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  1. mangos zero

    I've passed this onto the dev team, thanks
  2. mangos one

    Might be an idea if you just try using the mangos core we have if you are having so much trouble.
  3. mangos one

    That is either part of vmap-extractor.exe or map-extractor.exe The assembler was built into one of those.
  4. mangos one

    This is included when you build the server files, inside the tools folder. Are you having issues reading the documents? You seem to be posting a lot of topics today.
  5. That currently uses fusionCMS. We are in the process of writing a new CMS for Mangos.
  6. This needs implementing and testing.
  7. mangos zero

    Is this resolved now?
  8. We are nice enough here to provide users with a precompiled core. You are welcome to test with this:
  9. Hi Stefan, This core has the LUA engine already compiled:
  10. other

    In the database you have the realmlist set to the local IP? You dont need your internet ip in there, you can just forward to the local one. Thats how I do it at least.
  11. It will be once we have a CMS to post.
  12. Hi Anders, Welcome to the MaNGOS site. I've passed this topic onto @antz our project lead. You are correct there is a playerbots system in Zero, although it has not had someone looking after it in a few years now. We would love to work bots into all Mangos cores. I have added you on skype (i hope), my id is xmark202
  13. Changed Version to 22.1 Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to 22 Changed Priority to Normal
  14. mangos zero

    Basically yes.


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