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  1. Changed Status to Completed
  2. As there have not been anymore reports of warden kicking players since this was fixed, i will be closing this issue now. Should warden start kicking players in a future update, please make a new report. Thanks to all those that gave information and comments during our testing
  3. Crash - Eye of Kilrogg

    Eye of Kilrogg Crash caused when the Eye of Kilrogg goes out of range of the player. This does not affect Mangos One or Two, but that may be due to a lack of distance limit being set on One/Two, that needs investigating separately.
  4. Dungeon / Raid finder

    This is on @H0zen todo list which is about 6 months long at the current time.
  5. Changed Status to Awaiting Feedback Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  6. This should now be fixed in this commit - https://github.com/mangoszero/server/commit/9dc9059fd454721271b393b350453100aff4422e
  7. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  8. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    This looks like it was isolated to M1, if anyone experiences further issues please make a new report. I shall be closing this one now.
  9. mangos one Map incompatible

    Closing this topic out now, if you find further related issues feel free to make a new topic. Thanks for the report
  10. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Spoken with antz and made this commit for M1 - https://github.com/mangosone/server/commit/dc142047ab0160e6722b454a1ef70ef33a785c87 Antz will take care of any others that need looking at later
  11. mangos one Map incompatible

    https://github.com/mangosone/server/commit/dc142047ab0160e6722b454a1ef70ef33a785c87 Or you can wait 45minutes for Appveyor to finish, but i expect if you make that change and compile the core it will be quicker
  12. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Raised to Project Critical status. Project Lead @antz has been notified.
  13. mangos one Map incompatible

  14. Mangos One Incompatible Maps extracted

    Confirmed. Currently maps extracted with the current extractors do NOT work on the M1 core.
  15. mangos one Map incompatible

    Will raise an issue for this in the tracker. I have confirmed this issue exists and the extracted map files do indeed not work currently.

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