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  1. @Daecho Thanks for the reports. I'm aware of the following: MangosOne Playerbots broken MangosTwo Playerbots Broken For MangosThree and MangosFour the problems run deeper. - There isn't much interest in MangosThree or MangosFour at all, so they are a little neglected - But I do try and work on them when I can. All the Above are on my list to fix, but I don't have spare time and there are higher priority fixes needed elsewhere. - If you are willing to investigate the issues, i'll happily offer my help where I can
  2. I'll need to check, I do seem to remember there being an issue raised in the tracker for it. When I'm back in front of a pc, I'll look
  3. There us an outstanding fix from m2 which needs to be ported to m3 to fix the commands crashing. It's the latest commit on mangosTwo
  4. @Specu looking at the banner, mangosd was built without playerbots enabled. did you specify -d PLAYERBOTS=1
  5. The path to the source files contains a space, change the space to an underscore.
  6. Use version 5.7 of MySQL which is supported. MySQL 8.0 is not fully supported. It is possible to get it to run it, but you must enable legacy security.
  7. MySQL 8.0 is not fully compatible with mangos. The recommended version is 5.7
  8. In previous years we had a roadmap of changes we wanted to implement. However, we are a small team and it seemed silly to specify a set of things to do on a time scale. If you think you can help us do any of these, please contact @antz or @madmax and we can discuss things in more detail. Build System B1) When selecting only to build extraction tools, the build fails. B2) The additional files for the extraction tools are placed into the wrong folder (root rather than tools). B3) Modify the build system on Mangos Three & Four to match that of Mangos Zero-Two. B4) Apply
  9. @Guardinger We are hoping to get some videos up soon
  10. When you clone you use.... git clone xxxxxx --recursive When updating you should use.... git pull --recurse-submodules
  11. No, he needs to update the sources to the latest revision otherwise the error will remain
  12. @Mac Wheeler I did some more investigation and found the issue, if you pull the latest code - it should be fixed. git pull --recurse-submodules Should do the trick from the main folder
  13. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    @Ghost007- As was mentioned elsewhere: - The extraction tools MUST BE PLACED IN THE FOLDER WHERE wow.exe is. - The folder can be located on any drive.
  14. In both the sd3 and eluna folders, issue the following command : git pull
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