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  1. Localised MANGOS

    @lifeng jing - I will contact you shortly with details of how you can help
  2. mangos one Example website for mangos?

    i'm afraid you have come to the wrong place, this website is for the original Mangos rather than the cMangos Fork. Although the projects are similar, each have differences which prevent them from being compatible with each other
  3. mangos one EasyBuild Error with cmake

    There is a new revision of EasyBuild being tested atm which can tell the difference between 1.0.x and 1.1.x.
  4. mangos one EasyBuild Error with cmake

    Hi, Those Errors mean that the correct version of OpenSSL is missing. Please install OpenSSL1.0.x rather than OpenSSL1.1.x - Mangos is not compatible with OpenSSL1.1.x
  5. mangos zero Disconnected from server

    Do you have the warden module enabled ? - If so, try disabling it and trying again
  6. mangos one Server Freez

    these are the server looking at the name of a pet name. normally when a player walks into range of another player with a pet. Again purely a debug message
  7. mangos one Server Freez

    These typically are random world actions... Like wolves chasing after rabbits and killing them, then going back to their normal movements. Absolutely normal behaviour - If you don't want to see these messages anymore, you can lower you logging level in mangos.conf
  8. Updating your cloned Server / Database files

    Either run Easybuild / cmake again (Windows) or cmake / make (Linux)
  9. Please follow the guide here:
  10. mangos one Warden Dont Working

    We currently don't have any definitions for MangosOne to work with. So although the base warden code is active, it has nothing to check against. @krill - Might be able to offer some additional information, although he may be on a break atm.
  11. mangos two Pushing client patches

    The facility is there to allow users to patch their version of the game using official patches to the version required by the various mangos cores, but downloading them from the server rather than from blizz (which will normally try and patch you straight to the latest version)
  12. mangos two Pushing client patches

    The patch download facility is built into Mangos, you will have to search through old posts to see exactly how to use it as it's been a long long time. Technically are not breaking any of blizz's rules as long as the following is followed: 1) The patch is an official blizz patch unmodified in any way 2) All settings for the patches are as blizz intended and are not modified.
  13. Hello!

    Welcome !! - I did much the same for about 5 years
  14. Sadly PlayerBots are only available on Zero atm (due to lack of devs). The eventual plan is to have the bots available for all cores, but that will be a while off.
  15. It is in theory possible to move characters between cores, but as Nightrider84 mentioned above, they are a lot of subtle changes in items etc. This is not to mention that the character data blob for the character attributes would need to be modified to match mangosOne. You would do worse than take a look at: https://github.com/mangosone/database/blob/master/Tools/cleanup/characters_convert_s1099_to_11391.sql Although I would advise taking a full backup of your database before attempting to run it. - I personally have never run this script, so have no idea whether it still works.

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