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  1. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to Unset Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Priority to New
  2. antz


    Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 22.xx (Current Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 22 (Current) Changed Priority to New
  3. antz


    Thanks for the investigation and fix. Added in commit [Bots] Fix bots teleporting and starting in Outland areas' Thanks Hen… · mangosone/[email protected] (github.com)
  4. antz


    @imncadsii What I did to get bots to follow me, attack with me. 1) Invited each to my party 2) used .summon to teleport each them to my location 3) Issued the following command in party chat ~follow (might be a space, can't quite remember) As for outland map, i've not tested this personally, but after you go to outlands, you should be able to .summon your party members to you
  5. Ok, playerbots in mangosZero and mangosOne are different. I fixed the mangosOne version, I've not had a chance to look at mangosZero Can you create a MangosZero bug report.
  6. @Aaron Briggs @Shaorin I recently fixed a ton of errors on the playerbots in mangosOne. Hopefully these issues are now resolved.
  7. antz


    I recently fixed a ton of errors on the playerbots in mangosOne. I'm not sure whether my recent fixes have fixed your issues as well !!
  8. This fix has now been applied to both MangosZero and MangosOne
  9. thank you for your input on that. I believe another user has reported the attacking bug
  10. @brothir Please can you create a log in the bug tracker, devs rarely look at install guides for issues Bug Tracker - getMaNGOS | The home of MaNGOS
  11. @tinytomcruise - Are you running a Windows or Linux server ?
  12. @tinytomcruise As elmsroth mention above, we need a little bit more information to guide you correctlt. - The error message you are getting indicates that the realm Database is either not set up correctly, or you haven't changed the .conf files to point to the correct realm Database
  13. hi @SoundAxis, We don't use the github issue trackers as having over 30 github repos, it becomes impossible to keep track of issues across the cores. - Especially since several modules are shared between cores as well. We have a separate Project Tracker which encompasses all the features we need: Mangos Project Tracker In addition, we also have our development roadmap: Development Roadmap 2021
  14. Going forward, I personally advise switching to MariaDB. Some of the changes made by Oracle on MySQL have made what should be an easy install process into a nightmare.
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