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  1. Your welcome, I just maintain the site and a few other bits, but the main development is really down to the community and @antz
  2. Just wanted to pop in and say Thank You for the updates to Zero. They were long past due. The new MySQL and cleanup is awesome!

    Please keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  3. Not sure if @WpgnGaming is around or not currently.
  4. madmax


    Be interested to see how you are getting on with this @Lodi
  5. Hi, Welcome to Mangos. Do you still need help there?
  6. @onixiya I have created a dedicated topic for this guide so it does not get to cluttered with lots of replies.
  7. This is a support topic for the install guide "Installing Mangos on Debian 9 or a Debian based Distribtion"
  8. Going to close this. Please do remember in future we do not actually support repacks officially here, you may as in this case get help from members which is fine but we usually refer people back to the repacks author.
  9. @macmillan did you ever get this ported over?
  10. No alternative that I know of currently. Sorry for the late reply, do let us know if you've found one. We have the project forked under the mangostools repo for those who want to carry on development.
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