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  • Extracting Game Data


    Extracting Game Data

    This guide assumes that you have copied the contents of the tools folder (the result of a build of the source code) into the root of your client folder.
    i.e. Where launcher.exe and wow.exe are located !!

    1) Run 'ExtractResources.sh' and follow the onscreen prompts, you should choose the option to extract everything.

    2) You will be asked how many CPU's to use for extracting MMaps (1 to 4) - The more CPU's the faster the MMaps extraction

    3) You will then be asked whether you want to delay MMap extraction, just press enter for no delay.

    4) A summary will be shown of your choices, press enter to start or CTRL+C to cancel the script

    5) Several hours later you should see a message similar to:

    	Finished creating MoveMaps

    6) Navigate to the client folder and select the DBC, Maps, MMaps and VMaps folders and move them to your server folder

    7) The “Buildings” folder can be deleted.


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    If you have Git installed, then you have the program able to execute Linux shell scripts. Start Git console, change directory (commands "cd" and "pwd" to check) to your client directory (where wow.exe file resides) and enter "./ExtractResources.sh" without quotes. But yes, this detail must be mentioned in the guide.

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    I have tried this multiple times and it does not work. Client is on j:/WOW I try running the scripts and they do not work.

    If I run map-extractor works fine and i run vmap-extractor and populates buildings folder but nothing in vmaps.

    Does it require for it to be on C drive and can the name of the folder be changed like I did ?

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    Keep support in the forum on the site or in the Discord?


    Yes, that .sh file is a linux script and requires some form of bash on a Windows system, since it is already default on many Linux distros and Mac.  There is Git bash of course which seems easy enough for most users already working with the project source code.  There is also MinGW "Minimalist GNU for Windows".  I use Cygwin, and now there is an improved second iteration of the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

    I actually hope we use more of these type of scripts as the stronger scripting language than Windows Batch we have elsewhere, or even JS and Python too, anything but :).

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