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  1. Cmangos is nothing to do with mangos. They are a fork of mangos from about 6 years ago. We have made extensive changes since then. The hides in the wiki are the definitive source.
  2. antz


    The realms is common across all the cores, so you can use a version from any core. However, the furthest I was able to get to was the create character screen.
  3. Hi @biruni666, could you let me know which Client and Mangos version you are using and also some examples of Npc's for me to check ?
  4. Please note that extractors found elsewhere on the internet are unlikely to work with mangos. Please you build the project, compatible extractors are also built. These are the ones that should be used.
  5. Boost is not used in Mangos. Looking at your pathname, it mentions Trinity core - They are not part of Mangos and are a completely separate project.
  6. The build system can't find OpenSSL, all the messages mentioning:- 'SSL-EAY' are OpenSSL related
  7. I know several years ago that I user worked on getting mangos to compile and build on a raspberry pi. - At the time we implemented any changes suggested to help him. But I can't recall whether he ever got it fully running.
  8. This is not trivial, but can be done !! There is a script in the Database Repo Tools\cleanup folder called: characters_convert_s1099_to_11391.sql characters_item_duplicates_remove.sql characters_mail_items_cleanup.sql characters_pet_data_cleanup.sql Running each of these should theoretically upgrade the database to be compatible with MangosOne. - However, I am aware that this has not been tested in a long long time. If anyone is willing to give these a go and report back on the issues found, that will help us a lot.
  9. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    I have added a spaces check in the new version of easybuild currently in testing. - Hopefully it will ready soon
  10. It's simple really, just create a GitHub user and password, then use them. GitHub are tightening their security up all the time.
  11. Thats because the develop21 branch no longer exists, just clone the master branch. - I have updated the above docs to try and cover the changes.
  12. can you check something for me..... Inside your ServerZero folder, do you have the following folders: |-dep |-src | |-modules | | |-Eluna | | |-SD3 | |-realmd | |-tools | |-Extractor_projects |-win
  13. Please see my reply to this question: ----== Google Translate ==---- Bitte sehen Sie meine Antwort auf diese Frage:
  14. We use an online tool called Magnet to update the translations, or failing that you can apply updates directly to the GitHub repos. Any help is gladly appreciated.

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