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  1. Which event handler?

    Hey, Sorry for really late reply, But i have added a "Eluna API Documentation" link under the support menu
  2. mangos zero How do I set gmlevel 4 privs?

    The server console does not require you to login to run level 4 commands. Remote users are limited to level 3, even if logging in via remote console. This is a current limit of the software.
  3. mangos zero How do I set gmlevel 4 privs?

    Hey, Basically level 4 GM commands can only be used on the server console. The maximum you can use in a default mangos core without changes is GM level 3 in-game. What commands you having trouble running in-game currently ?
  4. Hey, It happens i'm very familiar with VMWare, if you'd like to drop me a PM with some contact information for Discord or Skype I can take a look over teamviewer for you?
  5. Hey, Lots of documentation under the Wiki Where it says "here" links to other guides, you should be able to find the information you want somewhere on there. If you were unable to access the realm it would suggest either a firewall or wrong IP in the database "Realmd" in the realm table. You can edit stuff in the database with programs like SQLYog Community.
  6. Hey, You should have some default accounts like administrator / administrator. Check the realmd accounts database for the default ones. Personally i delete those and set my own by typing in the mangosd console "account create username password password"
  7. Grey level mobs granting EXP.

    Changed Status to Not a bug Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 21 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  8. Grey level mobs granting EXP.

    Above meaning you would not get XP for anything under level 41. This function is implemented correctly, we just checked
  9. Grey level mobs granting EXP.

    This is not a bug, at least not what is documented in the video. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Formulas:Mob_XP
  10. hello! here's my mangos server configuration:

    We're using a similar setup with XenServer but with a lot higher specs obviously! Our database backend is Linux based on everything we are doing. Covenant-WoW.com is using one realm-daemon with all the cores If you are seriously interested in getting into MaNGOS coding aspect of things (you don't mention above?) we'd love to chat to you and see if there is anything that interests you over in our bug tracker - Drop me a PM if you'd like to get in touch over skype. Have a great weekend.
  11. Hello there

    Hi there! Welcome to the MaNGOS project, glad you found us. If you need anything feel free to let us know
  12. Hey madmax,

    I am new to MaNGOS, and I want to ask a technical question about the MaNGOS. When it says supports a certain patch, does that exact patch need to be used or can an older patch be included? For example, MaNGOS Zero asks for patch 1.12.x, can any patch prior to 1.12 be included or is 1.12 the only patch capable of handling the data?

    1. madmax


      Hey, Nice to see new users taking up mangos :)

      You posted this on my profile which is not really the ideal place (should really use the help and support area). As far as i know you can only use clients from the 1.12.x with official mangos. You can change the core to support what you are saying but that is not something we support or can offer assistance with.

    2. Cliff_Mastah_17


      Ok. Thanks for the assistance anyways madmax. Sorry for posting it here; I won't let it happen again. 

  13. mangos zero REGEN_FLAG_HEALTH DB Error

    https://github.com/mangoszero/server/blob/master/src/mangosd/mangosd.conf.dist.in#L395 Set that to 0, default appears to hide the errors.
  14. mangos zero REGEN_FLAG_HEALTH DB Error

    I only found a few thousand
  15. Installing Mangos on Windows (using EasyBuild)

    Wrong .dll look at the name, its missing 32 in the filename.

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