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  1. mangos zero

    You perhaps need to commit on namreeb's repo then as his 'fix' clearly doesn't work as it's already applied...
  2. mangos one

    Assuming your using windows, follow this guide: And everything will be extracted correctly for use with MaNGOS. That guide was written while actually performing the extraction process.
  3. mangos one

    about 6+ months ago the vmap_assembler was merged into the vmap_extractor tool. At the same time the vamp and mmap handling system was upgraded to a new version. I would suggest either building the latest server and tools or using the download links provided by @madmax for a pre-compiled server. Please note that the version of the tools is tied to the server version, so extraction tools provided from mangos will not work for a server provided from elsewhere.
  4. Mangos Two and Three are being worked on to get Eluna integrated like they are on Mangos Zero and One
  5. The mangos localization project is a side project I started to help push the localization of mangos forward. All contributions and help are welcome and i'm happy to discuss the finer points of how to contribute with anything who's willing to listen
  6. mangos zero

    Maybe you could try increasing the Warden.ClientResponseDelay from 600
  7. what are you trying to upload ?
  8. mangos zero

    did you build mangos in debug or release ? - the extraction tools should always be built in release, debug can take 300-400 times longer and if you built with eluna / sd3 activated, all the boss scripting will be enabled
  9. mangos two

    The problem appears to be in game/Object/Unit.h rather than luaengine
  10. iirc it is the ace type libraries which are used in the extractors.
  11. also, to put some perspective on this, will still want to keep compatibility with older systems and not introduce something like the boost bloatfest
  12. mangos zero

    The log looks like it's saying openssl is not installed correctly - please note that version 1.1.0 is not supported.
  13. mangos zero

    On easybuild, untick the 'Open Solution' option, this will keep easybuild open and you will be able to look in the log to see any additional error messages. Also.... If you are building using VS2015.... did you follow steps 3 & 4 properly
  14. sadly mangos is a single threaded application, with the objectmgr passing out unique id's to all parts of the system. Having more than one doing that job will cause the server to come crashing down.
  15. mangos zero

    Which version of mangos are you using.... ie. MangosZero, MangosOne etc. ?


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