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    Please make sure you read all sections, you may need to scroll down. If you have still questions please contact @antz or @madmax.

    Reviewed by the Community Management Team
    Last reviewed: 14/09/2016

  • How do I become part of the official development Team?

    Becoming part of the development team is fairly easy. We suggest that you file some fixes via pull-request, maybe to fix issues in the tracker. You need to demonstrate you are both mature and responsible.

    You must be happy to develop as part of a team. New developers are not usually given moderation rights or "special access" to anything, getting these can take weeks or months and not given to those that ask.

  • How will I submit my fixes/code?

    All submissions are usually done via pull-request. You may see more senior members of the team file commits directly.

    All development is done on a development branch at github, we never commit to the Master branch unless fixing a critical issue.

  • Working with Issues

    Antz has written a nice document on working with bugs, please review it.

  • Why should I join getMaNGOS?

    Becoming part of the development team will allow you to have more structure and ability to communicate with other team members. You must be happy to be assigned fixes and bugs, sometimes as they arise.

    You will develop mostly on issues alone from the tracker or issues you find yourself, and at times as part of a team or with Antz.

    We understand you would be giving your free time to develop on MaNGOS and as such try our best to allow you to decide what you want to develop on, the time you give to developing is fully your choice, no team member is made to feel as they are "at work" and development is done in a friendly team manner.

    All team members report directly to the Development Team Leader Antz you can be assigned issues to develop on by both Antz or MadMax.

  • Issue Priority

    99% of issues are logged in our Tracker and most will have a status of Normal.

    You might be expected to assist with issues and at times give priority to certain issues (Such as crashes) that arise over at Covenant-Wow run by MadMax.

    Issues with "Urgent" or "Project Critical" status brought to your attention require be worked on as soon as possible. You may be directed to start on an issue immediately when free and pause development on other issues you are currently working on.

    Issues with a Status of Normal will be the most common, those with a higher status should be looked at first.

  • Working as a Team

    Developers are encouraged to work together on complex issues, especially if they are making big changes.

    You may at times need to seek permission from Antz for really big changes, generally fixes, enhancements, rewrites and features go without needing permission.

    It never hurts to ask for advice, which is why all Developers are part of a group chat in Skype or Discord.

  • Team Management

    Antz & MadMax both liaise closely on all team members progress.

    All new members will start as Junior Developer and progress through to Developer then onto Senior Developer or getMaNGOS Staff.

    Both Community Managers must agree before a Developer can be promoted.

  • Team Roles

    All new members to the getMaNGOS team will start as a Junior Developer.

    Those progressed onto Developer are given Moderation rights on some areas of the forums and you would be expected to keep things like the Tracker and WIKI tidy and up-to-date.

    Senior Developers have the ability to commit directly to the github repositories. As this position has the ability to be abused it may take many months to make it this far.

    getMaNGOS Staff are mainly global moderators but also are developers.

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