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Day 3: Realisations and redesign time




The Wiki is the one area where a majority of information is cross core applicable.

- During my testing a came across a few problems.

in the dbcField table we recorded the dbc File, fieldname, description and field position but this hid a more fundamental problem.
- Different cores have the same field with the same meaning, but in a different position. The current DB design would mean that the description information would have to be entered multiple times - each time the field was in a different location.

So.... A db redesign was needed.

I created a new dbcFieldDescriptions table, containing the following fields:
dbcFieldDescriptionId, dbcFileName, dbcFieldName, dbcFieldDescription, dbcFieldNotes

Then modified the dbcField table by adding a dbcFieldDescriptionId and removing dbcFieldName, dbcFieldDescription and dbcFieldNotes.

I'll post the table defs later on, now time for some more testing.



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