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    By madmax,

    Hey all,

    Been awhile since my last blog entry!

    So it was back in 2015 we added the "LoadAllGridsOnMaps" option, those of you that have played with it will know it loads all NPCs on whatever map ID you put into the .conf so for example you could put 530 and always have NPCs loaded, pathing and reacting as if players were nearby.

    Now have I have tested with this the past few months over on and noticed that while NPCs do path and react to one and another, there is a big cost... CPU & RAM.

    To load everything in a Burning Crusade server you are looking at 4GB of memory easily, this is before you add any players into the mixture.

    Today I have disabled the loading of every NPC as it just uses way to many resources. I have also filed a new tracker entry on the subject.

    I'm making this blog to see what experience (if any) others have had with this feature and gather some feedback on the subject, do you like this feature? Do you want it expanded? Let me (and us) hear your thoughts on the subject.

    The major advantage of loading everything of course is that thing move / path as they are supposed to instead of when a player is nearby to you. I am pushing and will continue to push and remind the team this is something we need to further develop in the future to get a more "blizzlike" feel to the world.

    Thats all for now //MadMax

  2. I have put the final touches to the DBC wiki exporter and if you look at the wiki section for DBC files (for Zero Only ATM) you will see the results.

    The DBC databases will end up in a github repo soon and I'll post the URL here.

    Any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

    The next stage of this project is a dbcDocs editor. I have the skeleton of this designed and just need to find the time to complete it.

    It will have two modes of operation: local and remote

    Local edits a local dbcDocs database

    Remote edits the mangos hosted dbcDocs database

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    We have had two branches: Release20 and develop21. develop21 was supposed to be a temporary dev branch, but has been in use for over a year.

    Well, as of today they are now merged as a single master branch !!

    I have updated Appveyor and Travis (our test tools) to point to the new branch.

  3. antz
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    I spent most of yesterday in hospital having a minor operation done, since i'm home and a little drowsy.... decided it's best if I don't touch anything important :D

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