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  1. I assume you have the actual extraction tools in the same folder ? i.e. map-extractor, vmap-extractor and movemaps-generator
  2. mangos zero

    see.... and
  3. mangos zero

    nope, the db is fine
  4. other

    my understanding is that the mac version is completely separate to the windows version (and sometimes has a slightly different build)
  5. mangos zero

    The first warning is really for us, we need to update the minimum expected content level of the database. - so you can basically ignore it The second set of errors we know about and are working to address and eliminate them. - Every user will have those same errors for now.
  6. mangos zero

    check the firewall settings and also the lan / ipaddresses that are set
  7. mangos zero

    I used to get this when connect using putty's default protocol, switching to 'raw' resolved it for me
  8. mangos zero

    sorry I misread that, you say that you have enabled both.... in the conf ?
  9. mangos zero

    rename the file from .conf.dist to .conf
  10. mangos zero

    can you try setting your config to disable warden and try again ?
  11. mangos zero

    do you get the same problem with the tools you build yourself ? As should be stated in the readme with the zip, we don't generally support them as it's hard to ascertain which version you have, plus they are normally very out of date compared to the live code.
  12. mangos three

    In MangosThree we are still working on fully integration everything. In the meantime, there is a file called Patch_Easybuild.cmd This will allow easybuild to work as normal
  13. The typical config is to have one realmd running which has all core realms listed in it's DB, then you just spin up the mangosd from each core - The only thing to be aware of is memory, running multiple mangos servers will use a lot !!
  14. If you use easybuild, it will give you the option to automatically download the correct version. Otherwise visit: Just remember that versions newer than 1.0.2 (i.e. the 1.1.0 releases) are not compatible with mangos. All 1.0.2 versions are fully compatible with mangos and have support until 2025 - I have an agreement with the author's on that.


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