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  1. Just wrap the .exe is a bat file. You can use most bat files that restart game servers and just adapt the code to what you need. In our case we are using this. Keep in mind what we use runs on the desktop though so not as a service, if that's what you want I'm not sure as I dont usually use services for this as i like to see the console. ::=======================:: :: Server Guardian :: ::=======================:: ::=======================:: :: SET YOUR VARIABLES! :: ::=======================:: ::=======================:: :: Window and Log name :: :: Replace "My Server" :: ::=======================:: set servername=M0 COSMIC RAY ::=======================:: :: Your start command :: :: Replace after = :: ::=======================:: set runcmd=mangosd.exe -c mangosd.conf -a ahbot.conf ::=======================:: :: End of variables :: ::=======================:: :: This will keep the window clean and easy to read @ECHO off :: Sets the title of the window title Guardian Script %servername% :: Clears the window incase there is anything there CLS :: Prints to the window what we are doing ECHO Server Guardian has been started! ECHO. ECHO ************************************************************************* ECHO To close the server, close this window and type exit in the server window ECHO ************************************************************************* ECHO. ECHO. ECHO %servername% is now starting... >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO. >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO. >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) Server Guardian has been started! >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now starting... :: This is a return point in case the server crashes or is closed :restart ECHO. ECHO (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now ONLINE ECHO Watching %servername% for crashes... >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO. >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now ONLINE >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) Watching %servername% for crashes... ::Start the actual server %runcmd% ECHO. ECHO (%date%)(%time%) Crash or Close detected! ECHO %servername% is now restarting... >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO. >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) Crash or Close detected! >> "logs\restart\%servername%.log" ECHO (%date%)(%time%) %servername% is now restarting... ::Server crashed or closed, so we point it to the return point to start the server again goto restart
  2. Added this to the tracker so its logged. Add a GUI to the tracker that can do the following: Show the live output from the console (as currently shown now) Start and stop buttons - the server would not automatically start without a setting being set on first run of the GUI Title bar to show "Players: xx | Connections: xxx" (connections being open tcp connections to the process). Additional further things could be to parse the config file to check database connections are correct prior to the core actually loading. And update checking via a call to a simple version file stored on the assets.getmangos.eu domain.
  3. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to New
  4. @Aaron Briggs Can you give us something like an example to reproduce this? Or a video or something?
  5. Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Assigned to madmax Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to Unset Changed Priority to Low
  6. Will look into this when I have time.
  7. Fixed in commit https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/d5a77b0965 and https://github.com/mangosone/server/commit/855de61c519d4bdf9aba842d32827d51e96b8bb5
  8. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Next) Changed Priority to Normal
  9. Is mangosd being hosted on the same computer as the wow client you are playing from? Or is the game on another computer?
  10. If your using the MaNGOS cores you are free to ask here, but a fork of ours like cmangos you need to head over to their forum. We also have a discord which you can join from the purple box on the side of the site.
  11. Your welcome, I just maintain the site and a few other bits, but the main development is really down to the community and @antz
  12. Just wanted to pop in and say Thank You for the updates to Zero. They were long past due. The new MySQL and cleanup is awesome!

    Please keep up the GREAT WORK!!!

  13. Not sure if @WpgnGaming is around or not currently.
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