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  1. Thanks for support

    Welcome back to MaNGOS. Glad to have you back on board.
  2. mangos three Need some help

    Hi SAdraco, All the separate dbscripts_on_xxx tables were merged into a single table db_scripts where a additional type field decides the type of script. I am currently in the middle of a large wiki docs update which will include this new table. In the meantime, please review the file I'll add to the this post which is a early version of the wiki page. temp.html
  3. Do you use skype at all ?, i'd like to connect to your pc and help sort this out for you !! If you do, please PM your ID !! Antz
  4. mangos two Extract Game Data: debian

    MangosTwo is for Wotlk 3.3.5a MangosThree is for Cata 4.3.4
  5. This is relatively simple to sort out..... From the message above you have update 21_2_2 installed and you need 21_7_8 You have two options..... 1) If you have not made any changed to the world database (characters are stored elsewhere), then I would suggest reloading just the world database. 2) Apply each of the updates from World\Updates\Rel21\Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates Rel21_02_03_many_cmangos_updates.sql Rel21_02_03_start_up_error_fixes.sql Rel21_03_00_new_tables_added.sql Rel21_03_01_many_cmangos_updates.sql Rel21_03_02_burster_worms.sql Rel21_03_03_npc_shaheen.sql Rel21_04_00_player_exiting_battleground.sql Rel21_04_01_missing_script_assignments.sql Rel21_04_02_npc_trainer_template.sql Rel21_04_03_creature_ai_scripts.sql Rel21_04_04_start_up_error_fixes.sql Rel21_04_05_BRD_updates.sql Rel21_04_06_Remove_field_from_dbDocs_Subtable.sql Rel21_04_07_dbdocs_update.sql Rel21_04_08_Majordomo_Executus_Ragnaros_text.sql Rel21_04_09_item_cub_first_toy.sql Rel21_04_10_NPC_trainer_template_clean-up.sql Rel21_04_11_Remove_Obsolete_quests.sql Rel21_04_12_More_Quest_cleanup.sql Rel21_04_13_NPC_movement_update.sql Rel21_04_14_Return_to_Razor_hill_q.sql Rel21_04_15_script_bind_updates.sql Rel21_04_16_Battle_Worg_movement.sql Rel21_04_17_Blackrock_spy_NPC.sql Rel21_04_18_Fix_gossip_for_creature_6669.sql Rel21_05_001_dbscripts_refactor.sql Rel21_06_001_autobroadcast.sql Rel21_06_002_Lunar_Firework_credit_marker.sql Rel21_06_003_Verog_increase_spawn_chance.sql Rel21_07_001_dbscripts_refactor.sql Rel21_07_002_Gizrul_the_Slavene.sql Rel21_07_003_NPC_9568_SD3_support.sql Rel21_07_004_remove_obsolete_tables.sql Rel21_07_005_Populate_missing_item_descriptions.sql Rel21_07_006_Populate_missing_GO_desc.sql Rel21_07_007_kodo_roundup_fix.sql Rel21_07_008_kodo_roundup_tidyup.sql
  6. mangos two Extract Game Data: debian

    No.... the game data belongs to the version of the core it's related to. The Data formats change even between patches, let along expansions and major versions.
  7. Xubuntu 17.04

    Changed Status to Unconfirmed Changed Assigned to Talendrys Changed Implemented Version to 22.1 Changed Milestone to 24 Changed Priority to New / Assign Priority
  8. other Compiling Realmd for ARM?

    The realm server is part of each of the individual cores - Mangos Zero to Mangos Three. Clone one of those cores and choose to build just the realmd
  9. Druid Bug

    Changed Status to Not a bug Changed Priority to Low Changed Category to Item
  10. Druid Bug

    Perhaps even try the same with normal gear rather than customized gear
  11. mangos two Not detecting visual studio

    Can we check that VS is actually working correctly.... Start VS and select 'New Project' choose a c++ project and proceed. - Do you get to the code window ?
  12. Installing Mangos on Windows (using EasyBuild)

    The error message indicates the following problems: a) That you entered an incorrect username/password combo b) The connection to your MySQL timed out. You will have to google on where to change that value
  13. Mangos Online Packet Editor (MOPE)

    @Akar - I'm a windows dev by trade, so this was written in C# However, since 90% of the work is done via SQL, it might be able to be ported to Linux
  14. Installing Mangos on Windows (using EasyBuild)

    Thanks for that, I will update the main article shortly

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