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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I am writing this little article about default accounts in MaNGOS and how to deal with them. > WHAT ARE DEFAULT ACCOUNTS ? Default accounts are accounts created in the account table of the auth DB when you have a fresh install : After a fresh install you will get those 4 default accounts that allow you to connect directly to your realm in order to make quick tests. > HOW CAN YOU USE THEM ? As you can see you have only encrypted password in DB but the scheme is easy : all passwords are equal to the account name. USERNAME PASSWORD ADMINISTRATOR ADMINISTRATOR GAMEMASTER GAMEMASTER MODERATOR MODERATOR PLAYER PLAYER Note : They are not case sensitive when you type them in the game client. > PLEASE... DELETE THESE ACCOUNTS IF THEY ARE NOT NEEDED AFTER YOUR FIRST TESTS ! We recommend that you get rid of these accounts and create your own ones, for obvious security reasons : DELETE FROM `account` WHERE `username` IN ('ADMINISTRATOR', 'GAMEMASTER', 'MODERATOR', 'PLAYER'); If you let them as it is and run a live server... anyone would be able to connect as a GM if you do not change the default passwords.
  2. Hello! Help me solve the problem with the datebase! The problem appears when I want to create or delete a character.
  3. Hi, I cloned Server repo from github and started to build mangos from scratch. When I run the script 'server/sql/mangos.sql', mysql return the following error: I looked into the script and figured out the insert statement line 1327 for creature_template table. The table has 84 columns but the insert statement provide 85 values.
  4. Now that we have a majority of the data already in the Database, we now need to work out how to get meaningful information back out ! Thankfully MySQL does provide us with a way of doing this. In the following example my main database containing the DBC data and we are going to query for records for MangosZero - so tables beginning dbc0_ SELECT DISTINCT TABLE_NAME AS DBCFilename FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_schema = 'dbc' AND table_name LIKE 'dbc0_%' This returns a nice list of DBC filenames belonging to Zero, we can easily write a tool to read through that list and process the information. DBCFilename dbc0_animationdata dbc0_areapoi For the purpose of a demonstration of how to get the field information for a certain table, see the following query. Again we are using the database 'dbc' but this time we are looking for a specific table (dbc0_animationdata) SELECT COLUMN_NAME,ORDINAL_POSITION,DATA_TYPE,COLUMN_TYPE FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_schema = 'dbc' AND table_name = 'dbc0_animationdata%' This returns the following: "COLUMN_NAME" "ORDINAL_POSITION" "DATA_TYPE" "COLUMN_TYPE" "AnimationDataId" "1" "int" "int(11)" "Name" "2" "text" "text" "WeaponFlags" "3" "int" "int(11)" "Bodyflags" "4" "int" "int(11)" "Flags" "5" "int" "int(11)" "FallbackAnimationDataId" "6" "int" "int(11)" "PreviousAnimationDataId" "7" "int" "int(11)" For the guts of the data we need, this is everything we need... until next time
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