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  1. hey max i need some help if there are some core issues where do i pose it for mangos3 also where do i post my fixes to

    1. madmax


      Either in the forum or bug tracker, or if you know how you can pull request fixes via github.

    2. SADraco


      dont know how to do the github so ill post on forum

  2. mangos one The Kessel Run

    in the console "reload eluna" does that generate any output indicating eluna is working ?
  3. mangos one The Kessel Run

    Its a sub-module of the core, the pre-compiled files include it but if you build the core manually you have to include it in the build options or tick the box in easybuild. I will try and get antz to drop by this thread when hes around.
  4. mangos one The Kessel Run

    Is your server using Eluna? Fairly sure this was fixed in an eluna script.
  5. item Item has been looted bug

    Another screenshot to confirm. You can see in the log the item i just removed and closed the loot window and then attempted to get another.
  6. item Item has been looted bug

    Changed Status to Confirmed Changed Implemented Version to 0.18 Changed Milestone to 21 Changed Priority to High Changed Type to Core Changed Category to Looting
  7. mangos three Ubuntu 16.04 fresh install

    Dropped you a private message. Keep in mind that Three is a very early Alpha and not a lot working in it. Some areas may be ok.
  8. So... about getting started....

    We have a discord, click the big discord badge on the website, if you are going to be using it a lot I would suggest installing the client from discordapp.com You can also add me to skype, i'm not a developer but can usually find someone who can help
  9. So... about getting started....

    If you edit the cpp files for mangos then thats all that needs replacing, you dont need to rerun cmake if you make changes in visual studio, just need to build
  10. So... about getting started....

    If you make changes to the core in visual studio, recompile and just replace the mangosd.exe with the new one. If you make changes to the database it might mean you have future issues with db updates. If the changes are fixing something to make it more blizzard like, then submit them either in a pull request over GitHub or via the bug-tracker and we will have them put in for everyone
  11. mangos three Ubuntu 16.04 fresh install

    Just going to drop you a PM, we recently found the torrent we are providing for Cata has missing data.
  12. mangos three vmap-extractor crash 4.3.4

    Dropping you a PM now.

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