• What is MaNGOS ?.....

    MaNGOS is ...

    • A full-featured Massive Network Game Object Server suite that includes Authentication, World content and more.
    • An educational project, all our members are volunteers and give up their time freely. Our hosting and licenses are funded through donations.
    • Is free and open to everyone of all abilities. If you are eager to learn and contribute, you are more than welcome.
    • Compatible with all non-current releases of World Of Warcraft™ - Although the level of completeness varies between the different versions..
    • Includes tools to build and develop game content, including your own custom content..
    • Supported via the Forum by a very friendly and knowledgeable support team.
    • One of the original MMORPG projects and has been going for over 10 years.

  • getMaNGOS ?.....Who are we ?

    getMaNGOS is an educational non-profit organisation and we provide source code for running private MMORPG servers.

    Our primary goals are to learn and teach each other (and our users) about development and project management on a large scale project.

    We have been bringing MaNGOS to the community for over 10 years.

    MaNGOS and its many tools utilize a powerful variety of languages and technologies.
    These include: C/C++, VB.Net, MySQL or PostgreSQL as well as command line utilities to create and maintain game content and Bash, Python, and Ruby scripts to spice up development.

    The current MaNGOS custodian Antz was chosen by the founder of MaNGOS (theLuda) when he decided to retire, his responsibilities are to assist the devs and to plan the future path of MaNGOS.

    The current Community Manager is MadMax who is responsible for the site and our online presence.

  •     How you can help MaNGOS !!

    If you are reading this, then it's likely you have an interest in helping out this great community effort.
    If you feel like you don't have the experience or knowledge to contribute on the development side, there are many other ways to help out:

    We need help in all the areas listed below. So please, pitch in and help us; We need your help to make it happen.

    Researchers - Proof of how it really was in that timeframe of warcraft.
    Testers - Active testers to test new bug fixes and report back issues.
    Bug reporters - Testing out any world content and reporting issues.
    Forum helpers - Someone knowledgable to help answer questions.
    Documentors - Expanding the wiki's/tutorials/guides.
    Translators - Translate the documentation into their native language.
    Database dev - Working with sql to further the databases.
    Scripters - Working with the core to further the project.
    If you are familiar with any of the technologies we use, you can (and possibly should) help contribute to this amazing project !!
  •     How do I get started ?

    The Wiki contains several getting started guides to help you get started downloading and building the project, plus lots of useful reference material.

    The Forum is also a prime source of information and help.

    The Bug Tracker is where all the reports bugs are listed.

  •     Community Forum

    The Community Forum is the life blood of MaNGOS.

    Here you can find information, seek help or just chat to like-minded people in a friendly environment.

    If you think you can help... the chances are you can !!

  •     Supported Platforms & Build Requirements

    • Windows & Debian are supported.
    • As well as platforms where GCC is available.
    • Both 32/64 Bit builds are supported/tested during development.

    • We support builds using Cmake
    • Microsoft Visual Studio (2012 / 2013 / 2015) *
    • The GNU Build Tools
    • The following Third Party Libraries are required to be installed:

       OpenSSL and MySQL

    * MaNGOS can still be built using VS2010, although the Eluna module will need to be disabled. Since VS2010 is now deprecated, there is no guarantee that it wlll not break further in the future.

  • Build Status

      ZERO Mangos ZERO LINUX Buiild Status Mangos ZERO WINDOWS Buiild Status
      ONE Mangos ONE LINUX Build Status Mangos ONE WINDOWS Build Status
      TWO Mangos TWO LINUX Build Status Mangos TWO WINDOWS Build Status
      THREE Mangos THREE LINUX Build Status Mangos THREE WINDOWS Build Status

    Status images link to detailed build reports.

  • Donation Box

    Please donate to support the community.
    We appreciate all donations!
  •     Join our Development Team

    If you are interested in joining our development team please click here

    This page also explains how the team work with each other and the benefits of being apart of the official team.

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