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Found 23 results

  1. I'm not one for making big posts at MaNGOS but at this time we need to. We desperately need people with C++ (and a bit of cmake) experience to help us with a variety of issues. - The future of Mangos depends on it. I am not an experienced C++ developer and although I can normally work around the code and make fairly simple changes, when things go horribly wrong I can end up stuck. We are also currently down to one developer, apart from myself working across all cores and tools. Mangos needs you help if we are to continue !! Please contact either @madmax or @antz if you feel you can help out.
  2. What is MOTE ? Mangos Online Translation Editor or MOTE for short is a word based translation editor for MaNGOS, it aims to massive simplify the Adding / Editing of Translations for all the MaNGOS tables. Why is it MOTE different to other translation projects ? - It has been designed to be multi-core compatible, therefore sharing the translations of matching text between the cores. - By being word based, rather than entry based, the translation of a word needs only be done once and it becomes available anywhere the English word is used. - A simple user interface makes changing text very easy. The Initial login screen: (guest as the username and password will grant you read only access) The default main screen: Searching for bread* with German translations: Green means it has a translation, Red means is doesn't Clicking on an entry highlights it, and also updates the 'context bar' below the search results The 0123 shows which core it's for. in this example there are two entries, one which is present in all 4, and the other only present in M1,2,3 Double-clicking on an entry opens the translation edit screen: Double-clicking on an entry in the 'context bar' opens a screen to show how it's used: Clicking on either of the EDIT buttons will open the translation edit screen. If you would like to help contribute to the localisation effort, please contact @antz and he will provide you with the app and login credentials.
  3. Hi there, I am trying to compile Mangos on a Debian Server, but I've been unfortunate enough to get a bunch of errors in the process of doing so. I struggle quite a lot with building ACE Itself, is it possible to build Mangos without ACE? I tried to look over the forum for similar topics and I couldn't manage to find any, therefore sorry if this is a repost, or a common question. If you have any guides or tutorials that might be able to walk me through this tedious process, please hit me up with those bad boys. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello everyone in the mangos community, I am building mangos two with easybuild, following the guide step by step but neither easybuild nor the mysql installer are detecting my visual studio installation. - I have followed the visual studio installation guide step by step on the wiki. - My visual studio version is 2015 as suggested - My windows installation is a fresh windows 7 on a new computer, nothing was installed prior all mangos tools I tried to reboot 2 times, nothing happened, i'm kinda lost right now ... Hope you'll be able to help and ask me anything that might help you understand the case, as I am not used to have problems Sorry in advance for my english which is not my native language, thanks ! Belziere
  5. Hi, little problem I followed the Windows build guide and managed to build Mangos Three, but I'm having problems with the extractor which seems to be missing parts. I can extract the map files and DBC files (I pick all the extraction options), all the creation options are greyed out, so after a few moments I'm left with a DBFilesClient folder and World folder containing a Maps folder, which then contains folders named after the zones, which are filled with *.adt files. When I rebuilt the solution, I had several failures, and I presume they all/most relate to the extractor, as I currently have realmd.exe running fine, but can't start mangosd.exe without these map files. Substitution doesn't seem to work, as it tells me they're from an non-compatible version. If I'm overlooking something, or you need a log file from the build, let me know what you need and where it should be.
  6. hey all once more. i know i do alot of threads but its for its about diffrent things. this time i look into a mangos server i have saved on github, you cant get it anymore for all links are dead. but i saw that i did not upload the datasae with it so i get it for a other repack. even if i dont know how i even get it to git in the first place:) and as allways this is older then current version but i want to might be able to get it up-to-date with normal mangos 2 for this is 3.3.5 i know it works diffrent back in the day this if form about 2012 but i wonder how can i fix the errors that pop up. i know not everything are erros and it do stuff but still. thanks for the help. i whould get a propper DB if i could. but there are no git repos for db or scriptdev. only cores. so its kind of hard to get it right then:) here are the db and the sever log.txt files. its in a rar file due to the db are 149MB database and log file now the log file are only 100kb instead of 230 that it was before. sorry for finding so many things i want to do hehehehe. but i guess thats for i been doing this for so long alot of the old systems dont work or are dead today.
  7. can someone make me world chat C++ script like this My ranks are: 1 VIP 2 Eventor 3 GM 4 Head Gm 5 Developer 6 Owner Ty very much <3
  8. Unofficial MaNGOS CMS Hey guys, i'm here to write down some information about a Project which i'm working on, to get some information from community. The project come from a simple need, that could help many people on handling his server information, a Featured CMS for MaNGOS servers. Right now i'm writing based on MaNGOS Zero, maybe the simplest, but i'll sure make it Cross Version. Technical Informations Following the Languages used to develop: Php 7 (after MadMax advices) HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript External Framework used: Bootstrap AlertifyJS Swal TinyMCE jQuery CodeIgniter Which are the Main feature of CMS actually? (the percentage reppresent the Development status) 100% - Template Customization System 100% - Module Implementation System 100% - DB Layer Classes 40% - Page Builder 80% - Dynamic Menu Builder 100% - Integrated CMS/Server Login and Registration System 100% - Quest Section 100% - Armory - A Realm Character/Guilds listing section, with Character informations (using DB Layer) Some Implemented Modules: 100% - Realm Status - Realms information, about registered and online users (using DB Layer) 50% - Profile Tile - A tile with shortened user information, let you user know about his Account Status etc. (using DB Layer) 100% - Server Stats - Information about Registered Account and Statistics 100% - Horizontal Menu - A module that get from DB the Menu item and display as a Horizontal Menu 100% - Latest News - A module that show a Slider Carousel with Latest 3 news in Server As soon as possible i'll add a link to download and try by yourself the cms, Future feature that will be implemented (some from community advice): CMS Engine Section Installation Wizard (Not Available for the first release) Character, Guild and Items details [*]Admin Section 60% - Newsletter System 100% - News System [*]Game Master Section 100% - Istant Leveling System Not more available 100% - Character Info modify feature (MadMax) 0% -Invite a Friend Reward System Not More Available 100% - Character and Guild lookup (MadMax) I'm open to get Tips and Advice about how go on with development. Hope you appreciate this project! Cheers! Screenshots: Home Page - Mobile Responsive Home Page - Full Size Profile Tile: Armory Example: Quest Example:
  9. I've been playing with Mangoszero now for almost two months (user only) and think I've got a pretty good feel for how it's to be used as well as some of its limitations. But, I started this adventure with the hope of getting back into development (I was part of the Kernel dev team at Microsoft for W7 but have been retired since 2003). So, as my first foray into the code, I'd like to begin by documenting the module architecture. By this I mean: Command and data flow: what modules are touched when some arbitrary client command, e.g., "/cast Flash Heal") reaches the server (mangosd.exe). Related to #1, how are the modules laid out (e.g., we used to do block diagrams from the user interface, through the main body of the code and back). Whoops. An alarm just went off and I have to drive to the airport to pickup my wife. I should say that I've looked through the various doc resources and have found nothing like this. So, if it exists a pointer to the docs would be very, very greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  10. Hello, dear Community. Would someone tell me how may I add ElunaLuaEngine to a core manually? I don't want to make any kind of advertise and if it is necessary I'll give you the name of the source or the source. I made a thread month ago and as far as I'm aware, Rochet told me that I have to add it "Manually", I've tried to add it with "Git Bash" commands, I was posting threads and nothing. The core is based on Mangos and I'm not sure why it doesn't include Eluna, but since it is Mangos I'm pretty sure that it's possible to add it, but as Rochet said, I've to add it "Manually" Regards, Spectral WoW
  11. For many many years, the Localisation effort for MaNGOS has been almost non-existent outside of the actual core changes to allow localised text to appear. This caused the translation effort to be organised and managed by small groups outside of mangos and over time these projects lost interest and died. In late 2016 we decided to try and change that !! We created a dedicated Github Organisation and Repositories to hold all the localised data, including preparation and installation scripts. This organisation is located HERE Following on from this, @antz has created a tool 'Mangos Online Translation Editor' or MOTE which massively simplifies the translation effort: More information on MOTE can be found HERE If you can help us which translations into the following languages: Korean, French, German, Chinese, Taiwanese, Spanish, Spanish (South American), Russian and Italian We would love your help, as would the MaNGOs community !!
  12. It has been a while since I have been here due to real life once again getting very busy, but I wanted to pop back in and make a small proposition to everybody in the Mangos community, and especially to those in the following categories: Community Manager Senior getMaNGOS Developer getMaNGOS Eluna Developer getMaNGOS Developer getMaNGOS Staff Especially to @antz @madmax @Necrovoice @Rochet2 @Talendrys @H0zen @Tuker @bdebaere (in no real order ) as I feel you all have not only the experience but the passion to provide valuable insights in a shared space. There is a fairly recent Reddit page created by a former The Rebirth moderator, which is also co-moderated by members of other projects such as Kronos, Warmane, Elysium, Nostralia, and is also frequented by members of the Cmangos project such as Killerwife. I feel that this Reddit page captures the feel of the community when we all still were together, aiming for a common goal. Please consider at least reading some of what is posted there, and maybe contribute to a conversation or two. This is a great way for us to reconnect with the community, and to also bring more people in as we try to improve not only Mangos, but the community we are all a part of and love. Please understand that I don't mean to post this as a promotion, but as an invitation. Our community has been broken for far, far too long, and a shared place where we can talk as a council is something that has been badly needed. Here is the link for the page itself, named LegacyRealms: https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/ And here is a direct link to their full rule list: https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/wiki/rules If anybody is unsure of how to use Reddit, please let me know here or in a private message and I will help. If you want to find posts of a specific topic just click the search bar in the top right of the Reddit page, then check the box that says "limit my search to r/LegacyRealms".
  13. I am going to try to keep this relatively short because this could easily be written into a book if everything was covered. I wanted to talk about some things that are going on in the community as a whole, that some of us here might not know about or understand. WoW emulation has always been a slow and chaotic thing to be a part of, with changes rolled out over periods of years and projects splitting after years of being a single project. When a project splits, it usually does so violently and quickly. I am going to talk very briefly about some subjects & styles of thinking within the community just so people are aware of what they are getting into, and what they will come in contact with. This is largely a work of MY OPINION. While much of this has verifiable facts throughout it, there is a lot that is what I feel I have seen and read by diving deeper into different parts of the WoW emulation community. Intellectual property vs. supply & demand Official legacy servers vs. private servers Open-source vs. closed-source Developers (project) vs. developers (project) Missing knowledge (about how the game worked) Core vs. scripts Blizzlike vs. non-Blizzlike Project members (non-developers) vs. project members (non-developers) Desire vs. action Developers vs. players Players vs. players Paid services vs. free of cost Now, I have arranged this list in the order I will write about the different topics, but also by a very loose order or progression through our time as a community. I will also be adding two quotes from a developer at Cmangos that they put into a discussion on the Reddit LegacyRealms page. Here we go: 1. Intellectual Property vs. supply and demand This is a topic nobody wants to talk about on any side of where they stand. Blizzard undeniably owns the legal rights to World of Warcraft, and all of the material and content officially released under that name from the company. Running private servers is a violation of intellectual property, and punishment can be enforced by law in severe cases. However, the most common legal action is to simply have a server shut down with a "cease and desist" letter, known as a C&D letter or CDL. Private servers came about as a desire to understand how an MMO works, but also as a means to start fan servers, which has been a practice gamers have done for games even before WoW (Dark Age of Camelot, Quake). Emulators avoid legal trouble by not including material owned by Blizzard in the files they distribute. This has not stopped groups from taking the open source tools provided by projects and opening small to large scale server projects. This is because Blizzard does not, has not, and likely never will have official legacy servers but these have long been wanted by the community, which takes us to point 2. 2. Official legacy servers vs. private servers This is a fairly short point to discuss because there is simply little point or need. A person new to the community might wonder why there is little point or need, surely there is hope! Not really. Blizzard has a business model of always moving forward, so you can already see where legacy servers would be a problem. Blizzard does likely still have the source code for World of Warcraft, but much of the official data regarding how the game truly worked is lost or being hidden. To further the problem, the code for classic World of Warcraft is frankly sloppy compared to the modern standards applied by Blizz or even serious indie developers. Bringing an entire 5GB game and server architecture up to modern standards would simply be a huge task (and here we are in the WoW emu scene doing just that). Things were further complicated when the Nostalrius private server team managed to get an audience with Blizz, only to ruin the already shaky reputation of the emulation scene. Private servers fill the gap where there is a strong desire to play legacy versions of the game but no official channel. 3. Open-source vs. closed-source Open-source is where the copyright holder allows the distribution and modification of their software for any purpose or person/group, usually in this case under the General Public License (GPL). Closed-source, or proprietary software is the exact opposite of this, where software may be shared or modified only within the terms of the Terms of Service that are provided by the copyright holder. While World of Warcraft is a closed-source game software, the emulation software projects are open-source software allowing them to be shared and changed at will. Since the great drama of the past where Mangos/Mangoszero split into the Mangos and CMangos projects, we have also seen the birth of other projects, and most notably of those others, Trinity Core. All of these projects are open-source and allow for downloading, sharing and modification. When a group or developer uses one of these projects, however, they might make some changes to the software and then claim that their version is now closed-source. This created a number of issues within the community as any meaningful fixes made by this now closed-source group are not shared back to the server software they used to make the server in the first place (Mangos, CMangos, Trinity Core). These types of server software have come to be known as "cores". The new trend in projects such as Felmyst and Crestfall is to create hybrid cores that no longer fall into the categories of Mangos, CMangos, or Trinity Core. These new cores are of course closed-source. In the modern day emulation community there is a general sense that Mangos, CMangos, and Trinity Core are not high enough quality on their own. Any server that is run using stock open-source cores is looked down upon as being unprofessional and under-developed. 4. Developers (project) vs. developers (project) It has been fairly common within the community for developers to attack other developers and projects through words and distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). This is also done by fans of projects and non-developer members, but will be addressed later. Many of these old rivalries still hold back the advanced development of emulation technology today. Disagreements are bound to happen, but there is no central meeting point for developers to discuss their projects, or at the very least to share bug lists. This is because if one server were to have more bugs than another, developers could easily attack that less developed server as being inferior, harming the chances of survival. This happeed regularly on public the public Reddit page "wowservers" before only slightly tighter rules were brought into place. In the past, these fights were over IRC, or public forums. Little has changed in this regard. 5. Missing knowledge (about how the game worked) People new to WoW emulation and private servers often ask questions such as "Why can't we get _____ working?". When we first started to build the knowledge of server and game emulation we used a method known as "sniffing". Sniffing refers to the act of "packet sniffing" where a person would use software to watch and log the technical details of their own network activity in an effort to capture valuable technical details of how the game sent data, when, where, and why. This also was used to see what the server was sending back in relation to player actions. Unfortunately for us, the quality of these sniffs were not very good back in classic and TBC and even worse, most of them were not shared outside small groups. Much of the core infrastructure we have today came from low quality packet sniffing and estimated guesswork. There is still to this day quite a lot about how the game works that we don't understand in the form of flags and fields within the database. These could greatly increase the ease and access of implementing fixes to cores, but we simply do not understand them. Worse yet, as with the lack of sniffs, there is a large lack of classic data that is truly valuable or available as even web archives slowly push content out of their servers. Many players attempt to rely on their memory for how things worked, but even experienced players will find there is much they don't remember as well as they thought. 6. Core vs. scripts A lot of people confuse a core and scripts as being the same thing and will say something along the lines of "Server X is no good because they use stock Mangos/CMangos/Trinity Core cores." This is misleading because the core is actually overall less important to the player-game interaction than the scripts are. Scripting makes up a huge portion of what a player will see in regards to how a server operates. Few will ever see the gears turning behind the game. From a developer standpoint, both of these should be equal, but a developer will often prioritise the core and features is has, but a player will largely focus on scripting and especially the quality of that scripting. Here is where there is a large disconnect within the community. Most players will not understand that the core directly influences how diverse and complex scripting can be, but is not the same thing. This is changing quickly within the community as information is shared between developers and players. CMangos does a very good job in this regard as Killerwife is often seen explaining how things work from a developer standpoint. 7. Blizzlike vs. non-Blizzlike The great debate. What Blizzlike means seems to fall into several categories for different people. Firstly there is the idea that Blizzlike should mean "The game works as Blizzard intended it should from a technical standpoint." Second is the idea that "The the game experience should match way the retail version provided by Blizzard was." These don't always go hand in hand and different projects and developers prioritise these ways of thinking differently. This is almost 100% personal preference. Identifying the correct way something worked is a difficult task, so projects seeking a larger player base will often prioritise making the experience of gameplay more Blizzlike than the actual game functions. 8. Project members (non-developers) vs. project members (non-developers) This is not a new problem, but it has become much worse than what once existed. members of the Mangos, CMangos, Trinity Core, or individual server projects such as Kronos, Elysium, Crestfall, Felmyst or Warmane communities regularly attack each other and mock each other for fun and "memes" but also out of actual spite that some members hold towards the other groups. The bandwagon mentality is very strong in the current community and should be accounted for in all situations. This group is sometimes responsible for DDoS attacks on servers and project websites. 9. Desire vs. action A lot of people want to help in terms of developing a server or core, be it directly or as a member of the community by bug hunting and making guides or through other methods. What people want or say they want and what they do is often not the same thing. The general sentiment that is found within the emulation community is "I just want to play the game." Few people actually want to install a core software and seriously work on it or even bug hunt for it. Many become discouraged when a bug is reported, only to be told it isn't a bug or the time it takes to get a reply is too long, let alone a fix. I don't really think there is much that can be done to alleviate this problem, but maybe with people becoming more interested and aware of the way things work we will see people get more involved. 10. Developers vs. players This was touched on a bit earlier, and doesn't need a lot of explanation, thankfully. Mostly this is a disconnect between what a developer sees as what they should be doing, and what a player sees as what the developer needs to do. This also can take the form of actual verbal fights in rare cases such as when the Elysium admin Shenna snapped on the wowservers Reddit page, reply to criticism with absolute anger and expletive-laden lashing out. This type of conflict isn't too common within the community and usually comes in the form of a misunderstanding. 11. Players vs. players Much like the non-developer members of projects, the actual players themselves take this into the games and forums very often and is nearly identical to item number 8. I simply wanted to distinguish explicitly between the player and the non-player, non-developer interested person that sometimes hangs around within the community. Just as number 8, this group is sometimes responsible for DDoS attacks on servers and project websites. 12. Paid services vs. free of cost Finally we arrive at a bit of a newer way of thinking within the emulation community. In the past, most servers would only be successful if they mentioned that they were free and did not provide any paid services. This was also a way to prevent Blizzard from serving a CDL to a server. Now many players are largely becoming tolerant to the idea of paid in-game services. I say tolerant because many also don't seem to like it, but as long as no unfair advantage is given in return for payment, or where play is restricted by a lack of payment, most seem willing to ignore it. This usually takes the form of in-game vanity items such as World of Warcraft Trading Card Game pets, mounts, or other limited promotional items that would be otherwise impossible to get. Other popular paid services include name changes, server transfers, race changes, faction changes and similar functions (despite these usually taking less than 1 minute for a GM to do). Kronos takes this a bit further providing cosmetic and vanity services, as well as character auction where players may trade or sell characters for Kronos-specific currency on the character auction run by the project. Some players dislike this, and others say it prevents scamming that would otherwise happen anyway. Open donations also are considered acceptable by a growing number of players as long as those donations only go to the running costs of a server project. Other projects get targeted as a money racket for debatable practices, such as paying $10 U.S. to skip queues for server entry (Warmane). Many new projects very much see themselves as a business and as professionals. Development is often faster and of a higher quality on these projects, but we again see developers fixing the same bugs that have been fixed hundreds of times now. Finally I would like to just end this post by quoting Killerwife of CMangos with a post that was made on the LegacyRealms Reddit page where they answered questions regarding WoW-emu development. Seen here with this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/LegacyRealms/comments/6h7axd/would_anyone_want_me_to_answer_random_questions/ "1 - The reason is simply long years of development. Some data used in vanilla/tbc was reverse engineered from cataclysm client. Blizzard had what, 20 devs at least during TBC? And thats full time, voa has currently 5 enthusiasts developing several times a week, and the reality is the same with most servers. The reason i think is that Open Source provides a floor for server quality essentially, and as time goes on, it progresses further and further, so that anyone who is capable of cherry-picking will have a half decent server on their hands in no time. There weren't any major turning points, there were on the other hand major setbacks (trinitycore split with mangos, cmangos and mangoszero split). Today its seriously easy to set up a server, MYSQL, C++ and GIT (mangos started with SVN) are more accessible than ever and its super easy for people to start contributing anywhere. Also we have several projects' efforts culminating their skills, experience and progress, which is once again attributed to time spent on the subject (10 years in TBC) 2 - Maybe big servers seem to have it all figured out, but its a big NO. I am sure that if I were to hop on any server, including mine, I would be able to name a plethora of issues. There is a shitton of flags, fields and whatnot, which to this day we have no idea what they do, mainly because some were discovered by some small team and it was never shared. A good example is Zeppelins making horn sound when approaching their stop, this exists from TBC and to this day I haven't seen anyone have it, until I noticed it and implemented it on voa. Same goes with music tracks, for example in Black Temple a unique music packet is sent so that it plays during one encounter, and that encounter only. In terms of biggers thing, for example GameObject casting is a big thing noone has implemented yet, as of what I know. (and believe me, this is a mechanic of global scale) Or I also have not seen several spell attributes named (some of which more than 5000 spells have) which are somewhat generic rules for spells. Or castflags in spell packet, or proper Heartbeat resist, or proper immunities or unapply of Parry talent for shaman, and the list goes on, and on, and on. The reason why we are not done, is because due to egos, there is a shitton of teams who are not cooperating in this effort. This is one of the reasons why I share information, so that noone in my vicinity is working on the same thing my team is working on. To illustrate in terms of content, L4G and Wargate still shoot Prince Malchezaar Infernal out of his hand afaik, VoA doesnt have whole T5 released, Gummy afaik is missing questend emotes from my reports (this is extra funny since its 9 year old tech), Warmane has shoddy WOTLK regressions, and thats just the TBC scene. Also noone has ever properly scripted 40 man Naxx because there is close to no available data on it. I could ramble on, but I hope you saw the points I was trying to make." - Killerwife
  14. I'm having similar issues as others stated running mangosd as a service in Ubuntu. I can start it manually with the same command that is in the service but can not start with systemctl as described in the Ubuntu 16 install guide. My mangosd.service as described in the guide setup: [Unit] Description=WoW 3.3.5a After=network.target mysql.service [email protected] [Service] Type=simple User=mangos ExecStart=/home/mangos/two/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/two/etc/mangosd.conf StandardInput=tty TTYPath=/dev/tty3 TTYReset=yes TTYVHangup=yes Restart=on-abort [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target My console output from systemctl status mangosd: [email protected]:~/two/bin$ systemctl status mangosd ● mangosd.service - WoW 3.3.5a Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sat 2017-05-27 17:12:54 EDT; 5s ago Main PID: 2208 (mangosd) Tasks: 4 Memory: 3.2M CPU: 30ms CGroup: /system.slice/mangosd.service └─2208 /home/mangos/two/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/two/etc/mangosd.conf [email protected]:~/two/bin$ systemctl status mangosd ● mangosd.service - WoW 3.3.5a Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sat 2017-05-27 17:12:54 EDT; 7s ago Main PID: 2208 (mangosd) Tasks: 4 Memory: 3.2M CPU: 41ms CGroup: /system.slice/mangosd.service └─2208 /home/mangos/two/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/two/etc/mangosd.conf [email protected]:~/two/bin$ systemctl status mangosd ● mangosd.service - WoW 3.3.5a Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Sat 2017-05-27 17:12:54 EDT; 9s ago Main PID: 2208 (mangosd) Tasks: 4 Memory: 3.2M CPU: 48ms CGroup: /system.slice/mangosd.service └─2208 /home/mangos/two/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/two/etc/mangosd.conf [email protected]:~/two/bin$ systemctl status mangosd ● mangosd.service - WoW 3.3.5a Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/mangosd.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sat 2017-05-27 17:13:04 EDT; 636ms ago Process: 2208 ExecStart=/home/mangos/two/bin/mangosd -c /home/mangos/two/etc/mangosd.conf (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Main PID: 2208 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) [email protected]:~/two/bin$ My console output from manual start: ***************************** removed above this line for ease of reading ************************************ Player::DeleteOldChars: Deleting all characters which have been deleted 30 days before... Initialize AuctionHouseBot... AHBOT is Disabled. Unable to open configuration file ../etc/ahbot.conf. [Eluna]: Successfully loaded `lua_scripts/extensions/ObjectVariables.ext` [Eluna]: Successfully loaded `lua_scripts/extensions/StackTracePlus/StackTracePlus.ext` [Eluna]: Successfully loaded `lua_scripts/extensions/_Misc.ext` [Eluna]: Executed 3 Lua scripts in 1 ms _______________________________________________________ MaNGOS Server: World Initialization Complete _______________________________________________________ Server Version : 2106009 Database Version : Rel21.6.9 Supporting Clients : 3.3.5a Builds : 12340 Module Status - SOAP : Enabled Eluna : Enabled Warden : Enabled ScriptDev3 (SD3) : Enabled Remote Access (RA) : Enabled _______________________________________________________ SERVER STARTUP TIME: 0 minutes 4 seconds Starting Network Thread Starting Network Thread Max allowed socket connections: 1024 Starting Network Thread World Updater Thread started (50ms min update interval) Remote Access Thread started (listening on SOAP Thread started (listening on mangos> Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey guys im thinking to buy a vps with ubuntu server and put my mangos zero server on it, cause right now im just playing with it on my ubuntu laptop, but I want to go pro and invite more ppl to my server. It's zero (vanilla) and im wondering is a vps what I need, and would this be enough to start with : 30 GB Disk Space 2 Cores CPU 1 GB Memory 2 TB Bandwidth Europe (Amsterdam) + SSD This costs around 12 euro, which is okay for me, don't wanna go above 20. Can you share your thoughts on this product and on getting a vps to host mangos in general :? Thanks .. take care!
  16. Hey all, I just had a question about the environment you all develop in. Do you use virtual machines, a development computer, or just have Mangos installed on your daily computer for quick access? I would like to get some sense of what environment is more often used.
  17. Hi forum, Today I will teach you how to install MaNGOS on Ubuntu virtual box. As some of you may know I an supporting a MaNGOS WoW server installation bash script on Ubuntu/Debian. I always do prefer running my WoW server on a virtual machine, so everything can become easy as pie when you mes it up The thing we will need: 1. Ubuntu OS: ( https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop ) (Ubuntu 16.04 x32 or x64) This is so called "GUEST OS" 2. Oracle virtual box: ( https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads ) ( Depending on your host. I am gonna install it for Windows my "HOST OS" ) 3. Oracle VB additions: "VirtualBox #VERSION# Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack" ( Click on the link that says this in [2] ) First download all the stuff above and save it to folder of choice ( I am gonna call it "INSTALL" ). Go to your INSTALL folder and open the virtual box to install it. This is pretty straight forward, though if you do not like where your virtual machine HDDs are stored, you can always change it by ( File -> Preferences -> [Left list] General -> Default Machine folder ). I prefer mine in "E:\VirtualMachines". Now we need to install the extensions. Go to ( File -> Preferences -> [Left list] Extensions -> Extension packages -> The little arrow-down button ). It will prompt you to browse for your extension. Give it the file downloaded file in point [3]. We are now done, so go ahead and create a virtual machine. Name it whatever you like but keep it consistent ( I used "Ubuntu 16.04 WoW x64" ). The type must be "Linux" and the version "Ubuntu" ( x32 or x64 depending on pint [1] ). Click "Next" This screen is used to set the memory [Memory] Press ( Ctrl + Shift + Esc ) to open the task manager and view how much RAM do you have free. You can use the half of it. I had 16GB free, so I went for 8GB. [Hard disk] Please use at least 10GB as there are dependencies and additional software needed for installing MaNGOS. [Hard disk file type] Make sure you always *.VDI, if you want to extend the virtual HDD in the future. [Storage of physical hard disk] If you use "Dynamically allocated" the virtual HDD grows in size as you install sutff in the GUEST ( In our case the Ubuntu ). The "Fixed size" will allocate the whole HDD on creation. [File location and size] This tells Oracle VB where to store your virtual HDD. It must be a valid file name. I personally use the name, which I create my VMs with ( "Ubuntu 16.04 WoW x64" ) and the limit which the virtual HDD should never exceed. Now go ahead and click on "Settings" We are now going to configure the system, so click on (System). Tab (Motherboard) Boot order: 1) Optical, 2) HDD Chipset: PIIX3 Pointing device: USB tablet Extended features: Check only (I/O APIC), (Hardware Clock in UTC Time) Tab (Processor) Processor: Give it all CPUs available Execution cap: Never go all the way up to 100. I keep it at 70% Enable PAE/NX checked Tab (Acceleration): Check all the check-boxes and set interface to default. Configuring the (Display) Tab (Screen) Video memory: 128 or 64 MB is quite good Monitor count: How many monitors is it displayed in. I use one of my two. Do not mess with the other tabs Configuring the (Storage). Here you will have a storage tree with IDE and SATA. Go ahead and delete the IDE controller (Right-click->Delete or Del), then add a CD drive to the SATA controller by clicking the CD icon with the green plus sign. A prompt will appear for media selection. Click "Chose Disk" and insert the ISO downloaded in [1]. Configure adapter one of the network tab to bridged if you have a second network card and you want your server to run on it or NAT if you don't. I am gonna use "Intel Pro 1000 MT Desktop (82540EM)" as Ubuntu takes it without any drivers. Now Click "OK" on the settings window to apply your changes to the Ubuntu VM. Start it and follow the Ubuntu installation. until you install the Ubuntu OS from the CD in [1]. When you see the desktop showing for the first time, open the software sources ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu ) and on "Download from" drop down menu chose "Main server" then "Reload". Open the terminal and type "apt-get update". After this you must install VB dependencies. I also have a script for that purpose: https://github.com/dvdvideo1234/UbuntuBatches/tree/master/VirtualBox Download the script to your home folder and start it. It will install all the VB dependencies (Do you want to install dependencies [y/n]? y). Beware there will be restart needed if you chose to run the update manager (Do you want to run force-update [y/n]? y). Now install the VB addition CD provided by Oracle by clicking (Devices->Insert Guest Addition CD Image..) and hit the run button. Authorize it to proceed and follow the console prompt. After the installation you will have bi-directional copy-paste and all needed VB hardware support. We are finally here to install MaNGOS from source. I have a script dedicated to this here ( View the readme.md for further questions ): https://github.com/dvdvideo1234/UbuntuBatches/tree/master/MaNGOS Download the script to your folder of choice ( I will call it "SEVER" ), mark it as executable (sudo chmod +x config.sh) and run it. The title ("TITLE") that you chose will be installed in the "SERVER"/"TITLE". directory. Now follow the console prompt and anwer the questions seen. If you are not using a proxy, answer "Are you using a proxy [n or <proxy:port>] ?" with "n" The script supports vanilla WoW too. I just forgot to update the readme.md After the installation is done. It will compile and install the MaNGOS WoW server. and you must extract and install the maps and vmaps yourself, so please follow the continued MaNGOS project maps installation procedure here: You are practically done ;). Have fun playing in your private server.
  18. For those of you who are reading this that contribute and are project managers, administrators, developers, scripters, coders, players and researchers: Why do you contribute to the project? Personally, I know the content in the Zero core the best, and that is why that is where I focus my efforts. I know where to find legitimate content from that time period and I want to be able to help the Zero core to as much a 'Blizzlike' state as is humanly possible. What I enjoy most is actually hunting for the small details that may be missing or slightly off. I use old WoW videos ranging from 2005 to the end of 2006 to gather as much information as I can by seeing things in action, as well as referencing the game guides and old database websites. For me, this is a relaxing hobby, and I enjoy the community and the many ways people can contribute. I personally am not a good coder, but I am a very good researcher. So using my research skills to provide information to those who are able to implement code-level fixes is something I can contribute and enjoy doing so. How about everybody else? Why is this your 'passion project'?
  19. Grumbo'z Guild War'z 'Tides of Desolation' WoW's Bloodiest Guild House/Plot System This is NOT your Grandpa's Guild House System. --Built-Tested and Approved for TC2 3.3.5a Eluna-- --Built-tested and Approved for TC2 4.3.4 Eluna-- --Rumored to be compatible with Eluna for Mangos-- "desolation /ˌdɛsəˈleɪʃən/ noun 1. The act of desolating or the state of being desolated; ruin or devastation . 2. solitary misery; wretchedness. 3. a desolate region; barren waste." This System allows Guild Masters to purchase multiple Guild Plot locations for xx guild coins. when a location is purchased a flag will spawn based on team ally/horde. Guild members can invade other guild plot locations from an apposing team or if Anarchy is enabled then A same team Guild can attempt to take there flag. if a guildmember tags the flag of an apposing Guild , that location will transfer ownership (including all GO's/NPC's that belong to that location), to the guild that tagged the flag. What's new in version 4.9e? ------------------------------------ `Eluna` - Converted the system from ALE for ArcEmu to Eluna for TrinityCore. `Anarchy` - same team invasions allowed now. HordevsHordevsAllyvsAlly `guild invite` - players can now use a guild flag to join a guild. `Guild Cannons and Vendors` - require a hall to support them. "PERK" "Guild Commands" Guild Access to Buy/Sell commands is adjustable by each GuildMaster. Guild members with access to the `sell` commands can sell off the individual team based npc's and buildings of any Guild controlled location or a guild location. Guild members with access to the `buy` commands can buy areas, buildings and npc's for any Guild controlled location. "FEATURE" "Anarchy System." Allows Flags to be captured by same team guilds thru FFAGvGPvP Chaotic Anarchy. May be turned on/off live in game by the Admin. "FEATURE" "No-Tag-Flag Timer." A cooldown timer so Flags cant be captured until the timer expires. May be turned on/off and time adjusted live in game by the Admin. "FEATURE" "Guild Invite" Allows Non-guild players to interact with the guild flags. the flags will open a gossip menu so players can choose to join the flag's guild. May be turned on/off live in game for individual guilds by there GuildMaster. "FEATURE" "Flag Require" Invaders MUST clear ALL guards to be able to claim flag. May be turned on/off live in-game. "FEATURE" "Guild Teleporter" Guild members can easily teleport to any of there guild's locations using the location's id. Guild members can list all the areas owned by there guild by location id. Guild members can display information about the location they are at. "PERK" "Farms" Guild masters can now buy farms to support buying pigs. Guild masters can place up to xx guild pigs. (to have pigs you must have a farm) "PERK" "Pig's" Pigs are support for guards and other npc's. Pigs are faction based and display id's can be changed in the DB.(NPC ID's 49000 Ally, 49001 Horde) Amount of pigs per farm can be adjusted live in game by the Admin. "PERK" "Pig Payz" Each pig will pay xx gold to all guild members online per half hour. Farms are faction based and display id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500000 Ally, 500001 Horde) "PERK" "Barracks" Guild masters can now buy barracks to support guards. barracks require a pig farm to support them. Barracks are faction based and display id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500002 Ally, 500003 Horde) "PERK" "Guards" Guild masters can place guards at each location to protect there flag for xx guild coin each. Guards require a barrack. guards will announce location id when in combat so guild members can tele to location. guards are disposable and wont respawn when killed. guards are faction based and id's can be changed in the DB.(NPC ID's 49002 Ally, 49003 Horde) "PERK" "Guild Hall" Guild masters can place a BIG ol' Guild Hall at each location for xx Guild coins. To have Hall's you must have a barracks. Halls are faction based and id's can be changed in the DB.(GOB ID's 500004 Ally, 500005 Horde) "PERK" "Guild Vendors" Vendors Require a Guild Hall. "Guild Buff vendor" Guild masters can place a Guild Buff vendor at each location for xx Guild coins. .(NPC ID's 49004 Ally, 49005 Horde). "Guild Fun items vendor" Guild masters can place a Guild Fun items vendor at each location for xx Guild coins. .(NPC ID's 49006 Ally, 49007 Horde). "Guild Gear vendor" Guild masters can place a Guild Gear vendor at each location for xx Guild coins.(NPC ID's 49008 Ally, 49009 Horde). You can create your own custom team vendor's for guilds and add there id's live in-game. "PERK" "Guild Cannons" Cannon's Require a Guild Hall. Guild masters can place Guild cannon's at each location for xx Guild coins.(NPC ID's 49010 Ally, 49011 Horde) "PERK" "New Guild Gift" Newly formed Guilds will be gifted xx amount of Guild Coins to the Guild Master to get started with. "PERK" "Adjustable color layout" Now GuildMasters can change the color layout for the chatbox menus/data. "CMD" Guild master can customize most guild accessible commands in-game. "CMD" Guild master can change access level for buy commands in-game. "CMD" Guild masters can change access level for sell commands in-game. "CMD" GuildMasters can change the color layout for menus for there guild menus. "CMD" Admin can customize most GM commands and SYSTEM settings in-game. "CMD" Admin can change access level for GM commands in-game and the sql. NOW Supports multi-realm servers. now you can run this on multiple realms . just add the DB table and re-name it then edit the DB name variable `guild_warz_DB` in the start of the script so each realms script matches there individual DB table. NOW with an adjustable Guild Menu color layout All variables "xx" , (item, npc, gob)ID's, GM access levels, Guild Member access levels, prices, limits and commands can easily be changed LIVE in-game, or the sql. Ally Location: Horde Location: Instructional video's of basic command's usage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu6pwFpOuDs Invasion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8754ge7BJc >> More Instructional Videos << Lua for Eluna: latest version 4.93e/10-03-2016 --Modified-Tested and Approved for TC2 3.3.5a Eluna-- --Modified-Tested and Approved for TC2 4.3.4 Eluna-- >> Requires the latest Eluna Release : da3b1486661f+ 2016-09-21 or newer. << >>Now supports Multi-Realm use<< >> Grumbo'z Guild Warz 3.3.5a << >> Grumbo'z Guild Warz 4.3.4 << >> The Wiki << all commands can be altered easily in-game and the Sql table. all limits and costs can be altered easily in-game and the Sql table. Commands function only while using Guild Chat. "Welcome to my nightmare" "I think your gonna like it" "I think your gonna feel" "right at home" "here" here you go Trinity/Mangos ..... `...and so his Guildmates roared and cheared as he mounted the bloody head of another fallen Guild leader in there Great Hall.` "!!KING SPADE!!" !! Raid !! Plunder !! Pilage !! !! it's bloody frak'n Anarchy !! "covered with dren." "cuz PvP'z better with a bag 'o' weed" special thanks to these guyz: @Rochet2 -- lotta guideance n redo's of my stuff. @Foereaper -- huge re-write of major parts for efficiency and speed. @Grandelf -- for that teleporter that inspired this whole idea !BUMP!. @Greone -- un-ending testing and all that video footage. @Freedom -- testing,testing,testing and more testing, and all round great help. things like these cannot be done alone . thank you guyz. Additional thanks to: @Creativextent -- for the Newly formed guilds perk idea - adjustable guild command access idea. @foxthecrash -- for the No-Tag-Flag Timer idea. without these guys assistance, testing, guidance and ideas it would never have been possible to create this high-tech slick responsive power house system it is now. thank you every one. My twisted idea of a Guild Plot System
  20. Hello everyone I have the following problem when I start the worldserver which loads this messageuntil that maps, vmaps, mmaps then then When I try to generate the vmaps invites her up to a certain point exe and smashes.and mmaps I cannot generate also the medium sorry if it on worng selection and sorry for my bad english 2017-03-09 20:17:52 ERROR:VMap file 'vmaps/000.vmtree' is missing or point to wrong version vmap file, redo vmaps with latest vmap_assembler.exe program 2017-03-09 20:17:52 ERROR:Correct *.map files not found in path 'maps' or *.vmtree/*.vmtile files in 'vmaps'. Please place *.map and vmap files in appropriate directories or correct the DataDir value in the mangosd.conf file.
  21. Hi, I cloned Server repo from github and started to build mangos from scratch. When I run the script 'server/sql/mangos.sql', mysql return the following error: I looked into the script and figured out the insert statement line 1327 for creature_template table. The table has 84 columns but the insert statement provide 85 values.
  22. Heya folks, has there been any development of the AoWoW database explorer for mangoszero ? I can't find any fork that is even remotely in a working condition with the official mangoszero database. I'd like to run a clone of http://db.vanillagaming.org - would there be anyone with the knowledge of how to get there ? Cheers
  23. THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED, PLEASE USE OUR WIKI GUIDES This guide is for Release 21 (0.21.0) version of Mangos. This guide is aimed to explain how to get the source code from our git repositories and compile and run with a default config. This guide assumes you have set-up a database and user accounts for it. Before you can run your server you will need to of course run an extractor and put the DBC, vmaps and mmaps(if you have mmaps) in the folder with all the server core files. Required Files Git for windows - Git - Downloads Install making sure the following options are selected Windows explorer intergration - Simple context menu (Git bash, Git GUI) Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 - Free Dev Tools - Visual Studio Community 2015 Install with default options selecting C++ when it asks you what programming language you are using Notepad++ - http://notepad-plus-plus.org Useful for editing .conf files and any other editable files. Additional required files are downloaded while cloning the repo Getting the source code Mangos Zero will be used for this guide. Browse to where you would like to clone the files Right click inside a blank area in the folder and select "Git Bash Here" In the black command box type git clone --recursive https://github.com/mangoszero/server This will clone the latest Sever source into a folder called server - Including the --recursive is very important! Installing the additional requirements Go into the new Server / win folder It should have these files listed Install: Cmake, mysql and openSSL (which version depends on if you are running x32 or x64 [x32 being more stable]). Default options are fine in most cases. MaNGOS EasyBuild Run MaNGOS_EasyBuild.exe located in server/win Easy Build main screen Click the "check now" button You should see green ticks and if you have everything done correctly you should be able to go to the build options page. Once on the build options page tick the "Include PlayerBot AI", if you are certain you are not going to use this feature then leave unticked. Clicking generate project will run cmake but inside of the EasyBuild application, you will see the output. Visual studio should be started when it is finished generating. Output showing EasyBuild with the option to automatically open visual studio unticked If you wish to compile at a later time the built files will be under /server_build/ you just need to double click on MaNGOS.sln Compiling the source code Visual studio Once the project has loaded go to the drop down just below the team menu and select Release and Win32 Press F7 or go to the Build menu and select Build Solution The Mangos server is now compiling and time to go get a coffee, this process should take around 5-30 minutes depending on your system. Older single core systems will take longer. That's it! now head into the /server_build/bin / Win32_Release folder and your server files will be there.
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