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  1. hi @SoundAxis, We don't use the github issue trackers as having over 30 github repos, it becomes impossible to keep track of issues across the cores. - Especially since several modules are shared between cores as well. We have a separate Project Tracker which encompasses all the features we need: Mangos Project Tracker In addition, we also have our development roadmap: Development Roadmap 2021
  2. Going forward, I personally advise switching to MariaDB. Some of the changes made by Oracle on MySQL have made what should be an easy install process into a nightmare.
  3. I'm assuming you are using MySql 8.0 - This was untested at the time of that patch release.
  4. @DaveJ61 - the updates you need have been zipped up. They can be found in: World/Updates/Rel21/Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates/Rel20_to_BaseRel21_Updates.7z - Don't run all of them, just 21_02_003 onwards
  5. Generally TBC is fairly complete, if you take a look at the project tracker on the site you will be able to see the outstanding issues for MangosOne
  6. Hi, I'm not a native German speaker so i will try and help as much as I can. Firstly I would recommend MariaDB rather than mySQL - A much easy install and fully compatible Also ensure you have installed OpenSSL on you pc I believe that error message is the result of a missing openSSL installations Antz ----== Google Translate ==---- Hallo, Ich bin kein deutscher Muttersprachler, also werde ich versuchen, so viel wie möglich zu helfen. Erstens würde ich MariaDB anstelle von mySQL empfehlen - eine sehr einfache Installation und voll kompatibel
  7. Hi Lizardman, As Olion mentioned above, we don't support repacks. Using lights hope as an example..... Lights Hope is based on the Nostralius core.... which itself is based on a 6 year old version of mangos. Since we don't have access to the source or what changes have been made in the 7+ years since... We can't tell you much about it, only what we know currently from mangos
  8. We are aware there is an issue with the Linux extraction, we're working on it
  9. antz

    Extracting Game Data

    As I mentioned in your other report.... Are you running Windows or Linux
  10. In previous years we had a roadmap of changes we wanted to implement. However, we are a small team and it seemed silly to specify a set of things to do on a time scale. If you think you can help us do any of these, please contact @antz or @madmax and we can discuss things in more detail. Build System B1) Modify the build system on Mangos Three & Four to match that of Mangos Zero-Two. B2) Apply updates from Mangos Zero-Two into Three/Four. B3) The additional files for the extraction tools are placed into the wrong folder (they are also in tools). Thanks jordigil. E
  11. According to your logs, the files should be in: C:/Mangos_Files/serverTwo_install
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