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  1. This is looking like an encoding issue, possibly at db level ! Can you check your character DB and the table characters and see what you settings are as highlighted below:
  2. Changed Status to Completed Changed Assigned to antz Changed Implemented Version to 21.11 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  3. Fix added in Thank you
  4. @kurJay - I fix for this has just been applied to the database
  5. mangos zero

    The schools of fish for fishing should already be active.
  6. Thank you !! It's very rewarding for everyone here to hear that all their voluntary hard work is appreciated. We work on MaNGOS because we enjoy it and we want others to as well
  7. mangos zero

    All approved
  8. @[email protected] - As of a few hours ago, the develop21 branch has been merged into master. Master branch is now the recommended branch to use
  9. the precision is set to the highest level by default. Can you try clearing your WDB and cache folders on your client and try again ?
  10. @extralismizer- have you tried again recently, we have made some significant changes to the extraction tools since you initially had issues ?
  11. [Mangos Zero]

    when hosting locally, it's normally very simple Have you tried the obvious, like switching off the firewalls ?
  12. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.11
  13. mangos zero

    The honor system is controlled by dates rather than a server restart
  14. mangos three

    If you install Doxygen and then point it at the sourcecode if should generate a chunk of code hierarchy which you can read
  15. I would clone the develop21 branch and use that, although we are close to completing merging this down into the master branch. - But currently the master branch is way behind the develop21 branch.


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