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  1. It has taken much longer than planned, but via MAGNET (MAnGos oNline Editing Tool), the packet formats can now be documented and exported to the forum.
  2. antz


    This is the early attempt to publically document the packets used in MaNGOS MaNGOS has existed for over 10 years and noone has ever attempted this before !! - There is a ton of stuff missing..... and it's up to us to finish documenting it all
  3. This are errors, but not serious ones. Sometimes these errors are introduced when things are updated. - In the fullness of time they will get fixed !! However, if you feel about having a go at fixing them, please be our guest :D
  4. That error message indicates that you are missing the OpenSSL dll's that are needed. Installing OpenSSL will correct the issue.
  5. Please see my Answer in this topic:
  6. If anyone really wants to have a go at creating a mangos core support nuClassic, then please contact either @madmax or @antz directly and we'll see what we can do to help you get started.
  7. The Short answer is yes.... eventually Let me explain why..... 1) In the Original Wow clients Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK - these used locked opcode values for each packet sent between the server and the client. Since Cata each patch randomised these values, thus meaning we would have to reverse engineer and work out the values for every opcode value for that patch version. 2) The Data structures are based on the BFa structures not the original Vanilla structures. 3) The nuClassic client would have to be 'patched' like all versions from Cata onwards, to use an ip address for the realm server rather than the Bnet server. What this means is..... To support the nuClassic client, it would effectively be a new core version of mangos. Not impossible to support, but that's a lot of work I would also add that it will be almost impossible to play using the original Vanilla client and the nuClassic client on the same server (for the reasons mentioned in 1 & 2 above).
  8. @thimmy- Are you able to post the build log so that we can we what the error is ?
  9. Remove the # from the beginning of the lines for the values to take effect
  10. The Pathing has been extensively tested over the years, can you give us a specific example of where this is failing ?
  11. also... is this a fresh clone of the database GitHub repo ?
  12. I do remember seeing a commit for Zero (can't remember whether it was for the DB or code) which corrected this. - It might be possible that some updates have reverted this in error. Maybe a quick github search of the repos might find it, although since this is an older issue, possibly try http://github.com/mangosarchives
  13. Changed Status to Completed Changed Priority to New
  14. antz

    Omen of clarity

    Changed Status to Completed Changed Version to 21.14 (Master Branch)
  15. Goals for 2019 For 2019 the following are what we would like to achieve: Release Version 22 for Zero, One, Two and Three containing all the recent updates and fixes we have. Redo the server commands to make them a bit more standard and obvious. Break out AHBot into its own daemon process Develop a mangos update daemon, which allows the ability to apply DB content and minor updates automatically Normalise the character DB and remove data blob fields Move some hardcoded values from the core into the DB, possibly some enums as well. Implement Stormlib library for Zero, One and Two and remove mlib Apply the Unified Extractor to Three and Four (requires stormlib) Look at removing DBC usage from the Core and change the extraction process to include importing into a DB for use by the core. Including Multiple locale support. This would facilitate the removal of stormlib / mlib from the core and only be needed by the extraction tools. Look at Adapting EAI to match SAI functionality. As well as some of the more obvious ones: Continue to standardise the code across the cores where its appropriate to do so. Document where it differs and why. Clear down reported bugs on the Project Tracker. Improve the World Database with updates and corrections. Improve the Wiki Documentation. Include some example Eluna scripts to assist those starting out learning to script with Eluna. Include some custom Eluna scripts to help showcase it's abilities. Finally, we would like to get into a twice yearly Release cycle of more major releases. MangosVB (Formerly Spurious) RoadMap for 2017 Add RealmDB from c++ Mangos and modifying MangosVB to be compatible with it. Once done, this will be linked via a git submodule Work out how to get MangosVB to use the standard Mangos map format. Finishing warden functionality (so it can use/read signatures from DB) Merge all of the changes from Zero to One and Two Investigate into voice functionality for One / Two Doing spells.. implementing them like stealth and getting a proper DB script system in place.
  16. anything that you can contribute to the main database would be greatly appreciated
  17. some areas have been painstakingly mapped by devs, but after about 5 zones they quickly lose interest
  18. Sadly, not easily The server expects a username and password to be entered before it even attempts to authenticate with the server. - You could override the incorrect username/password routine to create an account and log in rather than reporting an error, but that would mean an account being created every time someone entered the wrong information.
  19. antz

    DB fehler

    Are you using windows or linux ? ---=== Google Translate ===--- Verwenden Sie Windows oder Linux?
  20. I know i'm a little late to the party, but there are two address fields in the realmlist table: address for the external ip address localAddress for local LAN access surely setting the localAddress to your LAN IP will allow local users to access the server ok ?
  21. Hi, you may find this useful for add/modifying accounts... managing-user-accounts-using-3rd-party-apps
  22. antz


    @macmillanHi, I'd love to work with you to get these into the cores
  23. apart from any discrepancies between the actual table fields and possibly some id mismatches... - other than that, it should be fine
  24. @Langerz82- Glad to have you here, if there in anything we can do to help you, please let us know.
  25. antz


    Good to hear from you again, all the gang's still here

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