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  1. mangos one Bugged mount locations

    169 = Emerald Dream
  2. mangos one Bugged mount locations

    pretty sure this is normal behaviour pre-cata
  3. db_scripts

    @bdebaere - Magnet DbDocs data has been amended to include the missing fields - the wiki will be updated when this is republished
  4. mangos one Change mob status

    The Rank column determines what type of creature it is
  5. mangos one Is drain soul broken?

    the only way to guarantee you have the latest version.... is to built it yourself
  6. mangos one Is drain soul broken?

    fixed in commit: https://github.com/mangosone/server/commit/9a21417c1e0822d118087ef174c912085b014f74
  7. Extracting Game Data

    open a git shell console and this will work. You have chosen not to integrate git into the normal paths
  8. Installing Mangos on Windows (using EasyBuild)

    And Legion is not supported yet !!
  9. mangos zero Problem with EasyBuild

    OpenSSL 1.0.2 is not installed - did you install 1.1.0 by mistake ?
  10. mangos two Not detecting visual studio

    Do you use skype at all, if you do - can you pm me your id and i'll work through this with you
  11. Installing Mangos on Windows (using EasyBuild)

    Yes it is, mangos only supports certain versions of wow ! Please see the top of the following article which shows the supported versions:
  12. mangos one mangosd.exe db_version error

    Hi, The problem you have is that you need to update and rebuild your version of mangos... You have database Version 21.8.12 but your version of mangos is expecting 21.3.1
  13. Thanks for support

    Welcome back to MaNGOS. Glad to have you back on board.
  14. mangos three Need some help

    Hi SAdraco, All the separate dbscripts_on_xxx tables were merged into a single table db_scripts where a additional type field decides the type of script. I am currently in the middle of a large wiki docs update which will include this new table. In the meantime, please review the file I'll add to the this post which is a early version of the wiki page. temp.html

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