Stun works OK against other players. Steps to reproduce: 1. Pick a character that has a stun (at least 5 secs to allow long casts to go thru) 2. Look for a monster that cast spells (I used https://classic.wowhead.com/npc=474/defias-rogue-wizard for my tests) 3. Stun the monster while it casts. Result: The monster gets interrupted but starts casting again while stunned. Expected: The monster should not be able to do any action while stunned.
  2. Hi, I just compiled recent MaNGOS Zero server with Playerbots enabled. But when I run the server: _______________________________________________________ MaNGOS Server: World Initialization Complete _______________________________________________________ Server Version : 2118001 Database Version : Rel21.22.1 Supporting Clients : 1.12.x Builds : 5875 6005 6141 Module Status - Eluna : Enabled Warden : Enabled PlayerBots : Disabled ScriptDev3 (SD3) : Enabled Remote Access (RA) : Disabled _______________________________________________________ CMakeLists.txt #================================================================================== # Define available cmake options below option(BUILD_MANGOSD "Build the main server" ON) option(BUILD_REALMD "Build the login server" ON) option(BUILD_TOOLS "Build the map/vmap/mmap extractors" ON) option(USE_STORMLIB "Use StormLib for reading MPQs" OFF) option(SCRIPT_LIB_ELUNA "Compile with support for Eluna scripts" ON) option(SCRIPT_LIB_SD3 "Compile with support for ScriptDev3 scripts" ON) option(PLAYERBOTS "Enable Player Bots" ON) option(SOAP "Enable remote access via SOAP" OFF) option(PCH "Enable precompiled headers" ON) option(DEBUG "Enable debug build (only on non IDEs)" OFF) #================================================================================== cat mangos/etc/aiplayerbot.conf ########################################## # MANGOS Ai Playerbot Configuration file # ########################################## [AiPlayerbotConf] ConfVersion=2010102201 # Enable or disable AI Playerbot AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1
  3. Hi Everyone, When i started mangosd.exe, it should me message that "PlayerBots : Disabled". Does anyone know what happened? I had set "AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1" in file "aiplayerbot.conf". I checked everything i know, but still don't know how to enable playerbots function. Please help me!! Here is what mangosd.exe displayed. Here is my file "aiplayerbot.conf", which is located in the same folder with "mangosd.exe". And here is screenshot of my configure in cmake window. Regards, Max Wang
  4. Is the cemetery that the character teleported to after death wrong?
  5. I encountered a minor BUG, but of course it doesn't affect the game. I only did a few missions in the game. Only the name of the original equipment of the new character has not been localized, it is still in English, everything else is normal (quests, NPC names, goods, equipment acquired by quests, etc.). I looked at the localization SQL file and it has the translation.
  6. I can't create a character name in Chinese , it will become "??" mysql> select guid,name from characters; +------+------+ | guid | name | +------+------+ | 3 | ?? | | 1 | Abc | +------+------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec) mysql> update characters set name='夜色' where guid='3'; Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec) Rows matched: 1 Changed: 1 Warnings: 0 mysql> select guid,name from characters; +------+--------+ | guid | name | +------+--------+ | 1 | Abc | | 3 | 夜色 | +------+--------+ 2 rows in set (0.00 sec) When I successfully change, enter the game, the display is In Chinese. But when you restart the game, it's "??" again. The same is true in mysql.
  7. Dwarf village, NPC Grelin Whitebeard cannot be clicked, the quest cannot be completed . ( Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery )
  8. Most enemies inside the Deadmines dungeon do not appear to be using their abilities. Some scripted events, such as Mr. Smite's phases, Sneed popping out of his shredder, and VanCleef's Allies each occur correctly, and all voicelines play appropriately, but very few abilities outside of these scripted events are actually being used. Many of these abilities are found on the MaNGOS Zero database under "creature_template_skills," and are tied to the appropriate enemies, but some don't even appear there. Most of the ones that do aren't even being used. Through my testing, it is still unclear whether this is a disconnect between what the enemies should have access to versus what they do have access to, or whether the enemies are waiting for very specific conditions to cast these abilities that are just never met. It is important to note that I've tested these scenarios in 2 situations. First, I got 5 real people (not bots) together and ran through the dungeon. Second, I ran solo as a level 60 that could 1-shot everything, and I just waited for enemies to pop spells. The abilities discussed here are abilities I never saw pop in either situation. Please see the details below of each of the enemies (with IDs in parentheses) and their associated spells (also with IDs). Abilities that were used in my runs are emboldened and starred with an asterisks. The abilities that are not bold were never used. ___Deadmines Enemies___ Defias Miner (598) Pierce Armor (6016) Defias Evoker (1729) Frost Armor (12544) * -used passively outside of combat Flamestrike (11829) Quick Flame Ward (4979) Defias Overseer (634) Battle Command (5115) Defias Watchman (1725) Shoot (6660) Goblin Woodcarver (641) Axe Toss (6466) * -used in combat. Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells Defias Strip Miner (4416) Pierce Armor (6016) Defias Taskmaster (4417) Shoot (6660) Piercing Shot (6685) Defias Wizard (4418) Fireball (9053) Quick Flame Ward (4979) Chains of Ice (113) Goblin Craftsman (1731) Melt Ore (5159) -Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Goblin Engineer (622) Summon Remote-Controlled Golem (3605) -Not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Defias Pirate (625) Bloodsail Companion (5172) * -about 3 have a pet out upon entering the final cave. Will not resummon if killed, even if the caster is alive when combat ends. Intentional? Bloodsail Suqallshaper (1732) Frost Nova (122) * -will pop repeatedly in combat Fire Blast (2138) Frost Armor (12544) * -used passively outside of combat Defias Blackguard (636) Stealth (8874) -related to Faded (6408)? Rupture (14903) -does not generate combo points without Cheap Shot Faded (6408) * -spawns with this active Cheap Shot (1833) -breaks stealth to engage in enemies, will not cast ___Bosses___ Rhahk'Zor (644) Rhahk'Zor Slam (6304) Miner Johnson (3586) Pierce Armor (6016) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Sneed's Shredder (642) Terrify (7399) Distracting Pain (3603) Eject Sneed (5141) * -has the "can only be used while dead" flag, and works as intended. Sneed (643) Disarm (?) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Gilnid (1763) Molten Metal (5213) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Mr. Smite (646) -all 3 phases work as intended Smite Stomp (6432) * -used at the transition between phases Thrash (3391) -might use, but no visual indicator Nimble Reflexes (6264) Smite Slam (6435) * -only during Phase 3, works as intended Cookie (645) -does not patrol Cookie's Cooking (5174) * -it worked at least visually. Did not notice health increase. Acid Splash (6306) Captain Greenskin (647) Cleave (15496) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Poisoned Harpoon (5208) -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Does not cast. Should be using. Edwin VanCleef (629) VanCleef's Allies (5200) * -not in mangos0.creature_template_spells. Thrash (3391) -might use, but no visual indicator
  9. Hello, I got this error on my fresh installed MaNGOS Zero server: MySQL client library: 5.7.36 MySQL server ver: 5.7.36-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 AUTOCOMMIT SUCCESSFULLY SET TO 1 The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure! [A] You have database Version: 22 Structure: 3 Content: 3 Description: Implement_Mount_Spell_24576 [B] The core needs database Version: 22 Structure: 4 Content: 1 Description: Fix_messages_for_areatrigger You must apply all updates after [A] to [B] to use MaNGOS with this database. These updates are included in the database/World/Updates folder. Wait 10 secs for continue. [**************************************************] 100% Segmentation fault (core dumped) But the latest version in GitHub is Rel22_03_004_Update_conditions_comments.sql when I update Rel22_03_004_Update_conditions_comments.sql ===== Status ===== ===== DB is on Version: ===== * UPDATE FAILED * Implement_Mount_Spell_24576
  10. Hi everyone, Mangos zero is now featured with a brand new command for Gamemasters : .reset mail
  11. The Rethban Ore (Item ID 2798) is part of the Quest Rethban Ore (Quest ID 347). It should be dropped by enemies within the Rethban Caverns, as well as Veins in the specific region. On Zero, the Rethban Ore can be looted from all kind of Veins, since the loot templates aren't correct. The gameobject templates 2054 and 2055 are the only ones which should have Rethban Ore in their loot template. This counts for Zero, One and Two as well. To fix the issue, use the following query to delete Rethban Ore from all loot templates it doesn't belong to. FOR ZERO, ONE AND TWO: DELETE FROM `gameobject_loot_template` WHERE `item` = 2798 AND `entry` NOT IN (2054, 2055); While the gameobjects within the cavern seem to be fine on One and Two, the gameobjects for Zero are mostly a mess. The ones I found are listed down below. ONLY FOR ZERO: UPDATE `gameobject` -- Tin Vein SET `id` = 2054 WHERE `guid` IN (72064, 72065, 72066, 72082, 72083, 72085, 72086, 72087, 72123, 72124, 72125, 72126, 72127); and UPDATE `gameobject` -- Copper Vein SET `id` = 2055 WHERE `guid` IN (72000, 72001, 72002, 72009, 72010, 72011, 72012, 72051, 72052, 72053, 72062); This way the Rethban Ore should only be mined in the Rethban Caverns.
  12. The quest "Root Samples" (Quest ID 866) activates the collection of "Root Sample" (Item ID 5056) from specific game objects introduced just for this quest. Right now within the database of Zero, One and Two this is set to the loot templates of the standard rather than the specific game objects. (e.g. game objects Silverleaf ID 1617 vs. Silverleaf ID 3725) Since the game objects are placed within the Barrens correctly, this can easily be fixed by removing the item from the currect gameobject_loot_templates and adding it to the loot templates of the quest specific game objects: -- Remove wrong loot template associations (gameobjects not in Barrens) DELETE FROM `gameobject_loot_template` WHERE `item` = 5056; -- Add new loot template associations for Barrens gameobjects INSERT INTO `gameobject_loot_template` (`entry`, `item`, `ChanceOrQuestChance`, `groupid`, `mincountOrRef`, `maxcount`, `condition_id`) VALUES (2511, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0), (2512, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0), (2513, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0), (2514, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0), (2515, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0), (2516, 5056, -40, 0, 1, 1, 0); If deleting everything with Item ID 5056 is too drastic, you might want to add the entries 1414, 1416, 1417 and 1418 to the WHERE-clause, but IMHO the item shouldn't appear anywhere else, so wiping all entries would be the clean solution. This might be pretty similar for Three, but since I don't do Three, I can't tell.
  13. Hello, I can't find anything for this theme, so I will ask here. I compiled a mangos zero core with ai bots enabled and I enabled them in the .conf file. I use the english (enUS) dbc, but the random bots do nothing. They stay e.g. in thunderbluff and thats all. Some times they whisper to me and ask for doing quest, but thats all. Is this a correct behavior? Thanks curatio aiplayerbot.conf
  14. Hey, i'm pretty new here, and i've installed a Mangos zero wow server, is it possible to change the class requirement, like, i would like a tauren paladin (i.e) ^^'
  15. The playerbots on mangoszero do nothing. I use the english (enUS) dbc, but the random bots do nothing. They stay e.g. in thunderbluff and thats all. Some times they whisper to me and ask for doing quest, but thats all. There are no error in the logs aiplayerbot.conf
  16. Hello, I got this error on my fresh installed MaNGOS Zero server: You have content updates beyond the expected core version. Check if the core you are running is built from the latest sources. If so, DO NOT PANIC ! This message will disappear when the next DB Roll-Up will be released. The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected version! [A] You have database Version: 22 Structure: 1 Content: 11 Description: update_additem_command_syntax [B] The core needs database Version: 22 Structure: 1 Content: 1 Description: Release 22 So the db version is newer, than the core expected it. Is this ok so fare? Thanks curatio
  17. I'm not one for making big posts at MaNGOS but at this time we need to. We desperately need people with C++ (and a bit of cmake) experience to help us with a variety of issues. - The future of Mangos depends on it. I am not an experienced C++ developer and although I can normally work around the code and make fairly simple changes, when things go horribly wrong I can end up stuck. We are also currently down to one developer, apart from myself working across all cores and tools. Mangos needs you help if we are to continue !! Please contact either @madmax or @antz if you feel you can help out.
  18. We've stumbled over a problem with the extractors in the current v0.22 build downloaded from GitHub (https://github.com/mangoszero/server/releases/download/v22.01.14/MangoszeroServer_x64_release.zip). @LordIcon was using the deDE client to run the extractors. I could reproduce the same error with deDE and enUS clients. Steps to reproduce the error: Download latest build from https://github.com/mangoszero/server/releases/download/v22.01.14/MangoszeroServer_x64_release.zip Extract into a folder Copy all files from "tools"-directory into deDE/enUS client folder Run extractors in the order map-extractor.exe, vmap-extractor.exe, mmap-extractor.exe Move folders (dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps) into the server folder Database installation + configuration Run mangosd.exe The file "000.vmtree" exists in the given folder. Let me know if you need more information to confirm.
  19. Antz has kindly written some new installation guides for windows users. You can view the main EasyBuild build guide here: All the guides are located here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/ Should you encounter any issues or require assistance with something mentioned in the guide you can reply to this topic (simple issues only). More complex problems should be in a dedicated topic.
  20. How to change RealmZone for changing language to Russian from Development and success login to server? How to also disallow English in names for new players characters and npcs, quests if I have content_loc8 alternative text in database?
  21. There are two missing texts in the Earth Sapta (Quest ID 1462 and 1463) quest for Zero, One and Two: UPDATE `quest_template` SET `OfferRewardText`='Take this and remember, it is sacred.' WHERE `entry`=1462; UPDATE `quest_template` SET `OfferRewardText`='I give you one in good faith. You already proved yourself once, but me tinkin\' you should be more careful in the future.' WHERE `entry`=1463; Might have to update locales_quest / MAGNET translations accordingly.
  22. There is a wrong `RequestItemsText` within the quest data of Fire Sapta (Quest ID 1464): UPDATE `quest_template` SET `RequestItemsText`=NULL WHERE `entry`=1464; This text is already correctly set within the `Objectives`.
  23. Using attached eluna script will only trigger for items recieved by materloot. In \src\game\WorldHandlers\LootHandler.cpp: sEluna->OnLootItem is called in HandleLootMasterGiveOpcode but not in HandleAutostoreLootItemOpcode The fix that seems to work is to include: #ifdef ENABLE_ELUNA sEluna->OnLootItem(player, newitem, item->count, lguid); #endif /* ENABLE_ELUNA */ right below player->SendNewItem(newitem, uint32(item->count), false, false, true); in HandleAutostoreLootItemOpcode. AutoEquipItem.lua
  24. Hi, i try to set up a german MaNGOS Zero server. However in the realm selection screen the only available language option is english, even with a german game client. When i set the realm to german language it wont be shown in the realm list when english is selected. Where can i enable more languages to be selected?
  25. Hello, I am looking for a way to make a Mangos 1.0 WoW Client server for personal use and experimenting. I already have a 1.12.1 server, but I do not know how to change the patch to 1.0. Please help!
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