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  1. I have put the final touches to the DBC wiki exporter and if you look at the wiki section for DBC files (for Zero Only ATM) you will see the results.

    The DBC databases will end up in a github repo soon and I'll post the URL here.

    Any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

    The next stage of this project is a dbcDocs editor. I have the skeleton of this designed and just need to find the time to complete it.

    It will have two modes of operation: local and remote

    Local edits a local dbcDocs database

    Remote edits the mangos hosted dbcDocs database

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  2. Today I bring you a quick update on the Rabbid Grizzly and the Blighted Elk that roam the Dragonsblight. Reworked all spawn locations and removed a huge amount of duplicates.

    I have added a before and after picture of an area that showed the most obvious improvement.




  3. antz
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    By antz,

    Hi Everyone, After several months of work and trials and tribulations I finally have a release candidate ready of EasyBuild 2.0.

    Whats new / Changed ?

    * There is a new direct build option now which builds the server without needing to start up visual studio, although there is an option to do that.
    * Visual Studio 2017 support. This took the longest time to get working, primarily due to the way VS2017 installs and sets up the registry.
    * Preliminary Maria DB support. The current build system does not support mariaDB, but we are close to having this ready.
    * PRE-REQ download manager. From this release, the install files for MySQL, OpenSSL and Cmake will not automatically be part of the repo, but using this function will allow you to download easily and install in one go.

    Now it's over to you, I have attached the New EasyBuild in the zip file below ! - Please Download, Extract it and place it in the win folder of the repo's and take it for a spin.

    Please let me know about any issues you find, or enhancements for us to consider.




  4. antz
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    I spent most of yesterday in hospital having a minor operation done, since i'm home and a little drowsy.... decided it's best if I don't touch anything important :D


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