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Found 5 results

  1. Misleading text

    Started as a Draenei mage, talking to the 1st mage trainer, the text doesn't make much sense: "You are no mage, you must seek mage trainer..." Quests and training works fine, just text is bit misleading
  2. Faction Leaders such as Thrall should show "Leader" and "PvP" on the tooltip when you mouse over them. Source: https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=55m37s
  3. Nazgrel (3230)

    Nazgrel is spawned in the wrong spot. He should be on the other side of the room. Video proof - https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=55m31s Also, the quest The Admiral's Orders part 2 (id 831) should be turned in to him in vanilla, not to Vol'Jin. This can be seen in the video. The objective and details text for the quest should also be updated to say Nazgrel where it says Vol'jin. You can see the text here - https://youtu.be/YcEqpVfrE7U?t=10m21s Pause the video to read because he turns it in fast. He also has the gossip npcflag (1) in the database, but in the video it goes straight to the quest when he talks to him, so he must not have the gossip flag.
  4. Molten Core - Baron Geddon

    On R21.11 Latest Official Release Baron Geddon, a Boss of Molten Core, doesn't have proper HP and he's suuuuuper slow. The Boss seems, however, scripted properly, I think it's just a DB error.
  5. Missing Spawn

    Hello, As of today, the following NPC "Fizzlebang Booms" is missing in Ironforge. I can't find its entry within creature. > http://www.wowhead.com/npc=5569 This NPC is a vendor of fireworks and is supposed to be inside the shop "Things That Go Boom!" within Tinker Town.

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