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  1. Rochet2's post in Magos ONE Build error was marked as the answer   
    The solution would likely have been using
    git submodule update  
  2. Rochet2's post in How do i add a eluna script to a specific npc? was marked as the answer   
    Is this what you are asking about?
    local function OnCombat(event, creature, target) if target:ToPlayer() then target:SendAreaTriggerMessage("You are being attacked!") end end RegisterCreatureEvent(30000, 1, OnCombat) http://www.elunaengine.com/Global/RegisterCreatureEvent.html
  3. Rochet2's post in dissable group redused exp was marked as the answer   
    you can for example try to change the rate to be 1.0f instead of whatever it calculates at the moment.
    If you want everyone to have the exact same XP regardless of level differences etc you can try change
    pGroupGuy->GiveXP(itr_xp, pVictim);
    pGroupGuy->GiveXP(xp, pVictim);
  4. Rochet2's post in A question about develop sd3 script was marked as the answer   
    You edit all code in ./server/src/
    You do not edit anything in .\serverTwo_build\src
    The .\serverTwo_build\src is generated just for the building process and it uses the ./server/src/ for building. This is why .\serverTwo_build does not need to contain what ./server/ contains.

    When you download your source code, you do all edits you need in that same folder.
    For debugging you need to compile the core in debug instead of release and then start the server and open up the sln file in visual studio. You can find the sln file probably inside serverTwo_build. After opening the sln you can see at the top the debug menu. Inside it select attach to process and select the mangosd.exe that you started up earlier.
  5. Rochet2's post in Custom scripting help was marked as the answer   
    Its a bit more complicated than that.
    You need to create the item object, see if the player can equip it and then equip it and handle the usual things on item receive and equip.
    Not sure if there is an easier way.

    // copied from Eluna uint32 slot = INVENTORY_SLOT_HEAD; uint32 entry = 123123; item = Item::CreateItem(entry, 1, player); if (!item) return; uint16 dest = 0; InventoryResult result = player->CanEquipItem(slot, dest, item, false); if (result != EQUIP_ERR_OK) { delete item; return; } player->ItemAddedQuestCheck(entry, 1); #if (!defined(TBC) && !defined(CLASSIC)) player->UpdateAchievementCriteria(ACHIEVEMENT_CRITERIA_TYPE_RECEIVE_EPIC_ITEM, entry, 1); #endif Item* equippedItem = player->EquipItem(dest, item, true)); player->AutoUnequipOffhandIfNeed();  
  6. Rochet2's post in Enchant item with a gm/console command was marked as the answer   
    I believe you can enchant things in trade.
    If so, then that means that you could ingame ask the player to trade with you and place the item to the enchant slot in trade.
    Then you use a item scroll like these on the item
    "entry"    "name" "22020"    "QAEnchant Weapon +15 Agility" "22042"    "QAEnchant Cloak -2% Threat" "29839"    "QAEnchant Weapon Mongoose" "29840"    "QAEnchant Weapon Soulfrost" "29842"    "QAEnchant Weapon +40 Spell Damage" "29852"    "QAEnchant Boots +9 Stamina & +8% Speed" "29856"    "QAEnchant Boots +12 Agility" "29857"    "QAEnchant Boots +12 Stamina" "29860"    "QAEnchant Cloak +12 Agility" "29861"    "QAEnchant Cloak +20 Spell Penetration" "29863"    "QAEnchant Gloves +20 Spell Damage" "29872"    "QAEnchant Chest +6 Stats" "29874"    "QAEnchant Chest +150 Health" "30193"    "QAEnchant Ring +12 Spell Damage" "30197"    "QAEnchant Ring +4 Stats" "31843"    "QAEnchant Bracer +24 Attack Power" "31845"    "QAEnchant Bracer +15 Spell Damage" "31849"    "QAEnchant Bracer +12 Strength" "33315"    "QAEnchant Weapon Executioner" "17882"    "QAEnchant Chest +100 Health" "17887"    "QAEnchant 2H Weapon +9 Damage" "22023"    "QAEnchant Weapon +20 Spirit" "22024"    "QAEnchant Weapon Unholy" "22584"    "QAEnchant Cloak +3 Agility" "29841"    "QAEnchant Weapon Sunfire" "29871"    "QAEnchant Chest +15 Spirit"
  7. Rochet2's post in Help with a simple lua script was marked as the answer   
    By the way. It seems that you may have been looking at some arcemu lua scripts and documentation. SERVER_HOOK_DEATH does not exist on Eluna.
    Instead you must use PLAYER_EVENT_ON_KILL_PLAYER and PLAYER_EVENT_ON_KILLED_BY_CREATURE both to get the same effect.
    Here is the PM if someone is interested:
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