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  1. Moved this to community cafe
  2. Currently you can use the Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal mount indoors. I have had players reporting this on covenant-wow zero server.
  3. Moved to the help and support area (you had opened this in resources).
  4. Guard GUID: 79948 Horse GUID: 79943 This shows as flagged red when GM is off.
  5. mangos zero

    Sounds like you have a blank realm in ID2? I'd be tempted to remove any, and readd a black realm called MaNGOS to ID 1 and run mangosd.exe (that updates most fields under realmd, including build number). Then run realmd.
  6. Hey, I'm getting reports that 1H weapon skill is not increasing on Mangos ONE (TBC), As I'm busy today I don't really have time to really test this, if someone else has time please can they see if 1H weapon skills increases or if it increases defense as is being reported. Thanks in advance
  7. Nice project, i linked this to @antz
  8. hey, I've pushed this to antz. Some of the devs are sick or just busy with RL stuff at the moment. Antz will make more of a detailed post on what is going on.
  9. Just posting, but you can use extracted data from a windows system if you have that, just adding in case you are unable to get it extracted on linux.
  10. other

    Main topic has been updated with the one i linked above. Closing this now, thanks for reporting.
  11. other

    Hey, Thanks for letting us know, I'm going to test this new one later
  12. Welcome and good luck with the nix NAS. If you manage to get it working don't forget to write down what you did
  13. mangos zero

    Ignore my last comment, it looks like your config file is outdated. Please update it to the new version and let us know the result? We have changed the regeants configuration in this. AhBot.MaxAuctionCount.reagent.white = 6 = 2 AhBot.PriceMultiplier.Sell.reagent = 1.0 AhBot.PriceMultiplier.Buy.reagent = 1.0 AhBot.PricingStrategy.reagent = buyOnlyRare
  14. mangos zero

    Hey, Until someone has the time to study the AH bot system I should suggest looking up the regeant IDs and put them in,
  15. Going to be closing and archiving this since not many on the team use it.


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